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[2:23 AM]


Iced latte but not: Still thinkn abt Him


The cat dad: There are multiple Hims, Shoto, which one? 


Freeze ur brain bro: Aren’t you supposed to be on patrol? 


The cat dad: I am


Iced latte but not: Oh no, it’s Hims with an S, Hes  


Freeze ur brain bro: I hate it 

Freeze ur brain bro: Which Hes tho


The bird dad: I hate this fucking chat


Iced latte but not: What would work better, Hims or Hes? 


The bird dad: Oh no


Freeze ur brain bro: Hims


The cat dad: Hes


Iced latte but not: Pops, I need you to settle it Blease


The bird dad: I really hate this fucking chat


Iced latte but not: Then delete it, pussy


The bird dad: Bullied by my own SON

The bird dad: The pain


Iced latte but not: I kin the word betrayal 


The bird dad: You can’t kin a verb


Iced latte but not: What’s stopping me?

Iced latte but not: Tumblr laws?

Iced latte but not: Can I not be kin to Dabi nor The Other Piece Of Shit Who Shalln’t Be Named?


The cat dad: No


Iced latte but not: Damnit


Freeze ur brain bro: Oh, are we getting into trauma now?


Iced latte but not: No


The bird dad: You know, when I first adopted you, Shoto, I did not take you as the type to spam the group chat. That was more my thing than Shota’s or Hitoshi’s 


Iced latte but not: I used to never touch my phone outside of checking on things or calling my siblings

Iced latte but not: Then, things started happening with everyone else in class and we had everyone’s numbers and everyone was talking a lot

Iced latte but not: And then Midoriya sent out that emergency text 

Iced latte but not: I know it’s irrational to be hyper aware of every text I get now, but I’m always kind of terrified that every text or call will end the same, so I check my messages as soon as I get them

Iced latte but not: Especially after the calls from Natsuo and Fuyumi 

Iced latte but not: I shouldn’t worry for them as much as I do, but there’s always this fear that one of the league members will go after them, despite getting promised that they would be safe

Iced latte but not: It’s irrational and stemming from trauma but I can’t help it. Anyways, with constantly checking, I know what’s happening at all times and get to put my two cents in whenever someone does anything 


Freeze ur brain bro: So we are getting into trauma?


Iced latte but not: Not outside of that. Wanna play Mario Cart?


Freeze ur brain bro: It’s not fun when you let me pity win dude


Iced latte but not: Rip you just fucking suck


Freeze ur brain bro: I can’t helo that ur a fuckin GOD at Mario Cart


The bird dad: You literally are, Shoto


Iced latte but not has changed their screenname to Mario Cart Fucking God


Mario Cart Fucking God: Scrubs, the whole lot of you 


The cat dad: Kind of still want to know who the Hes are, though. 


Freeze ur brain bro: Hims*


The cat dad: I will slaughter you where you stand


Freeze ur brain bro: Do it, pussy


The cat dad: You hang around Shoto too much


The bird dad: Blease, I want to know the Boys


Mario Cart Fucking God: You already know them?? 

Mario Cart Fucking God: i don’t understand? 

The bird dad: No, no, I want to know who they are


Freeze ur brain bro: Oh, to be a lovestruck fool


Mario Cart Fucking God: Denki and Mashirao are literally on top of you


Freeze ur brain bro: So? 


The bird dad: Oh, but to be a lovestruck fool


The cat dad: I am physically holding you right now


The bird dad: Oh, but to be a teenage lovestruck fool


Mario Cart Fucking God: This is just bullying each other but passively and not aggressively 


Freeze ur brain bro: Ya




[7:58 PM]


The bird dad: I would still like to know who the Boys are


Freeze ur brain bro: Same 


Mario Cart Fucking God: Eijiro and Katsuki

Mario Cart Fucking God: I’m not sure how this is important though?


Freeze ur brain bro: Oh my god, you like Kirishima and Bakugo? 


The bird dad: Holy shit  


The cat dad: Haha, pay up, Zashi


Mario Cart Fucking God: I don’t like them? 


The cat dad: Do you lose sleep thinking about them? 

The cat dad: Do you think about them often?

The cat dad: Do you find yourself wanting to hug or hold them for no reason? 

The cat dad: Do you find yourself thinking they’re some form of pretty, cute, or anything like that? 


Mario Cart Fucking God: Oh no

Mario Cart Fucking God: Oh, no, no, I get it now


The bird dad: I thought it would have been Iida and Midoriya, tbh


The cat dad has now gone idle


Freeze ur brain bro: Same 

Freeze ur brain bro: Damnit, now I owe Mina money for the pool


The bird dad: Oh? 


Mario Cart Fucking God: You all have bets on who I’ll get with? 


Freeze ur brain bro: you’re the class pretty boy, of COURSE, we have bets on it

Freeze ur brain bro: Kirishima bet Izuku and Bakugo bet Iida


Freeze ur brain bro has changed Mario Cart Fucking God ’s screen name to Lovestruck and oblivious fool


Lovestruck and oblivious fool: This doesn’t seem grammatically correct 


The bird dad has changed Lovestruck and oblivious fool ’s screen name to Oblivious lovestruck fool


The bird dad: Less mean now, there you go! 


Freeze ur brain bro: SHOTO OU FOOL


Oblivious lovestruck fool: heh


The bird dad: Hm?




The bird dad: Of course


Freeze ur brain bro: AND HE JUST WENT IN AND CHANGED kIRISHIMA’S NAME TO “Rock hard fool” AND BAKGUO’S TO “Explosive fool”


The bird dad: I don’t think I understand how extreme this is?




Oblivious lovestruck fool: It actually has been for a while now


Freeze ur brain bro: AnD THEN HE SAYS, “As much as I love Tenya and Izuku, I love you two more, thanks”

Freeze ur brain bro: I’M SCREAMING 


The bird dad: I’M


The cat dad is no longer idle


The cat dad: Why the fuck is everyone screaming?


The bird dad: Read up 


The cat dad: Holy shit, Shoto


Oblivious lovestruck fool: Be bold and ruin your relationships early on before you can get too attached




Oblivious lovestruck fool: Wow, calling me out, this is bullying


The cat dad: Has anyone seen it yet?


Freeze ur brain bro: Denki and Mashirao have

Freeze ur brain bro: And Izuku and Iida and uraraka and Mina

Freeze ur brain bro: Tokoyami is losing his shit abt how bold it is


Oblivious lovestruck fool: I am but genuinely a fool

Oblivious lovestruck fool: Hey, who did everyone have their bets on abt who I would date, btw

Oblivious lovestruck fool: bc I remember the bets abt Dad and Pops and there was,, A lot

Oblivious lovestruck fool: And damn did I get a lot of money out of it


Freeze ur brain bro: Okay even Koda and some of class B voted on who you’d get with 


Oblivious lovestruck fool: Oh?


Freeze ur brain bro: Ya

Freeze ur brain bro: I don’t remember prices but I know who was on who 


The bird dad: Ashido is literally running a mini-casino, I’m so proud


Freeze ur brain bro: Koda, Kirishima, Iida, Hanta, Denki, Hagakure, Mina, Mashirao, Sato, and Jiro had Midoriya. Midoriya, Tsu, Kendo, Monoma, Shoji, Bakugo, Shihai, Sen, and Setsuna voted Iida. Tokoyami, Momo, Aoyama, Jiro, Pony, and Tetsutetsu voted Kirishima. Momo, Jiro, and Tetsutetsu also voted for Bakugo. Yui voted for Bakugo, too. 

Freeze ur brain bro: Damnit 


The bird dad: Holy shit 


The cat dad: Has anyone responded yet? 


Freeze ur brain bro: Mina’s talking avout everyoe paying up to then, smfh

Freeze ur brain bro: about everyone*

Freeze ur brain bro: BAKUGO JUST SAID “Alright, bet”


The bird dad: I feel like this is going to go very bad


Freeze ur brain bro has sent an image

{Explosive fool: Alright, bet


Rock hard fool: I WILL fuckin kiss you, Shoto

Rock hard fool: in a very gay way


Lovestruck fool: Fuckin bet


Rock hard fool: We are both on our way


Explosive fool: This is a threat


Rock hard fool: No warning 


Lovestruck fool: Good }


Freeze ur brain bro: I have never left Shoto’s room so quickly


The cat dad: All of our children are messes, Hizashi


The bird dad: I know, isn’t it great


Oblivious lovestruck fool has now gone idle


Freeze ur brain bro: Oop

[10:17 PM]


Oblivious lovestruck fool: Hey, dad, how’d you and pops become friends?


The cat dad: Hizashi bet that I couldn’t punch hard so I punched him in the face and he said “that’s hot”. Then, we started hanging around the rest of our shithead friend group and never stopped 


Oblivious lovestruck fool: And get together?


The cat dad: I screamed at him after he got severely injured and we ended up making out in the infirmary 


Oblivious lovestruck fool: Thank you


The cat dad: Why’d you want to know?


Oblivious lovestruck fool: Because we were talking about relationship stories and it turned into how their parents got together and I realized I didn’t know how you two got together


The bird dad: You called us your parents, I’m=


The cat dad: We’re now going to both cry, ain’t this some shit


Oblivious lovestruck fool: I’m sorry! 


The bird dad: Happy tears!! Like when you first called us dad and pops!! It’s good!! 


Oblivious lovestruck fool: I’m sorry for making you cry, tho :( I love you two


The cat dad: We love you, too, Shoto.


The bird dad: We love you, too!!! 


The cat dad: So you three did get together, then? 


Oblivious lovestruck fool: Yeah, we did

Oblivious lovestruck fool: Apparently, being super blunt… Works. 


The bird dad: Yeah, Shota ended up having to scream “I love you, you fucking idiot” at me for me to realize, though. 


Oblivious lovestruck fool: I do have a question, though


The cat dad: Ask away


Oblivious lovestruck fool: If you two were to have a biological child that were to be the product of you two alone, would their quirk be speaking to cancel someone’s quirk or looking at them to cancel their voice? Or speaking to cancel their voice, kind of like Hitoshi cancels minds with his voice? 


The cat dad: I’m not sure 


The bird dad: If we had enough biological children, i’m sure we could get one with each of those effects 


Oblivious lovestruck fool: Alright, thank you