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Be Who You're Meant to Be

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He wakes to a foreign weight on his chest and a small screeching sound. There is a moment of confusion as he awakes in a tent, his wife at his side, and a small green creature with a slightly turned head staring at him.

A dragon.

The dragons… the flames… Dany.

Everything that happened yesterday comes rushing back to him.

He watched what was once their home hoping more than ever that his wife was alright. The members of the Golden Company told him to give up on hope, that there was no way for anyone to survive the inferno. But he understood something that the others did not.

His wife was a dragon.

Blood of Aegon Targaryen, of the ancient Valaryian race, ran through her veins.

Fire was nothing to her.

So he waited.

He feels someone come stand next to him and a small glance lets him know it is Griff.

“Jon, I am so sorry. I should have…”

“You did nothing wrong, Griff, Dany is stubborn and if she did not want to leave the building she was not going to," he says with a chuckle, still looking into the flames.

" Jon, I know it's hard but she's... "

“Don’t,” he says stopping the Blackfyre from repeating what his other sworn brothers have already said. “She is alive, Griff. You have to believe me in this.”

The air is suddenly filled by a screeching, joined soon by two identical ones. He turns back towards their home and sees a figure walking out of the flames. He hears the gasps of the other men and from Griff himself. Slowly his naked wife exits the flames and he sees three small creatures wrapped around her body.

It is the most glorious sight he has ever seen.

One by one he, the rest of the Golden Company members, even Harry himself, kneels before his wife.

“What are you brooding about?” he hears her voice cut through his memories as he sees the little green dragon curled up on his stomach.

“I am not brooding, I am just remembering what happened yesterday,” he admits, holding her closer to him.  

“What are we going to do? Where are we going to go? The news will spread and it will only be a matter of time before the Usurper finds out and sends someone after us,” she says.

“The Golden Company is loyal, they don’t betray one of their own,” he tells her.

“But now they all know we are Targaryens, the company itself was founded to oppose our family,” she reminds him.

“Aye, but those people are long gone. The only Blackfyre left is Griff and he would never betray us. We can keep living our lives the way we have been, nothing needs to change,” he tries to reassure her but he can see her doubt and worry. “What is it?”  

“What if I do not want to go back to the same life?” she asks and he tries to hide his hurt but she is quick to pick up on it. “I love our life, I would not change a single moment we have spent together for anything in the world, Jae. But…”

“Everything before the word but is horseshit,” he says, briefly remembering the uncle that taught him that.

“But things have changed. We have three dragons! Dragons that have been extinct for over a hundred years! I cannot help but feel that we were given these dragons for a reason and I want to find that reason with you, Jae!” she says passionately.  “I…I want to do good. I want to prove to everyone that our family is not mad or evil, that dragons are capable of growing trees,” she admits and he finally understands.

Aye, he was a Targaryen, but he never had to carry the burden of that name. He did not have to spend his life living in the streets, exiled to a foreign land, and forced to beg to survive. Gods, Dany was almost sold off just because of the weight their name had. All her life she has lived in her father’s shadow, paying for the mistakes her father and brothers made.

He knows the yearning of wanting to prove to others that a name did not define who you were. He grew up a bastard, made to believe he was a stain, a burden, a sinful mistake, the only worth he had was to belong to an order which would strip him away of any connections he may have. He knew how much it hurt to yearn for a purpose. And if he is being honest, although he found some of it here with the Golden Company, he still felt like there was something else to do.

So he will support her any way he can.

He kisses her pressing her body closer to his and the little green dragon squawks, annoyed at being moved but he could care less.

“I love you,” he says between breathless kisses. “Wherever you go, whatever you decide to do I will be at your side and we will do it together.”

“Together,” she repeats.

He begins to rip off her clothing, having an unbearable need to be with her. She cannot be idle as she quickly slips her hand into his undergarment and begins to stroke him to her liking.

He moans, trying to ignore the feeling in his stones that threatens to end this too soon.

“Dany,” he groans wanting to still her hand but unwilling to do so, as his hips begin to thrust upwards.

She does not bother with the rest of their clothing, choosing instead to move their undergarments aside, staddle him and guide him into her warmth. There is no hesitation as she moves on him, both being near frantic in their need to reach their peak. But as he looks at her, he realizes that no matter the front he had placed forward yesterday, no matter how much he truly did believe Dany was alright, part of him had been terrified. This woman was his everything, his life, his love, his family and he had been close to losing her. She must have noticed the change in his emotions as she slows her movements and presses her body against his.

“I am here, love, I am safe,” she whispers to him as he tries to blink away his tears.

“I could have lost you, I would have been alone,” he chokes out.

“But you did not and I swear you will not be alone again,” she answers and sealing her vow with her kiss.

He grabs hold of her hips moving her gently, unwilling to let her go.

A while later, both having had their temporary fill of each other, he thinks over her words from earlier.



“You said you wanted to do good, to redeem our family’s name, do you have any ideas as to what you would want to do?”

There is a moment of silence and he fears she may have fallen asleep on him but then she answers him.

“Since I was a girl I hated to see the way slaves were treated on this continent. Viserys had told me how it was outlawed in Westeros and I have wondered what it would be like for it to be gone here as well,” she admits.

“It would take an army to conquer all of Essos,” he says jokingly but her silence makes him realize it Is exactly what she plans to obtain. “Dany…”

“Our ancestors conquered an entire continent with three dragons and now we have them and we could do the same.”

“Aye but it would take years for them to grow large enough to mount, let alone conquer anything,” he points out.

“Then let us obtain an army,” she proposes.

“How?” he asks.

“Well we are surrounded by the largest sellsword company in Essos,”  she points out.

“We have nothing to pay for them. They have no reason to follow us!”

“They kneeled Jon, all of them,” she whispers. “They would follow you and me, I know it.”

“Maybe, but I would never take the company from Harry, not when he has done so much for us.,” is all he dares to say still not having processed what the kneeling had meant. “But we need something Dany, to convince them, to offer them for their services.”

The last thing he expected was to receive what they needed in news from Westeros.

Robert Baratheon was dead and his uncle the man who raised him, who had also treated him as his bastard and denied him his birthright was accused of treason and by this point would most likely be dead.

And he knows, the Iron Throne, his family’s legacy was now up for the taking.