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You're a Jaguar Kipo

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"Kipo, I...your a-" Kipos father looked away from the steel bars dividing them, kipo looked solemnly and expectantly at him
Waiting for him to say something,

Something that made sense to her

"Your a jaguar" was his continuance

"I'm sorry, I'm a what?" Her voice practically almost echoed ontop of the large rainforest tree had it not been for how low she was - wolf was quick to react to this demeanor

"Kipo! Quiet, they could hear us if we arent careful enough" quick and hush as always our little wolf is

"Oh, right, sorry" kipo could see the worry in the little wolf's eyes
She didnt want to lose her again

Not like she almost did last time

Wolf grabbed her hand as a gesture and squeezed it with her thumb reassuringly to show that she didnt mean to come off so harsh and it was okay to continue

Kipo's eyes smiled back lest her smirk betrayed her


Maybe unwillingly

But her next words to her father were definitely chosen;
"I'm a what?" Same as last time, yet quieter

It was nighttime, enough camouflage to hide their two headed flamingo in the bushes at the top of the trees, enough to not be seen by some of the guards that slept in a few distant ones. This was Scarlamagne's head castle, and her father was locked up at the top like rapunzel...those old stories her father used to read to her, the ones written before the meteors hit. Although instead of a castle it was the finest and tallest tree the post apocalyptic world had ever seen. Hard not to miss from birds eye view.

Her father's voice seemed dissonant now as he looked away from the bars "You're a jaguar Kipo, a, a purple jaguar"
He took a moment to let the words sink in to kipo's soft hearted eyes

"Th-" he gulped and then looked back towards kipo's direction making eye connection "that's why you're having all these weird changes, the fur"
He reached his arms through the bars to pull back kipo's sleeve...and sure enough...the fur was there "the markings, the inhuman strength you've undoubtedly shown many, many times...and - your eyes, your eyes kipo - they're cat-like"
Kipo blinked, purple jaguar eyes blaring in the night, her dad continued softly
"Even now, nocturnal, that's how you can see in the dark"

Kipo looked down grabbing her shoulder reassuringly " I know..." voice trailing off

Kipo's father on the other hand had eyes that looked heavy
Heavy with a truth he never told his daughter
"Yes honey, but what you dont know is..." he slid his arms out from between the bars and turned around quickly to slide down onto the cellar floor hands coming up to catch his tear filled face "is that it's all my fault!" Gross sobbing could be heard - but not on the outside of the cell - it was caught by the walls.

Shocked kipo looked up, benson and Dave had stayed back to guard the two headed flamingo but wolf was locked by her side in bright concern, she knows what it feels like to be lied too, she knew what was about to come next
A shock
A big reveal
A reason way Scarlamagne would put Leo in such a fancy room at the top of his castle, well, a fancy cell room.
Kipo approached the bars slowly, "tha- that's impossible, there's no way you- you could've"

Kipo's father interjected emotionally whipping his head to the left, enough to peer through the bottom of the prison bars with his back to the wall, enough for the moonlight to catch the tears flowing down his eye "but I did Kipo! Becuase I! "

A painful gargle

"Becuase I was the one to put it in you"

-To be continued, in minisode 2-