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Never Meant (To Fall in Love)

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I’m not announcing a hiatus or anything of that nature, but there’s a good probability (like 100% but I like my technical terms 😂) that I won’t make it all the way through 60 official chapters of Never Meant. I’ve just officially taken out (that sounds so final like I’ve assassinated part of my story) 3 chapters from my storyboard because it doesn’t really do anything for the story except be pure fluff and I don’t feel like writing that. So I’m skipping over it and going straight to the end. 

I think we are on like chapter 52 or something of that nature (please don’t quote me, I know nothing regarding chapter counts or events in my stories), but the next chapter will be the wedding and then we will jump straight into some future shots and the epilogues. If you have any requests for the future shots, please let me know. My mind is sort of one big blank at the moment, so I’m totally taking any and all requests. I can totally execute other people’s ideas hahaha 

Awkward rant totally over now. I really am like this irl. I apologize hahaha and maybe I should question my constant use of the word totally. 

But please feel free to make a request for a future shot. I’m down for it. 

P.S. to the reviewer who asked for the copy of the original story last week, so sorry and I’ll send it out probably tonight. My bad and if anyone else wants, I’m still sending copies.