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Shadowed Steps

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Driving to the scene of the newest murder gave Morgan some time to examine both the young blond and the older fellow better than before. The blond had an air around him that reminded him of Reid. Like he had seen some stuff and knew a lot about the world. The older fellow, his name was Jack, had a similar air about him but one that spoke of experience rather than witnessing. Also he had mentioned Delta. Morgan could only think about that meaning the Army Delta’s. The ones that went in went things went from SNAFU to FUBAR really fast. But how did the kid add up in all of that? He certainly wasn’t a Delta, was he?

“So, how did you two meet if you don’t mind me asking?” Morgan turned the radio down and waited. Maybe he’d get an answer.

“I was trying to fix his gun and he punched me for it,” Mac answered easily.


“Yeah, that wasn’t very fun. First he punched me then he tried to pin me. Then our C.O. came in and started yelling.” Mac chuckled at the memory while Jack shook his head.

“All I could think after he called you Angus was “who in their right mind would name their kid after a hamburger?””

“Is that why you kept calling me hamburger until that one mission?”

“Yep. I thought we were both going to be hamburger at that point.”

“I take it then that you two were in the army?”

“Yeah, I was an EOD tech and he was my gunner.”

“EOD? You were a bomb expert?” Morgan was shocked. “How old are you kid?”


“Yeah, you and Pretty Boy would get along great,” Morgan said with a chuckle.

“Pretty Boy?” Jack spoke up now.

“Reid. He’s our resident genius on various subjects and once you get him talking he can chatter your ear off. He joined when he was about twenty I think. He was the youngest ever recruited.”

“Pretty cool.”

“Yeah. But why an EOD tech kid?”

Mac chewed that thought over before answering. “My grandfather called me while I was at MIT one day. Told me one of his war buddies had passed away. Made me rethink where I was at and what I was doing. Next week I was signing up and being shipped out.”

“Damn kid. I mean seriously. You and Reid never do anything half-assed.” Morgan was impressed.

“So he punched you for touching his gun and now you’re best friends? How’d that happen?”

Mac looked at Jack and smirked. “You want to tell that one or do you want me to embellish your little girl scream?”

“I’ll tell it just so you don’t do that. Jeez.” Rolling his eyes Jack replied, “I stepped on a pressure plate and a bomb was going to go off. Good thing Mac knew what he was doing and stopped it before it did or otherwise this would be a very different conversation. But yes, I did scream at him to leave. Though little girl scream is taking it a bit far.”

“At the time I remember telling you to shut up,” Mac jabbed back.

Morgan smiled. These two reminded him of him and Reid. The way they joked and teased each other. He was also pretty sure that Jack would die for Mac if he had to. He knew he would die to save Reid if it came down to it.

Pulling into the crime scene Morgan shut the car off and they all got out.

“So, uh, who’s the vic?” Jack inquired, pulling the sheet back and grimacing. Murdoc was getting creative these days.

“Holly Richardson, African - American, sixty-five, retired schoolmarm that taught sunday school. She’s the oldest victim so far too. What is this guy’s issue?” Morgan ran a hand over his bald head and sighed. “It’s like he doesn’t care who he kills or how, he just kills them.”

“Actually that’s not true. This UNSUB, is that what you call them?”

Morgan nodded to Mac’s question.

“The UNSUB is actually a killer for hire. It’s one reason why his kill methods keep changing. Depending on what you want done to the victim depends on the price, location, stuff like that. He really doesn’t care about anything else but killing and getting paid for it. He was trained to do this. And he loves it,” Mac explained, shuddering as he remembered what he did to figure it out.

“How do you know all of this?”

Mac looked at the dark skinned man and smiled sadly. “We’ve been chasing him for a long time now. He kidnapped me from my house at one point then shot one of ours and left her for dead. When we catch this guy he’s going away for a long time.”

Nodding Morgan could understand that. When the one serial killer George Foyet had gone after Hotch and his family it had been the team’s promise to catch him.

“How bad is it?”

Jack grimaced, “I’ve seen better looking from suicide bombers to be honest.” The old Delta stepped aside and let his partner and the Agent take a look.

Morgan looked away in seconds, a look of disgust crossing his face while Mac’s look was more quizzical. “I’ve never seen Murdoc go this crazy on a victim before. But then again I do know if he’s paid to do it he will do it. I wonder who’s paying him for this and why?”

“We were wondering how they were all connected too,” Morgan said, turning his eyes away. He knew the other two had to have stronger stomachs or something but to just look at this victim was impressive.

“We’ll know more when we get the coroner’s report I take it though?” Mac stood and stepped back, nodding to the medical team to remove the body.

“As soon as I know something you guys will,” the Medical Examiner said, trailing after the medical team.

The three watched as they left and turned to survey the crime scene.

“He killed her here,” Mac said, pointing to the ground. “The blood pool is too large to say otherwise and even if the ground soaked up half of it there’s still more here than there should be if this was a secondary site.”

“Same thought here too kid. Do a lot of this type of thing?”

“Nope but when you’re an EOD tech you either learn to look and pay attention or you die, fast.”

“Makes sense.” Morgan walked to the end of the trail and looked over the edge. “So why didn’t he just dump her body off the side here? Why leave her exposed?”

“He wanted us to find her. To show off,” Jack spoke up, “I’ve seen a lot of this thing, even out of the Army days. Guys like this want people to see their kills, to get them the recognition they deserve even if what they deserve is a bullet in the head and a six foot grave.” Jack’s face was serious as the words came out of his mouth.

“I get all that by why these people? Why these sites? The gamer was an easy one, he was killed in his room with a silencer. Then left until the dad went to check on him, what? Hours later?” Morgan tossed all of this out and waited.

Jack looked at Mac and grinned, “What’cha thinking there Hoss?”

“I think we need to do some digging. What was the Sunday school teacher before that? Same with the others. Let’s look in their past and see if that’s why someone would want them dead.”

“I’ll call Garcia and have them get started on it right away.”


Morgan walked off to make the call and left the two other agents alone.

Looking at his partner now Jack could see the furrowed brow, slightly there but still there, and his wide eyes. “Hey, Mac. Come on man. Look at me, would ya’?”

Blue eyes met steely grey ones and Jack could see Macgyver’s breathing even out. Slowly settling a hand on Mac’s shoulder Jack gave a small squeeze. “We’ll catch him, ok. Working with the feds BAU team? We got this bastard. Just remember that.”

Taking a few more deep breaths Mac nodded his head. “I know. I don’t know why it’s bothering me so much right now.”

“Probably because he’s out and antagonizing us. Killing folks again. The usual Murdoc stuff.”

“Thanks, Jack.”

“Anytime kid, anytime. Now let’s go see if our girl has anything for us back at the station, huh?”

Mac nodded and they walked back to where Morgan was just getting off the phone. “You guys ready to head back then?”