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Shadowed Steps

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- Phoenix Foundation
- Somewhere in Southern California
- 5:15 a.m.

Waiting in the War Room for their boss, Jack Dalton, Angus “Mac” MacGyver, and Riley Davis lounged on the furniture.
“What are we even doing here this early?” Riley asked, swinging her feet to try and get comfortable in the chair. She was dressed in her usual skinny jeans, tight Tee, and combat boots while her hair was tied back into a ponytail.

“I don’t know. Matty called, said it was urgent and to get our butts here or else. I just don’t know what was so damn important that couldn’t wait until tomorrow,” Jack complained, his jaw popping as he yawned yet again.

“Ugh, this is too early. What do you think Mac?”

Silence was her answer and that had her raising her head to see Mac had fallen sideways on the couch, eyes closed, and chest rising in deep, even breaths signaling he was asleep.

“Can you believe him? He falls asleep anywhere.” Riley shook her head as she settled back into her chair.

Jack chuckled at that and repsonded, “You learn how to do that a lot in the Army. Sleep where you can when you can is basically the unspoken motto. You never knew when you were pulling out or pulling into base except when you were already there.”

“Makes sense.” Closing her eyes she startled as the door to the war room opened and Matilda “Matty” Webber strolled in, face unsettled.
The sound startled Mac who snapped his eyes open and quickly took in the room before moving to sit up and rub at his eyes like a little kid.

“Hey Matty.”

“Morning Blondie, guys. We have a problem.”

“Yeah, you calling us in even before the sun is up. I mean I used to back in Texas but still Matty this is -,”

“Murdoc is back.”

That statement stopped Jack’s trail of thought and sucked the air from the room.

After a moment of stunned silence three voices, in unison, all shouted, “What?”

“He appeared in San Fransisco a little over a week ago if cameras are to be trusted. So far five people have died and the local police think it might be a serial killer so they’ve called in the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit to help catch him.”

Jack scoffed at that. “What makes them think they can catch him if we haven’t been able to even keep him in jail. I thought he was in lockup, how’d he get out?”
“Apparently Blondie isn’t the only one that can improvise. He used a pencil sharpener and killed his guards.”

That had everyone in the room grimacing.

“Well then,” Jack started to say, “Us and the FBI working together to catch a maniac. What could go wrong there?”

Nodding in agreement Matty sighed. “I’ve sent them a file about us already and explained that we have tried to catch this man before but he has eluded even us. We’re currently offering our services but as of yet we are not stepping all over their investigation. We will listen to their orders until further notice. Are we understood?”

Mac and Riley nodded but Jack spoke up. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Raising a brow Matilda answered, “I don’t know what you’re talking about Dalton. What look are we talking about?”

“That look you just had that basically said ‘don’t do anything rash and listen to the FBI agents’ that one that you’re still giving me.”

“I wouldn’t have to give you a look Dalton if I thought you would behave. So play nice with the FBI agents and maybe I’ll give you a pat on the back later, ok?”

That effective, and creative, tirade made Jack sit back down and look like a kicked puppy.

“Thank you. Now let’s grab our bags and get going. It’s a drive guys.”

The team scattered grabbing their bags and heading for their cars. They would need to get driving if they wanted to make it there before the FBI. Matty had said that they were only to help until further notice and not really interfere until needed.

“Think we’ll actually catch him now?”

Mac looked to his partner of nearly ten years and shrugged, tossing his duffle into the trunk and sliding into the passenger seat. “Hard to tell right now. Murdoc’s eluded us this far and suddenly pops up close by. Seems suspect to me. Like he’s egging us to come and get him.”

“Yeah there is that I guess. Hey Riley, you riding with us or going solo this time?”

The team’s hacker smirked and walked over to them, her bag joining theirs in the trunk. Sliding into the back she settled in with her headphones and laptop.

“Just climb into the car, why don’t you? Yeah, thanks.”

She smiled and nodded to the beat.

“What are you waiting for Dalton? A written invitation? Get going.”

Looking up Jack replied, “Boss lady is coming too?”

Matilda gave him a look that sent him into the car and turning the key. Backing up out of the spot Jack took off for the highway and San Francisco, Mac laughing at him.