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Baby Fever

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“We should have a baby.”

Steve chokes on his water from the surprising words. Tony glances up from his tablet, the sounds of his husband choking capturing his attention. He watches with an amused interest. It was always a fun sight whenever Steve got flustered.

“Just an idea,” Tony says, casually with a small shrug, then he’s turning back to his Starkpad.

Steve is quick to compose himself and he reaches for the dish towel beside the sink, using it to wipe the water from his shirt. “That’s a pretty big idea,” he says, doing his best to keep his tone calm. Internally he’s freaking out. He’s never heard Tony talk about kids before, at least not like this.

“Yeah.” Tony is still glancing down, too engrossed in whatever project he has going on to give Steve his full attention. Steve isn’t having any of that, not after what was just said to him.

“Tony, a baby is-”

“A lot of work blah blah blah. Yeah, I’m aware.” Tony finally sets his tablet aside, turning slightly in his seat and resting his arm over the back of the couch. His eyes lock with Steve’s. “We’re not getting any younger.”

“So that’s your reason for a baby?” Steve questions. “We’re getting old?”

“Well, you still look youthful. It’s me I’m worried about. If you want kids, Cap we better get started. The clock’s ticking.”

“Tony-” Steve starts with a sigh and he comes over, taking the empty spot on the couch beside his husband. “Just last week you were talking about how happy you were that we didn’t have a baby to take care of. I think you said something about too much responsibility. What made you change your mind?”

“I don’t know,” Tony answers honestly. “I know kids are a lot and God forbid I even try and raise one, but you want a family and-”

“Hey,” Steve interrupts and reaches for Tony’s hand. “Don’t worry about what I want. I’m content with just the two of us.”

“You’re a terrible liar, Cap. You said you wanted that simple life.”

“I did, but I didn’t get it. I got something a lot better. I’ll take our chaotic lives over any simple one any day. A baby isn’t going to make me happy, Tones. You already do that.”

“Now you’re just being a sap.” Tony rolls his eyes and teasingly pushes against Steve’s shoulder.

“I mean it.” Steve smiles and leans closer, closing the gap between them with his lips. “I love you,” he says once he pulls away.

Tony hums and tries to bring him back for another kiss, huffing in annoyance when Steve doesn’t follow. “Come on, Cap. Don’t leave a guy hanging.”

Steve chuckles and rises to his feet. “I gotta shower.”

“I’ll join you.”

Steve doesn’t argue with that.

The topic of a baby doesn’t come up again, but Steve knows the idea is still on his husband’s mind. Tony tries to be discreet, or at least he thinks he is, but Steve can see right through him. Steve firsts notices the differences when he catches Tony’s eyes lingering a little longer on babies whenever they’re in public together. Tony starts smiling when he sees them, actually smiles; it’s different from the usual way Tony reacted to kids in the past.

It’s harmless. Steve just figures Tony has changed; he’s not the same person he used to be back when they first met. The new behavior toward kids isn’t too concerning and Steve is able to push it aside. It’s not until Tony is bringing up babies into their everyday conversations does Steve start to realize what’s going on. His husband has baby fever.

“I know you’ve been acting different,” Steve says one night while they’re lying in bed. Tony is still awake, scrolling quietly on his tablet. He peers up from the screen, turning his head to meet Steve’s gaze.

“I’m fine,” Tony assures and turns back to his browsing. Steve isn’t convinced and he sits up with a huff.

“You have baby fever.”

Tony snorts and shakes his head. “I do not. Only weird people get that.”

“You mean people who want kids?” Steve quirks a brow. “That was you last week and now-”

“I never said I wanted kids. I just said-”

“You said we should have a baby. That sounds like you want kids, Tony.”

Tony shrugs his shoulders slightly. “You said no so…”

“Tony, look at me,” Steve urges and when he locks eyes with the brown ones he loves so much he continues, “do you want to have a baby?”

This time Tony sighs. “I think you’re right, Cap. I have that weird baby fever thing. I never thought I’d get it, but lately, having a baby is all I can think about. I fucking smiled at a kid, Steve!”

Steve smiles and brushes his thumb over Tony’s knuckles. “I know. Kinda had me worried for a moment.”

“Shut up.” Tony teases, his own lips curling into a smile.

“ you want to do this? Start a family with me?” Steve asks, studying his husband’s face carefully for any doubts. He sighs when he senses hesitation. “Tony, talk to me.”

“I’d ask you the same question. Do you want to start a family with me? I’m not-I’m not father material, and there’s no guarantee that I won’t screw up. If you want to have a baby with someone else then-”

Steve silences him with a soft kiss. “I want you,” he says, after he breaks the kiss and he cups Tony’s face in his hands. “You’re the person I want to spend the rest of my life; I want you to be the one to have my baby. It’s always going to be you, Tony.”

“Careful what you wish for, Cap. I’m not-”

“Stop that. You’re perfect. I just know you’ll be a wonderful father.”

Tony smiles softly and comes closer, his eyes flickering down to Steve’s perfect mouth, wanting nothing more than to feel it on his again. “You know,” he says, reaching out to toy around with the collar of Steve’s t-shirt. “Making the baby is supposed to be the fun part.”

“Is that so?” Steve smirks.

Tony shrugs. “Just what I’ve heard. Maybe it’s a rumor.”

“Maybe we should find out.”

Tony wraps his fingers around the soft fabric he had been playing with, pulling Steve forward and crashing their lips together. Despite the years they’ve been together, Steve has still failed to get used to how rough Tony could be in bed. He still enjoys it, though.

“Fuck.” Steve pants when Tony breaks away, ignoring the way his husband smirks at him. He rarely cursed in front of the team, but when it was just him and Tony, and when Tony was doing some incredible things with his mouth, he couldn’t help the expletives that left him.

“You better fuck me, Cap.” Though Tony says it in a teasing manner, Steve knows better than to not take his husband seriously.

Steve connects their lips in another fiery kiss, eliciting a moan from from the shorter man. Steve wastes no time in pulling Tony into his lap, his hands immediately going to the brunet’s hips to keep him in place. Tony is the first to break the kiss, chuckling softly when Steve frowns up at him.

“Not that I don’t like this,” Tony starts, “but I think we have a better chance at this whole baby making thing if you fuck me another way. And you know if we were naked.”

Steve flips them over until Tony is on his back and Steve is the one hovering over him. “How’s this?” he questions, smiling when Tony reaches up to thread his fingers through his hair.

“Better. Still not naked, though.”

Steve leans in for another kiss, moaning softly when Tony slides his tongue along his bottom lip, begging for access and Steve parts his lips for him. Tony tugs on the hem of Steve’s shirt, tugging roughly until Steve is getting the hint and pulling away to discard it. The sight of Steve’s upper body is glorious, and Tony can’t help but lick his lips.

“Enjoying the view?” Steve teases, his breath hitching slightly when Tony reaches out to touch him.

“Fuck yeah I am,” Tony grins, running his hand along Steve’s sculpted chest and firm abs. He trails his hands lower, enjoying the sounds Steve makes when Tony rubs him through his sweatpants.

“Is teasing part of the baby making process?” Steve pants, watching with hooded eyes as Tony continues to tease his hardening cock through the flimsy material. Tony hums in response, too lost in the sounds he’s getting out of husband. “Fuck, Tony just take them off already.”

Tony doesn’t hesitate and he grips the band of Steve’s sweats, pulling them down and letting Steve kick them off. Steve quickly rids himself of the rest of his clothing, then he’s taking his original spot over Tony and connecting their lips again.

“You’re wearing too many clothes, Tones,” Steve says in between kisses, running his hand under Tony’s tank and finding soft skin. Tony moans from the contact, the noises he makes urging Steve to keep touching him.

Tony pushes him away to remove his own shirt, then he’s going back in for another kiss, but Steve doesn’t follow and he gently pushes Tony back. “Allow me,” he offers, running his hands down Tony’s chest until they’re brushing along the band of Tony’s pants. Steve knows how to tease and he traces his finger along the exposed skin of Tony’s hips, smirking when Tony bucks his hips impatiently.

“Hurry up, soldier. You have an order to follow.” Tony bucks his hips again, huffing in annoyance when Steve continues to tease him.

“I wasn’t a perfect soldier.” Steve reminds him. “But an order is an order.”

“Fucking finally,” Tony says when Steve drags his pants and boxers down. He brings Steve closer, moaning when their bodies brush against each other. Steve is kissing him again, and this time Tony offers his neck, cursing when Steve bites down on the sensitive flesh there.

Tony wraps his arms around Steve, moaning into the blond’s mouth when Steve brings his hips down and rolls them. Steve pulls away quickly. “We need protection,” he explains when Tony gives him a puzzled look. That look immediately fades into one that makes Steve’s face flush with embarrassment. “Oh, right.”

“You were close. We do need lube.” Tony shifts and stretches out his hand, reaching blindly in the nightstand drawer to grab their opened bottle. “Get to it, Cap,” he teases, shoving the bottle into Steve’s hand.

As tempting as it is to keep teasing his husband, Steve knows work needs to be done. He keeps his eyes glued to Tony’s face when he circles a wet finger around his rim, watching as Tony’s eyes flutter shut and his mouth parts, soft moans slipping past them when Steve gently pushes inside. He adds another finger and Tony’s cries rise in volume, his back arching off the bed when Steve pumps his fingers in and out.

“F-fuck, Steve!” Tony cries out, an obvious indication that Steve had found that spot that makes him see stars. Steve doesn’t stop there, and he continues to purposely brush his fingers along that spot until Tony can’t take anymore. “S-stop!” Tony pleads, wrapping his fingers around Steve’s wrist to keep him from going any further. “I don’t want to come like this.”

Steve slowly removes his fingers and reaches for the lube, rubbing a generous amount over his cock before positioning himself at Tony’s entrance and nudging forward. The initial thrust is uncomfortable, but Tony is not familiar with the burn and he knows it will begin to fade into something a little more pleasurable.

Steve grunts above him, enjoying the feeling of having his cock surrounded in Tony’s tight heat. “Fuck, Tones.” Steve pushes more of himself inside, eyes flickering down to where they’re connected. “You feel so good.”

Tony moans, too lost in the pleasure of being filled to come up with a more coherent response. He wraps his legs around Steve’s waist, trying to bring him closer. Steve understands what Tony wants and he follows, snapping his hips forward until the rest of his cock is sinking inside. He paused his movements, wanting to give Tony a chance to adjust, but Tony is growing impatient and he bucks his own hips to urge Steve to move.

“Come on, Cap. Put a baby in me.”

Steve growls at those words and pulls out, only leaving the head of his cock inside before thrusting roughly and the room fills with the sound of their hips meeting. Tony throws his head back and moans, digging his nails into the flesh of Steve’s back. Steve grunts from the sting, but it only urges him on and he picks up the pace of his thrusting.

“Gonna fill you up,” Steve promises, moving faster and harder to keep that promise fulfilled. He angles his hips, searching for that spot he discovered earlier, his ego boosting when he finds it and Tony screams out his name.

“Fuckfuckfuck.” Tony chants, throwing his head back when that sensitive spot inside of him is repeatedly hit by the head of Steve’s cock.

Steve reaches a hand between them, wrapping his fingers around Tony’s own cock and stroking the heated flesh in time with his thrusts. Tony is close; Steve can tell by the way Tony’s inner walls clench around him, and he picks up the pace of both his hips and hand.

“Steve!” Tony’s shouts, back arching and ropes of cum spurting from his cock.

Steve grunts and buries his face in the crook of Tony’s neck, biting down hard. He comes with a grunt, hips stuttering as he fills Tony up with his own release. They ride out their orgasms together, then Steve is carefully pulling out, eyes flickering down to Tony’s leaking hole. He hopes enough remained inside to take.

“Good?” Steve asks, rolling off Tony and lying beside him. Tony gives him a thumbs up.

“I guess the rumors are true,” Tony says, turning his head to face Steve. “That part is fun.”