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Not Light or Dark, Good or Bad, simply Shades of Grey

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22 March 1977-Hogwarts Room of Requirement

It was an unusually stormy night when the seventeen-year-old Lily Evans found herself in the room of requirement looking down upon the most beautiful mistake she’d ever made. It had happened last year. Around nine months prior she had walked in on her boyfriend of almost seven months, sleeping another witch. The witch was named Jane Jones, she was a year below them and the worst part of the whole thing was that she was a muggleborn like Lily. Lily had hoped that they could stick together but apparently not. It really shouldn’t have surprised her she supposed in retrospect. James Potter was the sole heir to an old pureblood House. What James wanted he got. And James had always been a womanizer. His first girlfriend, Liriope Mair, a pureblood Ravenclaw who had been (at least until two years ago) James’s betrothed had broken up with him and had her Father call off their betrothment after catching him ‘making out’ after hours with the Gryffindor Melinoe Vane. Melinoe had been pulled out of Hogwarts soon after due to the ‘shame’ she had brought upon her family. Last Lily had heard she had been married off to the second born son of House Golightly and was expecting their ‘second’ child together. If the first baby had hazel eyes instead of the dark brown eyes of her mother or the blue eyes of her ‘father’ well luckily for her she was born as a girl into a world dominated by men so nobody was going to question it. Well, so long as Melinoe managed to pop a couple of blonde-haired blue-eyed sons out.

Lily had found the wizarding world less overwhelming than most at first thanks to Severus. Of course, most things were still wonderous, but here she found herself not only the victim of misogyny but also of a sort of racism based off of the fact that her parents were muggles, not a witch and wizard. From what she had seen the misogyny was much worse for pureblood witches, many of her female pureblood and halfblood year mates were either betrothed or married now. Either living as house witches or preparing to. For her her parentage would undoubtably be the greater struggle. While she may have at first hoped for a wonderful future in this world of magic and beauty such dreams had been disillusioned years ago. The world of magic was no paradise. There was a civil war ongoing and even if the ‘good’ side won the best Lily could hope for as a young muggleborn witch was to work as a healer or perhaps a teaching aide. And after this, Lily knew that if anyone knew of her ’bastard’ daughter then she would move right to the very bottom of everyone’s hiring list. Honestly, how stupid was it that it was perfectly acceptable for a young pureblood wizard to go around sowing his oats and leaving a trail of ‘ruined’ women and illegitimate children behind him while a witch, pureblood or otherwise, was preferred to be ‘pure’. Ever since she started dating James Potter, she had been told how lucky she was to catch the eye of such a powerful *pureblood* wizard. She couldn’t break up with him now. Lily was seventeen and had devoted her life to her studies, her WIZARDING studies. Living outside of the wizarding world was no longer an option, not with her lack of both work experience and relevant studies. And if she broke up with the great James Potter, she could be sure that no wizard or witch in their right mind would hire her for fear of being on the bad books of House Potter.

If she had been a pureblood like Liriope she would have been able to simply break up with him for the shame he had caused her. But Lily was a muggleborn. She would be the one taking the blame. People would whisper about her not being enough for him. She knew this. It didn’t mean that it didn’t hurt.

So, she had decided on that eve that she wouldn’t talk with James about it, not even a whisper. But she had also been so upset, so angry. And she had made the same mistake as James and had fallen into bed with her old friend Severus. She hadn’t forgiven him of course, but he was the one person that she felt that she could go to. The one that she had remembered in her drunkenness and hysteria. And nine months later her beautiful mistake had been born. Thankfully Lily’s immense skill with charms had allowed her to hide her pregnancy. Lily had decided early on that while she wouldn’t, nay couldn’t, abort the baby. Instead she would give it up for adoption. But now, looking down at the babe’s wisps of red hair Lily couldn’t imagine never seeing her again. So, she decided to apparate herself and the babe, with great care, over to the muggle hospital near her childhood home. She signed in as a shocked teenage mother who begged for her parents, crying in ‘shock’. Severus had been right, she would have made a good Slytherin, if only for her acting skills. When her parents arrived, she begged them to raise her daughter for her, as a miracle baby in their older age. Thankfully they agreed. She was allowed to name her daughter before she spirited herself away, to see her again in over three months.

Her little Rose.

And with that Rosetta Evans came into the world. With hair of fire and eyes of coal. Foreboding her life, and that of her half-brother’s. They would live through hell on earth.