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This is What Makes Us Girls

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Holding back moans on a cramped dorm room bed, Shouto and Izuku lose their virginity to one other in a less than spectacular fashion. It hurts, and when Izuku says as much Shouto tells him to ‘grin and bare it’. He’s so offended he can’t help but laugh, then that laugh turns into a moan as Todoroki finally starts to figure out what he’s doing.

No their first time wasn’t interesting at all, no sir, but well, afterwards…

Afterwards, when Izuku is searching for a clean pair of socks in Shouto drawers his face flushes as he pulls out a pair of small black panties. He glances back and makes sure his partner is still recovering on the bed before slipping into them as quickly as he could. They were a little snug as he pulled them over his ass but they went up, and stayed up so he counted it as a win.

“So” Izuku asked as he walked over to the bed. “What do you think?”

Shouto blinked twice and smiled up at Izuku’s face before his eyes trailed down the boys body.

“Holy shit….”

“I know right?” Izuku laughed and did a little twirl, “I look good.”

Shouto sat up on the bed. “You really do.” He had forgotten about those, Mina had given a stylized pair of panties to all of the boys one Christmas. The one's she gave to Shouto were black with little flames and ice cubes scattered across them. They were adorable, and they looked even better nestled up against Izuku’s ass.

“Maybe I should get you some panties.”

“Maybe you should.” Izuku shot back and Shouto felt himself getting hard again.

“If I buy them, you’ll wear them?”

Izuku walked over to the bed and kissed Shouto gently. “I’ll wear anything you want me to daddy, no matter how girly.” He giggled before jumping back and pulling the panties off slowly. “but I promise, I’m not a girl.”

Shouto’s eyebrows rose but he didn’t question it, just said. “Well it would be fine if you were.”

“Yeah I know.” He answers quickly, “but I’m not so no worries.”

“I’m not worried.”

“Good, because you don’t need to be.”

Shouto laughed and shook his head, smiling softly as he watched his partner get dressed. He thinks about Izuku with wide hips, and soft breasts, maybe even a sweet little pussy. He likes the image in his head, and wonders how much of it he can make a reality.


They’re having sex a few days later when he accidentally pushes Izuku’s first button.

“Fuck! Take it bitch! You like this cock in your slutty little pussy?”

It’s not a conscious decisions on Shouto's part, he doesn’t have a handle on dirty talk yet, so he’s parroting phrases he’s heard in porn. It just slips out and for a second he feels silly, but then Izuku reacts.

His eyes roll into the back of his head and he let’s out a high pitched noise that Shouto has never heard come out of him before.

He shoves Izuku’s thighs into the air, drawing another set of whines and moans out of the boy when his cock starts to hit different, deeper places inside him.

“You like that baby? Like daddy’s cock deep in your pussy?”

“Ahhh~ fuck, yes daddy yes!” Izuku looks up at him with big innocent eyes and begs. “Please daddy! Cum in my dumb little pussy!”

Shouto hadn’t been anywhere near his orgasm but with a request like that he couldn’t help himself. He pushes Izuku’s thighs flush against his chest and cums hard, but he doesn't stop.

“Fuuuuck, fuck yeah! So good baby, you feel daddy’s cum deep in that pussy baby?”

“Yes! Yes! Fuck! Shouto oh my god!” Izuku’s voice was beautiful, approaching a high falsetto as he moaned and praised his partners cock, there were tears forming at the edges of his eyes and his pupils were blown wide. He looked amazing, and his voice was so high anyone who walked past would think Shoto was cheating on him with a woman. The thought was overwhelming and every though he had just cum, he starts pounding into Iuzku again. 

“Holy shut! Fuck! cum again daddy, please! make me your fucking whore!”

Shouto pushed Izuku’s thighs flush against his chest and demanded “YOU cum whore, be a good girl and cum for me.”

What happened next was entirely unfair.

Izuku cums so hard he sees stars, his thighs started shaking and his ass started pulsing around Shoto’s cock.

“Fuck baby, I feel it,” Shouto hadn’t stopped pounding into him, but he was snapping his hips erratically as his breaths got harsher. “can feel you coming on daddy's dick bitch.”

Then he hits Izuku’s spot.

He thought Shouto had already found it but something about this was obnoxiously different. It was only another 30 seconds before Izuku was cumming all over himself. Rope after rope shot out of his untouched cock and painted his chest like a canvas.

It was all too much, and with a few shallow thrust Shouto emptied himself inside Izuku one final time.

As they laid there panting, all Shouto could think to say was

“You fucking squirted for me.”


Shouto couldn’t stop dressing him up and Izuku was happy to walk around in whatever feminine garb Shouto placed in his hands. Blouses, skirts, even dresses, bras and panties. Izuku always looked so beautiful. He would get the most delicate little blush and act all embarrassed but if Shouto told him they were going out, he would put on his shoes with no hesitation and stride right out the door.

Sometimes, at restaurants or grocery stores, people mistake Izuku for a girl. They call him mam, or hold doors open for him. He’s even been hit on a few times.. He’s never upset, and he never corrects them, just goes on with the conversation as though they hadn’t said anything wrong.

It’s fun and sexy, it’s their secret that’s not so secret because soon, everyone in the dorms gets used to seeing Izuku in a dress. By the end of the year no one cares, Izuku’s feminization makes a small wave, and then is completely ignored by everyone that they know.

Except for one person, because of course, Bakugou Katsuki had never been the type to let sleeping dogs lie.

And how could he, when Izuku’s skirts have been getting shorter and shorter. How could he ignore the splash of color across his cheeks and eyelids, ignore the higher and higher pitch of his increasingly feminine voice. So when he sees Izuku walk out of Todoroki’s room, completely dazed, obviously filled with cum, and striding by on 6 inch heels…..

Well, what the fuck would you have done?

He enters the bathroom behind Izuku before he can think about it, crowding the teen up against the sink he mumbles. “You look so good baby girl.” right before he starts sucking on Izuku’s neck.

Izuku’s protest dies in his throat; he feels his cheeks get hot and can’t stop his eyelids from fluttering as Katsuki swipes a thumb across his lips. It takes him a minute, a very long, very intimate minute, but he pushes Katsuki off him. Just barely escaping before the man had made a permanent mark on his neck.

“You know I’m dating Shouto.” He says, looking off to the side and trying not to think about the fact that he was practically naked.

“Icy Hot can’t share?” Katsuki looks Izuku up and down, enjoying how lean his legs look in the heels, takes in the smell of sex and cum wafting off of him. He sees Izuku’s reluctance, but also his interest so as he takes a small step forward as he asks

“Will you at least show me baby girl?”

Izuku plays with the hem of his oversized T-shirt for a moment, teasing Katsuki with a peak of satin and lace, before pulling it off completely, obviously excited to bask in the attention.


Katsuki starts palming himself through his jeans as he takes in Izuku’s full outfit. The red bottom heels were nice, but they were just the one piece of the whole outfit. Izuku was wearing a beautiful piece of lingerie. It was a beautiful deep red body suit, maybe closer to burgundy. The body suit went over his lean muscular shoulders, and the V showed off his perky pink nipples and incredible toned body.

“Holy shit Zu-Chan, will you turn around for me?”

Izuku goes bright red at the new nickname but spins around nonetheless. By this point, whenever he was alone with a man, he had no choice but to do as he was told.

He spun around slowly, loving how Katsuki gasped when he saw the deep V on the back of his outfit. It stops right above his ass, which sat high and perky in the rose embroideries lace. He felt like a queen and when he turned around to see Katsuki standing there, cock in hand, furiously masturbating to him, he felt like a fucking God.

“Holy shit baby girl, you’re so beautiful.”

Izuku blushed but started to run his hands all over his body, teasing his nipples and swaying his hips side to side. Katsuki drank it all in, wobbling with pleasure but refusing to take his eyes off the dancing boy in front of him.

“Fuck… look at that mouth…fucking made to take cock Zu-chan….” His breath was starting to come out in huffs and he rolled his hand around the head of his cock as he asked “You want my cum little girl?”

Izuku couldn’t speak, he felt like opening his mouth and offering encouragement would be crossing a line, and he didn’t want to betray Shouto. Not after all that they had been through. Instead, he leans against the wall and pulls the suite to the side so he can show Katsuki his pink puffy hole still dripping with cum.

“If you keep doing that, I’m going to come over there and fuck you.” Katsuki warns, Izuku lets him take three steps closer before spinning around and falling to his knees.

He opens his mouth wide and looks up at Katsuki with crossed eyes, he relaxes his face into the most blissful expression he can conjure and throws up a double peace sign to finish it off.

“FUCK!” Katsuki steps forward with the force of his orgasm, catching himself on the wall he looks down just in tome to see cum shoot out and drip down Izuku’s face, down his cheeks and into his open mouth. He’s wrecked, balls empty and head spinning after some simple lingerie and a little dance. He should be ashamed really. Instead, he looks down at Izuku.

“You’re telling me you don’t want this dick?”

“I’m telling you,” Izuku says, licking the cum off his pink lips. “to ask my boyfriend.”


It was honestly impressive that he was able to wait an entire day before cornering Shouto in the dorm kitchen.

Delicate speech wasn’t exactly Katsuki’s forte so he waited until they were doing the dishes alone simply said “Yo, lemme fuck your girlfriend.”

Shouto snorted and thought for a moment “yeah okay, come by tomorrow.”

Katsuki grinned. “Don’t need to tell me twice.”

Shouto huffed out a small laugh and they continued washing dishes in silence until Shouto says. “I don’t have a girlfriend though.”

Katsuki hits him with a look that very clearly says ‘are you sure about that?’ and Shouto thinks to himself for a moment before frowning and saying,

“At least I don’t think I have a girlfriend.

“Have you asked Izuku recently?:

And that, was a good question.


“Are you….trans?”

Izuku frowned, his painted lips drawing Shouto ’s attention, almost distracting him from the topic at hand.

“I don’t know, maybe? Maybe not…I don’t know...” He looked down and Shouto felt bad for a moment. He didn’t want to make Izuku upset, but Katsuki was right, he needed to ask.

Izuku had grown his hair out, it was shoulder length now, and was always held back with a cute clip or accessory. He wore feminine clothes all the time, even going as far as wearing a girl’s uniform to school. He was never seen without eyeliner and mascara, not even on his worst days. Anyone who looked at Izuku would think he was 100% woman, and Shouto just wanted to know if they would be right.

“Do I need to know?” He asked after a moment. “For you to keep fucking me like this?”

“Of course you don’t,” Shouto reassured him quickly. “I just don’t want to hurt you.”

“How can you hurt me when I’m begging for it?” He asked, visibly frustrated. “Shouto will you just-“

He was cut off as Shouto kissed him deeply; shoving him back on the bed, he knew now what the boy wanted. He had always known.

“I’m gonna destroy that pussy baby girl.”

The reaction was instant, Izuku’s entire body jolted and his eyes widened. His mouth opened just slightly and when he asked

“Yeah?” his voice had gone up several octaves.

“Yeah baby, good girls like you take it nice and hard.”

“I’m a good girl?”

“Yes you are,” Shouto smiled down at Izuku’s angelic form for a minute before his smiled turned into a sharp grin. “And good girls like you bend over and take it right?” He was running his hands up and down Izuku’s sides now; the velvet fabric of his purple shorts didn’t stop Shouto from feeling the delicate panty line underneath. “So why don’t you get on your hands and knees for daddy?”

The minute Todoroki was off him Izuku was pulling off his shorts and getting into position, he needs it, needs it like he needs air. When he finally feels the blunt head of Shouto’s thick cock press against his ass he can’t stop himself from pushing back on it loving the stretch of sudden entry and drawing a low moan out of his partner.

“Fuck…I slid right in baby girl.”

Izuku’s eyes rolled into the back of his head at the word and he started to bounce back on Shouto’s cock, ignoring the burn as he took what he needed. “Fuck daddy, you own this pussy.”

“All mine.” He groaned, he wasn’t moving at all, just grunting as Izuku’s ass bounced back on him. “My tight little pussy, mine to fuck anytime I want.” He reaches out and grabs Izuku by the hair, making the boy whine with pleasure.

“Yes! Please! Hurt me daddy!”

Now that he could do, with enough force to bruise he grabs Izuku’s hips and starts to go to town. Pounding into the boy’s tight pink ass as though he might die tomorrow.

“So fucking good baby.” He reached back and slapped Izuku’s ass, grinning when he cries out in pleasure. “Of course you like that, fucking pain slut.” He slaps him a few more times, fucking him slower but never stopping his thrusts.

He’s going nice and slow so with every slap Izuku’s voice starts to get deeper and deeper.

“Ah, ah, ah baby girl.” Shouto grabs Izuku’s hair and pulls his head back. “Gotta keep up those sweet princess moans.” he whispered before pounding into Izuku as deep and as hard as he could.

Despite his best efforts Izuku just couldn’t keep up the falsetto, by the time Shouto is ready to cum, Izuku is grunting and groaning like a trucker. He can hear himself echoing off the walls and he’s embarrassed, he wants to be perfect for Shouto. So with the last of his strength he pitches his voice as high as he knows how and screams

“Fuck! Please cum in this pussy daddy! PLEASE!”

It’s perfect; he's perfect, his girls screams dragged the orgasm out of Shouto instantly.

“Fuck, fuckk! You can take it baby girl, take this nut!” He had fucked Izuku down into the mattress by now, with his hands on the bed he pile-drives down, chasing his orgasm as hard as his body would allow.

“Fucking perfect baby, perfect fucking pussy holy shit!”

Izuku was beyond words, his tongue was hanging out of his mouth and he was barely present in the moment. He wasn’t moaning, just whining and squeaking like Shouto had unlocked a higher pitch with his cock alone.

Right before he passes out he can feel Shouto cum hard inside him. He’s never been this happy in his entire life, and the last thing he hears before he’s completely out is Shouto’s raspy voice saying

“God damn, you’re a good fucking girl.”


“So,” Katsuki asks, “What does the nerd want to be?”


“Alright then, this is going to be fun.”


 Katsuki thrust are merciless. He’s damn near unforgiving as he pounds into Izuku at a brutal pace. He fucks him like a professional whore. Slapping him around, sucking dark purple spots into his skin and making sure to look Shouto directly in the eye whenever Izuku cums spectacularly on his cock.

He’s an asshole, rude and disgusting. He’s as animistic as men can get, until he opens his mouth to speak.

“So fucking good princess, you take cock So. Fucking. Good.” He bites Izuku’s calf hard, and coos at him when he screams. “Perfect little girl, you were fucking made for this.”

Izuku was on his back again, legs in the air, dress shoved up to his torso. His makeup had been smeared long ago but that didn’t stop Katsuki from biting the tender skin on his thigh while mumbling. “So Fucking beautiful.”

Izuku felt brutalized.

Izuku felt worshiped.

Izuku felt like a fucking woman.

Katsuki picked his hips up off the bed and he screamed with pleasure at the new position

“Fuck, look at that pretty face Shouto. She’s my mindless fuck toy now.”

Shouto wanted to argue but Katsuki was completely right. Izuku’s eyes were only on him, his face going thorough different stages of submission. He had shy and sexy when they started, letting out slutty little cries of “yes sir” and “harder please!” as he glanced over at Shouto every couple of minutes. It was cute, but soon his mouth was open wide in pure pleasure while Katsuki pounded into him.

“You’re so fucking wet for me baby, fucking perfect.” He stuck two fingers in Izuku’s mouth and laughed when he starts to suck immediately. His eyes were beginning to lose focus as he realized that Katsuki wasn’t going to cum anytime soon.

“She’s so good.” Katsuki coo’s watching Izuku go out of his mind with pleasure. “Come stick your cock in her pretty mouth Shouto.”

“Fuck, yes please!” Izuku begs and that’s all Shouto needs to hear and he’s over at the bed in a flash. Izuku tries to take the cock in his mouth on his own but Katsuki starts playing with the underside of his cock so the poor boy loses all control of his body.

Shouto sighs at the two of them, but takes his frustration out on Izuku alone. “Useless bitch, open your mouth, I don’t keep broken fuck toys.”

Despite being out of his mind with pleasure, Izuku opens his mouth and doesn’t gag when Todoroki starts fucking his mouth immediately. He doesn’t give him a second to breath, he knows he doesn’t need it, he just puts a hand on the side of Izuku’s head and fucks his face hard.

“Fuck yeah Shouto give it to her, make her fucking take it.”

It’s ridiculously hot, having Katsuki there to egg him on. He’s much rougher than he usually is, but Izuku fucking loves it. He keeps his throat slack but can’t stop the high pitched moans and squeals that Katsuki keeps drawing out of him.

“mM! ohmygodfuck! I’m cumming!” Izuku moans around Shoto’s cock, it’s garbled but they understand him anyway and Katsuki pulls out without a moment’s hesitation. Izuku tries to whine but Shouto puts both hands on his head and starts to skull fuck his face. The pleasure from being used this roughly is enough, his hips jerk off the bed and his thighs shake as he cums.

Shouto pulls his cock out so he can listen to the slutty sounds pouring out his Izuku’s mouth. He’s beautiful, still shaking and cursing when Katsuki flips him over and slips the tip back inside. 

“You can take more, right princess? You can keep going can't you?”

Izuku was sore; his body was shaking and his asshole was numb. Despite this, he pushed himself up and does his best to match Katsuki’s pace.

Shouto comes over and slowly slips his cock back into Izuku’s mouth.

“Such a good girl.”


Izuku was so happy he could cry, that’s all he’s ever wanted to be.