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Luo Fusheng Knows His Priorities

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“I’m going to find a way to get us back to our proper timeline!” was the first statement of Luo Fusheng the moment he realized they were thrown to the future. “There’s no room for any distractions. Going home is our one and only priority!”


Luo Cheng nodded in awe and agreement at how firm Luo Fusheng was. They entered the bar called ‘Good Times’ because as Luo Fusheng said, it had the word “time” so obviously it’s connected to their time travel issues. Luo Cheng followed after the older one and when his eyes passed through the tagline signage that said, ‘Tonight’s Special: Hop and hump around bunnies!’ , he didn’t give it much thought.


Apparently, in 2016, bars had animals. It was weird but who was he to judge?


(In hindsight, he should have dragged Luo Fusheng far, far away from that place that night.)



In Luo Fusheng’s defense, he had three (3) very sound arguments on why it isn’t exactly his fault on whatever it is that’s happening around here. 


First, it wasn’t everyday that he finds out that he’s transported years into the future. The last thing he remembered was getting himself drunk to the point of passing out. The getting drunk and passing out wasn’t anything new but waking up and finding himself sprawled on the curb of an unfamiliar street definitely was. He’s not about to say it out loud but he’s thankful Luo Cheng got dragged with him to whatever this was.


Second, it wasn't everyday that he’s being stared down by a cold looking yet handsome man holding a circular tray for the champagne whilst dress in…such a thing. (“Oh! So that’s what they meant in that tonight’s special signage outside!” “You couldn’t have told me earlier one?!” “Would that have helped?” “…”) 


Seeing someone who’s totally his type (“I didn’t know you were into men?” “I’m not into men. But I’m into bunnies.” “Ge, that doesn’t help your case.” “Shut up.”) with that kind of body dressed in a provocative bunny costume was more than enough to send Luo Fusheng’s brain into overdrive. The man even had pastel pink bunny ears as a headband, a ribbon pinned by a heart clip in the middle as his choker, and holy shit, that was a bunny tail to compliment the nice ass it was attached to.


Third – there wasn’t really a third argument or maybe there was, but he forgot about it already; which, again, in his defense, were due to the two aforementioned points. He really couldn’t be blamed for wanting to touch the bunny tail and check how authentic it was (“You just wanted to cop a feel on the guy.” “I was doing it for science.”).


So, when he did just that and the guy abruptly turned around and had Luo Fusheng’s arms twisted behind his back with an angry snarl, the surprise – both on handsome guy’s chest pressed against his back and the strength on the action – was inevitable. 


And well, getting pushed inside a prison cell for grounds of sexual misconduct, was also inevitable.


Luo Fusheng reiterates his three (3) very sound arguments. No one seems to believe him though. (At least he saw Luo Cheng nodding his head on the side.)


These fuckers.




“I’m going to get that guy in my bed before this week ends!” was the first statement of Luo Fusheng the moment he was released from his three-hour stint in prison. “There’s no room for distraction so I need him below me so my fixation will stop. Going home is our next priority!”


Luo Cheng nodded enthusiastically at how certain Luo Fusheng sounded. He even had a sound plan laid out in order to not be distracted. They were originally blacklisted from the ‘Good Times’ bar but the owner was easily convinced otherwise when Luo Fusheng trashed his goons in a minute. They were immediately guided towards the VIP booth and the owner was saying something about giving them big discounts.


Luo Fusheng wasn’t interested in his slimy words though and frowned when he couldn’t find the bunny guy from their perch on the VIP booth’s glass surroundings on the second floor. He stood up and looked down again.


“Hey, where’s the bunny guy?”


The owner stopped his sales pitch. “Bunny guy? It was everyone’s costume last night. Do you have someone specific in mind?”


“Fuck the other bunny guys,” Luo Fusheng clicked his tongue and the owner started sweating again, “I want that guy who incapacitated me and threw me to the police.”


If anything, the owner became even more nervous and was stuttering away. “W-we have mo-more types of escorts for you! Yes! More handsome and more beautiful! I can have them –”


Luo Fusheng kicked the table. 


Luo Cheng rounded to the owner and threw an arm around him. “Listen, ge already said what he wanted. We don’t want any more untoward incident, don’t we?”


The table Luo Fusheng kicked cracked in the middle.


“He’s not an employee.” The owner sobbed. “He was an undercover cop.”




Looking back, maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to barge into Lan City’s highly esteemed police headquarters demanding to see ‘Officer Han Chen’. The receptionist didn’t seem sure on how to deal with the cute smile on Luo Fusheng’s face as it didn’t match the machete he had slung over his shoulders. Luo Cheng was too busy watching his brother’s back to even suggest to him to perhaps hide the weapon away from prying eyes.


Luo Cheng heard the receptionist whisper to the other receptionist whether they should call for one of the Black Shield Team but the other vehemently shook her head and said something about those people being too high profile for their lines anyway. 


“Oh, what do we have here?” a man with a toothpick in his mouth asked jovially.


He was accompanied by a younger man tapping away on something in his hand (“Ge, they said this one is called a ‘cellphone’ and you can –” “Not interested.”) and then looked at the one beside him. “They’re the ones looking for Han Chen.”


Shi Heng let out a whistle. “There was no need to hack into the headquarters’ CCTV for that information, you know.” Then, without waiting for an answer, the man with the toothpick turned to the Luos. “My names Shi Heng. And this one’s Zhou Xiaozhuan.”


Luo Fusheng scoffed in response. “So, neither of you are Officer Han Chen. Not interested.”


There was a slight tick in Shi Heng’s eyebrow at the attitude given. “Yeah, well our vice chief isn’t available right now. We’re part of his team though. We’ll handle you instead. But first of all, can you let go of that weapon in your hand?”


Luo Fusheng stared at the two new arrivals then at his machete. For a few seconds, neither party spoke nor moved. A savage grin suddenly appeared on Luo Fusheng’s face. “Let go of the weapon, huh? Sure!” And then he threw the machete straight at Shi Heng who yelped in surprise as he dragged Zhou Xiaozhuan down with him to avoid getting impaled.


The lobby quickly turned chaotic as a fight broke out. Luo Cheng wasn’t really that worried for Luo Fusheng because he’s stood witness to his ge beating a mob before already. He was about to jump on Zhou Xiaozhuan so that Luo Fusheng can focus against Shi Heng when someone grabbed the back of his collar and kicked him at the side making him slide across the polished floors.


Luo Cheng struggled to get up and when he finally raised his head, he saw just in time as the same person who kicked him move towards Luo Fusheng. “Ge! Watch out!” he warned.


Luo Fusheng didn’t even manage to fully turn around yet when the man from his behind grappled against him and threw him over the receptionist’s counter.


“Han Chen!” Shi Heng greeted in surprise.




This was ge’s bunny guy who admittedly didn’t look so much like a bunny now with his tight-fitting black clothes.


As mentioned, looking back, maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to barge into Lan City’s Police Headquarters just like that. And it’s not even because they’re completely surrounded now or that they’re gangsters in the middle of cops. It’s that he saw an unmistakable glint of lust on Luo Fusheng’s eyes when he got thrown over. Oh wow. He did not need to know ge was into that.




“I’m going to make that Han Chen be mine!” was the first statement of Luo Fusheng the moment they were put into an interrogation room; and hey, 2016 was really so futuristic with that “two-way glass” they were saying, and everything is properly ventilated. “It’s going to be like a summer fling but this one’s called a time travel fling instead. Getting back is our next priority!”


Luo Cheng wasn’t very certain with what’s happening as Luo Fusheng changed priorities again. That, and he personally saw the horny and very, very interested look of the older one to his not-so bunny guy. He tried communicating that he should maybe tone down his thirst through his eyes as they were put in separate interrogation rooms.


The interrogation went as smoothly as one would expect between a cop and time traveler people of suspicion.


“Time travel...?” an unimpressed look made its way to Han Chen’s face.


Luo Fusheng nodded happily at getting the attention of his bunny guy (“Not-so bunny guy, ge, because he’s wearing proper clothes now.” “If I say he’s bunny guy, then he’s bunny guy. And what’s wrong with his bunny clothes, huh?!” “You’re right, ge. Absolutely nothing.”).


Han Chen crossed his arms. “Shi Heng and Chi Chen had your vitals lab tested and it came back negative on drugs or other forms of hallucinogens. It’s either you’re mad or a liar.”


“I’m mad alright,” Luo Fusheng leaned forward the table separating them, “Mad for you.”


There might have been a sound of a woman’s laughter outside but that should be impossible because the place was supposed to keep in the sound. Oh well.


Han Chen drew his gun and Luo Fusheng’s breath hitched at the sight of him casually twirling it expertly on his hand. He lowkey salivated at the thought of those long fingers wrapped around his di –


“Hey! Focus. I’m talking to you.” Han Chen slammed his other hand on the table when he realized he didn’t have Luo Fusheng’s attention. 


“There’s no need to get angry like a scorned girlfriend, Chen-er,” there goes the bark of laughter from outside again and a twitch in Han Chen’s beautiful eyebrows, “My whole attention is just on you, baby.” 


“You –”


“Although,” Luo Fusheng interrupted, “You might want to keep the gun away from your pretty hands because I’m getting indecent thoughts which you know, you may not like so much right now since we’re not in the bedroom.” There was an aghast look on the other. Oh no, he might have given the officer a wrong impression. He needs to rectify it immediately. “But of course, if you want to do it anywhere else besides the bedroom, I'm down for it as well.”


Han Chen gritted his teeth and tried controlling his temper both from this insane guy and his team whom he knows is rolling on the floor laughing outside. He’s going to drown Bai Jinxi, that despicable woman, first because he just knows she’s the ringleader of the disrespect going around against him. 


“Let’s try again.” Han Chen inhaled sharply in an effort to steady his heartbeat. 


Luo Fusheng agreed enthusiastically. “I heard of this 2016 game called 20 Questions. Doesn’t that sound fair, Chen-er?”


“Will you stop calling me that?”


“Oh, we’re starting already, okay. The answer is no. My turn then.” 


Luo Fusheng’s expression became serious and Han Chen unconsciously straightened up. 


“What are your thoughts on blowjobs? Specifically us giving it to each other?”




“Hey, your weird wolf is currently beating down a part of our task force in the cafeteria. You might want to save the police some face,” Bai Jinxi’s voice came through his phone.


Han Chen rubbed his throbbing forehead and waited for the stoplight to turn green. “I’m out right now. Why do I have to be the one to do that?”


“You’re the one assigned to them,” was the flippant answer.


Ever since it was proven that Luo Fusheng and Luo Cheng indeed did not have any records attached to their names, the chief had decided to put them under police custody via Han Chen supervising them. They couldn’t be kept in prison as they technically didn’t do anything that would warrant more than a few hours inside of it and so Han Chen had to keep them close with him – meaning, his house, workplace, and everything else in between had been compromised.


Not wanting to question his superior’s decisions, Han Chen went for another question as he took the road on the way to the office. “Why do you even call him weird wolf?”


Bai Jinxi laughed. “It was supposed to be "that guy who claims he's from the past and tried to eat up Han Chen on a bunny suit on that bust”, but it was too long.”


Han Chen doesn’t even want to touch the can of worms on the naming convention happening and his association with it. The kitten on his arms let out a soft meow and he patted it. He had left his wards in the office before he went to the investigation site with the thinking, he doesn’t need to bring them with him outside during office hours so he can actually do his job.


He was getting text messages from Zhou Xiaozhuan that “his weird wolf” was getting antsy with his absence all throughout the time he was on the field, but he ignored them all. On his way back, he saw a helpless kitten in the middle of the highway meowing its lungs out and he quickly slammed on his breaks and slammed his hand on the hazard button before getting out of his car and taking the kitten with him.


He has to drop it off at a vet later and find someone who’ll foster and adopt it because right as of this moment, he’s apparently needed in the headquarters' s cafeteria. “I’m just about to park. At least try to minimize the damage before I get there.”


There was only laughter on the other end of the line before it was cut off.


Luo Fusheng, on the other hand, was having his own issues. He grabbed the guy attacking him head on by the hair, pulled on it, and slammed his face on the table near them. Just when he was actually getting closer with his Chen-er for the past two weeks, the other had to be pulled into the field. If the rest of the police task force were actually competent then Han Chen wouldn’t have to leave him.


With that annoyed thought in mind, he grabbed the metal tray and used it to smack two of his opponents. When he informed Luo Cheng that he’s working on Han Chen showing off his cute side to him, Luo Cheng gave him an uncertain hum in reply. But that uncertainty was quelled in no time. (“Ge, don’t you think your priorities are getting mixed up? Going back to our time seems to be getting pushed back for bunny guy?” “Don’t be ridiculous. It’s called multitasking!”)


He was about to stab the next guy with the fork in his hand (“Why is there even such a thing?! If you’re Chinese, it’s chopsticks all the way!” “I don’t think you can eat Western food with chopsticks very well.” “Everything can be finished by a chopstick if you try hard enough! Don’t give excuses!”) when his wrist was grabbed from behind. He twisted the fork in mid-air and made to strike the one behind him when he heard the voice of the person he’s been thinking about.


“Luo Fusheng, stop.”


The gangster dropped the fork and the mad aggressive look on his face completely disappeared. He swiftly turned around with a beaming smile and twinkling eyes as he met Han Chen’s gaze.


(“Holy shit. Did you see that change in his expression?” “Yeah, from wolf, he became a puppy in a second!” “Okay, team, we’re now renaming him to ‘Han Chen’s feral puppy’.” “Roger that.”)


“Chen-er! You’re back! Did you miss me? I missed you! How was work? Do you need me to beat up anyone? Just tell me! Have you eaten yet? Let’s eat toge-”


A loud meow resounded in the cafeteria.


Luo Fusheng blinked when he finally registered that the meow came from a tiny kitten snuggled into Han Chen’s other arms that wasn’t holding his wrist. He watched in wonder as Han Chen dropped his voice and whispered reassurances to the kitten who then started purring as if in agreement to the baby talk it was subjected to. The time traveling gangster blinked in quick succession.


Holy shit. That was -


“Cute,” murmured Luo Fusheng unknowingly.


Han Chen looked up at him and was about to say something when the kitten meowed again to get his attention.


Luo Fusheng growled under his breathe.


(“Aww, look at that. The puppy is mad at the kitten.” “I think someone should remind Luo Fusheng that animal cruelty is punishable by the law.”)




“I’m going to –”


“Ge, maybe you should stop fooling yourself?”


"A man stands firm to his word!" Luo Fusheng says as he’s about to change his declaration of priority for the fourth time.


From experience, Luo Cheng knows how stubborn and self-convinced Luo Fusheng was, so he just nods. Maybe this is the last time since he looked very determined. Hey, he might even actually have everything controlled, after all.


Luo Fusheng stood up with a maniacal grin adorning his features. “I’m going to make Han Chen fall for me! And the best way to make that happen is to show him that I’m a competent fighter meaning we’re best matches with each other.”


Luo Cheng made a considering hum as reply. Huh, ge does make sense sometimes.


“I’m going to start off by attacking him!”


Luo Cheng didn’t even bother talking him out of it and just grabbed his gifted cellphone, opened the Black Shield team’s group chat, and sent an ‘SOS’.


(He received laughing yellow faces from the team. That means they got his warning, right?)




It wasn’t unexpected that the next event became the talk of not only the police headquarters but also Han Chen’s entire neighborhood. Witness reports – the old couple who ended up adopting the kitten Han Chen had rescued, the family of five living beside him, and the 7-year-old kid who was peeking from his window at that time – had two general consensuses on what had happened.


First was the timeline of events. It was around six in the evening when they heard loud shouts from neighbor Han Chen’s abode. (“He must have been fighting with his handsome boyfriend,” the old lady continues in a whisper, “I don’t think their sex life is going well.” Her husband agrees as he pets their new kitten.)


After a few minutes, sounds of things being thrown against the wall and hitting the floor echoed. The front door was hastily opened a second after that by Officer Han’s brother-in-law (“It is Luo Fusheng’s younger brother, right?” asked the middle-aged man and father of three.) who then hightailed it out of there. (“Listen,” started the mother, “Officer Han is a kind neighbor, but this may be his first fight with his husband, and I want to send them cookies to remind them of the sweetness of romance. Would you be so kind as to hand it out to them?”).


Two cars pulled up at the entrance in around 10 minutes and a woman with four men, including Luo Cheng, alighted from the black SUV and sedan. (“They looked cool!” the 7-year-old excitedly said. “Is there anything else you could tell us?” The kid jumped up and down his bed. “Yeah! Chen ge looked cool accurately throwing everything his hands can reach! And Fusheng ge also looked cool dodging them!”)


And the second consensus was – (“Officer Han should be softer to his boyfriend.” “They have to be better at communication if they want their marriage to work.” “Chen ge and Fusheng ge aren’t going to break up, right? They’re too cool for that!”) – something no one had the guts to relay to Han Chen.


Luo Fusheng was draped on the living room’s sofa as he tried calming down his heart from the physical exertion. He ignored the rest of Black Shield team cleaning up the messed-up place and happily stared at the object of his affections.


“I can’t believe they had us separated and locked in different rooms once they got here. But that’s okay, I forgive them.” They have, after all, informed him of what the second consensus of their neighbors were. “Say, Chen-er, did you miss me?”


“With every projectile I threw at you? Yes.” Han Chen rolled his eyes and frowned at all the things on the floor.


“Do you like me as much as I like you now?”


Han Chen stared at the self-proclaimed time traveling gangster blankly. Is this guy for real…


“Because provoking an attack, getting yourself slammed to the wall, and with all our bruises are your plans on making me like you?” he asked incredulously. And if the physical fight did sort of (just a bit though) made him (lowkey) get turned on, then it’s no one’s business but his own.


Luo Fusheng must have sensed it though because he looked far too pleased with himself. They both leaned back on their respective couches and closed their eyes as they tried catching their breath amidst the chaos of the house. Silence prevailed for a millisecond before Luo Fusheng turned to him again.


“Say,” he drawled out in what he believes is a suave flirty voice, “Do you come here often?”


“It’s my damn house.”


Luo Fusheng wiggled his eyebrows.


The absurdity of the situation finally caught up with Han Chen who unintentionally let out a loud laugh. “Are you even for real?” he asked in-between his wheezing.


Han Chen’s eyes – bright from the tears of laughter – met Luo Fusheng’s own who had a wild wondering besotted look.








Ah, shit.














“I’m going to bring Chen-er with me when we go back to our proper time and pamper him to be the mistress of the gang!”














“Let me help you up, Chen-er! Here, I’ll hold your hand.”


“Luo Fusheng, that’s my ass.”