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Slow, Love, Slow

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When Jack first saw him, Gabriel was a vision. Propped against his pillows, legs spread and nude from the waist down. He was working a toy in and out of himself, biting his lip and twisting himself in an attempt to get the right angle he needed. Jack watched him do this a few nights before stepping in. He found himself so enchanted by the sight he couldn’t interrupt; at least not until Gabriel truly needed him.

“Fuck!” Gabriel huffed, yanking the toy out of his ass and tossing it over the side of the bed in a fit of frustration.

Jack watched it bounce, trying not to laugh, and looked back to Gabriel to find him thunking his head against the headboard in annoyance.

“Fuck, nothing works,” he groaned, rubbing a hand over his face. “Why can’t someone just fucking destroy me and get this out of my system?”

Well, that was a plea if Jack ever heard one.

So he went to him. Slipped inside and introduced himself.

“Need some assistance?”

Gabriel jumped, grabbing a pillow to cover himself, and gawked at the man who had suddenly appeared in front of him. Jack did his best to soothe him, usual incubus skills always handy. He actually managed to calm the man enough that he asked his name.

“Who are… you?”

“Jack,” he answered simply. “I’m here to help.”

Gabriel looked skeptical. Concerned. “Help?” he repeated, disbelieving. “With what?”

Jack reached down and retrieved the dildo Gabriel had thrown onto the floor. “With what this thing couldn’t do for you,” he said, letting it flop in his grasp.

“I—“ Gabriel made a face. Was he… embarrassed? How cute. “I just met you.”

Well, that was a compelling argument. But hardly one the incubus wasn’t prepared for.

“I can help you,” Jack cooed, prowling closer. He climbed onto the end of Gabriel’s bed, grinning deviously. “If you don’t like it you’ll never have to see me again.”

Gabriel worried his bottom lip with his teeth. Jack wanted it between his own teeth instead. When their eyes met again the man seemed hesitant but Jack could tell he’d already won.

“Let me help you,” he crawled closer, one hand gently touching his leg. Gabriel sucked in a sharp inhale, eyes wide, but didn’t pull back. So Jack crawled closer, over him, and gently took the pillow off his lap.

He was still hard, wanting, and it took all Jack had in him not to put his mouth on him instantly. Gabriel had other needs, ones Jack was more than willing to assist with. So instead, he leaned closer and slid his hands up his sides under his hoodie.

Gabriel leaned back, groaning softly, and allowed him. All but begged for more the second Jack touched him. Gabriel was ready and willing and entirely submissive the moment Jack’s hands were on him. It was delicious, really, the way he went soft and pliable. Jack moves him this way and that, stripping off his hoodie and shirt, and pushed him into the mattress.

“How do you want it?” he asked.

“Whatever you want,” Gabriel whispered, looking up at him.

That wouldn’t do. This was about Gabriel’s needs and not the very lucky incubus to be seducing him. Still, Jack moved along smoothly.

“Turn over,” he demanded, motioning with his finger. “Face down, ass up.”

Gabriel moved so fast, ass in the air ready for him, Jack almost thought he’d gotten a lucky guess with that one. But he’d have to double check… Later. Right now, he had the most beautiful man he’d ever come across offering himself to him.

Crawling onto the bed Jack took hold of Gabriel’s hip with one hand and used the other to slide two fingers into him. Effortless. All the lube and his toy had already gotten Gabriel more than ready for him. Still, Jack took a moment to savor the feeling of Gabriel clenching desperately around his fingers before sliding them out and lining himself up.

“Do you want me?” he asked, leaning down closer to Gabriel’s back. He pressed the tip of his dick to Gabriel’s hole and the man shivered under him. “Do you want my cock?”

Gabriel, one cheek squished to the mattress, looked up at him with desperate eyes. “Yeah,” he groaned weakly. “Please.”

Jack pressed closer, nuzzling between Gabriel’s shoulder blades. “Do you?” he asked.

“Please,” Gabriel whimpered under him, trying to tilt his ass further into him. “Please, please, pl—“

Rocking his hips forward, Jack slid into him and Gabriel’s begging cut off with a soft moan. Despite all he’d been fucking himself with he felt exceptionally tight and Jack found himself groaning at the feeling as he pushed in deeper. He paused when they were slotted together, savoring the warmth of Gabriel’s body, and leaned back to look at the man under him.

Gabriel was grasping at the sheets, panting open-mouthed against the bed. Red in the face already. Jack ran his hand up his spine slowly, searching for his desires within him, and he did a full body shiver at the mere touch.

When Jack found what he was looking for he had to smile. It was… not the first time. But with this one? It felt all the more dangerously endearing.

“Your favorite position is missionary?” he asked in a whisper, fingers dancing up and down Gabriel’s back. “You’re cute. You want that?”

Gabriel shook his head against the sheets. “I don’t care, just fuck me,” he whispered, already dazed. “Just fuck me. Just fuck me how you want, please…”

“No,” Jack whispered, pressing closer and pushing Gabriel down into the bed. “I’m fucking you how you want. And you have to tell me what you want.”

Gabriel pressed his ass up into him, trying to fuck himself on Jack’s cock. “Like this,” he whispered. “This time… like this.”

Something warm pooled between Jack’s ribs. “This time?” he repeated. “You want a next time?” Gabriel nodded vigorously. “As you wish, beautiful,” he cooed.

He straightened his back, rocking his hips forward a little, and gripped at Gabriel’s thighs. Gabriel groaned softly, mouth open and already panting.

“No one take care of you right?” Jack asked him, pulling back slowly and then jerking his hips forward abruptly. Gabriel actually squeaked, squirming under him. “No one ever give you what you wanted?”

“No, no…” Gabriel groaned, grasping at the sheets. “Take care of me. Please…”

Jack chuckled and squeezed at Gabriel’s thighs. “Of course, sweetheart,” he purred, jerking his hips forward again and pulling another sharp noise from him. “I’ll give you everything you want and more.”

Gabriel moaned softly, rocking back into his next thrust. “Are you a dream?” he asked, already a little dazed.

Jack chuckled at him. “A dream come true,” he said simply.

More tugging at Gabriel’s desires told Jack he wanted it fast and hard, deep. But that he didn’t seem to desire pain—at least not at the moment. He wanted relief. To scratch that itch nothing but having a cock buried in him could reach. Working his hip faster, thrusting deeper, Jack leaned over Gabriel’s back and buried his face against his shoulder.

“Fuck,” Gabriel breathed, thighs shaking as Jack pounded deeper into him. “Fuck that’s so good.”

“You like that?” Jack purred, shifting to nose at Gabriel’s throat. “You like my cock?” Gabriel nodded and clenched around him. “Like me fucking you into the mattress?” More nodding. “Want me to come back tomorrow?”

Usually, Jack didn’t make a habit of it. But he hadn’t fed on Gabriel yet. And wasn’t exactly certain he was going to yet. So far, this was strictly personal gratification; the knowledge that he’d been able to do for this angelic creature what no one else could. But if he asked for an invitation now he could do even more for Gabriel’s hidden desires.

“Please,” Gabriel whimpered, squirming under him. “You’re so good to me.” He inhaled sharply, shiver running up his spine, then went on rambling. “I need it. I need you. Fuck, fuck…”

“Shh,” Jack soothed him, snapping his hips forward harder and sitting up for a better angle. “I’ll come back, sweet thing, don’t worry.”

Gabriel clutched at the sheets, moaning out his thanks, and Jack kept working his hips hard while reaching around to grasp Gabriel’s dick. He pumped at it in time, purposeful and hard but not rough, and Gabriel gasped and bucked his hips forward.

“Oh,” he whined, shifting to grab his pillow and drag it closer to his head. “Oh fuck—“ He grabbed the pillow, hugging it close, and bit down on a corner to muffle his moaning.

Jack watched, briefly enthralled, and grinned at the tiny noises that slipped out even through the muffling attempt. “Not going to last, are you?” he cooed. Gabriel shook his head. Jack leaned close to his ear, still pumping Gabriel’s cock and thrusting deep into him. “Come for me,” he whispered, close to his ear.

“N-not yet,” Gabriel whined, snaking his head. “Not yet, not yet—“


Gabriel clenched hard around Jack’s cock and his hips shuddered a little. He felt good; being inside him felt… right. Jack groaned in the back of his throat.

“You too,” Gabriel whispered, panting and cutting his eyes to look up at Jack.

Jack smiled and grasped at his cock, working his hips faster again. “You looking like this under me? I’ll come the second you do,” he cooed.

Gabriel took in a few shuddering breaths, biting down on his pillow again, and then came on Jack’s hand. His whole body tensed, tightening around Jack, and Jack thrusted into him a few more times before burying himself as deeply as he could in the tight warmth of him. Jack buried his face against Gabriel’s back, panting laboriously, and shifted to wrap his arms around Gabriel’s waist in a loose hug.

They both took a long moment to recover and even when Gabriel spoke he sounded bliss dazed and out of it. “How do you feel about cuddling?” he asked.

“Don’t make a habit of it,” Jack replied quietly, shifting to sit up and ease himself out of Gabriel. “Why?”

Gabriel made a noncommittal noise and flipped over onto his side to avoid the mess under him. “Thought someone might let me be little spoon for once too.”

Something about his voice when he said it made Jack’s chest hurt. He reached out and gently ran his knuckles against the man’s cheek. “I’ll be gone when you wake,” he warned.

“Just stay till I fall asleep,” Gabriel was all but begging him with his eyes. “Dream boy.”

Incubus weren’t meant to have moments of weakness like this. But Jack couldn’t resist, not this one… He leaned down and pressed a kiss to Gabriel’s temple.

“Whatever your desire,” he hummed, “I will do for you.”

Gabriel smiled up at him dreamily and Jack knew… he was making a mistake he wouldn’t even regret.