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Senki Zesshou Symphogear SFZ

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Senki Zesshou Symphogear SFZ

August 2, 8:18 PM
Lydian Private Music Academy

“Do you know how many times you've been late to class?"

In a classroom filled with students, a teacher was yelling at one girl in particular.

The sunlight shone through the windows, reflected on the teacher's lavender locks and the student’s spiky, short dark gray hair. 

"...Fifth." The young girl replied, her head hanging low.

"Look, I know why you're always late to school, and I appreciate you helping people in need, but try not to lose track of time. You're the class president, aren't you? You have to set an example for the others." The teacher reprimanded, sighing. She lowers her voice, "Now then, return to your seat so we can start the lesson."

"Yes, ma'am!" The student’s emerald eyes lit up hearing those words. She proceeded to return to her seat, just like her teacher told her to.

“Honestly, why does she resemble that idiot so much…”

She swore she could hear her teacher mumbling something like that, but decided to not give it any thought. She returned to her seat by the window, heaving a long sigh.

“Chris-chan sure is harsh today, isn’t she?” The student next to her spoke, seeming to pay no mind to the depressing noise that’s coming from her mouth.

Hearing the name Chris-chan sure amused her a bit, though. It’s a nickname the students had given to their teacher, whose real name is Yukine Chris. That surname isn’t used by the students much, though, unless said teacher is really angry…

“So, Aria, who did you help today?” She asked to the gray-haired girl besides her.

“Well, let’s see… I helped an old lady cross the road, saved a cat stuck on a tree, found a lost child looking for her father…” Aria – as she was called – went on and on about the things she did earlier on in the morning, causing her friend to drop a sweat.

“A-Ahaha…” She nervously laughed. “You’re as impressive as always, huh?”


Their conversation was interrupted by a warning from the teacher that came like a shooting bullet.

Knowing what’s good for them, the pair of students quickly took their necessities out and stopped talking, with the intention to continue after class.  

August 2, 16:30 PM
Lydian Private Music Academy

“Well, that’s all for today. If you have any questions, feel free to meet me in the teacher’s lounge. And if you don’t, have a nice weekend. “ The teacher dismissed the class as soon as the bell rang and lef.t

“Aaaaah, I’m beat.” The girl next to Aria spoke tiredly, stretching her arms upwards. “Oh yeah, can’t wait to watch that new episode of J*jo’s Bizarre Adventure! I wonder what kind of spaghetti Josuke will fix this week…”

Aria, though, sat still and said nothing.

Her friend eyed her suspiciously. She would have replied to her, usually, but not this time. And she has no idea why.

“Hey, Aria, what’s wrong?”

Her gray-haired friend continued to stare out of the window, the light of the sunset reflected in her eyes.

“…Something. Something’s wrong.”

A feeling of uneasiness had filled her, one she can’t just shake off so easily.

She can’t quite put a finger on it, though.

This overwhelming pressure in the air that she felt—

This anxiety—

Her thoughts were interrupted when the school sirens started blaring.

It’s not just any kind of siren, though. It’s not like there’s a fire or anything.

Something much worse—

“T-The Noise signal?!”

One word to describe this feeling popped up into her head—Fear.


Otherworldly monsters that launch their assault on humans, with the ability to turn everything it touches into a red mist instantly.

Thought to be wiped out for good, they’ve been appearing again and again recently for the past few months—

The door of the classroom suddenly slammed open, and standing there was their homeroom teacher that just left a few minutes ago.

“What are you two still doing here?! Get outta there and evacuate, quickly!”

The two girls nervously nodded, and followed after their teacher.

August 2, 16:40 PM
Lydian Private Music Academy

Panicked footsteps echoed across the hallway. The two students were running for their dear lives towards the bunker, with their teacher tailing behind.

Suddenly, without warning, the wall to their side exploded. The resulting blast knocked the girls down, causing them to fall over.

Aria got up, her head spinning. She noticed her friend sprawled on the ground besides her and wincing in pain. She turned her head to the side, and noticed a thick pile of rubble in front of her, separating her from her teacher who was on the other side.

“You girls okay?!” Ms. Yukine yelled.

“Y-Yeah, we’re fine!” Aria shouted back. She quickly grabbed her friend, “Come on, Futamo, get up!”

She nodded, slowly getting back on her feet.

Aria took a look at her surroundings. The blast knocked her and Futamo forward, a bit further away from the rubble. She wanted to call out to her teacher, when she noticed a giant hole in the wall not far from the lavender-haired woman. 

From the newly-formed crevice, a group of grotesque creatures of various colors came crawling out. 

“N-Noise…!” Futamo gasped, her eyes wide in fear. She clung to Aria’s arm for support, who in turn gritted her teeth and slowly stepped back.

The monsters seemed to pay no attention to them, however, and turned their attention to Chris.

“Shit, what bad timing…!” The teacher cursed, gripping something around her neck, though Aria couldn’t quite make out what it is. “You two go on ahead, don’t worry about me!”

“But—! We can’t just leave you-!”

“I said GO!”

Aria’s protests were cut short by her teacher’s command. She reluctantly nodded, and continued to run towards the bunker while dragging her friend along.

On the way there, she swore she could hear some sort of singing coming from behind.

August 2, 16:45 PM
Lydian Private Music Academy
Bunker Entrance

“T-there it is!”

Futamo said happily as the giant metal door came into view.

The entrance to Lydian’s underground bunker, built to withstand natural disasters and most importantly, Noise attacks.

Such a safe haven was just within a few steps away, and soon they wouldn’t need to run no more.

But even despite all of that, Aria just couldn’t bring herself to do it. She stopped dead in her tracks.

Her friend noticed this, and turned around.

“Aria, what’s wrong? We’re almost there!”

“Sorry, Futamo… I can’t just keep running away, after all.”

“What are you talking about? It’s too dangerous!” Futamo rushed to her side, grabbing onto her arm. “Are you out of your mind?”

“Futamo, you go inside and keep everyone calm. That’s one of your specialties, right?” Aria said with a soft smile, yanking her arm away from her friend’s grasp. “I’ll come back alive, I promise, even if it kills me!”

Aria spun around and broke into a sprint, heading back to where they came from, leaving her friend in shock.

August 2, 17:02 PM
Lydian Private Music Academy

Somehow or another, Aria found herself outside in the schoolyard. Her teacher is nowhere in sight, broken rubbles and whatever remains of the school’s building being all that greeted her.

She continued to run, looking around until she spotted something—

A hooded figure, running from a group of Noises.

“Crap! I have to do something…!”

Aria spotted a broken metal pipe on the ground, and without thinking twice, she picked it up while running. Catching up to them after a few seconds, she then hurled the pipe at one of the smallest Noise with all her strength. The impact caused the small, round-shaped monster to fly backwards, flying into the other Noises and causing them to fall akin to a bowling ball.

“Are you alright?!” Aria hurriedly ran over to the hooded person’s side, grabbing their hand to help them get up. 

“A-ah… Yes, I’m fine.”

Aria raised her brow. They seem oddly calm about this.

Moreover, person…?

The hand she held didn’t exactly feel like what a human’s hand should.

Before she could think about it any further, Aria noticed the Noise had gotten back on their feet, surrounding them.


She decided to put it aside for now – maybe it was just her imagination, after all – and started thinking of ways to survive—

Suddenly, several pink-colored energy blasts flew out of nowhere and hit the Noises dead on. They disintegrated into dust within seconds, as if they weren’t ever there.

Aria turned her head towards the direction where the shots that saved her life came from, and noticed a familiar face—

“Y-you’re--! MS. YUKINE?!”

Aria couldn’t help but cry out in surprise. Her teacher had a whole different reaction, however—

“ARE YOU AN IDIOT?! I told you to RUN, didn’t I?!”

Her teacher’s warnings didn’t faze her, however, as Aria was too preoccupied with another thing – what her teacher was wearing at the moment. She was wearing a skin-tight bodysuit with red accents, and on her chest there was some sort of a gold-colored flower with red borders. Her body was covered in red-colored pieces of armor, and in her hand, she was holding a pair of guns.

Aria was astonished—no, she was entranced by the design! It reminded her of the armored, masked heroes that she had always admired. She knows that’s not a really good comparison, but nonetheless—

“HEY! What are you gawking at?!” Ms. Yukine’s warning snapped Aria out of her mental ramble. “Go on, take her and run!”

She aimed her guns forward, shooting down a few Noise that were flying in their direction.


Aria grabbed the hooded person’s hand once again, and ran away as fast as possible towards the bunker.

The thoughts that she discarded earlier came rushing back.

This… hand that she’s holding, really does not feel like a human’s.

While she was pondering about such a fact, however, she didn’t notice that a large group of Noise had blocked their path.

“Ah, shit!”

Cursing, she pulled to a halt.

The Noises inched closer and closer towards the two.

Aria closed her eyes, bracing herself for incoming death—

But nothing happened.

The Noises had stopped moving for some reason.

Aria looked around, confused, when the monsters suddenly separated, making way for something—

A large man stepped out, wearing set of deep blue, knight-like armor that covered his entire body. He had blonde hair – strange, because his face looked Japanese, Aria thought – and a large scar across his face.

Sensing a threatening aura from the man, she assumed a battle stance.

“Well, well, well. What do we have here? A rat and a wannabe hero.” The man spoke up.

His piercing eyes focused on Aria, observing her from top to bottom.

Seeming to notice something, he suddenly laughed out loud.

“Fuhahahah! To think that I would find you alive, and here of all places! How intriguing! How sad, for it to end today…” The man glanced over to the hooded person, at the box she was holding. “And you, the rat over there. Just what do you plan to do with that prototype? …Though, I suppose it doesn’t matter either way, seeing as you two will die here under my hands.”

The man raised his hand, and the Noises started moving again.

“I will not allow it!”

The hooded person pulled out what looked like a small flask and threw it against the ground, creating some sort of smoke screen. With the Noises staggered, the two used the chance to run.

August 2, 17:20 PM
Lydian Private Music Academy

Aria and the hooded figure managed to find an abandoned classroom to hide in. After finishing her makeshift barricade by stacking every furniture she could find against the door, Aria plopped down on the ground to catch her breath.

“You… must be Aria, right?” The hooded girl asked.

“Y-Yes, I am…?” Aria answered, confused. Have they met before? She’s pretty sure this is their first meeting…

“…”That person” wanted to give this to you…”

“I’m sorry, who?”

The hooded girl presented the box she was holding to Aria, opening it.

“W-whoa, this is—!”

Inside was a strange device that she has never seen before. It had a prominent hexagonal design on its fact, and a lever on the side in the shape of a music note.

Aria was oddly excited. She doesn’t know what this thing is, but she has a pretty good idea of what it does. If the countless episodes of masked, karate bugman superheroes she has seen has taught her anything, then there’s no mistaking it. This thing must be—!

Aria picked it up without a second thought, and a strange feeling ran through her body.

“This is the Synchron System. It will provide you a way to fight the Noise more effi—“

The explanation was cut short when the door of the classroom flung open, sending the wooden furniture flying everywhere. The knight from before entered the room, a horde of Noise following him.

“This hide and seek of ours is over.”

Aria immediately knew what to do.

She quickly put the device on her belly. Belt straps flew out from both sides, flying around her waist before connecting and securing it to her body.

The Noise were getting closer and closer with each passing second.

But despite that, Aria felt extremely calm.

She held onto the lever and pushed it down, an unknown yet familiar song filling her head.

She opened her mouth, singing the foreign, yet somehow familiar melody—

A white light flashed, bathing the entire room in its glow.

August 2, 17:34 PM
Main Control Room

Meanwhile, in what looked like to be the mission control room of a military headquarters, its personnels were busy typing away on their computers. Several large monitor screens in the center of the room were broadcasting the attack that is currently happening at Lydian.

A lone woman stood at the bridge, observing the situation with her fists clenched. She had cream-colored hair that reached around her shoulders, and an orange scarf across her neck.

“Chris and the others are in danger… I’m heading out now!”

But before she could do anything, the main computer screen started flashing rapidly.

“Wait, Commander! A new Aufwachen waveform has been detected!”


The woman stopped in her tracks, turning her eyes to the monitor. She stared in silence, not sure of what to say…

A single word appeared on the screen, bringing with it a puzzling mystery to all who knew what it meant: