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“Long-ge….Long-ge…Long-ge...” Bai Yu had been trying to get his co-star’s attention for minutes and Long-ge was studiously ignoring him, as he read through the script changes that they had just received.

Reshoots were a pain at the best of times but, as both Bai Yu and Long-ge had known going in, Guardian came with its unique set of issues, and so even with the writers doing their best to work around the limitations of the industry, they had a host of last minute changes forced on them, and the actors had to keep up at any cost. Bai Yu disliked the pressure as much as the next person, but Long-ge was almost obsessive about meeting every deadline and getting everything just right and while that was all well and good, it meant that he hadn’t paid any attention to Bai Yu for at least ten minutes, and that was just unacceptable.

“I hate basketball, Long-ge,” Bai Yu tried.


“Hot-pot is overrated.”


“It’s very hot in here. We should take off all our clothes.”


Oh! Bai Yu swiveled to look at Long-ge who had finally lifted his head out of the sheaf of papers he had been buried in.

“Well, hello. There you are.”

“Did you say something about...taking off...something?” Long-ge asked tentatively, his ears turning a very becoming shade of pink. Bai Yu did a little mental high five with himself.

“Our clothes, my beautiful Long-ge. We should take them off.”

“To? Run? Lines?”

Bai Yu grinned. They had been having sex for over two months now, and somehow Long-ge still managed to get flustered every time either one of them brought it up. Thankfully, all the nerves disappeared when they got down to the actual fucking. He plastered himself against Long-ge, letting a hand drift almost accidentally over Long-ge’s dick, rewarded by Long-ge’s sudden catch of breath.

“You’ve been ignoring me, Long-ge. I’ve just been sitting here, looking at you, just putting yourself on display like that and trying to get you to look back at me, and you are being so cruel to me.”

“Xiao Bai.” Long-ge sounded hilariously scandalised. All false of course. Anyone who could use his tongue as wickedly as Long-ge had absolutely no right to sound so virginally outraged. But if that was how Long-ge wanted to play it...Well, they had done it before, and Bai Yu was more than willing to do it again.

He got up and very slowly and deliberately pulled his light sweatshirt over his head, revelling in the long hungry look that Long-ge gave him as the cloth snagged for a second over an already peaked nipple.

“As I said,” Bai Yu smirked as he tossed the sweatshirt to one side, “it’s very warm today.”

Long-ge gulped.

Bai Yu inched his hand down to the band of his sweatpants, toying with the cords for a second before sliding down to palm at his dick, already half hard against the soft cloth. Long-ge’s eyes followed the motions of his hand.

“Maybe I should take these off too, Long-ge? Just to cool off. What do you think?”

Long-ge took a deep calming breath, and Bai Yu noted with glee the moment he switched from professional actor to lover. This was why Long-ge and he were perfect for each other. Long-ge needed someone to get him out of his head, and Bai Yu needed someone who would focus entirely on him.

When they had first met, they had clicked almost immediately, much to Long-ge’s surprise. Long-ge was used to people finding him distant, even arrogant and often not bothering to break down his barriers to find the warm kind soul underneath. Bai Yu had almost fallen into the same trap. But Bai Yu had never let a little perceived arrogance stop him from making a new friend, and after only a couple of days had realised that what most people saw as distant was actually crippling shyness and what they saw as arrogance was self-deprecating diffidence. Once Bai Yu had broken through that, what was left was the sweetest, gentlest person with just enough of an edge and a sense of humour that Bai Yu wanted to be around him all the time, just to make him laugh and then eventually to persuade him to do more.

The last couple of months had been a complete revelation. Long-ge was the most generous lover he had ever been with, wildly experimental under that shy facade and very eager to please and be pleased. Bai Yu wondered for a wild second if they should play one of their games that night, and then decided, with a rueful glance at the scripts lying next to them, that it was better to leave that for a less busy time. But something to get the edge off would be perfect and clearly, if he was reading the flush on Long-ge’s cheekbones right, then Long-ge was just as eager as he was himself.

“It is a little hot in here,” Long-ge murmured, his voice breaking over the last word. “Perhaps...I should join you.”

Bai Yu beckoned at him as he walked towards the bed. “Would you like me to help you, Long-ge? Or maybe you could help me.”

In a flash, Long-ge was at his side, his long fingers supplanting Bai Yu’s hand at the waistband.

“Maybe,” Long-ge said, looking up at Bai Yu through those long long eyelashes, “we could help each other.”

Left to himself, Bai Yu would have had them both out of their clothes in seconds so that they could feel themselves against each other, but Long-ge was always much more deliberate about these things, much more careful and patient. His hands wrapped around Bai Yu’s waist as he sat Bai Yu down on the bed and sank to his knees in front of him. He smoothed his palms across Bai Yu’s thighs before slowly caressing his calves and ankles and back up, easing Bai Yu into his touch before he leaned forward and mouthed Bai Yu’s cock through the soft cloth of his pants.

Bai Yu groaned involuntarily, as he tried to arch into Long-ge’s mouth and was denied as Long-ge’s hands tightened on his hips, holding him in place as he continued his exploration through the cloth, using nothing other than his mouth to bring Bai Yu to the edge but never allowing him to tip over.

“Long-ge!” Bai Yu whined as the stimulation continued. “You said you would help. This is not helping.”

Long-ge stopped the kitten licks, wiped his mouth, smeared with the precum that had leaked through the pants, and smirked. “I did say we would help each other, Xiao Bai,” he said before he whipped Bai Yu’s pants off with one smooth gesture.

Bai Yu sprawled back against the pillows and gave Long-ge a lingering once-over. “I think one of us is warmer than the other.”

Long-ge grinned at him. “Not for long.” He slipped his jeans and boxers off, and Bai Yu was delighted to see that he was more than half-hard himself, his cock peeking almost tantalisingly out of the folds of his t-shirt.

“Well, get on the bed,” Bai Yu demanded. “You aren’t any good to either of us just standing there and looking beautiful.”
“Just a second.” Long-ge had turned and bent over a drawer, his ass bobbing temptingly in the air. He emerged seconds later.

“You did say you wanted to help, Xiao Bai. Did you mean it?”

Bai Yu looked at the bottle of lube that Long-ge was waving at him, and grabbed the base of his cock to stop his imagination from getting the better of him. Long-ge knew as well as he did that he loved to open Long-ge up, slow and easy, letting each finger find itself a warm comfortable space, before inserting the next one, letting his hand feel around until he found that little nub that made Long-ge arch and moan and thrust against him, that made Long-ge beg for more.

“Give that to me and come here,” he said urgently. Long-ge laughed and tossed him the bottle before clambering on the bed.

“How do you want it?” Bai Yu asked as he slathered his fingers with the cold gel.

Long-ge thought about it for a second. “On my back,” he said finally. “I want to see you do it.”

Bai Yu arranged the pillows until Long-ge was propped up against them and pulled his legs over Bai Yu’s shoulders. “Comfortable?” Long-ge nodded.

Slowly, Bai Yu pressed in, Long-ge’s tight hole slowly opening under the gentle pressure of the finger. Long-ge breathed with the pace that Bai Yu had set, slow and even, his eyes intent on Bai Yu’s face, his teeth biting down slightly over his lower lip.

Bai Yu leant closer. “You can shout if you want, Long-ge. I booked this room so that nobody can hear.”

Long-ge didn’t shout, but he did let out a shaky exhale.

“Ready for the next?” Bai Yu asked as the first finger finally slid in, fully sheathed inside Long-ge’s ass. Long-ge nodded, and just as gentle and slow, Bai Yu pushed the next finger in. It was easier this time, just gliding in next to the first and that meant that Long-ge was ready for Bai Yu to move.

Bai Yu curved his fingers just so until he could feel the knot of muscle and then pressed as hard as he could and Long-ge reacted almost immediately, almost bucking off the bed with a sudden shout.

“There we are.” Bai Yu said as Long-ge fell back on the pillow, his dick now fully erect and flushed, leaking copiously against his stomach. “One more?”

“Yes.” Long-ge choked out. “Yes, god damn it. One more.”
The third finger went in smoothly and as soon as Long-ge had adjusted, Bai Yu looked down at him. If he could, he’d keep Long-ge here like this always, flushed and sweaty against the pillows, his eyes half closed with pleasure, his lips almost bitten through, his body moving with every thrust of Bai Yu’s fingers. Bai Yu bent down over him, his fingers sliding in even deeper, and caught Long-ge’s gasp in his own mouth. Long-ge arched into the kiss, his hands coming up around Bai Yu’s back to possessively draw him closer, pulling him into himself, forcing the fingers even deeper.

Long-ge finally broke the kiss off. “I want you, Xiao Bai. Now.”

Bai Yu wasn’t in a position to wait much longer himself. He let his fingers slip out of Long-ge’s ass, swiftly spread lube over his own dick and in one smooth motion slid right in. Long-ge stilled against him and Bai Yu froze, letting Long-ge get used to the sudden intrusion.

“Move,” Long-ge finally ordered and Bai Yu released the breath he had been holding and fucked into him in a slow steady rhythm, letting Long-ge move with him. Long-ge’s dick was hot and rigid between their bodies and Bai Yu managed to get one hand between them to get a loose grip around it, letting the movement and friction of their bodies do the rest of the work.

Long-ge had sat halfway up in a position that Bai Yu just knew he would regret the next day (he would never complain about it, oh no, he would just walk around looking wounded and delicate and all the crew would fawn over him and glare at Bai Yu) so that he could bury his face in Bai Yu’s neck and mouth the crook of his chin, biting and nibbling and sucking, not enough to leave a mark, but certainly enough to leave a memory. Long-ge loved to use his mouth on Bai Yu, to leave a trace of himself across Bai Yu’s body. Bai Yu wrapped an arm around his waist to pull him closer and give him some support as he fucked into him even faster and deeper, his hand working frantically between them.

Bai Yu knew he was close, they both were, Long-ge’s dick spasming in his hand, releasing across both their stomach, his ass tightening around Bai Yu’s cock just enough for Bai Yu to spend with a scream. Long-ge fell back against the pillow and Bai Yu plopped unceremoniously on top of him, not even withdrawing his cock, letting it just rest there between their legs as he snuggled into Long-ge’s chest, Long-ge’s arms warm and comfortable around him.

“Good thing you weigh almost nothing,” Long-ge whispered into his ear as he drew him closer.

“No talking,” Bai Yu mumbled. “Only cuddles.” He was rewarded by a snort from Long-ge who carefully adjusted them until he was spooned around Bai Yu.

Bai Yu sank into his touch. This was going to be the last few times they could be together like this before the shoots for Guardian ended forever and both of them had to leave and join new projects far away. Then there wouldn’t be shared rooms, night after night spent reading lines and then making love, long conversations about everything and nothing, hours spent on set together, reveling in each others’ closeness. Neither of them had talked about how they would continue their relationship once Guardian came to a close, not wanting to discuss anything that resembled an end to what they had right now, not wanting to envisage a future of quick stolen nights in anonymous hotels and short trips to each others homes which would end far too soon. Bai Yu pulled Long-ge closer, trying to forget the future and to revel in the warmth of the present.

Suddenly. “Xiao Bai!” Long-ge said in tones of outrage. “Did you say Hot Pot was overrated?”

Bai Yu began to laugh helplessly. They would be fine.