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“He’s drivin’ me mad!” Sarah shouted and banged her head on the wall with just enough dramatic energy to make Cosima roll her eyes and laugh all at once. 

“He’s your brother,” Cosima pointed out as she ran from the bathroom to their bedroom. “It’s kind of his job, baby. Besides, he’s stressed about everything going right. Shit. Speaking of everything going right, I’m already running late. How the hell is that even possible?” 

Sarah checked her phone again and groaned. “He has like five other sisters. How come I gotta be his best mate, ey? M’just not good at this stuff. He shoulda picked Alison as his best mate. Someone who can match his crazy.” 

“He enjoyed the bachelor’s party you threw him!” Cosima pointed out as she tore her lab coat and normal clothes off to put on the suit she bought for the wedding. “Tony told me you got him very wasted. And Alison is already preparing the wedding at her house. She’s got enough on her plate. Besides, you know that Felix would always pick you. Just like you picked him for our ceremony.” 

Sarah grumbled and shrugged, her normal reaction to when Cosima was being saner than her. She noticed that Cosima was struggling to put her suit on and chuckled. “Babe. Babe, let me help you with that. You’re lookin’ like a bloody dancin’ monkey, geek monkey.”

“You’re getting geekier by the day, not so punk-rock-ho,” Cosima joked when Sarah helped her put the jacket on. 

The punk gasped (almost imitating Alison). “Oi! You take that back! If anythin’, I’m gettin’ geekier because I’ve been livin’ with you for the past five years.” 

Cosima put her hands up in surrender. “I can’t argue against that, Sar-bear.” She turned around and finally got a good look at the woman in front of her. She smirked. Sarah was wearing a button down shirt with a leather jacket over it and leather pants. She was even wearing a bowtie, as per Felix’s request. Sarah’s messy hair was held up in barrettes, the streaks of red still visible (Alison got all the clones to dye their hair together) with her hair in a ponytail. “Damn. My wife’s hot as hell.” 

“Mmmm,” Sarah said and pushed up Cosima’s glasses before kissing her nose. “You’re just sayin’ that ‘cause you want to get shagged later.” 

“Wow, I’m not a horny teenager, Sar,” Cosima said as she tried to contain her short curly hair with an oily gel. She had been worried about getting rid of the dreads, but she knew it was time. Sarah’s reaction to her hair, her pure delight, led to her keeping it short. “I can’t just objectify my wife? Is that not allowed anymore unless I want sex?” 

Sarah shrugged and ruffled Cosima’s short hair. “I thought you’d get tired of the way I looked. Besides, maybe I was just projectin’. Wantin’ you n’all.” 

“Do we have time for a quickie?” Cosima asked with a raised eyebrow and pressed her wife against their dresser. 

The punk groaned mercilessly as Cosima kissed her neck and started to explore her body with her talented hands. “You’re killin’ me, Niehaus. We’re already late. Alison’s gonna kill us. Besides, aren’t the kids--” 

“MUM!” Just on cue. 

Cosima and Sarah sighed and moved away from each other like it was rehearsed. Luckily over the past five years, Kira learned how to knock. 

Kira Manning, eighteen, and ready to take on the world. Tall, like her father, with Sarah’s unruly hair, though it was lighter and more auburn colored (and sometimes had colored streaks too). She was more of a rule-follower than her mom, but she got into her fair share of trouble with Alison’s kids, Maya, and Charlotte. Nothing ever too crazy, but they got into all the mischief they could before having to go out into the real world. 

Her mom cried when she got into college and when she received her diploma. Kira was able to do everything that Sarah had convinced herself she couldn’t. She was on her way to changing the world and Sarah knew it. She couldn’t be more proud.

Charlotte Niehaus, small and mighty (just like Sarah and Cosima), knew that she wanted to change the world with science. She wanted to follow Cosima’s footsteps, but knew she wanted to go into the medical field. She was thinking about becoming a pediatrician, wanting to help sick kids like Cosima helped her. She was going to a different school than Kira, but not too far away. They couldn’t stand being apart for too long. They were practically sisters, after all. 

“We’re comin’, we’re comin’!” Sarah called out and opened the door. She leaned over close to her wife and muttered, “Christ, s’like our kids are really our parents.” 

Cosima snorted and decided that her outfit was good enough. She put shoes on and pushed her wife out the door. Kira and Charlotte were at the front door, holding the youngest member of the family, just three-years-old. 

“She didn’t want to wear her dress,” Kira said and passed the toddler over to Sarah once the young toddler reached for her and cried out ‘mummy’. “She’s smiling now, but was kicking and screaming a few hours ago.” 

“She sounds like the rest of this family,” Sarah said and made a face at her daughter so that she could laugh. “Hi, babes.” 

“Ellie should yell at her uncle Felix,” Cosima commented and passed out jackets to all the members of the family. She kissed her daughter’s forehead. “It’s his fault that she’s wearing a dress at all.”

Mocking Felix’s voice, Sarah added, “I want my perfect flower girl to wear the perfect flower girl dress for the perfect wedding.” She smiled when she heard her daughter giggle. “Did that sound like your uncle Felix, monkey?” 

Ellie, short for Elizabeth, put her hands up in the air and cheered, “Uncle Fee!” 

“We are so late,” Charlotte whispered to Kira as she checked her phone. “Tony is sending me a bunch of messages.” 

Sarah opened the front door. “Everyone go get into the car. We have everythin’, right? Aw, shite. I’ll go get Helena and the boys next door. Kira, can you drive Charlotte and your sister over to your uncle Felix’s? Still don’t know why Helena can’t bloody learn how to drive and get a proper car but…” 

“I’ll go make sure the car seats are right,” Cosima told her wife and kissed her on the cheek before following the kids outside. 

Sarah took a deep breath and followed. She went next door and rang the doorbell. Luckily, Helena was rarely late. A few years ago, right before Sarah gave birth to Ellie, Helena moved into the abandoned townhome next door, surprising, well, everyone. 

Helena needed independence, at least that's what she told everyone. She had gotten a job at the library and volunteered to help children in her spare time. Sarah had to eventually admit, she liked having her twin around. Even if Helena and the twin boys spent almost all their time at Sarah’s house, creating even more chaos than normal. 

“Sestra, are you ready now?” 

Sarah rolled her eyes and tried to not comment on the fact that Helena was wearing one of Alison’s dresses. “Yeah, yeah, so funny, Helena. You know how late Cosima makes me. C’mon, meathead. Chop chop.” 

Arthur and Donnie, six-years-old and in their never-ending energy stage, ran out of the door and into the mini-van that Sarah and Cosima had reluctantly bought when Sarah had gotten pregnant. Like their mother, they were big eaters with big hearts. And both of them loved their namesakes (even though they did prefer to be called AJ and DJ or even Artie and Don). 

“I dunno how you do it, meathead.” 

Helena shrugged and wrapped her arm lovingly around her twin. “With your help, Sestra. And do not call me this.”

“He’s so tall,” Alison said randomly as she stared at her son as he and all the other young-adults put up decorations outside. Oscar, lengthy and just as dorky as his parents, was laughing with his sister, Charlotte, and Maya as Kira did impressions of people in the family. “He’s like a foot and a half taller than me.” 

Sarah looked up at the smiling kids and shrugged. “I understand the feelin’. My heart died a little the day that I realized I was shorter than my daughter.” 

“At least you have Charlotte and Ellie,” Alison pointed out and patted Sarah awkwardly on the shoulder, making them both cringe a little. “Heavens, Gemma’s nearly as tall as Kira. When did they get so old?” 

Sarah frowned at the thought of it. “One day Kira was callin’ me ‘mummy’ and refused to let go of my hand and the next she was tellin’ me m’too old to wear leather.” 

Alison looked her up and down. “You are too old to be wearing leather. You’re almost fo--”

“Don’t you dare say it, Ali,” Sarah interrupted with a death glare. “Christ, I’d like to be willfully ignorant about how age works for the rest of my life, thank you.” 

Alison rolled her eyes. “Age is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a good thing. I mean, we made it here. Six years ago, would you have thought that?” 

“Oi!” Felix shouted from the top of the stairs of the basement, stopping Sarah from having an incoming existential crisis. “Can my two bridesmaids actually come help the bride?” 

The soccer mom and punk shared a look before heading upstairs. Cosima snorted. As much as the two of them got onto each other’s nerves, there were inseparable. They were two peas in a pod. Despite everything, their backgrounds and personalities, there was a bond between them. They had only known each other for less than a decade, but they acted like childhood friends. Like they had known each other forever. 

Scott and Hell Wizard were outside setting up the speakers for the music. Even from the distance, Cosima could hear them chatting away about a new co-op game that they were excited for it to come out and the brilliance of Kang and Kodos (and how those two aliens were more electable than the third party) from The Simpsons . She was always glad to hear them talking about nerdy shit instead of clone drama. 

In the corner of the room, where there was all the food, Art was trying to not only stop Helena’s sons from eating but also Helena herself. Art, who Cosima became quite fond of over the years, gave her a pleading look. The scientist smiled and came to his rescue.

“Yo, Helena, what’re you trying to steal?” 

“I promised brother-sestra I would not eat cake,” Helena told her simply like it was no big deal. “I did not promise I would not eat anything else.” 

It was hard for Cosima to argue with that logic. 

The door opened and Cosima turned around to find a familiar blonde that made her smile. Delphine. The French scientist always kept her promise. She came back when there were important events and they even visited her in Montreal, though, they had to be careful so that Delphine’s wife didn’t see all the clones. Still, Cosima hadn’t seen her in a long time. And she missed her. 

“Enchantée,” Cosima greeted and grinned at her. 

“Enchantée, Cosima,” Delphine laughed and hugged her like she hadn’t seen her in years. “It’s so good to see you.” 

“It’s been like forever,” Cosima agreed and immediately asked, “How’s Adette? When is she due?” 

A somehow wider smile grew from the blonde’s lips, revealing her perfect dimples. “Only a few weeks. Which is why she isn’t here. She says bonjour, by the way.” 

Cosima raised an eyebrow. “Did you then… er… tell her about us?” 

When Delphine had first met Adette, she and Cosima had long discussions about whether or not to tell her about the clones and DYAD and Neolution and all the shit in between. Delphine had decided to not tell her. She didn’t want to live in her past and all that trauma. And she didn’t want Adette to know about any of it. But, Delphine fell in love and they got married. It got to a point where she could no longer keep it all a secret. 

Delphine nodded. “She always knew that there was a lot in my past. I mean… the scar. She was very… surprised to say the least. But I think that she is just glad that she knows. After the baby is born, she’d like to meet all of you.” 

“I think we can accomplish that,” Cosima told her with a grin. She heard the sound of a loud giggle and turned around to find Ellie running toward her from where Charlotte and Kira were. “Hi, baby girl!” 

“Momma!” Ellie shouted and jumped into her mother’s arms. “When’s Uncle Fee comin’?” 

“Soon, my silly monkey. Hey, E, do you remember your Aunt Delphine?” 

Ellie, with wide and curious eyes, looked up at the blonde who was ogling her. She nodded and wrapped her arms around her. The three-year-old had a good memory of all the people who loved her. 

“Yo!” Tony shouted as he came down the stairs wearing a snazzy tux that Cosima had helped him pick out. “Felix is almost ready. Is everything set up outside?” 

“I believe so,” Cosima told him. “Alison said that she was ready before. But she can tell you that herself.” She nodded in the direction of the woman who came downstairs. 

“Chop chop, everyone!” Alison called out to everyone. “Sarah’s walking him down in three minutes. Everyone in their spots.” 

Everyone moved like a herd outside to the elegant aisle from the door to the end of the backyard where there was the homemade wedding arch that Cosima and Sarah also used for their ceremony at Shite Beach. Donnie, who was the officiant, stood in the middle of the arch while almost everyone else stood along each side of the aisle. Alison stood on one side of the arch and Tony stood on the opposite side, grinning like a happy idiot. Cosima stood near the entrance of the aisle, ready to give her youngest daughter the basket of petals when she saw Sarah and Felix approach her. Felix, in his overly fancy garb, was laughing at whatever his sister was whispering in his ear. 

Hell Wizard pressed play on the speaker and the song started. Cosima grinned. Of course it was Felix and Tony who picked such a weird groove for their wedding. Ellie danced to the music as she flung the petals at her family members. Everyone laughed at the carefree toddler. 

Then it was Sarah and Felix’s turn. The scientist could see the tears in Sarah’s eyes. Her little brother was getting married. And after all the stories that Cosima had learned of their past, she knew that Sarah had always been his protector, just as he had been hers. 

The second that Felix and Sarah had reached Tony, the punk placed her brother’s hand into Tony’s and winked at him. Tony winked back and she took her place next to her brother, right beside where Alison was standing. 

Donnie, presumably under the direction of Alison, gave a passionate albeit slightly corny speech about finding love, catching it, holding it, and never letting it go. It brought tears to Alison’s eyes, as if it was made to. But everyone enjoyed it, nevertheless. And besides, at the end, it was Tony and Felix who stole the show with a kiss that lasted almost three minutes long. People were cheering and whistling and laughing. This was a celebration. 

Hell Wizard started to play from the playlist he had created for the event. Almost immediately, everyone started to dance. Cosima found Sarah as quick as she could. There was nothing that she enjoyed more than dancing with the love of her life. They watched as the kids all danced in a big circle with Ellie in the middle, dancing similarly to Cosima. 

Though, it only took minutes for Helena to take Sarah’s hand while Cosima found Scott. He was smiling at her almost with embarrassment as she took the lead. 

“I’m sorry Helena stole your wife away.” 

Cosima looked around and found them jumping up and down wildly. Sarah threw her leather jacket off and pulled the elastic band out of her hair, letting the mess cascade down her shoulders as she grooved with her twin. 

“It’s totally fine! I always knew that Sarah had more than one soulmate. And what about you? Catch any feelings for anyone recently? Are you still meeting up with Krystal’s friend? What’s-her-name?” 

Scott blushed and shook his head. “Brie? No, I mean. Yeah, we still have coffee. But it’s not… I mean, most of the time, she ends up talking about Krystal.” 

Cosima pretended to gasp. “Scotty, are you inferring that there’s some gay drama there?” 

He glared at her. “It’s just a hypothesis. But I don’t know. Have you talked to Krystal recently?” 

“Don’t try to change the subject,” Cosima told him carefully. “But sort of? I mean, she still thinks that there’s this cosmetic conspiracy. And the more she talks about it, the more I freaking believe it. She still bugs Sarah. I’m not sure if Krystal really doesn’t remember her name or she calls Sarah “Sally” just to piss her off, but either way, it’s hilarious. Sarah’s tried to explain what she can, but… Krystal’s in her own world. But back to Brie. So, there’s nothing there?” 

“Nope. She is nice, though. I like talking to her. But there are no feelings or anything like that.” 

Cosima nodded. “And Hell Wizard?” 

Scott blushed even more. “I’m going to dance with Delphine. Bye.” 

He left her faster than she thought even possible, but Alison quickly took Scott’s spot. 

“Thank you for saving me,” Cosima told her a little breathlessly. “I think I scared poor Scotty away.” 

Alison hummed. “I’m not even going to ask what you said to him. I’m sure it’s something I would find totally egregious.” 

“I’m sure,” Cosima agreed with a grin. “How are you doing? I feel like we don’t have a lot of alone time together.” 

“I’m very well, Cosima. The kids are growing up and so is Donnie. And I’m doing extremely well with the lack of the c-word drama.” 

Cosima wanted to remind the clone that there was another c-word but decided to not piss her off. “I’m really super glad. Who knew when we first met that we’d ever end up here, you know?”

Alison smirked slightly. “Are you talking about being alive or us being… friendly? I did make an absolute fool out of myself when we first met.” 

Cosima grinned and shook her head. “Oh my god, I almost forgot. When we met you were tripping. Have you told Sarah? Oh my god, imagine her reaction.” 

The soccer mom grimaced. “Please, Lord, do not tell Sarah. She would not let it go.” 

“Yeah, she would milk it. But I have plenty of stories of Sarah you could use against her as well.” 

Alison raised an eyebrow. “You would tell me stories about Sarah? Doesn’t that kind of go against wife rules?”

Cosima shrugged. “We like to keep it interesting. And besides,” she turned to look at Sarah dancing with Felix and Tony, “she’s told Felix about my marvel character underwear. It’s war now.” 

Alison laughed. “Marvel underwear? And Felix was surprised? Tell me something about Sarah.” 

The scientist looked around, pretending to see if anyone was listening. She grinned and lowered her voice. “Sarah sings Disney songs and punk songs to Ellie before she goes to sleep. One day it’s Tangled and the next it’s The Ramones.” 

Alison scrunched up her nose and pointed out, “That’s cute, Cosima. I can’t make fun of her about that.” 

“Yeah,” Cosima agreed with a sigh. “You’re probably right. Shit. Everything she does is cute.” 

The soccer mom raised her eyebrows. “I’m not saying that. I know she’s your wife and all, but honestly, you can’t tell me you actually think that’s really true.” 

Cosima shook her head. “Nope. It’s true. Sarah’s completely adorable.” 

“You find that adorable?” Alison said and pointed to Sarah, who along with Felix on the outside, was grinding on Tony who was in the middle of them both. They were all laughing and grinning and Cosima felt her heart swell. 

“I do.” 

Alison opened her mouth to argue but Delphine approached them and asked if she could cut in. The soccer mom narrowed her eyes at the blonde, but as Cosima nodded, she backed off. 

Delphine was not the best dancer, so she wasn’t surprised when she asked her if they could get a drink. It was something that she learned at her own ceremony. She hadn’t even expected Delphine to come, but she insisted on inviting her without any complaints from Sarah. But she showed up with nothing but smiles on her face. 

“Sarah looks happy,” Delphine commented as she sipped the champagne. 

“She is happy,” Cosima told her and kept her eyes on Sarah, who was whispering something in Art’s ear as he joined them. He shook his head and Sarah apparently didn't listen to him. She dragged his body along and tried to show him how to move to the music. “I think the trauma is… it’s not suffocating her anymore. I mean, a lot of us have enough trauma to last a lifetime, but--” 

“Sarah carried everyone’s trauma,” Delphine finished with a head nod as if she understood. “She deserves this. She deserves all of it. So do you.” 

Cosima bit her lip as she watched Delphine almost stare off into space. “I do really regret how things ended between us.” 

Delphine shook her head. “It is all in the past. Everything happened the way it should have, yes?” 

The brunette didn’t even have to think about it. “Yes.” She was about to say more when the first slow song of the day began. “Excuse me, Delphine. I’m going to dance with my wife.” 

She hurried across the grass to Sarah, who had finally turned to look at her. Right before their own ceremony, Cosima had learned that the punk wasn’t comfortable with slow dancing and was practically taking lessons from Alison. Sarah still didn’t quite enjoy it, but she didn’t even hesitate approaching her wife and wrapping her arms around her waist as Cosima reached up around her neck. 

“Have you been watchin’ me, love?” Sarah asked her with a wicked grin as they swayed across the floor and tuned out everything besides each other. 

“I can’t help it,” Cosima told her with a shrug. “My baby looks hot.” 

“Christ. You’re makin’ me want to shag you in Alison’s closet. Again.” 

Cosima smirked. “Maybe later. Right now, I just want to dance with you. Ooh, I also wanted to tell you good job not letting Felix trip.”

“It was kinda terrifyin’,” Sarah confessed and pulled her a little closer. “If the kids get married, you’re walkin’ em down the aisle.” 

The scientist’s eyes widened. “That won’t happen for a long long time, Sar. I wouldn’t worry about it right now.” 

“I worry about everythin’.” 

Cosima let out a small chuckle at her wife’s honesty. “I know, babe. At least you admit it. You know, when we first met, I thought you were so cool. I mean, kind of bitchy and unreliable, but cool. Instead, it turns out you’re a chronic worrier.” 

Sarah smacked her. “Oi! Those aren't mutually exclusive!” 

“I know, I know. You are very cool, Sarah Manning. The epitome of cool. Just being with you, it’s made me cool. I was like, stoner cool , before, but now I’m like leather jacket cool.” 

The punk rolled her eyes. “I would like you to stop, geek monkey. Callin’ yourself cool doesn’t make you cool. But bein’ a geek, well, that’s hotter than cool.” 

“Thanks for flattering me, Sar-bear. You always keep the love alive.” 

Sarah winked at her and smiled. Cosima had her wife’s smile memorized by now and burned into her memory after the years of getting to see it. It wasn’t always easy for the punk; depression was a nasty illness that seemed to come when it wanted to. But they always got through it together. Every nightmare, every fight, every negative and intruding thought. They made it, always finding ways back into the light. 

Cosima broke away from her daze as she heard her wife cheer as all three of her kids ran up to them and pulled them into a dancing circle. Everyone ended up in giggles as they all tried to slow dance in one large group. Cosima watched as Sarah pulled Ellie into her arms and held her daughter close, whispering things to her that made her laugh.

The scientist thought about the day that Sarah had admitted to her, shortly after Ellie’s birth, that she was glad to finally watch her daughter grow and be the mom she always wanted to be. Cosima ended up crying and confessing that she never thought she would have this. A family, a wife, kids. For a while, she didn’t even think she would live long enough to have what she had now. But she was here. She was home. And god, with Sarah Manning in her arms, she was happy. 

Kira and Charlotte had pulled away and started to do the chicken dance, laughing hysterically as they attempted to do it slowly to the beat. 

Sarah leaned over and whispered to her wife, “How did I end up with a family of nerds?” 

Cosima grinned and said, “You’re just lucky, I guess.” 

With Ellie in her arms, Sarah leaned over and almost kissed her, their mouths less than an inch apart away. But instead of kissing her, Sarah just said, “I was thinkin’ the same thing.”