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Well, after reading most of the Douchifer fics here on Ao3, I’ve boarded this ship. Granted, I still love Deckerstar (they are too damn cute), but I see the appeal to Dan and Lucifer being an item. So here’s my first offering that will feature them as an actual couple.

I can't guarantee when I'll be able to post on this work. I'm currently bouncing around a few projects. Between 3 Supernatural fics I'm trying to finish, working on some fluffy Lucifer fics for Fluffuary and working on the 2020 Supernatural Kink Bingo...I've got a lot on my plate.

Sigh, this is what happens when you're a writer. I love it, though.

But I wanted to at least set the story up by putting this out there as a sort of Coming Soon. I'm pretty excited about this fic and I hope everyone enjoys!

In this fic, we're ignoring Season 4 (loved Season 4, but I felt it's easier to ignore for the sake of this fic). The showdown with Cain had everyone present; Chloe, Dan, Ella and Trixie. Lucifer protected his human entourage, but ended up revealing himself in the process. Chloe had made to run, but Trixie wouldn’t let her. They managed to help Lucifer and after a couple of fights and a week of not speaking to him, they all made up with him and work together again. Chloe did get past his being the Devil. But her heart had been stomped on so much lately. And with the way he kept abandoning her when he was going to explain himself or when things got serious, Chloe realized she wasn’t in love with him. More like he was family to her.

Dan has been in the closet so to speak. When he was younger, he felt attracted to both men and women. But he was so confused by it, he just ignored the feelings he got when it came to men in his life. But after his divorce and the loss of Charlotte, he’s been lonely and just can’t keep bottling up the other side of himself. He’s not told anyone. Yet. Especially not a certain pain in the ass, too hot for his own good, stylish, snobby yet sweet club owner/civilian consultant. Dan is screwed.

This note is setting the timeline, giving a brief rundown on the reveal and the aftermath. It also establishes the relationship between characters so I can really jump into the meat of this fic.

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He couldn’t help but feel relief as he watched Lucifer head out, walking Chloe to her car. Now he could finish his paperwork without distractions. Dan really tried to just focus on work; filling out paperwork for officers who were out on leave, finishing his and Chloe’s reports so she could leave in time to pick Trixie up from school most days. This was pretty much all he did now, aside from assisting on Chloe’s cases. No one really talked to him, aside from Chloe, Lucifer and Ella. Part of him felt like they did out of pity. He really hoped that wasn’t the case, especially Lucifer. Dan groaned as Lucifer kept intruding on his thoughts. He rested his head in his hands, elbows on his desk.

“I must really want to be miserable,” he thought to himself.

Ever since Chloe had laid it out to the man they once thought to be slightly crazy that they were only ever going to be friends, it’s like a never ending parade in his mind of scenarios where he tries (and fails), to ask Lucifer out for dinner. A drink. Coffee. Anything to try and sate whatever morbid curiosity he had about the Devil. And here comes the other side of the coin. Barely a month ago, they’d found out that Lucifer really was the Devil himself.

He’d had a hell of a freak out after that little reveal, but now…it kind of stalls his thoughts sometimes, but Dan knows Lucifer really isn’t a bad person. Hell, he even kind of liked the guy. Which then brings him back to picturing Lucifer standing in front of him; dressed impeccably in one of his suits (the cobalt blue with a pale purple shirt and matching waistcoat preferably), perching himself on the corner of his desk. Flashing him that damn smile that just made it feel like the temperature went 10 degrees hotter. Looking at him like he knew exactly what he was thinking. Maybe ask him that question he loves so much…about desire. What he wouldn’t give to get down on his knees and…

Dan sat back quickly, nearly falling out of his seat. He knew his face was red as a stop sign from the little fantasy he’d been picturing. Not to mention the dull pain of the pinch he was feeling in the crotch of his jeans. He pulled open another file, got out the corresponding notes, and pushed through the paperwork he’d been neglecting. Reading the nitty gritty details of the reports and officer’s notes were effective in deflating the straining erection in his jeans. It allowed him to concentrate, even at the cost of feeling frustrated that he went unsatisfied. It was less than he deserved lately. He felt resigned to the fact nothing in his life seemed to be going right.

He’d ruined his marriage, destroying any faith or trust Chloe had had in him when the truth about the Palmetto case came out. Granted, the arrangement they had now and their work relationship was good…but he knew it could be better. Even after 3 years, Chloe had at least 2 backups in case he was late or couldn’t make it for Trixie. It still hurt. Then his relationship with Charlotte...her death had hit him hard. But he needed to move on. He was grateful for Linda helping with his grief.

Dan kept working, the station slowly emptying as the detectives went home for the day. It was nearly midnight before he left the station, dragging himself to his car. Hearing his phone beep, he checked it. He had a message from Grindr. It had taken him the last two weeks to gather the courage to even download the app to his phone and create a profile. Now he had a message from a guy he’d liked; Evan. He was good looking; lean build, slightly taller than him. From his pictures he had a sense of style that he refused to think reminded him of Lucifer. Besides, this guy was a blonde, with bright green eyes and a tan. Nothing like the dark haired, pale skinned Lord of Hell that ran Lux. A blush hit him hard again as he got in his car and checked the message.

‘Hi, Daniel. I like your pictures and your profile has me interested. I know it’s late, but would you like to meet me for a drink?’ the message read.

Taking a deep breath, he texted back.

‘Sure. I just got out of work and need to unwind. Where would you like to meet?’

It didn’t take long to get a response.

‘How about my place? ;) Here’s my address.’

Dan was surprised to find out this guy lived in his complex, in the unit just below him. He remembered a moving truck pulling in one day last week when he was heading out to work. It must have been him.

‘Sounds great. :) See you in 15.’

‘I can’t wait. ;)’

The drive home was the same as usual; traffic getting heavy two lights from the turn into his complex. He pulled in pretty much right at 15 minutes. Double checking the number, he went up the first flight of stairs and walked to the end of the second floor. He stood there, staring at the door. His stomach was twisted into knots from his nerves and his hand shook a little as he knocked. Evan answered with a smile. He was dressed in black slacks and a pressed, blue button down shirt. He had the sleeves rolled to his elbows. An apron hung from one hand.

“Hello, Dan,” he said. “Please come in.”

He returned the smile and stepped in, Evan closing the door behind him. Noticing the line of shoes to his left, Dan bent down and undid the laces to his shoes, easing his feet from them and placing them next to the other 3 pairs lined up.

“Have a seat,” Evan told him. “I figured after a long night, you might not have gotten a chance to eat, so I made a light dinner.”

“You didn’t have to do that,” Dan said, a light blush hitting his face.

“It’s no trouble,” Evan replied, going to the kitchen.

Dan had a seat on the couch, sighing as he sank into the soft cushions. The news had finished on TV, moving on to some nature program. His host came back in with a tray of sandwiches and a pair of beers. He tensed a little as the other man sat right up against him, grabbing a sandwich and handing it to him. Dan took it and started eating. He found it was a ham and swiss with lettuce, tomato and onion and a touch of Dijon mustard. It tasted damn good.

“Are you ok, Dan?” Evan asked. “You feel a little stiff.”

“Sorry,” he said as he swallowed the bite he’d taken. “Um…this is the first date I’ve been on…with a guy.”

“Been straight and just now realizing you’re gay?” Evan asked curiously.

Dan shook his head. “When I was in high school, I realized I’m attracted to men and women. But I’d seen what happened to the gay kids and it scared me enough to look only at women that way. After a while, it’s like I forgot about that part of myself. Well, until my ex-wife’s partner came along.”

“Romantic or work?” his date asked.

“Work,” Dan answered. “You ever hear of Lucifer Morningstar?”

“The owner of Lux,” Evan said with a nod. “How’s he working for the cops?”

“He talked his way into being a civilian consultant with the LAPD,” Dan told him. “I honestly thought he did it just to get into her pants, but he really does have a talent for the work. Granted, he still tried to get in her pants anyway.”


“My ex thought she was falling for him, but…we had a huge case that really hit a lot of us with some revelations. One of them being that she doesn’t love him. He’s a good friend, but that’s as far as its going. Lucifer seemed put out by it, but he seems to have gotten over it.”

“And how does this affect you exactly?” Evan asked him.

Dan took a couple more bites of his sandwich, chewing thoughtfully. He sighed after finishing the sandwich and opening one of the beers. He took a long sip before continuing.

“The guy rubbed me the wrong way when I first met him. I didn’t like him at all, he called me a douche. Still does sometimes. But…over time, seeing how he interacts with people, with my ex and daughter…he’s actually a pretty great guy. Not to mention the man is off the charts hot. And I know he’s at least bi because of the parade of his lovers we had to question for a case once. Pretty good mix between genders.”

“Have you even tried to ask him out?” Evan asked.

“No way,” Dan said, after finishing half his beer. “The last thing I need is to be laughed at and basically outed at work. Or worse.”

“How could it get worse?”

“That he agrees, we…spend the night together and then I end up another notch on his bedpost. And I’ve never known Lucifer to be discreet about his hookups.”

“I’m surprised at how complicated you are,” Evan said, reaching up and running a hand through his hair. He leaned into the touch, it felt good. “But I really think you’re thinking too much. If you want something or someone, just be up front about it. The worst they can do is tell you no.” Dan gasped as his other hand stroked down his chest slowly. “But I really don’t see how they could say no to you.”

Dan let him take the empty bottle from his hand as he straddled his lap. He swallowed hard as he leaned up enough to let Evan get his shirt off. They both groaned as Evan ran his hands over his pecs and down to his abs.

“Damn you’re fit,” Evan growled, running his hands up his arms now.

“Pretty much the only constant in my life,” Dan said with a laugh. “Go to work; hit the gym or the beach when I can.”

“You surf?” Evan asked, grinding into his lap.

He bit his lip and nodded as he felt his cock responding to the attention he was getting. Evan looked him in the eye, smirking a little. Before he realized he’d moved, the guy had grabbed a fistful of his hair and pulled him in for a kiss. Even though Evan was clean shaven, Dan could feel a hint of stubble against his chin and cheek. The heat that he’d started feeling turned into a wildfire. The kiss was dirty and desperate. But Dan wanted more. Needed more. Getting with the program, he put his hands on Evan’s hips, pulling him hard against his groin as he rocked his hips up. It made Evan groan, which in turn made his jeans feel a little tighter. Dan bit his lower lip gently as he eased his hands down the back of his pants and grabbed at his ass.

“Fuck,” Evan panted, rutting against him. “You’re sure you’ve never done this before?”

“I can be a fast learner,” he said, giving the flesh in his hands a little pinch, making the blonde shiver all over.

Evan tore his belt from his pants and got his zipper undone. Dan moved, helping him get out of his slacks and stretching him out on his couch. He helped him take off his shirt, smoothing his hands along his taut belly and chest. He was lean, but it was elegant. Pretty, even. Dan shut his next thought down, knowing it would just be a comparison that wasn’t fair to him. He kept himself in the moment by kissing him again. This time was slower, he could be more thorough. He let his hand wander south to wrap around the blonde’s cock and give it a stroke. Evan broke the kiss, gasping his name as he stroked him slowly. Dan found he liked the sound of it. But he still needed more. His host was very aroused, pre come just leaking out of him.

“More…please,” he panted.

It gave Dan the confidence to tease him a little; giving him a firm stroke and pace that had him trying to move under him. But Dan moved so that his weight would keep him where he wanted him before he stopped touching him.

“Dan,” Evan growled his eyes fiery with lust and impatience. “I…I can’t take the teasing. If you don’t do something, I will. And I won’t be gentle.”

That made Dan moan loudly, reaching down to give himself a quick squeeze. He was tempted to do just that, but he decided against it. He didn’t want to ruin this for himself. He’d fucked up too much in his life to screw his love life up intentionally. Instead, Dan eased down to kiss him briefly before moving lower. He knew how this was supposed to work, but he was still a little nervous. Evan’s gasps and whines as he licked a trail down his chest, then his stomach kept him going. When he stopped just under his belly button and pulled back, Evan moved to sit up, grabbing hold of his hair again. But before he could make his next move, Dan shimmied down the couch a bit, ending up with his knees on the floor. Now at the right level, he flattened his tongue against the base of Evan’s cock and slowly moved up, licking a hot stripe up the underside of his erection.

“Christ,” he breathed, easing up on the grip on his hair. When Dan took the head of his cock in his mouth, he sat up straighter, taking both hands and cradling the back of his head.

Evan tasted salty as he tentatively sucked him, flicking the tip of his tongue against the underside of his head before moving forward again. He was a good size; maybe 6 inches. He wasn’t as thick as he was, but Dan didn’t mind. He thought he was perfect just as he is. Dan went about halfway before pulling back, slowly adding suction. When he had almost let him fall free, Dan was going back in again. He just relaxed and was a little shocked to find he’d taken his whole cock. When he swallowed, Evan’s hands tightened and he moaned his name again. He managed to pull back enough to breathe before he did it again, enjoying the sounds his date was making. The bite of his nails on his scalp had his own cock twitching and throbbing, practically begging to be taken out and touched. He ignored it and swallowed around the cock in his throat again.

“I…I can’t,” Evan panted. “I need to move.”

Dan pulled back. His date shot to his feet. Dan looked up at him. The blonde looked down at him and gripped the back of his head again. Without saying anything, Dan let him ease his cock back in his mouth and down his throat. Holding the back of his knees lightly for support, he relaxed. Evan took his compliance as permission and proceeded to thrust his hips. He started off slow and shallow. Dan moaned around him, his hands moving to his ass, pulling him forward harder. Evan’s grip tightened and he started moving faster. Dan let one of his hands move between his legs, pushing the heel of his palm against the bulge in his jeans. He needed some relief. He hummed in pleasure as he unzipped and carefully took his dick out, giving himself firm strokes.

“Keep doing that,” Evan growled, his thrusts becoming erratic. “Fuck I’m so close.”

Dan hummed louder, riding the edge himself. It wouldn’t take much more. On a high note as he squeezed the head of his cock had Evan all but ramming his throat and holding him tight to his body. He could barely breathe, but when he felt that telltale pulse against his tongue, Dan swallowed repeatedly. Taking his hand from Evan’s ass, he gently cupped his balls, massaging them a little. That rewarded him with one last pulse of come on his tongue as he pulled back. It wasn’t bad, so he simply swallowed. Evan fell back onto the couch. Both of them were panting like they’d just run a mile.

“I think I love you,” Evan sighed, looking utterly wrecked. It was a good look on him. “That was amazing.”

“I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t liked it too,” Dan replied, a small smile on his face.

Evan smiled back and looked him up and down. His eyes went wide and stayed fixed on his lap. He could’ve sworn the guy’s cock twitched.

“Damn,” he breathed. “You’re packing that kind of heat in your pants? Oh, sign me up to ride that now.”

“I don’t think I’ll…,” Dan started to say, his hand picking up speed as he neared the edge. And this is the moment his phone decides to ring.

He bit back a pained groan as he lets go of himself to pull his phone from his pocket.

“Leave it,” Evan said. “I want to see you finish.”

“It’s work,” he told him. “I have to answer.”

Dan answered the phone. And promptly wished he hadn’t. His erection flagged as he listened to their current, stand in lieutenant. When he hung up, he wanted to toss his phone against the wall. Instead, he put it back in his pocket and got dressed.

“I have to go back in to work,” he said, his voice resigned. “New case just came in. They need all hands on deck, sounds big.”

“Can’t it wait just a few minutes?” Evan asked. “Sounds like you need just a little fun to take the edge off.”

“No time,” he replied. “They need me at the scene now. Sadly, it’s not the first time it’s happened. I’m just grateful that I could make sure you had a good time.”

“More than good,” Evan told him, standing up and giving him a hug. “Damn. I wish I would’ve met you a long time ago.”

“Same here,” Dan told him. “I…I don’t know when I’ll get a chance to come by again.”

“Just give me a text next time you’re free and we’ll see what we can set up,” Evan assured him with a wink.

Dan nodded, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek before grabbing his shoes and leaving. Once he got to his car, he slipped into his shoes and quickly tied the laces. As he got in and drove away, he cursed in frustration. Of all the times to get a big case, it couldn’t have waited until morning. At least then he’d have gotten laid, got some sleep. Maybe a quickie in the shower before he left for work.

“Maybe I did get cursed somewhere along the line,” he muttered to himself as he drove to the crime scene.

A half hour later, he found himself parked on the corner just outside a gated community. After finding a stick of gum in his glove box, he un-wrapped it and popped it into his mouth. He showed his badge at the gate and they let him right through. He saw police tape on tacked up on two front doors, both houses sitting next to each other. He saw Ella setting up her camera, standing on the sidewalk right outside the second house.

“What do we got, Ella?” he asked.

Before she could answer, he saw Chloe and Lucifer pull up in her car. Great.

“What’s going on?” Chloe asked, yawning. “I was lucky Maze was home to make sure she set an alarm in case I’m not home to wake Trixie and get her to school.”

“It’s weird,” Ella said, looking up as she put the strap for her camera around her neck and snapped on fresh gloves. “Two families involved. We’ve got four dead and five missing. I just finished in the first house over there; the Alders. The deceased are Greg and Madeline Alders, both were shot point blank in the head. They were still in bed. No one heard anything so we’re thinking a silencer was used. The couple owned the home, their son, Jacob Alders and his wife, Amy Alders, were visiting with their five year old daughter, Alexis. There are signs of a struggle.”

“And here?” Chloe asked, pointing at the house they were standing in front of. The mailbox read ‘The Masters’.

“The uni that was first on the scene said that the homeowner across the street called in what they thought was a burglary. They were in their kitchen getting water when they saw a black van parked right between both houses. He saw a light get turned on in both homes and figures fighting in the windows. He couldn’t make out any details, which makes sense unless he had a pair of binoculars. While he was calling the cops, he saw two people dressed in black carrying what looked like three bodies from the Alders’ home and put them in the van, then another two from the Masters’ home. From what I’ve been told, the deceased here are Sara and Robert Masters. Their daughter, Beth and her thirteen year old son Trent were the ones taken. The lieutenant wants us to go through both scenes, and then wants everyone back at the station for a meeting.”

The four of them worked quickly and somewhat quietly. Dan was surprised to see Lucifer so…serious. It was kind of weird to see him actually focus on the scene. Before they left, he spoke with their one witness. He got the same story and even with his ability to get people to express their desires, they got no new information. Ella rode back with him, having caught a ride with one of the unis that had already left for the station.

“Are you ok, Dan?” she asked as they pulled into the station parking garage. “You look strung out.”

“It’s nothing,” he said, keeping his answer short. He was in a rotten mood and he really didn’t want to say something he’d regret to her.

“Ok, man,” she told him softly. “But I’m here if you need to vent.”

He simply nodded, walking ahead. Once inside, they moved to the front of the crowd gathered in the main lobby of the precinct. Their stand in lieutenant was up on a box, to make sure she could be heard and that she could see everyone.

“Thank you for coming in everyone,” she said as Dan stood by Chloe, Lucifer on the other side of her. “We just had our fourth homicide/kidnapping case get called in tonight, about an hour and a half ago. Given the number of similarities in the M.O. on all four cases, the chief of police wants these treated as connected cases unless evidence proves otherwise. We currently have no suspects on any of them and the media is already thinking these cases are potentially the start of a serial killer or a trafficking ring of some kind. This takes top priority and everyone needs to be working on this in some capacity. Unis are going to be on rotating 12 hour shifts until the case is solved. We’ll work out the schedules first thing in the morning, but everyone that is currently off duty tonight are to bunk at the station and all any uni on their off rotation for the streets will be here; either resting or working the case from their desk. Is that clear?”

Everyone nodded and shouted their affirmative. They were then allowed to disperse. Dan headed straight for his desk. He grabbed a fresh notebook, a couple of pens and headed for the large conference room just off Ella’s lab. Chloe and Ella were already there with Lucifer, putting together the evidence based on each individual report. Starting with the white board on the far left wall, he found the first known case and started organizing everything in the file and taping it to the board. Ella was on the next board over from him, using the break in the whiteboard panels as their divider line, doing the same with the second report that was called in. An hour later, they had everything arranged in the timeline.

“I’m not really seeing anything to link the cases together aside from the black van and the guys in black abducting people,” Chloe said, moving around the room. “The victims are all of different races, varying ages. They aren’t targeting anyone based on income.”

“Clearly, darling,” Lucifer added. “You’ve got everything from the homeless to socialites. It’s pretty amazing for them to have done this so easily, with the police only now looking for a connection.”

Dan had a seat, flipping through the notes for each case, starting with the first. Homeless man by the name of Carl Jones. A search had found he’d been arrested for drunk and disorderly twice, but was pretty harmless and fairly healthy. Next was Francesca Maynard, heiress of Albert Maynard II, owner of the country’s largest produce distributor. Looking at the information they’d gathered, he found that she was recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. According to the report, it was being managed fairly well. When he got to the third report, something came to him.

“I think I might have something here, guys,” he said, reading through the fourth case report.

They all looked to him as he grabbed a marker from the tray under the white board.

“Ok, first person kidnapped was Carl Jones,” he said, writing the name. “He’d been arrested a couple of times, but he wasn’t violent, mostly just drunk. Other than that, his medical reports had him listed as healthy. Our next victim was Francesca, the heiress, right? The report filed states she had just been diagnosed with MS and getting treated for it.”

“I don’t get it,” Ella said. Chloe simply shook her head.

“Look at the third report. This was the first scene that had homicides occur during the kidnapping. Here we have a family of six. Two deceased; one was Ernesto Rivera, 65, autopsy shows he was in great health. The other was the mother of the family; Olivia Ramos, 32. She was diagnosed with Stage 4 brain cancer, terminal. Her husband, Jose and their four kids were all taken. Two of their kids were a set of twins, both born with Down Syndrome.”

Chloe opened her copy of the fourth report. “All of the murders here were the grandparents. They had minor health issues, but nothing that wasn’t manageable. Jacob Alders has Hepatitis B, a chronic condition. Amy and their daughter are healthy. The Masters same thing; grandparents killed. Beth has celiac disease, Trent shows as healthy.”

“They’re alternating between healthy targets and those with chronic ailments that we’re still looking for cures for,” Ella said. “This could be for research.”

“But why kidnap them and not just run studies for them, then?” Chloe asked, pacing. “There are tons of studies being done for new therapies, medications…procedures. All of them on a volunteer basis, usually offering money or other incentives to participants.”

“Unless the doctors in question are testing methods that aren’t conventional, or immoral,” Lucifer said. His eyes started to glow a faint red. “Another version of Mengele, experimenting on the innocent, claiming it’s for the good of humanity.”

“Hard to believe someone could do that to people,” Ella said with a shudder.

“Trust me, he’s currently in Hell and being subjected to our own…experiments,” Lucifer growled, eventually calming again.

“They’ve chosen locations that aren’t clustered, so they’re trying to make it look random,” Dan said. “But they haven’t touched the suburbs in the Hills or on the south side. We should have the lieutenant get a slightly heavier presence of unis in those areas, preferably the most observant on the force. Come to think of it, we do have that other homicide you got two days ago, Chloe. Over in Holly Estates; that’s right smack in the middle of the suburbs in the Hills and would be a potential target.”

“I was pushing to go undercover there, actually,” Chloe said. “But I’ve made a number of arrests in that area. I’d be outed before we could get started.”

“I could do it,” Dan said. “I’ve not been out there since I was in uniform.”

“We need a couple preferably,” she sighed. “I’m out and Ella’s definitely out because she’s a terrible actress.”

“It’s true,” Ella said, giving a shrug. “I’m a horrible liar.”

“I could be his partner,” Lucifer said with a grin. “Who would ever suspect it?”

He swallowed hard. That’s the last thing he needed to do now.

“I’m sure I could get someone else…,” he started to say when Lucifer walked over and put his arm around him.

“Oh come now. None of the other officers are good enough for you,” Lucifer drawled. “The killer will see right through it. This will work perfectly.”

“You do look great together,” Ella said with a smile. "Though, Dan's style clashes with yours, Lucifer."

“Please, darling,” Lucifer scoffed. “As if I’m going to let Daniel here parade around in something…plain. We’re going shopping as soon as the stores open.”

“But...,” Dan tried to interject, but Lucifer stopped him again.

“Trust me,” he said. “We’ll blend in, just another couple finally moving into their dream home. Hmm…detective, could we maybe borrow your offspring for a weekend?”

“No,” both Chloe and Dan answered.

“At least for today then,” he said.

“For what?” Dan asked.

“Pictures, dear,” he replied. “We’re probably going to have to get close to some of our suspects. That would be a party of some sort, dinner. Pictures will make us more believable.”

“And I know just the person to go to!” Ella exclaimed. “I’ll go get their card!”

As she ran for her lab, Chloe headed for the door.

“I’m going to the lieutenant with what we have and set up the undercover story. Dan, why don’t you go take a nap in the barracks?” Chloe said as she ran out.

“And I’ll head back to Lux,” Lucifer said. “I need to shower, change and get my car.” He looked at Dan and winked. “See you in a few hours, husband mine.”

Dan went out to his desk and just sat with his head in his hands. As if that night had been bad…now he was going to have to play house with the devil, watch out for a serial kidnapper, catch a killer and try not to make an idiot of himself by letting Lucifer find out about much he wants him.

“Fuck my life,” he sighed.

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He felt like a bug under glass as he came out of the dressing room to show Lucifer how he looked in the clothes he’d picked for him. The photo shoot earlier that morning had been easy. He’d managed to keep Trixie in mind since she was there to pose in some of the photos with them. They were going with that Dan had divorced his wife and discovered he was into men, which led him to date and then marry Lucifer. It was easy to keep straight in his head, considering it was pretty much true. Dan doubted Lucifer was the type to marry anyone for real. He married a girl in Vegas, only to annul it a week later as part of a deal. Now it was just a cover. If it hadn’t been for a couple of cases involving priests and churches, he would’ve assumed the Lord of Hell was unable to set foot in a church. The shopping…it was an exercise in patience and control. He was reduced to picturing crime scene photos of his more gruesome cases just to keep from popping a tent.

Dan stood in front of the mirrors just outside the dressing room, trying not to blush like a damn schoolgirl as Lucifer walked around him, smoothing the fine fabric of his shirt across his shoulders.

“Mmm…I was definitely right about the cut and the fit,” he said, putting his arms around Dan’s waist from behind. He placed his head on Dan’s shoulder, making him tense. “What do you think, Daniel?”

“I have to admit, I look great,” he said, trying to keep his voice level, smiling a little. He did look good in the designer clothes; dark, relaxed fit jeans tailored for his measurements, a polo style shirt with short sleeves. It hugged his biceps well, accentuating his musculature without putting him on blatant display. “But I’d have to eat grilled cheese for about a month to afford just what I’m wearing.”

“Not to worry,” Lucifer told him, pulling back from him and leading him back to the dressing room to change back into his regular clothes. “I’ll take care of everything. And I don’t want any complaints. It’s only money, I have more than enough to last me lifetimes and it just keeps flowing in from my investments.”

“Fine,” he said.

As he closed the door and started undressing, he couldn’t help but grin. He’d never been the kind of guy that likes to shop, but it was nice to not have to worry and get stuff just because he liked it. Lucifer had him try on four other outfits, not really paying attention to color or patterns. He was more focused on the actual fit and how it laid on his body. All but one just didn’t feel right. After that, Lucifer directed him to the racks of various designers, finding anything that matched the approved outfits in fit and cut. The Devil seemed impressed at his choices in colors and patterns, saying nothing critical. It was a little weird. After finding a wardrobe’s worth of clothes, Lucifer handed them over and gave the necessary measurements to have them tailored to fit him like the first outfit he tried was.

“They’ll have that delivered this afternoon to the house we’re taking over,” Lucifer said. “Now we head to my jewelers for our rings.”

The drive there was quiet, but a little tense.

“Are you alright, Daniel?” Lucifer asked him as they pulled in to a parking space right in front of his jewelers’ shop.

“I’m fine,” he insisted. “Look, I know I’m not the greatest company right now. I haven’t slept.”

“There’s something you’re not telling me,” Lucifer said, a grin on his face. “But I’ll get it out of you eventually.”

“What…you going to ask me that question of yours?” Dan asked, his snap playful in spite of his mood.

“Now where’s the fun in that?” Lucifer replied with a wink.

They got out of the car and went inside. The owner greeted them and took them into their private showroom. Dan was grateful for nothing having a price tag on it. He’d hate to see the bill for jewelry that was only getting worn for a few days. Lucifer let him wander, looking through the countless cases of rings. One caught his eye as he got to the end of a case, in the far corner of the room. The bands were a little wider than the ring he wore for his marriage to Chloe. The tag in front of the set told him they were made of platinum. It had two bands of tiny gems, one of rubies, the other of sapphires that twisted together around the entire ring. At the top, they merged into a simple setting of amethyst in the shape of the symbol for eternity. He liked it.

Dan tensed a little as he felt Lucifer’s arm go around his waist, his hand easily fitting into his left side pocket. His body eased against his on his right. He just went with it and put his right hand into Lucifer’s right pocket. His keys were in there, but he left them be. Lucifer made a small noise in the back of his throat that had him biting his lip.

“Keep cool, Dan,” he told himself.

“See anything you like?” Lucifer whispered right in his ear. It made him shiver lightly.

“Yeah,” he replied, pointing at the rings he’d been looking at.

“Interesting choice,” Lucifer purred. “Simple, with just enough flair and well designed. It’s quite unique, actually.”

Dan bit back the whimper in his throat as Lucifer’s other arm wrapped around his front, pulling him close. He could feel the sheer strength that Lucifer held in his body. It was hard not to, especially when he knew that that same strength could destroy as easily as it could entice, like he was doing now. Damn it, it was making him think about Lucifer doing things to him…

Baseball stats. The body that got pulled out of the bay last week. The morgue.

He managed a small smile and a chaste kiss to the corner of Lucifer’s mouth. Dan did not trust himself to keep himself under control if he tried anything more involved. But Lucifer seems pleased with the affection and finally let him go to get an attendant. Twenty minutes later, they walked out holding hands and wearing the rings. It made him realize how much he’d missed wearing a ring. How much he missed his marriage. But that ship had sailed with his stupid choices. He sincerely hoped that he might get another chance one day. Before reaching the house they were using for their undercover operation, Lucifer pulled into the parking lot of a local grocery store. Dan chose to sit in the car, trusting Lucifer to the shopping.

Dan jumped a little when he heard a car door get shut. Sitting up in his seat, he realized that they were parked in the driveway to their operation house. He must’ve fallen asleep while he’d been getting groceries. Dan undid his belt and got out, coming around to the back and taking a couple of the bags.

“Sorry about falling asleep on you,” he said with a slight laugh.

“Not to worry, Daniel,” Lucifer told him. “You looked quite peaceful, so I left you to rest.”

“Thanks,” he said, yawning a little.

He noticed that the moving van parked just past their driveway was packing up and leaving. That would’ve been their tech team, undercover as the movers in order to wire the rooms on the first floor. The second floor would’ve been left alone, thankfully. Noticing a few of their ‘neighbors’ in their yards, he gave a polite wave with his free hand. Lucifer was doing the same to someone on the other side of the street. Dan pulled the key for the front door out of his pocket, unlocking the door quickly and stepping inside. The place had already been furnished when it went up on the market. Every house in this price range was, made them easier to sell as well as a great way to pad the price tag.

“I love this kitchen!” Lucifer exclaimed as he walked off to the left. “Black and gold marble countertops, very stylish…and black and chrome for the appliances. Hmm…it looks a little more stocked with gadgets than my own kitchen. I’m going to need to make sure I take stock of what’s here so I can find out what I’m missing.”

Dan couldn’t help but laugh at the absolute glee Lucifer was exuding for the kitchen. It was cute. This only made him laugh harder because thinking of the Devil as cute was just ridiculous. Lucifer frowned.

“What the bloody hell is so funny, Daniel?” he asked, opening the fridge to put things away.

“Just seeing you gush over a kitchen, of all things,” he answered. “You cook or something?”

“I quite enjoy cooking,” Lucifer said, folding the paper bags and storing them in a cabinet. “Frankly, I’m bored of takeout. I haven’t had a chance to cook a proper meal lately and I’m taking the opportunity tonight, thank you very much.”

Hearing the doorbell ring, they went and answered it. A couple was on the other side, with a bottle of wine.

“Hi there!” the woman said. “I’m Carol Bridges. This is my husband, Tim. We wanted to come and welcome you to the neighborhood.”

“Thanks,” Dan told her, reaching out and giving her a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek. Lucifer graciously took the wine from her husband. “We’re excited to finally have our own home. I was sick to death of apartment life. I’m Dan. And this is my husband Lucifer.”

“That’s really your name?” Tim asked.

“God given, I’m afraid,” Lucifer replied, giving him a wink. “Thank you so much for stopping by and giving us this lovely bottle of wine. But we still have a little unpacking to do and I need to see to our dinner. I was just telling Dan that I’m done getting take out. Not when I have such a lovely kitchen now.”

“How about we have dinner with you tomorrow then?” Carol asked, fidgeting a little with excitement.

“Sounds lovely,” Lucifer replied. “See you then.”

The couple gave them both another hug before leaving.

“I’m impressed that you were able to be so smooth, Daniel,” Lucifer said as he placed the bottle in a wine cooler built into the kitchen island. “Frankly, I was a touch worried you’d freeze up.”

“I’ve been mentally preparing myself using a few of techniques from the improv classes I was taking,” he said with a shrug. “I stopped after meeting Charlotte. It was more of a way for me to get out of the house and socialize than anything.”

He had a seat on one of the bar stools tucked under the kitchen island. Dan watched Lucifer as he moved around the kitchen. It was interesting to watch him work.

“So what’re we having?” he asked.

“I wanted to make dinner a quick affair tonight since I was planning on someone from the neighborhood joining us tomorrow,” he explained, getting the stand mixer set up. “So we’re having steak tonight and rack of lamb tomorrow. But I’m making dessert first; for both tonight and tomorrow. It’ll need time to set.”

“What is it?”

“Just a simple pudding,” Lucifer answered, giving him a wink.

Dan frowned. “What game are you playing here, Lucifer?”

“What do you mean, Daniel?”

“You’ve been really nice to me,” Dan started in. “Haven’t called me a douche for days now. And now…making one of my favorite foods, why? Why are you doing all of this?”

“Isn’t it customary to do or make things your date enjoys to show that you listen and care about their feelings and interests?” Lucifer asked, giving him a look of concern.

Dan felt a little woozy at that last comment.

“Date?” he asked. “You…you’re cooking this dinner…as a date? While we’re undercover? A…romantic date?”

“Yes, Daniel,” Lucifer answered carefully. “As inspired and intuitive as you are on the job, subtle you are not.”

“Fuck,” Dan cursed in his mind.

“How…how did you even know?” he asked. He could tell his face was burning red, but he couldn’t help it. “I’ve never told anyone.”

“I’ve noticed how you look at me sometimes,” Lucifer replied, smiling fondly. “Normally I would’ve just teased you a little. But then you started praying to me.”

“No, I didn’t,” Dan scoffed. “Why would I?”

“Maybe not actively praying,” Lucifer said, adding ingredients to the mixer before turning it on. “Right after the reveal of myself, you prayed to me that night, apologizing for running out. I could tell you weren’t sure if I’d even hear it, but I did. And I really appreciated it. Not long after I noticed how you were looking at me, I started hearing you again. It was mostly whenever we were in the same room, but a couple of times…it was late at night. You weren’t really talking to me, more like thinking about me…quite vividly.”

“Oh no,” he whispered, nearly falling off his stool. “You mean…you heard…you saw…”

“You have a very active imagination, Daniel,” Lucifer purred, leaning over the island. “I was pleasantly surprised by what you came up with.”

Dan went quiet, looking down at his hands. He felt like a damn idiot. Of all the people to lust after…it had to be a fallen angel that could see and hear whenever you were thinking about them enough. Yay for him.

“Though I’ve been a little worried about you the last couple of days,” Lucifer said, making him look up.

“Why?” he asked, fearing the answer.

“Just a moment, darling,” Lucifer told him, stopping the mixer.

He worked quickly, finishing dessert and getting it put away in the fridge to set. Lucifer came around and took his hand. Dan let him pull him through the kitchen and into the living room. It was easy enough just to follow Lucifer and let him sit him down on the couch.

“Daniel…you’ve been very quiet over the past week,” Lucifer said. “I’ve seen how you try to do everything under the sun for your co-workers, for Chloe. They barely thank you for it; much less seem to appreciate it. And I’m sorry, but that desk of yours has been looking drearier the longer you work yourself to death behind it. Why do you let them walk all over you?”

“Come on, Lucifer,” Dan sighed, very uncomfortable with this line of questioning. “It’s been that way since I turned myself in and they demoted me. I made a mess of a lot of things, including my life. The least I can do is just do my job and make things easier for everyone else.”

“You’re better than that. And if I can see it, so can the rest of those arses you work with.”

Dan shrugged, not sure what to say about it.

“What happened last night, Daniel?” the Devil asked him softly, moving to sit right against him, putting an arm around him. He hated and loved how safe it made him feel. “Start with what time you ended up leaving the office.”

“Midnight,” he finally said. “I was walking to my car and I got a text. I, uh…I’d signed up for Grindr a couple of weeks ago and it was a message from a guy I’d sent a message to. He wanted to have drinks.”

“I never took you as being into men,” Lucifer said. “At least not until recently.”

“I discovered I was bi when I was in high school,” Dan admitted. “But seeing how much people hated that kind of thing, I buried it. I forgot about it. After my marriage blew up in my face and I lost Charlotte, I realized how tired I was of hiding it. Granted, I’m still scared to death of anyone else knowing right this second, but...I was done lying to myself.”

“So you met your suitor for a drink?” Lucifer asked, prompting him to continue his story.

“I did,” he continued. “We talked a little, had a bite to eat. Things…got heated after that. I was right there with him and it felt good. I felt better than I have in a long time. I went down on him and we both got into it. He finished first, but before I could…I got called in on the kidnapping case. The lieutenant had stressed that I needed to get there ASAP.”

“So you saw to your date’s needs but got interrupted before you could see to your own?” Lucifer asked, clearly wanting to hear him say it again.

“Yeah,” Dan sighed. “After that…, it’s been nothing but work. I know at some point I fell asleep at my desk last night, but it can’t have been for long.”

“All that and trying to keep me in the dark about how you feel?” Lucifer asked on a whistle. “It’s a wonder you’ve not cracked yet.”

“It’s been frustrating,” he said, idly running his fingers along the back of Lucifer’s free hand. “I ache and I know I’m close to taking someone’s head off just to vent.”

“We’ll take care of that soon,” Lucifer told him, pressing a kiss to his temple before moving to stand. “But right now, we need to finish dinner. Come, you can help me.”

Dan couldn’t help the blush that hit his face as he followed. They were quiet as they worked in the kitchen. Lucifer left Dan to decide how he wanted his potatoes. He decided on mashed. While he worked on getting them boiled and mashed, Lucifer seasoned their steaks and got them into a hot pan. It was fascinating to watch him, but he was careful not to get too distracted. Once he’d finished getting the potatoes ready, Lucifer grabbed some fresh green beans from the fridge and did a quick cook on them while the steaks finished in the oven. When they were done, he plated them, taking the little bit of fat and drippings left in the pan and adding some Dijon mustard, spices and red wine before turning the burner up and left it to simmer.

“Get the silverware and a couple of glasses and set the table,” Lucifer told him. “I’ll be along with the plates.”

Dan nodded and did as he requested. As he sat down, Lucifer came in and set a plate in front of him. It looked amazing, like right out of one of the better restaurants in town. Lucifer went back to the kitchen; only to come back with the wine their neighbors gifted them and an opener.

“I’m surprised you’d even open a bottle of wine that didn’t cost at least $100,” Dan said with a little smile.

“Give me some credit, Daniel,” he replied, smiling back as he poured them each a glass. “I happen to know the owner of the winery that makes this. It’s one of their pricier vintages for the general public, but I love how the flavor pairs with food. Expensive doesn’t always mean good. And cheap doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have value.”

“This smells amazing,” Dan sighed. “You didn’t have to do this much. I’m a cheap date, just ask Chloe.”

“Nonsense, Daniel. It didn’t take long and I don’t care to spend money to have a good time.”

“I take it this isn’t the first time you wanted to impress a date?” Dan asked as he took a bite of the steak. “Wow. This is fantastic. I usually prefer my steak medium well, but this…looks like I’m a mid-rare guy now.”

“Any chef I’ve ever learned from has insisted it’s mid-rare or it’s too done or not done enough,” Lucifer said. “And I agree.”

“And you’re right about the wine,” Dan added after taking a sip. “It does go well with the food.”

“I’m hardly wrong about anything, Daniel. So, have you read any interesting books lately?”

“Usually I’m not into reading,” he replied with a shrug. “The last thing I really remember reading all the way through was the Harry Potter books for Trixie.”

“I did enjoy reading them myself, actually. Movies weren’t bad either.”

“But I did pick up a book a couple days ago when I was shopping. Some book called ‘Good Omens’. It’s about an angel and a demon that have been best friends throughout history that want to stop the Apocalypse from happening. It’s pretty funny actually.”

“I’ll have to try it,” Lucifer said. “It usually gives me something to laugh about when humans write their own fiction based on religion. Half the time the message they’re trying to get across is better than any religious text.”

“Oh, then I know one that’ll get you smiling at least,” Dan said, recalling a book he’d read some years ago. “I was at a yard sale and ended up buying a random box of stuff. In there was a book called ‘The Stupidest Angel’. It’s about a seven year old kid that saw who he thought was Santa get murdered, so he wishes for Santa to come back from the dead. An angel by the name of Raziel is sent to grant a Christmas wish, but instead of bringing Santa back to life, brings back every dead person in town as a zombie.”

“Raziel?” Lucifer asked, sitting back in his chair. “Blond angel? Seems a bit slow?”

“That’s what I remember from the book,” Dan said. “Wait…he’s real?!”

“Yes,” Lucifer replied. “His twin sister Dina, keeps him from making a mistake that big. But he’s very kind and has a big heart. His domain is wildlife. He cares for animals and flowers, giving any support he can during natural disasters. He and Dina work together to preserve species on this planet.”

“I kind of feel bad for him, given how he’s portrayed in the book,” Dan said with a nod.

“Don’t worry too much,” Lucifer said, continuing with dinner. “Raziel is one of many of my brothers and sisters that aren’t named in any of the religious texts. So it’s most likely complete coincidence the author used him in it. Or he happened to meet him and got inspired, who knows?"

They continued to make conversation, keeping it on light topics. He even managed to make Lucifer actually laugh. The sound made his stomach flip in excitement and he could feel himself getting hard even now. Damn it. He was way too easy to get going right now.

“I can’t see you as such a rebel, Daniel,” Lucifer said as his laughter eased. He took both their empty plates to the kitchen. “Streaking across the practice field at police academy?”

“Never doubt what a dozen tequila shots can make look like a stroke of genius,” Dan replied with a smirk.

“Got any room for dessert?” Lucifer asked.

“I do tonight.”

Dan couldn’t help but be a little excited. He’d never had homemade pudding before and it was chocolate, his favorite flavor. When he took a bite, Dan moaned. It was perfect.

“I take it you like it?” Lucifer teased, slowly licking the treat off his own spoon.

He tracked the movement with his eyes. It gave him other ideas; one of them being of getting Lucifer’s tongue to reenact his little show with his cock as the star. Dan took a deep breath, trying to keep his cool. Last thing he needed was to come in his pants like a damn teenager. That would be beyond embarrassing.

“Am I distracting you?” Lucifer asked, the smile on his face telling him he knew exactly where his mind had went.

“Hardly,” Dan quipped back. “More like focusing my attention on you.”

“Patience, love,” the Devil purred at him, his eyes flashing red for a moment. “We have all night.”

Once they’d finished dessert, Dan helped him with the dishes. He hated leaving them for the next day. With that task completed, Lucifer took his hand and led him upstairs.

“Mmm…much better,” Lucifer sighed. “Now we have some actual privacy.”

Dan gasped as Lucifer pulled him tight to his side, his hand wandering down to grab at his ass. That got him to fully hard in seconds. He wanted to curse whoever thought it was a good idea for denim to be so damn constrictive. He pulled him along and into the master bedroom.

“Let’s get a shower first,” Lucifer suggested. “And we can save on hot water by going in together.”

“Wait,” Dan said, blushing deeply when he felt a familiar heavy feeling in his gut. “Um…mind letting me have the bathroom first?”

“Not a problem,” the Devil said with a grin. “Just give a shout when you’re ready.”

It took him a good five minutes to properly relax enough to even use the facilities, knowing Lucifer was just in the other room. Hearing the TV play the local news, Dan was able to just chill out and let his body do what it needed to. Once that was out of the way, he flushed and washed his hands. Okay, now he knew his nerves were shot. Who washes their hands before getting in the shower? He undressed and got the hot water running. It felt good to get a hot shower with good water pressure.

The showers at the station had shit for pressure if you didn’t give it an hour after shift changes. He allowed himself to think about Lucifer now, lathering up his hair as he prayed to the fallen angel that he was free to join him. It was so weird how his nerves were more out of excitement than fear. But really, even when the guy was annoying him in the beginning, he’d thought about what it would be like to be with him. And it had been crazy hard to keep from spilling his guts those few times he’d been asked ‘The Question’.

Dan jumped a little when he felt Lucifer’s hands pull his arms down to his sides, taking over massaging his scalp. He sighed as he widened his stance a bit, lowering himself a little. Lucifer was taller than him by a good 3 inches, but he wanted to make it easier for him.

“I never really took you for being the type to sub for anyone, Daniel,” Lucifer said in his ear. “But it’s quite refreshing. Or do you prefer being the one in charge?”

“Complete honesty, right?” Dan asked, letting him move him under the spray to rinse. “No judgment?”

“Yes,” Lucifer answered simply, his hands smoothing down his arms.

“I don’t really know what I like better in this situation,” he admitted. “I’ve never allowed myself to have this. All I know is I just want you, however that comes.”

“I can work with that,” the Devil purred, that voice of his feeling like it was physically stroking him all over.

Dan opened his eyes to watch Lucifer get a sponge and lather it before starting in on his front. While he was being cleaned, he took an opportunity to look him over. Lucifer was tall and lean, reminding him of Olympic swimmers in his build. He really liked his narrow waist and firm hips. Dan groaned as Lucifer skipped over his now aching cock to move and wash his hips and thighs. He got achingly close to touching him, before moving down to his calves and feet. When he did touch him, Dan’s hips jerked forward, making him shudder all over. But the touch was gone as soon as he’d had a chance to really feel it. It made him want to cry.

Lucifer stood tall and made him look up at him. He’d expected a kiss from Lucifer to be desperate and hungry, full of passion. What he got was something soft, a brush of his lips before pulling him in by the back of his neck and gently easing him into it. He sagged against him, holding tightly to his forearms to stay upright. When he pulled out of the kiss, Lucifer rested his forehead against his.

“Stop fighting yourself, Dan,” he said softly, pecking his lips again. “You’re all tense and you won’t enjoy this at all until you relax.”

“It’s difficult,” he sighed. “I’ve been doing this for so long.”

“Shh,” Lucifer hushed, kissing him again as he pulled their bodies flush together. “It’s alright. It’s only us here. This is for just us. And it will stay that way, if that’s what you really want. You have my word.”

Hearing the sincere promise that he’d never tell another soul about this, it felt like a weight had lifted. Dan put his arms around Lucifer’s waist and kissed him again. The Devil’s hands moved to grip his ass, squeezing hard. It made him groan, forcing him to rut against Lucifer’s erection.

“That’s better,” Lucifer sighed as Dan turned to let him wash his back. “I have to say, you’ve taken very good care of yourself, Daniel. The buff look definitely works for you.”

The simple compliment affected him more than he could ever say, his toes curling slightly against the tile floor. The Devil chuckled as he moved down his back with the sponge. Skipping his ass, he carefully cleaned the backs of his thighs, massaging the firm muscle as he knelt to get at the back of his calves. Dan let out a yelp when he felt a quick bite to his left ass cheek. When it happened to the right side, he whimpered. His cock hung hard and heavy, but he didn’t want to stop. He didn’t want this to end and if he touched himself right now, he’d probably black out for the rest of the night. He couldn’t help the shiver that raced up his spine when he felt long fingers spread him open, barely touching his hole.

“Is this ok?” Lucifer asked softly.

“Yes,” he breathed, sliding his feet apart a little more. “Please don’t stop.”

“You’re just full of surprises,” Lucifer said as he eased a slickened finger inside him. “Why haven’t you touched yourself yet?”

“If I do,” Dan panted, “I won’t last. Hell, I’d probably pass out from exhaustion.”

“Well, then I’d best make a good first impression with you,” Lucifer growled as he added a second finger, getting to his feet.

It stung a little, but it was brief. When he started moving them, spreading them first before relaxing and easing them nearly all the way out before pushing them back in, Dan nearly lost it. He started moving with him, making him press deeper. The growl he heard only made him moan louder. Two more fingers were added, the tips of his longest fingers brushing against what had to be his prostate. Lucifer pressed him harder into the wall, his erection rubbing against his hip.

“Fuck, you make such pretty noises, Daniel,” Lucifer panted against his ear. “You take me so well. Soon you’ll be ready for my cock.”

“Lucifer…please,” he cried. He couldn’t take it anymore. “Please let me come.”

“Going to come untouched for me?” Lucifer asked. “Yes, you are, because you’re so good for me. Just let go, love. I’ve got you. Come for me.”

With one last jab at his prostate, Dan obeyed. He fell back against him as the orgasm overtook him, eyes screwed shut as he felt his cock pulse, painting the wall in front of him white before the water rinsed it down the drain. Dan felt like he was flying, his legs nothing but jelly after that. Lucifer held him up easily, which was a serious turn on. The fallen angel took him in hand carefully, giving him a very light stroke. It had him shout Lucifer’s name as it sparked the wave again, pulling another couple pulses from him before he had to pull away from the touch. He continued to hold him, pressing kisses to the back of his neck and shoulders.

“You ok to stand, Daniel?” Lucifer finally asked after several minutes. “The water is starting to go cold.”

“I think so,” he finally said, his voice hoarse.

Lucifer carefully removed his fingers from him before washing his hand and giving himself a quick scrub before turning the water off. Dan frowned as the feeling of emptiness, in spite of feeling all warm and fuzzy still. He could feel exhaustion creeping up on him, but he fought it off. He wanted more. Stepping out of the shower, Lucifer dried him off. Dan reciprocated, enjoying the intimacy. Once they were back in the bedroom, Lucifer sat on the edge of the bed. He looked confused when Dan went to his knees in front of him.

“Careful there, Daniel,” Lucifer warned playfully. “While I do enjoy oral sex, all of my partners have nearly harmed themselves trying to get me to finish for them. Not that I haven’t, but that’s usually with me at the edge after having been thoroughly fucking them rotten.”

“I want to,” Daniel said, running his hands up Lucifer’s legs, smoothing his hands against his thighs as he made him spread them wider. “You’ve…done more for me today than most people have done in my life. I want to reciprocate. Besides, I was practically drooling when I got a look at you earlier. I almost went to my knees in the shower for you.”

Lucifer laughed softly, running his fingers through his hair. He pressed into the touch, feeling…free.

“Alright then,” the Devil sighed. “Have your way with me.”

Dan smiled before putting his mouth on him. Lucifer was definitely bigger than Evan was; longer certainly, and a bit thicker. But he enjoyed the feel of him. Dan started off slow, rolling his tongue around the head of his cock before taking more of him, increasing suction as he went. Hearing Lucifer gasp only drove him on. The hand in his hair tightened as he pulled back only to relax his jaw and throat and take him deeper, only an inch or so not sheathed in him yet.

“Bloody hell,” Lucifer groaned, his hips thrusting upwards gently. “Fuck that’s good.”

The praise made him worker at him faster, harder. It only took minutes before he’d managed to take every inch of him. Lucifer moaned his name again, both of his hands tangling into his short hair. Dan was shocked when he felt his cock thickening. It’d been years since he’d been able to go again so soon. Lucifer pulled back and made him look at him. His irises were blood red and glowing. It only made him hotter.

“Do you trust me, Daniel?” he asked, his voice deeper than before.

“Yes,” he replied. “I know you won’t hurt me.”

Lucifer got to his feet, tugging him back to his cock. Dan took the command and let him push back into his mouth again. He started moving, starting with a slow roll of his hips. He groaned, making Lucifer thrust harder. When Dan started touching himself, Lucifer growled again, moving faster. Dan let his jaw go slack and relaxed his throat.

“Daniel,” he panted. “Mmm…I don’t know where you learned this. But damn, I’m close.”

He hummed in pleasure and looked up at Lucifer, his hand moving quicker as he got closer to letting go again. Something in Lucifer snapped. Dan’s eyes went wide as his wings unfurled, wrapping around them both. It pulled him tight against Lucifer’s body as he roared his name. Dan swallowed quickly, his own orgasm getting ripped from him as he swallowed every drop. When he was spent, Lucifer fell to his knees, panting hard. Dan grinned, pulling him close. Lucifer kissed him, his wings shifting a little to hug him as close as possible.

“That was bloody amazing,” Lucifer sighed as they pulled themselves into the bed. “Who taught you to do that?”

“No one,” Dan said with a blush. “Kind of just went with it.”

“Daniel Espinoza,” Lucifer purred. “You’re quite the puzzle. No gag reflex, never would’ve guessed.”

“I was just as surprised as you when I did it with Evan,” Dan laughed. “I was so sure I would barely be able to take anything without gagging. Instead I end up being capable of getting throat fucked.”

“As much as I’d love to continue…you’re exhausted. I can practically feel how worn down you are,” Lucifer said, getting the covers out from under them and pulling them up to their waists.

Dan yawned, nodding in agreement. “But…I was good?”

“The best, darling,” Lucifer replied. “Truly amazing you are.” He pulled him close and draped a wing over them both. “Sleep. We can talk in the morning. Or play some more.”

“Perfect,” Dan muttered, unable to keep a smile off his face as he sank into sleep.

Chapter Text

One Week Later


It was just another day at the office. Another Friday afternoon where he kept processing case notes and getting paperwork filed while he kept an eye on Chloe and Lucifer. The undercover operation was a great success. Not only did they catch their killer; a disgruntled single father that went after cheating spouses in the neighborhood, but they’d gotten the drop on an attempted kidnapping. They’d prevented any loss of life or anyone else going missing as well as got possession of the vehicle. The suspects managed to get away, but they had more than before. The lieutenant was impressed and had praised their good work.

After the case, he and Lucifer had gone their separate ways. Dan honestly didn’t want to give up the ring, but it wasn’t really his anymore. He had given it to Lucifer once the case was done. After that first night, while still on the case, they’d done more of the same when they had time to themselves; kissing, touching, enjoying the intimacy. But Dan kept shying away from Lucifer when it came to full on, penetrative sex. He hated himself for it, but Lucifer didn’t press him on it, didn’t force it. After the case, Dan wrote texts to Lucifer every night, only to delete them. Every one of them sounded desperate and clingy. Evan had texted him a few times after the case, but he told him that he wasn’t up to seeing anyone right now. Truthfully…he really wanted more with Lucifer. But the Devil seemed to have sated his curiosity and didn’t really give him any indication of being interested anymore. Dan knew it was because that’s what he’d wanted; to keep things discreet, not let anyone find out about it. It still sucked though.

“See you Monday, Dan,” Chloe said on her way out. “I’m done for today and I need to finish packing. Trixie’s really excited for this little trip of ours. I’m relieved I could keep the time off. Thanks for switching weekends with me.”

“It’s no problem,” he told her with a smile. “Give her a hug and kiss from me, ok?”

“Sure thing,” Chloe shouted over her shoulder.

Dan turned back to his paperwork…only to look up when a hand wearing a familiar onyx ring covered the report he was working on. He looked up to see Lucifer standing there, giving him a smile. Dan could feel a little blush hit his face, but kept his composure. If Lucifer could act like nothing happened, so could he.

“Can I help you with something?” he asked.

“Yes, actually,” Lucifer drawled. “Could I have a word with you in private?”

Dan nodded, getting up from his chair. They went to the interrogation room’s viewing chamber. He made sure the door was locked once they were inside. He sat himself on the edge of the table they kept in here for files and notes.

“What do you want?” he asked.

Lucifer said nothing, just eased up against his body. He kissed him good and hard, making his brain take a quick vacation. Dan wanted to be a little mad at him, tasting what had to be his last pudding on the Devil’s tongue, but it only made him want more from him. The grin on Lucifer’s face when he pulled back made him happy.

“I’ve wanted to do that all week,” he sighed, putting his arms around him. “It’s been maddening to have you so close, but I can’t touch you the way I want to.”

“So…you’re still…interested in me?” Dan asked, unsure of what to really feel at the moment.

“Of course I am,” Lucifer replied, sounding a little hurt. “You said you didn’t want anyone to know about us. So I’m just doing what I always do.”

“Why didn’t you call then?” Dan asked. Fuck, he hated to sound so passive aggressive. He always hated when Chloe or Charlotte had taken that tone with him.

“My apologies, Daniel,” Lucifer said, moving to kiss his throat. “Business at the club has kept me occupied along with this kidnapping case. Not to worry, I’ve hired a manager that will report directly to me if there are any problems that require my attention, but will handle the day to day. Aside from my sets twice a week, I’ve freed myself up a bit. Hmm…in fact, I’d love to take you out this evening. I think we could both use a night out.”

“I have to finish my reports before I can leave. And then I have to come back here anyway with the shift rotation still in place,” Dan sighed, resigned to his fate. “Even after what we managed to accomplish, I’m still stuck in purgatory.”

“Hardly,” Lucifer scoffed. “At least there’s some semblance of peace in actual Purgatory.” He gave Dan a light bite to his shoulder before pulling away and straightening his shirt. He smiled as he smoothed his collar. “You’re still using the clothes I bought you.”

“They’re actually comfortable and I like the way I look,” Dan said with a shrug, trying and failing to stop blushing. “I’m sorry.”

“What are you apologizing for?” Lucifer asked, confused.

“I wrote a number of texts to you all week,” he replied. “But I deleted them before I could send them. I…I didn’t want to seem too needy.”

“I heard them all, Daniel,” Lucifer said with a chuckle. “Seriously, every time you think about me, I hear you. Sometimes get a mental picture to go with it. Do you know how many times I’ve wanted to hide in the janitor’s closet or in here and wait for you to walk by so I could grab you and give you what you really want. What you’ve been dreaming about.”

“Am I the only one?” Dan asked, feeling oddly jealous if anyone he knew could do that to him.

“You’re the only one that comes through clear enough for me to practically taste you, especially when you’re thinking up such sexy scenarios. Your offspring says good night to me that way. She’s always believed that I’m the Devil. A few times she’ll pray to me with some of her problems or even when it’s just a random question that comes up when she’s in class. If I can, I try to write it down along with an answer and give it to her the next time I see her. Children are so unpredictable. They make me nervous, to be honest. Beatrice…is different. I hear Chloe when she’s particularly annoyed with me. Other than that, I get the occasional Satanist or teenager praying to what they believe me to be. Those are very few and far between thankfully.”

“But why me?” he asked.

“I think with your offspring and Chloe, they’ve been atheist or agnostic, at the very least,” Lucifer mused. “Which for them it’s more of a natural fact that I am what I am. You were raised Catholic, correct?” Dan nodded. “And did you truly believe?”

“When I was a kid,” Dan answered after thinking it over. “Man…I had nightmares about hell for a long time. But as I got older, I felt a lot of doubt, but I still had faith in a higher power. I prayed occasionally; mostly for the strength to get through the tough times, for courage when I started with the force. It helped. Now knowing it’s real and after hearing what you’ve had to say on the matter? I believe more in you helping us exact justice than in your dad helping anyone.”

“And that would be the reason why you’re so vivid,” Lucifer said, fixing his cuffs. “You have not just belief, but conviction that I will do what I was born to do.” He paused as he pulled out a pocket watch from his pocket, checking the time. “And I really don’t want to see you working until midnight again. Come on, I’ll help you with the reports.”

“Wait…you’ll help me with paperwork?” Dan asked as they walked back to his desk. “Seriously? I’ve seen you practically fly out of here to stay away from filing reports.”

“The sooner it’s finished, the sooner I can have you to myself,” he purred in his ear.

Dan swallowed hard, picking up the pace and sitting down quickly. As they worked, Dan couldn’t help but notice some of the other officers looking at them strangely. One of the girls from dispatch came by, shamelessly flirting with Lucifer. Clearly, she was hoping to spend the night with him. Talk about a version of a living hell; hopelessly carrying a torch for the guy across from him, (who was actually into him too), but because of his own wish to keep quiet, can’t stake his claim on the sharply dressed Devil with a short attention span. Thankfully, Lucifer graciously declined her offer to meet for drinks and turned back to the file he was working with.

“I’m surprised you didn’t just go with her,” Dan said, finishing the file in front of him.

“Who?” Lucifer asked, finishing the file he had and placing it in his ‘Done’ pile.

“Stacy,” he answered. “From Dispatch? The woman who was just here practically begging to go back to Lux with you?”

“I’m with you,” Lucifer said simply, grabbing another file. He looked up and met his eyes, the grin spreading on his face the very definition of ‘devilish’. “Or were you looking for this evening to be like that dream you had…Tuesday night? It’s one of my personal favorites.”

“No!” he exclaimed.

That was his favorite dream too. Actually…a close second to what just popped into his head. Lucifer’s eyes flashed red, making his face heat up from embarrassment. A low growl could be heard coming from him, making Dan’s pants shrink in a very uncomfortable place.

“I would love to throw a bacchanal for you, Dan,” Lucifer said, his eyes still that brilliant crimson usually only reserved for those who’d incurred his wrath.

“Isn’t that just a fancy word for orgy?” Dan asked, trying to ignore the painful squeeze on his erection.

“Mine aren’t,” Lucifer told him, continuing to work. “Orgies I tend to invite anyone in my club and some close acquaintances. I tend to allow drugs to be used. They tend to get quite wild. Now when I throw a bacchanal, I have a very specific list of people I invite. Most are married or couples, they are always allowed a +1. It starts as more of a dinner party; good food, drink, dancing. But it’s meant for people to socialize and connect intimately, if they choose to. I take consent quite seriously and if someone breaks that rule, they are banned. These parties tend to last days. Orgies are no more than a day, usually only several hours. Consent is a hard rule at any event I host. No judgments either.”

Dan went quiet. It sounded pretty nice. But fantasy and reality are two different things.

“I have no idea how comfortable I’d be with it,” he sighed. “I’m honestly worried I’d freak out at seeing someone else with you like that.”

“You have my word that if you truly didn’t want to participate or me to, I wouldn’t. I’d stay to oversee the festivities, but I’d stay on the sidelines,” Lucifer told him.

Now that had Dan feeling guilty. The guy ran off of desire. To force him to deny himself because of his own insecurity and jealousy would be torture.

“Stop that,” Lucifer snapped at him, his eyes back to normal at this point. “Do not feel guilty for perceived sin. If I want to dedicate myself to you and only to you, that’s my choice. You’re important to me. I’m very fond of you at this point and if it would make you happy, then I’ll make that choice.”

He nodded in agreement and kept working. Over the next two hours, they worked quickly and quietly. Lucifer only got up long enough to get them water or coffee. When he’d signed the last file, Dan sat back in his chair and stretched. He excused himself to the bathroom, blaming the coffee. It was only half true, but he didn’t want to ruin the surprise for Lucifer if things went the way he hoped.

“I can’t thank you enough for your help, Lucifer,” he said. “I’d have been working all night at the rate I was going.”

“Anytime,” the Devil replied. “Now let’s get out of here.”

Dan grabbed his keys and shoved them into his pocket along with his wallet and badge. As they walked side by side, Dan reached out and grabbed Lucifer’s hand, threading his fingers through his.

“Are you sure about this?” Lucifer asked him.

He squeezed his hand lightly. “I only live once, right? And it’s not like there aren’t any other gay, bi, whatever officers that are out and forward about it.”

“Careful, Daniel; I think I’m rubbing off on you,” Lucifer said with a laugh.

“Fuck it,” Dan muttered to himself before pulling Lucifer in for a kiss; right in the middle of the precinct. He couldn’t help but smile against the Devil’s mouth when he felt him jump a little in surprise.

“Espinoza!” he heard the lieutenant call out.

Dan bit back a groan as he turned to watch her walk up to them. He pulled his hand back from Lucifer and held them both up.

“Look, I finished the reports,” he told her. “They’re all on my desk. I need to get out of here for a little while. I swear to be back after some down time and grab fresh clothes from home.”

“Sure thing,” she replied. “You’ve kicked ass this week. Feel free to have the night off, just make sure to back by 9am, ok?”

“Yes, ma’am,” he told her. “Um…thanks.”

“Until we finish the cross reference of our victims’ social media accounts, we don’t really have any new leads to track,” she sighed heavily. “But the bust on that attempt to kidnap really helped out and Ms. Lopez’s idea to check for any overlaps on social media was solid. Just don’t leave your phone off, got it?” He nodded an affirmative. She looked at him, than at Lucifer. “And how long has this been going on for?”

“Since we went undercover,” Lucifer answered, that grin of his returning. “Pun intended.”

The lieutenant laughed. Dan could only look at his feet and blush.

“Hey Ricky!” the lieutenant shouted, facing towards narcotics.

“Yeah boss?” another officer replied, standing up at his desk.

“Lopez and Decker won the pot about these two!” she called.

“What?!” Dan exclaimed. “What pot?”

“The pool everyone had going on when you two would finally stop circling each other and go out,” the lieutenant said with a smile.

“How long has that been going on?” he asked.

“Two months,” she told him. “Decker noticed you staring at Morningstar over here and one of the officers from missing persons mentioned they saw you ogling him another time before that. So we all decided to see how long it would take before you cracked and jumped him. I thought there was no way you’d go for it. A few others were in that camp so we set a cut off of six months and we’d split the kitty. Damn, should’ve told Decker she wasn’t allowed in since she had inside information, being married to you and all.”

“Chloe has no idea that I’m bi,” Dan snapped, completely mortified.

“Hate to break it to you…but she does,” Ella said from behind him.

He turned to stare at the perky forensic scientist as she walked up, her camera bag on her right shoulder.

“What?” he asked. His throat went dry.

“Yeah. At one of our tribe nights, she told us that she’d seen you checking out other men while you were married to her. Noticed other things and she put it all together. She figured that your own baggage caught up with you and had you always working so you didn’t have to face it, which led to your divorce,” she said. “It’s cool. I think everyone in the precinct kind of knew. Why do you think Ryan from IT and Blake from SVU never asked you out when they hit on any of the hot guys in the office? They knew you didn’t want to be outed.”

“Well, congratulations to you, Ella,” he said with a shaky laugh. “Enjoy your winnings.”

“You better believe it,” she told him. “2500 bucks will help out nicely.”

Dan was speechless at this point. Lucifer took hold of his elbow and started to lead him away.

“Don’t let him drink too much tonight, Lucifer,” the lieutenant called after them.

“How in the hell have I been any kind of a detective if I can’t keep something that private a secret?” he asked himself as he got into Lucifer’s car. “I feel like an idiot.”

“If you’d really wanted to keep any one from knowing about your sexuality,” Lucifer said. “They wouldn’t have known. But I think you were done hiding once you were out in the world, on your own. But it does show that everyone in that building cares about you if they let you ‘hide’ it for this long.”

“I guess you’re right,” Dan sighed. “Though I’m kind of bummed that Ryan or Blake didn’t even try to ask me out before, even if I was married.”

Lucifer laughed, making him laugh too.

“What?” he asked. “Have you not seen either of them? If I would’ve known they liked me, I would’ve at least asked Chloe to invite them over to try something new in the bedroom.”

“Let’s put a pin in that thought and come back to it later,” Lucifer offered. “Let’s forget about work for now and enjoy a lovely dinner.” He reached over with his right hand and placed it on Dan’s thigh, squeezing lightly. “And perhaps after we can go back to my place?”

“I like that plan,” Dan replied. Biting his lip, he took Lucifer’s hand and pulled it up higher on his thigh, moving to thrust against his palm. “But how about we go straight for your place instead? I’ve been aching since our chat at my desk.”

Lucifer growled, cupping and squeezing hard. Dan bucked and groaned, moving against his hand while he drove. By the time they pulled into his private parking spot in the garage behind the club, Dan was hard as a stone and desperate to come. After they got out of the car, Lucifer held his hand on the way to the elevator. Pulling his phone from his pocket, he hit the entry for his bartender.

“Lux, how can I help you?” he heard his bartender, Patrick reply.

“Patrick, listen carefully,” Lucifer said, clearly trying to keep his composure. Though Dan liked the glare he shot him when he got his hand into Lucifer’s pants and gave him a good squeeze. “I’m in the garage, about to go up to the penthouse. Shut the elevator down in five minutes. No one comes up and I don’t want to be disturbed unless it’s an absolute emergency, do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” his bartender replied quickly. “Anything else, sir?”

“Call up Gino’s in an hour and have him make the chef’s special for two, to be delivered,” he added.

“Sure thing, boss,” was the reply he got. “Have a good evening.”

Lucifer hung up and once he had his phone in his pocket, he pushed Dan up against the wall of the elevator, hitting the button for the penthouse.

“Think you’re cute pulling a move like that?” Lucifer growled playfully, pulling Dan’s hand back out of his pants. “And in public, no less. Are you trying to get arrested for public indecency?”

“Not like you haven’t tried to,” Dan snapped back with a smile.

“I like this side of you,” Lucifer panted, kissing him breathless.

When the elevator opened up, Lucifer took hold of the backs of his thighs and carried him into his bedroom.

“Fuck, I forgot how strong you are,” Dan gasped as Lucifer sat on the edge of his bed, Dan straddling his lap.

“There’s more to the Devil than that, I assure you, Daniel,” Lucifer said, that trademark grin of his on his face. “Now…strip for me.”

Dan kissed him again first, leaning back a bit and slowly unbuttoning his shirt; letting it slide off his shoulders. He could feel the firm grip Lucifer had on his hips, keeping him steady. The look on Lucifer’s face gave him confidence as he pulled his undershirt free of his jeans, pulling it slowly up his torso before chucking it to the side. He gasped in surprise when Lucifer’s hands moved to his lower spine, holding him up as he leaned in and licked a long line up his torso. It felt like fire was lit under his skin wherever Lucifer touched him. He didn’t care if he burned for this, it was just too good.

He eased back, pulling Dan with him. With a hand on the back of his neck, he pulled him in for another kiss. Dan moaned into his mouth when he felt Lucifer’s other hand unbuckle his belt and get it stripped from his pants. When he unzipped his pants and eased his hand inside, Dan broke the kiss, groaning his name as he undulated shamelessly in the Devil’s lap. Lucifer growled again, that low, throaty sound making his cock throb to the beat of his heart.

“I didn’t have any clean underwear after sleeping at the precinct all week,” Dan panted, managing to get his pants down his legs and off without having to really get up from his seat. “And I was kind of hoping for something like this to happen all week.”

“You’re killing me here,” Lucifer panted, running his hands everywhere he could reach.

“But what a way to go, right?” Dan asked with a wink.

“You’re impossible,” Lucifer said with a smile, resting his forehead against Dan’s. “But amazing.”

“Any you’re wearing too many clothes,” Dan added, working open the buttons on Lucifer’s shirt.

Lucifer eased Dan off his lap and tore his clothes clean from his body. Dan frowned a little.

“That was one of my favorite suits of yours,” he said.

“I’ll buy another one,” Lucifer growled, pinning Dan to the mattress. “I want you now. Damn it all, but I still have to prep you. I’d hate to hurt you.”

“Um…,” Dan murmured, his face going red again. Damn it. “I took care of that.”


Dan whimpered at the sound of his voice dropping several octaves, the sound almost painful in its resonance, but had him nearly coming anyway.

“I…uh…I’ve been taking showers very late night, early morning at the station,” he explained. “So that…that I could prepare myself for you.”

“How exactly?” Lucifer asked, his hands smoothing up and down his torso, nearly touching his aching cock. “Tell me.”

“I did some research,” he started, unable to stop the shivering when Lucifer pinched or stroked a sensitive spot. “I started eating meals with more fiber to make certain functions easier, drank more water. Um…managed to purchase and use a reusable douche kit without dying of embarrassment. And…stretch myself nightly.”

He gasped when Lucifer dropped a hand down between his legs and slid a finger into him. That growl came back as he moved that digit slowly, dragging it out until it was nearly out before pressing back in. His eyes were red again, but it wasn’t out of anger. But it was clear he was on the edge of losing control. And that shouldn’t be as hot as it was. Dan loved it anyway.

“You’ve been fucking yourself open every night for me? How are you this wet with lube now?” he asked, adding a second finger.

Dan was amazed he was still rock hard, considering it felt like all of the blood in his body had relocated to his face.

“I did a quick stretch and slicked myself up when I used the restroom before we left the precinct,” he admitted, his voice at a whisper.

Lucifer added two more fingers and started stroking into him roughly. Dan moaned shamelessly, letting his legs fall open wide. When Lucifer finally stroked against his prostate, Dan came hard enough to see stars. As he came down, Lucifer manhandled him further up onto the bed, kneeling between his still spread legs.

“Never change, Daniel,” Lucifer purred, moving into position. He cupped Dan’s right cheek with his left hand. Dan melted into the touch, looking up at him and smiling lazily. “Now tell me…what do you desire?”

“I want to love you,” he said, turning his head to kiss his palm. “I want you.”

“And you have me,” Lucifer said softly.

He grabbed a small bottle of lube that had been stashed under one of his pillows and used most of the bottle to slick his cock. Dan relaxed into the mattress, breathing deep as Lucifer started to press in. It hurt a little, but it was more discomfort than actual pain. As he pushed deeper, the ache subsided and only left him feeling full. Lucifer stopped when he was all the way in, breathing deep. He leaned over and kissed him deeply. But it wasn’t enough. Dan wiggled his hips, making Lucifer bite his lip hard. The flare of pain was ignored as Dan tried to move his hips impatiently.

“Greedy little minx, aren’t you?” Lucifer asked, smirking as he held Dan’s hips in place. “But I’m in charge now.”

Dan struggled for a bit, trying to get more friction, more of him. But Lucifer wasn’t having it. He simply tightened his grip and leaned in closer, draping Dan’s wider frame with his own lean frame. Yet, he was the stronger of the two and when Dan could no longer move, he finally relaxed back into the mattress, relenting. But Dan still looked up at the devil with defiance.

“Hmm…it’ll be an interesting fight either later or another night for who gets to top,” the devil purred, finally starting to rock his hips. “If you’re clever enough or you beg prettily enough…I might let you win.”

Dan growled, sitting up quickly and kissing him roughly. Lucifer settled onto his knees and spread his thighs to balance Dan’s weight. Lucifer’s wings unfurled for additional balance as he palmed Dan’s ass and started to move him on his cock.

“Yes,” he sighed, letting his head fall to Lucifer’s shoulder. “Fuck…finally.”

“You’re so warm and tight,” Lucifer panted, nipping at Dan’s shoulder as he started moving harder. “You were made for this, love.”

Dan put his arms around Lucifer, his nails digging into the skin just below where his wings protruded from his back. Lucifer always ran hot, but it felt like the guy was a hot coal all over. His cock was like a steel rod wrapped in velvet, hitting all his sensitive spots with ease. He was nice and thick, the stretch almost painful. But he didn’t care, he just wanted more. Dan dug his nails in and scraped down either side of Lucifer’s spine. With Lucifer being what he was, he couldn’t break skin. But the devil still felt it and it only made him fuck him harder.

As his pace picked up, the tight coil that Dan knew to be his orgasm was steadily winding up again. Dan moved with him as best he could in Lucifer’s grip. Pulling back a little, he kissed his cheek, then his jaw. Lucifer turned a little, rubbing his nose against his, their harsh breathing the only sound to be heard over the sound of slick skin slapping together. Dan went to run his hand through the hair on the back of Lucifer’s head…only to accidentally brush along the inside of his wing.

“Fuck,” they both breathed when the touch had Lucifer buck hard enough to nearly throw Dan from the bed. Lucifer paused for a moment. Dan was glad for it, considering his prostate took such a hard jab that he’d thought he’d come.

“So--,” he went to say when Lucifer kissed him fiercely.

He peeled his hand from his thigh and took Dan’s hand in his. Stretching his wings around them, Lucifer took his hand and stuck it deep into his feathers.

“More,” Lucifer purred, starting to move again. “Touch more…please.”

Dan wasn’t about to decline. He dug deep into the feathers of Lucifer’s right wing, carding the feathers through his fingers, tugging gently. Lucifer made a sinful noise; a low, growling purr that felt like magic against his now leaking cock as he rutted against Lucifer’s abs. When his left wing moved in range, he reached out and did the same to his left wing. When he moved his hand through the feathers, Lucifer bucked hard twice and he lost it. Dan screamed his name as he held on tight, the combination of his prostate getting stroked followed by the hot gush of Lucifer filling him up tipping him over the edge too. He could do nothing but just hold on as Lucifer kept moving through it. He whimpered in a little bit of discomfort as his belly felt tight.

When Lucifer finally stopped moving, Dan took a very deep breath. Apparently, he’d been about to pass out from not breathing, considering the spots dancing across his eyes as he panted. He didn’t want to move for the rest of his life, this was the only place he wanted to be.

“I…think you broke me,” Lucifer said, the tremor in his voice surprising Dan.

“No…talking…just hold,” he murmured against the Devil’s throat.

That made them both laugh. Dan dragged his head up to look Lucifer in the eye. His eyes were still red, but he preferred them this way. Lucifer kissed him softly, his wings coming around to hide them away from the world.

“I can see how you’ve flipped so many men,” Dan said with a grin. “Or at least confirmed they’re bi. And after that, I don’t think I care if my dick ever gets used again.”

“Oh, I plan to do ride you at some point,” Lucifer growled, kissing him again. “A lovely example of male anatomy like yours going to waste like that? That should be a sin.”

Dan rolled his eyes, making Lucifer laugh a little. He noticed a feather out of place, but when he went to right it…it fell out into his hand. It was a good seven inches long and pristine. His stomach sank.

“Damn it,” he grunted, moving to get up. Lucifer held tight.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Lucifer asked.

“To check your wings for more damage,” he replied, holding up the feather. “This had to have hurt when I yanked it.”

“I didn’t feel anything other than pleasure, Daniel.” He took the feather and looked it over. “Don’t worry. It just came loose naturally. I shed feathers here and there, but not like when I molt.” Lucifer shuddered. “I’m not looking forward to that. Now that’s bloody painful and embarrassing.”

“Would it if you had help?” Dan asked.

“It would be easier,” Lucifer sighed, reaching up and running a hand through Dan’s short hair. “And I’ll think about it. But that won’t be for months yet. Thank you, though.” Dan hummed against his mouth when he kissed him again, moving in his lap. When he moved to get up again, he realized…that Lucifer was still hard. He groaned as he felt his own cock twitch to life again as Lucifer laid him down, still buried in him. Lucifer could only grin. “I told you…I’ve got amazing stamina. Up for more? Or do I need to let you rest a few days?”

“Fuck you, Morningstar,” he growled playfully, wrapping his legs around his hips. “I can take it.”

“Ok then,” Lucifer sang, starting to move again.

Dan was right there with him. This time was a bit slower; lazier movements, less harsh thrusts. Lucifer paid more attention to his cock this time, carefully stroking and tugging as he kept moving inside him. The orgasm hit him hard a while later, but Lucifer managed to keep him riding high for what felt like hours before releasing him, leaving him shaking. He came moments later, holding himself deep. Dan couldn’t believe he could feel himself getting erect again as he saw that his lower belly had ballooned out slightly.

“Fuck man,” he breathed. “Feels like you’ve pumped a gallon’s worth of baby batter in me. Look at this!”

He poked the bump, wincing a little. Lucifer laughed again, still moving in him.

“I’m still good to go,” Lucifer drawled, his cock still not flagging. “You tapping out, Espinoza?”

“Hell no,” he growled.

“Good,” Lucifer purred, “Hang on now.”

The fallen angel slowly pulled out, using his thumb to keep him filled. Lucifer helped him get to his hands and knees before pushing back in.

“Shit,” Dan bit out, feeling raw all over. “That…that all you got?”

Lucifer growled deep in his chest, pressing him torso flat to the mattress. His hand rested on the back of his neck, holding him in place. Dan managed to turn his head enough to see the ghostly reflection in the windows to his left. When Lucifer started pummeling him with a brutal pace, he couldn’t even think anymore. All that mattered was feeling everything that was happening to him. Lucifer’s wings were spread wide as he hunched over his body, just taking what he needed from him. Dan didn’t last long this time. His orgasm reduced him to a whining, incoherent mess. His cock pulsed with the sensation, but it was dry. Dan had nothing left to give. When Lucifer’s wings closed around him, the soft feathers stroking his sides, it wrung one more tiny orgasm from him before he completely sagged to the bed. Now he felt pain when Lucifer came for…the third…fourth…twelfth time? He wasn’t sure anymore, the bulge only getting bigger. The Devil managed to collapse next to him and not on top of him, which he was grateful for.

“I’m out,” Dan managed to croak out of his desert dry throat. “No more.”

“Bloody hell,” Lucifer panted. “Damn, that was amazing.”

“Best sex in the history of ever,” Dan said in agreement.

He winced, his face flushing as he felt that he was leaking. Dan eased onto his side, to relieve some of the pressure on his middle. Lucifer sat up and touched him there. Dan yelped in warning.

“I’m just checking that I didn’t hurt you,” Lucifer said, his tone quiet. “Believe me, I’m wrung out.”

“It’s sore,” Dan told him as he tenderly probed him. “But I did ask for it.”

“That you did,” Lucifer said with a chuckle. “But damn…I know my stamina is good, but I didn’t think I’d ever fill someone enough to bulge like this. It looks good on you. Fuck, just the thought of you leaking me for the next week makes me get ideas.”

“Caveman,” Dan joked. “No one will ever make the mistake of coming after me with how thoroughly you’ve marked me.”

“They may have a shortened lifespan if they tried it,” Lucifer growled.

Dan shivered at the finality of that statement. Before anything else could be said, Lucifer’s phone buzzed.

“Yes?” he bit out, putting his wings away and shrugging into his robe. Dan couldn’t move, he was fine right where he was. The whole fucking precinct could show up right now and still wouldn’t move. He was too blissed out to care. “Ah.” Lucifer checked the time on his phone. “Bloody hell, I didn’t know it was that late.” Lucifer smiled, the look one of fondness. “Thank you, Patrick. Did it just arrive? Good. Kindly tip double what the total of the bill was and tell the driver to let Gino know that I’m so sorry for keeping him so late. Could you please bring it up? Thank you, darling.”

“What?” Dan asked, confused by that conversation.

“I’d asked Patrick to wait an hour before ordering dinner from the restaurant I’d had our reservation at, but when he came to check on us first, he waited. That was an hour and a half ago. It just arrived. It’s nearly ten.”

“Wait…,” Dan thought about when they left. “Left at six, got here at six thirty…3 hours? We…wow. That’s a new record for me.”

“Care to try and beat it?” Lucifer asked, that glint back in his eye.

“Not tonight,” Dan groaned, managing to pull himself into a sitting position. “I’m starving.”

“Coming right up,” Lucifer told him, heading for the elevator. “Don’t get up.”

“Legs still don’t work!” he called back, earning a laugh.

He came back a few minutes later with a load of bags. The smells were making his mouth water. Lucifer handed him a takeout container filled with fresh spaghetti and meatballs. The food didn’t disappoint. They talked about different things that had happened over the last week, enjoying the food. And boy, was there a lot of it. Fresh ravioli in cream sauce, garlic bread, stuffed mushrooms and calamari. Fettuccine Alfredo, along with the dishes they were already enjoying; cannoli for dessert. After finishing the spaghetti and some of the mushrooms with a piece of garlic bread, he couldn’t fit anymore. Lucifer took the rest and placed it out on the bar.

“What are you doing?” Lucifer asked, watching him carefully stand up.

“I’d love to stay the night, Luce,” he sighed. “I really would. But I need to go home. I need to check my mail and my answering machine. Water my plants. And if I stay, we’ll only end up in another amazing marathon that will leave me no brain cells to use for work tomorrow.”

“Very well,” Lucifer sighed. “But I’ll be at your apartment to pick you up at 7:30.”

“Deal,” Dan told him. “Come here.”

Lucifer came over and he pulled him into another kiss. He helped him get dressed and even tied his shoes for him.

“Thanks,” he said softly. “I’m worried that if I bend over, I’ll do an impressive impression of a fountain. I’m going to have to change my sheets after tonight when this leaks out of me.”

“I’ve called you an Uber,” Lucifer told him. “It’s waiting on you. Have a good night, Daniel.”

“I’m already having the best night of my life, Lucifer,” he said, unable to take the grin off his face; even as he had to walk bow-legged.

The club was hopping, but he was able to avoid the crowd and made it out to his ride with no problems. Luckily, traffic was light and it took no time at all to reach his building. Dan yawned as he got out of the car and trudged up the stairs to his apartment. The movement caused some of Lucifer’s come to leak out, dribbling down his leg. He couldn’t keep the stupid smile off his face as he recalled every detail. He was going to sleep like a rock, so he was grateful that Lucifer was going to pick him up in the morning.

Once he was in his apartment, he turned the lock and turned the deadbolt. Another yawn hit him as he kicked off his shoes and he tossed his keys into the bowl just to the left of the door. As he pulled his phone from his pocket, there was a knock at the door. He turned towards it, puzzled. Who the hell would be coming to him at this hour? It wouldn’t be work, they would just call. Dan quickly checked his phone. No messages, no missed calls. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up as the knock came again. Damn it, he’d left his gun in his locker at the station. When there was another, louder knock, he quickly set his phone to record and placed it behind his DVD collection in the bookshelf right beside him. Checking his peephole, it felt like ice slid into his stomach. He undid the deadbolt and the lock, but quietly slid the chain lock in place, allowing the door to only open a couple of inches.

“Evan? What are you doing here? It’s late,” he said, yawning again.

“I was wondering if I could come in for a drink,” Evan replied. “I’ve missed you. You haven’t texted back in a while.”

“Everyone in the department’s on a huge case right now,” Dan told him. This wasn’t right. “Sorry, but it’s been the priority. And I’m sorry, but I’ve had a long day and I’d just like to get to bed. I’ll call you in a day or so to do something, ok?”

He went to shut the door. Evan pushed against the door, keeping it open.

“I’m afraid I have to insist, Detective Espinoza,” he said, his voice cold.

“You know, I never told you where I lived,” Dan said coolly, trying to get the door to shut. “Or my full name.”

Dan shouted in surprise when a hit to the door caused him to lose his balance and stumble away from the door. The door slammed shut, only for Evan to kick it in, the chain snapping easily.

“I’ve been waiting to get you alone for weeks,” the blonde snarled. “We’ve come too far to let some stupid cop get in the way of medical advancement.”

Dan bolted for the kitchen, going for his spare revolver in the hidden compartment behind the toaster. As he went to grab it, Evan tackled him. The gun went sliding into the sink and he ended up on his stomach on his kitchen floor. Before he could throw the other man off, he felt a sharp sting at the back of his neck. Dan bucked him off and went for the phone. He managed a few steps before the world started to fade out and spin. His arms and legs felt like they were made of lead. Fuck, he’d been dosed with something. He fell back to the floor. Dan started to drag himself towards his front door, to get out. Get help. But his body succumbed to the drugs and he collapsed the rest of the way to the floor, falling into oblivion.

Chapter Text


He couldn’t keep the smile off his face as he drove to Dan’s apartment to pick him up. Last night had been amazing. And now that Dan had finally let go of trying to hide, he could express his affection openly. Lucifer ran through several ideas to tease Dan…see how long it took before he broke and they ended up in a supply closet. Maybe he’d treat him and let him bend him over the interrogation table. Lucifer shook his head to clear it, willing his partial erection to go away. He wanted to take Dan to get breakfast. It was odd for him to want to do something so simple, that didn’t involve sex. But Dan made him feel more than the Detective ever did. It was far more intense.

That reminded him…about how the Detective had made him vulnerable when he was longing for her. After she got her feelings out in the open, that she only wanted him as a good friend and treated him like family…he wasn’t as vulnerable around her anymore. If she was in the same room, he would bleed and feel injuries like before. But if she was only in his vicinity, up to 77 yards (good one Dad), he’d still feel pain, but it was muted. Like feeling something with a thick pillow wedged between him and whatever implements were being used. Bullets would graze him, but it would have to be a close shot to do any more damage. Blades would meet a lot more resistance than a normal human. But now that he was with Dan…it worried him that he would be in the same situation he’d been in with the Detective. He’d have to test his theory with Dan later. Hmm…he wondered if Dan would like to truss him up to play with.

He parked next to Dan’s car and hopped out, a spring in his step. But as he reached the top of the stairs to Dan’s floor…he saw the door to his apartment was open. His stomach dropped with dread as he saw it wasn’t just open, but busted in. The frame was splintered, indicating a lot of force was used. Lucifer stepped in, finding the apartment eerily quiet.

“Daniel?” he called.

Only silence replied back. He went through the other rooms of the apartment, all empty. Dan’s bedroom was undisturbed; he hadn’t even made it to bed before whatever happened last night. His first instinct was to go through everything to figure out what happened. Before he could touch anything else, Lucifer stopped himself. Something terrible had happened; he was sure of it. And if he’d managed to learn anything from his time working with the LAPD, is that he needed to preserve the scene as much as possible.

He saw that Dan’s keys were in the bowl he kept next to the door. It had been knocked over, but his keys left behind. Pulling the pocket square from his breast pocket, he used it to pick up the keys, placing a quarter from another pocket in their place, to mark where they were. He didn’t know if it would help, but he didn’t want to take the chance. Taking the keys, he went down to Dan’s car and got into the trunk. Lucifer was glad to see a small box in the trunk, filled with items he’d seen used to mark off a crime scene. Grabbing the thick roll of yellow police tape, he went back up and stretched it across the open doorway. Lucifer was surprised to see his hands were trembling as he called the precinct first. He thought that maybe he had to go in earlier and called a cab or got a ride from another officer.

“LAPD, Precinct 243 front desk, how may I direct your call?” a cheery female voice said.

“I need Lieutenant Turner, please,” he replied.

“One moment,” he was told.

Hold music softly played as he tried to remain calm. A minute later, the line picked up.

“Lieutenant Turner,” he heard. Her voice sounded a little tired and strained.

“Good morning, Lieutenant,” Lucifer replied politely. “It’s Lucifer Morningstar. Has…has Daniel Espinoza reported for duty this morning?”

“Not yet,” she answered. “I can see his desk from my office. It’s still early though. I figured he’d ended up spending the night with you, with the way you two were going on yesterday.”

“Oh, I assure you, we had an amazing evening,” he said, starting to pace outside Dan’s apartment. “But he insisted he needed to go home to sleep and get fresh clothes. So I called him an Uber around eleven last night and told him I’d pick him up at 7:30.”

“You running late and worried he’s mad you didn’t pick him up?” she asked, sounding concerned.

“I wish,” he said, swallowing hard. “I’m at his place. It looks like someone broke in.”

“Have you touched anything?” she asked, her tone telling him not to mess with her.

“I touched the doorknobs in the apartment to try and find Daniel,” he admitted. “I found his keys and used them to get into his car and taped off the apartment. That’s it.”

“Good,” she told him. “That’s a first for you. Sit tight, I’m on my way with a crew. We’ll find him. Call Chloe and let her know what’s happened.”

Lucifer hung up and just stood there, feeling numb. He did as he was asked, dialing Chloe’s number.

“Lucifer?” he heard her say sleepily. “It’s not even 8. Why are you calling me? I’m camping with Trixie.”

“It’s…Detect…Chloe,” he started to say. Why was it so damn hard to say it? “Dan’s gone.”

“What do you mean gone?” she snapped, sounding more awake.

“I came to pick him up,” he said, his chest tight. “His door was busted in and…he’s not here. Chloe…someone took him. Someone took him from me.”

“Easy, Lucifer,” he heard her say softly. “Ella called me yesterday to tell me we’d won the bet at work, but I never thought you’d be like this in a crisis. Jesus…you really care for him, don’t you?”

“He wanted me…even after knowing what I am,” he replied, feeling tears well up. He couldn’t stop it. “He’s such a brilliant soul, even with what he’s gone through. It hasn’t been long, but…”

“I get it, Lucifer,” she interrupted him. “I’m going to text everyone and let them know what’s going on. Did you call this in?”

“Yes, got the scene taped over,” he replied.

“Ok. I’ll be there as soon as I can. Maze is back from her last job, I’ll let her know what’s going on and have her watch Trixie. Lucifer, we’re going to find him.”

He put his phone away when she dropped the call. The only thing he could think about was what he was going to do when he found out who’d done this. They would regret the day they ever even looked at Daniel Espinoza.




She sat back in her chair in the conference room, rubbing her face. Her, Ella, Lucifer and Linda were looking over the evidence. The lieutenant had invited Linda in to review the evidence, maybe see something they were missing. Normally, they wouldn’t even be on this case, being they now have a personal tie to the case. But that could be said of anyone in the building. Even though Dan had royally fucked up and lost a lot of trust with the precinct, he was still a cop. When you mess with one, the entire force will be after you.

“And there were no overlaps with the victim’s social media?” Linda asked. “No connections on Facebook or Twitter?”

“Some of them don’t even use those sites,” Ella said. “IT went through everything. From what they could see, there are no overlaps with interests, people or places.”

“Was Dan on anything?” Linda asked. “Could he have friended one of the victims through someone else?”

“Dan doesn’t have a home computer,” Ella said. “Or anything that the guys back at the scene have found yet.”

“Has anyone tried his phone?” Chloe asked. “Maybe it’s still at the apartment.”

Everyone shook their heads. Lucifer pulled his phone out and selected a number. He set the phone out on the table and turned on speakerphone. It was ringing. After four rings, someone picked up.

“Mr. Morningstar?” they heard a familiar voice ask.

“Who am I speaking with?” he asked.

“Ricky Valez, narcotics,” the voice replied. “I was on my way in when the call came through about Dan. This phone was stashed behind his movie collection.”

“Dan must’ve hid it,” Chloe said. “Can you open it?”

“Yep,” Ricky said. “What do you need?”

“Is there anything running or open?” Chloe asked, “It might help.”

“He recorded something last night,” Ricky said. “Hang up and I’ll call you guys back on my phone.”

“Call conference room 3,” Ella added before Lucifer hung up.

A minute later and the phone at the center of the table rang. Chloe answered it and put it on speaker.

“One second and I’ll play the recording,” Ricky told them again.

They heard some fumbling before they could hear the recording start. Heavy knocks were heard. What sounded like locks being undone came next. A door creaked open.

“Evan? What are you doing here? It’s late,” they heard Dan say. A yawn followed.

“I was wondering if I could come in for a drink,” a male voice replied. “I’ve missed you. You haven’t texted back in a while.”

“Everyone in the department’s on a huge case right now,” Dan’s voice explained. “Sorry, but it’s been the priority. And I’m sorry, but I’ve had a long day and I’d just like to get to bed. I’ll call you in a day or so to do something, ok?”

They heard the door squeak again, Dan going to shut it again. A soft thump could be heard.

“I’m afraid I have to insist, Detective Espinoza,” Evan said. Chloe shuddered at the icy tone.

“You know, I never told you where I lived,” Dan said, followed by a soft grunt. “Or my full name.”

There was a louder slam and Dan cried out. There was a series of quick, heavy steps followed by a door slamming shut. A sharp bang came next, followed by a louder smack. That must be the door getting kicked in.

“I’ve been waiting to get you alone for weeks,” the blonde snarled. “We’ve come too far to let some stupid cop get in the way of medical advancement.”

There were several bangs and crashes followed by what sounded like Dan struggling to escape. There were a few moments of silence. Next came more footsteps.

“Make sure to use the extra thick restraints,” they heard Evan pant. “Bastard’s stronger than he looks and I don’t want to take the chance of him breaking free if the drugs wear off.”

“Isn’t this a bit risky?” another male voice said. “He’s a cop. The police presence has been bad enough lately. Now they’ll be out for blood.”

“I doubt it for this one,” Evan replied. “Read his file. Guy was a dirty cop that turned himself in. The police bureaucrats smoothed that over because it uncovered a worse off cop that was on the take and gave him a demotion. Guy’s a walking disaster from what I could tell. They’ll probably look for him for a couple of days, but they aren’t going to miss him for long. More like relieved to be rid of him.”

There was a lot of movement next. They must’ve restrained him and picked him up to get him into their van. And his apartment complex didn’t have surveillance. Chloe looked over at Lucifer to say something…but the words caught on her tongue. He was gripping the edge of the table so hard that the wood had splintered.

“Lucifer?” she asked softly. She couldn’t help the flinch when he looked at her. His eyes were red and nearly glowing with his anger. “Do…do you recognize any of the voices from the tape?”

“No, but I recognize the name,” he growled. “Daniel had had a date with the Evan on the recording the night we were put on the kidnapping case. They’d been interrupted by the call he got to come in. I know he checked his phone while we were on that undercover case and a few times over the course of the last week. I didn’t know he was keeping in touch with him.”

“You weren’t jealous?” Ella asked.

“Why would I be?” Lucifer asked back. “It didn’t matter to me. Hell, Dan could’ve invited him to join us if he’d wanted. Yes, I’ve been officially dating Daniel since we went undercover. I kept it discreet because that’s what Dan wanted. No, it doesn’t bother me if he wants to have more partners join us. But for now, we’re both just comfortable with each other. And yes, I’m aware that this has moved kind of fast, but I don’t care. Neither does Daniel. Now, can we please focus on finding him?”

“Do you know how they met?” Linda asked.

Lucifer nodded. “He told me he’d downloaded Grindr to his phone and made a profile 2 weeks prior to us getting together. He met Evan through there.”

“What about our other victims?” Chloe asked.

“Beth Masters,” Ella said, looking through the report from IT. “It shows she made a profile on Tindr, two weeks before she and her son were kidnapped.”

“Ricky?” Chloe asked. “Anything left on the recording?”

“No,” he replied. “But I did open Grindr on his phone. I’m sending you the photo for this Evan guy to your phone, Decker. It probably isn’t him, but maybe he’s used it for other sites. I’ll see you guys later.”

Ricky hung up, Chloe doing the same before dialing IT.

“Ryan Waters, IT extraordinaire,” a male voice answered, again on speaker.

“It’s Decker,” Chloe said into the phone, checking her own. “I need you in Conference Room 3 to help us out with a lead on Dan.”

“On the way,” he replied, hanging up.

Lucifer put his head in his hands and took deep breaths. 15 minutes later, Ryan walked right in, laptop and a few cables in hand. Chloe felt relief that Lucifer’s eyes were now his normal brown. They didn’t have time for one of their best IT techs to have an existential crisis. He was quick to hook up to the projector in the room while Ella drew the blinds and shut the lights off.

“I’ve sent you a photo our suspect used for a dating app profile he used to meet Dan,” Chloe explained. “I need you to run facial recognition and see if this same photo was used in relation to any of our other victims.”

They watched him run the scan and were shocked to get results.

“I feel a little sick here,” Ryan said, swallowing hard. “This guy used this photo for his profile picture on a number of websites. For Dan, it was Grindr. Beth Masters, he met her on Tindr as ‘Trent Parsons’. He used the same phone or computer based on the device signature. You can’t fake that. But the IP addresses show he was all over the place, so he managed to hide his location when talking to them. Then you have Francesca talking to this guy through an MS chatroom, this time under the name, ‘Miles Rockefeller’.”

“What about the Alders and Ramos families?” she asked.

“Both of them, family counseling,” he answered. “The guy posed as a therapist. The only one we don’t have a link to is Carl Jones, because he’s homeless.”

“It’s the same MO though,” Chloe sighed. “It’s obvious this guy has been using a lot of fake identities to get close to people. And the recording mentioned something about medical advancement. None of them have turned up dead. Wait…where was Carl Jones when he was abducted?”

“A shelter over on Tangelo St,” Ryan answered. “And across the street is that new medical center the mayor made his personal project. They have several of the best specialists in the world working there. They have several family therapy groups that meet there and a free clinic for those that can’t afford medical care.” Several minutes of quiet went by as he moved through several screens, running more searches. “And every one of our victims has been there for treatment, except for Dan.”

“Wait,” Ella said, her eyes going wide. “Dan mentioned that someone had just moved into his building, on the floor below him roughly a week before this case was made top priority. Can you check the tenant records?”

Ryan nodded, working quickly. His face went pale.

“The newest lease was signed by an ‘Evan Williams’ 2 weeks prior to this case getting top attention. Move in date coincides with what you just said. That’s how he knew Dan. He must’ve seen him while he was moving in and started following him, waiting for an opportunity to get close to him.”

Lucifer shot to his feet and went for the door.

“Where are you going?” Chloe asked, knowing the answer.

“To get answers from the little weasel,” he replied.

“He’d be crazy to be there now,” Chloe snapped. “But we have probable cause to get into his apartment.”

Grabbing his wrist, Chloe pulled him back to the conference room and made another phone call to Ricky. Ella called the lieutenant and filled her in to make sure they got a warrant issued. But due to the circumstances, the officers at Dan’s would be able to initiate a search of the other apartment, since there were lives in potentially imminent danger.

“Hang on, Decker,” Ricky said to her through the speakerphone. “Couple of unis are knocking.”

Everyone in the room with her was unable to contain their elation when they heard a door open and someone answer the door.

“Are you Evan Williams?” the officer asked, the voice a bit distorted by distance.

“Yes, how may I help you?” a very familiar voice asked.

“Arrest him and get him here now, Ricky,” Chloe told him. “We need to question him and we need his apartment processed for clues as to where the victims are being kept.”

A few minutes went by in quiet when Ricky put his phone in his pocket. They couldn’t make anything out.

“I don’t like this,” Ricky said, pulling his phone back out.

“Why?” Chloe asked.

“The guy put up no fight, didn’t try to run,” he answered. “Just let them cuff him. The unis are on their way to you with the suspect.”

“Mind giving us a quick overview of his apartment?” Chloe asked.

“Sure,” Ricky said. There was pause and sounds of movement as he moved through the apartment. “Well, it’s clean and nicely decorated in the living room and kitchen. Bathroom is the same deal as the first two rooms; clean, but clearly lived in. I’m opening the door to the bedroom…oh, god.”

“What?” Chloe asked, ignoring Lucifer’s wince at the mention of his dad.

“You…you have to see this,” he said. “I’m going to video chat you.”

“Hang on and I’ll get it on the projector,” Chloe told him.

Ryan helped her set it up. When they gave him the ok, Ricky started the video chat. The bedroom looked like every cliché of a serial killer or psychotic’s room. A twin mattress was on the floor in the far corner, pillow and blanket strewn across it. A desk sat against the far wall, books and papers scattered across it. The walls and window were covered with papers; photos, newspaper clippings, drawings. Lucifer got up and stood off to the side, really studying what they were being shown.

“This…this guy’s a wacko,” Ricky muttered. “But clearly brilliant. There are four PhDs on the desk here. It shows they’re for social sciences, criminal psychology, psychiatry, and genetics. I see what look like lab reports; no names, just serial numbers. Jesus, this guy had been following the victims for at least a month before even getting close to them. The only one he sped up his timeline on was Dan.”

“Stop there,” Lucifer said. “Go back…can you get a better look at the drawing in the corner, just to the right of the desk?”

“Yeah,” Ricky replied. “Looks like pages from the Bible, the Torah, the Quran…all in the original languages from what I can tell.” He zoomed in on the text.

“What is that?” Chloe asked, not expecting an answer.

“It’s Genesis,” Lucifer answered. “Every one of these pages are the variations on The Creation, specifically about the creation of the angels, then animals and humanity. “Oh…no. Father, no.”

“What?” Chloe asked, approaching Lucifer carefully.

“That drawing…it looks just like…Jophiel,” he replied. Her heart clenched at the hollow tone his voice had taken on. “One of my younger sisters; Raphael came to visit me right after the mess with Uriel. He told me he hadn’t been able to speak with Jophiel for a couple of weeks and wanted to know if I’d seen her. I hadn’t, but she was one of the few siblings I have that would visit me in Hell. She’s the patron of nurses and midwives. Her and Raphael tend to work together here on Earth; assisting where they can, especially after natural disasters or other tragedies. I…don’t know if he ever found her. If they have her…” He went rigid, eerily calm.

“Are you ok?” Chloe asked, taking a couple of steps back.

“As well as I can be given the situation,” Lucifer answered. “I’m ‘keeping a lid on it’, as it were. But I would suggest you to listen if I tell you to leave.” A text hit her phone, making it buzz. She ended the video call to check her messages.

“Our suspect is in house,” she told them. “He’s been processed and is now restrained in the interrogation room.”

“We’ll stay here and call Ricky back,” Ella told them. “Maybe we can find an address of where they’re being held while you try to get it out of that asshat.”

Chloe nodded and led the way to the interrogation room. She was confused when she saw Lucifer open the door to the viewing section of the interrogation room.

“I need to try and reach Amenadiel,” he told her. “I know he’s the one that delivered Charlotte to Heaven and that’s probably why we haven’t seen him since. But I need to check if Jophiel has been located and if not, he’s going to want to be in on this.”

“Ok,” she told him. “I’ll make sure to give this guy hell.”

Lucifer smiled a little before shutting himself inside the viewing room. Taking a deep breath, she entered the interrogation room.




Lucifer prayed to Amenadiel, putting everything he had into keeping calm. He needed to stay focused. Once they found wherever Daniel was taken to, then he’d let loose. He knew his Father wouldn’t like it, but it was just too bad. Someone needed to pay for what they’ve done. Lucifer let out the breath he’d been holding when he heard the all too familiar flutter of wings behind him.

“What’s going on that you’re praying so hard for me?” he asked. “You never…”

“Sorry, but I need to ask you something,” Lucifer interrupted. “Has Raphael ever come to you looking for Jophiel?”

Amenadiel’s brow furrowed. “Yes. About a year ago, I think. I didn’t really think anything of it because Jophiel always preferred to stay on Earth. But now that I think about it, he was pretty worried.”

“Has anyone seen her lately? It’s been about…a century since I last saw her, but you know her. She loves performing her duties, many times settling down when she finds particularly bright or interesting humans to look after.”

“Not that I know of,” Amenadiel replied. “In fact, Michael was looking for her. One of the Watchers reported a decline in divine aid on Earth. They tried contacting her and all they got was silence.”

“I think she’s been kidnapped,” Lucifer said. “We’re working a huge kidnapping case and the suspect Chloe’s currently questioning has tons of material on Genesis, drawings of Jophiel along with what appear to be medical diagrams on angel anatomy, among others. Dan’s been taken too.”

“You don’t even like Dan,” Amenadiel said.

“Things have changed, brother,” Lucifer growled. “Make certain to choose your next words carefully.”

His phone chose to buzz at that moment. Checking the text, he reached over and turned on the speaker that would allow them to hear what was going on in the other room.

“Mr. Williams…Evan, I don’t think you understand the severity of the charges against you,” Chloe said. “We have substantial evidence of eleven counts of kidnapping and false imprisonment. If you were to tell us where you’re holding them, we may able to work out a reduced sentence and protection for you.”

“I’m not concerned with that, Chloe,” he drawled, leaning back in his chair.

“How do you my name?” she asked, keeping her tone neutral.

“Oh, my boss has wanted to get her hands on you for a while,” he answered with a smile. “A healthy baby girl born to a mother that was clinically infertile. A true miracle, some might say.” He leaned forward. “Dr. Sorento has dedicated her entire career to ridding the world of disease, cancer…abnormalities that make life a trial of suffering for many. But sadly, not everyone could appreciate her brilliance, or condone her methods.”

“You’ve kidnapped people,” Chloe said. “And you’ve killed others. People that were innocent and well loved.”

“Not everyone is able to be saved,” Evan added with a shrug. “We did them a favor and showed them mercy. I had someone out at that campground you took that darling little girl of yours to. We would’ve had you if it hadn’t have been for my…overzealousness. But I’m sure it will be forgiven, since I gave them such an interesting test subject last night. My only regret is that I had to come back to oversee the final specimen acquirements. Your ex…he’s very talented in surprising ways.”

“Lucifer,” he heard someone whisper. He turned, but Amenadiel was quiet.

“I really hope I’m getting through to you, man,” he heard, this time louder, clearer.

“Daniel,” he breathed, relieved that he was still alive. “Thank the stars, he’s praying to me.”

“These people are experimenting on everyone that’s been kidnapped. They even have a sister of yours…Josie? She told me she tried praying, but that there must be some kind of spell work on the building since she’s been trying for over a year and no one has answered her. You’re going to have some explaining to do. Anyway, I don’t think I have a whole lot of time before they come for me too. Your sister has the only window from what we can tell and all she can see is desert. But she can see mountains in the distance. That tells me that we’re on the east side of wherever we are, but also that we’re maybe four hours from them. She says at night the stars are very clear so we’d have to be at least a half hour outside of L.A. I have no idea how soundproof this place is and Josie doesn’t really pay any attention to any noises from here. There are too many screams. Shit. I just heard a door open. Someone’s coming. Lucifer! Please…you’ve got to find us, man. I don’t know what they’re doing here, but the screaming…fuck the screaming just doesn’t stop.”

“Enough of this,” Lucifer growled.

He stepped out of the viewing room and went straight into the interrogation room. Chloe shut up and stood back in the corner. Good. He’d need the room.

“And who’re you?” Evan asked; his tone friendly. His body language indicated he was at total ease.

“I’m Lucifer Morningstar,” he answered, leaning over the table. “Now…you’ve taken my boyfriend, for lack of a better term, and I’d like to get him back where he belongs. And you’re going to tell me.”

“You’re supposed to be the Devil, right?” Evan snickered. “I’ve heard of you. The owner of the hottest nightclub in the city, insisting he’s the Devil and making all manner of deals with people. Sorry, but I don’t buy it. I know an actual angel, if you must know. She’s a very lovely young lady that’s quite eager to please. However you choose.”

Lucifer pushed the table across the floor, taking Evan’s chair along with it until they hit the far wall. He pinned him there, making the man get nervous.

“Do not speak of my little sister in that manner,” he growled. “She doesn’t deserve whatever horrors you’ve put her through. My next question will only be asked once. Fail to answer it and you’re not going to like what happens next.”

He bent the metal table around Evan’s chair, allowing him to move closer.

“Where are you holding your captives?” he asked, eyes boring into the man before him.

“No,” Evan said, looking up at him defiantly.

“Wrong answer,” he snarled in his true voice, the sound making the man before him start to shake.

He let his human form burn away, leaving in its wake the charred red, twisted flesh of his Devil form, letting it consume him fully. Evan’s eyes went wide and he screamed. Chloe locked the door, but he knew Amenadiel would make certain no one interrupted him. His eyes were lit with the fires of hell as he reached out with a clawed hand and took hold of the man’s chin.

“Silence,” he said softly. The screaming stopped instantly. Tears fell as Evan started shaking. Lucifer’s mouth twisted into a grin. “That’s better. You know where you’re going when your life has ceased. Your obedience to me proves that. The King of Hell. Lucifer the Morningstar. The Lightbringer. Take your pick of titles. Now…confess to me where you took him and I will allow you to stay breathing. Or I will have you gutted and then I’ll rip the information out of you in Hell. Make your choice, Evan.”

“It’s…we’re doing our work out of the old Army Research Hospital; out at the old army base…Ft. Declan,” he said, wincing at the sharp pricks he was getting from his claws.

“Good,” Lucifer said, regaining his human appearance once more. “You will give a full confession and insist it’s of your own free will or I’ll have to send the hounds after you.”

Evan simply nodded, whimpering as he walked away.

“Let’s go,” he said to Chloe. “We should take one of the larger, undercover vehicles. And I’m driving.”

“Ok,” she replied. “We’ll call the lieutenant once we’re on the road.”





He fought the two meatheads that had picked him up out of his cell, wriggling and bucking hard enough to make them drop him. But he just couldn’t snap the damn ties they’d used. When he’d managed a sharp kick to one’s face, it earned him a backhand hard enough to make him see stars. Dan was picked up again and brought into a large, white room. It looked like an operating room.

“Can’t you two keep your hands to yourselves?” a female asked, frowning when she came around to get a look at him.

“He kicked me in the goddamned face,” the one with the now bloody nose snarled. “He broke my nose.”

“You can go and get it fixed once you get him up on the rack,” she replied, sounding bored as she rummaged around in a box.

Dan struggled harder when they freed his hands from the ties, but they were quick, grabbing each of his arms. The woman came back and put what looked like bracelets on his wrists; heavy, made of what looked to be steel. One of her hired hands wrenched his arm up and to the right a bit. A switch was flipped and his arm was snapped back slightly, stuck against the metal rod above his head. When they pulled his left arm towards the rod, it pulled his arm up, leaving him suspended.

“Military grade electromagnets,” the woman told him as they repeated the process with his legs. “I couldn’t believe I was lucky enough to find some of these stored here.”

“What the hell is all of this anyway?” he asked, not expecting an answer. This wasn’t a movie.

“Oh, don’t worry,” she told him with a grin on her face that gave him the creeps. “You’ll get your ‘Orientation’. But I prefer to talk while I work.”

Dan swallowed hard as she pulled over a very large, long tray of various medical implements. Some may be torture devices, but he couldn’t be for certain. He stopped the prayer loop in his head. Lucifer was a torturer. He didn’t need a front row seat to this particular show. Not if he was going to have a clear head to get him out of here. He could feel himself start to sweat when she picked up a large pair of steel shears, placing them in the front pocket of her white coat.

“I’m Dr. Eliza Sorento,” she began, tugging the end of his shirt free from his jeans. She started unbuttoning it. “I used to be the Head of Projects for the US government. Our work was dedicated to finding cures to the worst viruses and diseases, build more deadly ones that we could target to our enemies. Among…other studies of interest.”

Finished unbuttoning the shirt, she pulled the shears back out and carefully, cut the sleeves. The fabric fell from his shoulders and to the floor. He’d left his undershirt at Lucifer’s, so his torso was now bare. His skin crawled when she put her hands on him. He tried to move away, but there was nowhere he could move to.

“Sadly, I was let go when my latest project required the use of assets the government deemed too valuable in their current state,” she continued. Her hand moved to the button on his jeans. She flicked it open. “No private labs wanted me, so I used my own family’s money to establish this facility. And that’s when your little neighbor fell into my lap.”

“Josie?” he asked. The doctor nodded, unzipping his fly. He tried to jerk backwards. “Keep your hands off of me.”

“You didn’t seem to mind when Evan wanted to touch you,” she replied. “Is it because you prefer men now?”

“I like women too, but you’re way too creepy to even make my dick twitch, honey,” he growled, trying in vain to pull his hips backward.

“We’ll see about that,” she said, that damn smile only getting bigger. “Now where was I? Oh yes…Jophiel. The patron angel of nurses and midwives; a wandering healer that stands alongside humanity unseen while healing the sick. Normally, angels appear as human as either you or I. When I was a teenager, I saw her in a hospital. She was helping with a difficult delivery. She was so beautiful, this aura of pure, white energy seeming to radiate from her. No one there noticed, but I could. She looked at me and disappeared after waving.

Oh, I poured over every book I could find for answers. It wasn’t until I entered college that I got one. My family’s bloodline is very old. I can easily trace it back to one of the men rumored to be one of the saints of the Bible. Several texts theorize that those born in the lines of saints are future prophets; their true purpose realized when God commands it so. But they also mention that this latent power can manifest in the ability to see the divine when on Earth, no matter what disguise it wears.” She took the shears again and started to cut his jeans off. Dan remained still, he wasn’t wearing underwear.

“I saw her again, helping tend to newborns in the NICU unit at LA General during a blackout,” the doctor explained. Dan fought not to throw up as she cupped him between the legs while she cut. “She was lit up like a damn neon sign. I’d found a few old tomes that held different recipes and instructions on how to cage an angel. It was so easy to sneak up on her and dose her with a divine sedative. I and some of my hired help got her back here and the room I prepared seems to work. No one has ever come for her, even though she no doubt prays constantly to her brethren.”

She pulled his ruined jeans from his body. “My, my, my. Evan was right; you are fit. You’re perfect for the final stages of testing. Anyway, I’ve studied the angel. I’ve run countless tests on her, her DNA. It’s fascinating. From the information we’ve gathered, an angel’s DNA is very much like our own. No huge surprise there, but wrapped around the very core of their genetic chains is what many of the texts I’ve studied called divinity. Its pure energy that can be manipulated at will by the individual as well as protects it, keeps it in peak physical condition. When we took a sample and mixed it with our test subject suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, that very energy not only wiped out the disease, but integrated itself into the DNA, rearranging whole sections of genetic code. After seeing that under the microscope, we knew we had to perform a transfusion, just to see if we’d get the same result.”

The doctor pulled a measuring tape out and started wrapping it around various points on his body. She kept talking as she made notes.

“About five minutes into the transfusion, our test subject began screaming uncontrollably. She ripped out the needle and fell to the floor, curling into a ball. It was quite unsettling. We drew blood, medicated her and left her to rest. The blood sample showed the same reaction as before. We didn’t take into account the potential of pain so agonizing it could kill our subject. She survived…for a while.”

“A…a while?” Dan asked, trying again to move away as she measured his thighs, and then cupping his dick again.

“The end result of the test showed us that the divinity in angel blood can wipe out diseases and fix anything wrong in humans,” she continued. She took her measuring tape and shears and laid them in on her tray. “But the process left the subject in horrific pain and tried to acclimate to its new body. We tried a number of methods to keep her alive, but her heart couldn’t take the strain and gave out after a few days. Two others gave us the same result. Interestingly enough…they’re still moving and feeling. Hence the endless screaming, I’ve had to invest in earplugs for the staff if anything is to get done around here.”

“The fuck is wrong with you, lady?!” Dan shouted in anger. “You’re torturing innocent people! And for what exactly?! What could all of this insanity do for anyone?!”

“Humans are a very flawed species in many ways,” Dr. Sorento said, her tone even. The woman hadn’t even flinched. “There are so many ugly conditions and diseases that cause us suffering and take our lives. The countless wars fought for the greed of the powerful. Just look at the state of the planet. A few more decades and it’ll be uninhabitable. But my work will change that.”

Dan froze when she went around behind him, pulling the tray with her. He’d barely been awake long enough to get to know Jophiel before he was brought in here. He knew she was seeing the evidence of the time he spent with Lucifer the other night.

“Looks like someone had a good time last night,” she laughed. The sound grated against his nerves. “I wonder who it was?”

“None of your business,” he snapped. “And if you don’t let me and everyone else go, you’re going to regret it. Trust me.”

“I imagine by now Evan has been apprehended,” she drawled. “That man…he had such promise. But he’s far too eager and impatient for this kind of thing. But I do know he’ll never talk. He worships the ground I walk on and would rather cut his own throat than disappoint me.”

“You’re seriously underestimating the people I work with,” Dan said, again trying to pull away when he felt her hands on his ass.

“I’m not worried about your ex or her partner, Daniel. In fact, I’m hoping you’re a man of some faith at least. Oh, you might want to take a deep breath and try to relax. This might be…uncomfortable.”

Fear had him struggling again. But there was nowhere to go as two fingers pressed into him hard. He yelped in pain. She wasn’t gentle as she stretched him just enough to get another finger in before pulling all the way back out. Sweat broke out all over him.

“Hmm…you seem to be quite full of someone’s genetic material,” she mused. There were a few quiet sounds that he couldn’t make out while she worked with something. “I’m afraid we’re going to need to extract it before I can continue.”

“You sick bitch,” he panted.

“It’s for the future of humanity,” she snapped at him. “We’re going to need to adapt to survive more quickly than nature is allowing us. You know, I really hope this test is a success. The first trials with our healthy control group yielded no results. There was nothing to fix, so the transfusions did nothing. Now the second set…we got all kinds of information from. Granted, I don’t know how well they could survive now. Given most people will probably try to kill them if they get the chance. Hopefully with you, we’ll have achieved our goal. Now hold still this time, would you?”

Dan screamed this time. He was being stretched so wide, he was sure he was going to tear and bleed. His arms and legs shook uncontrollably as she used whatever device she’d forced into him to clean him out. It felt like they’d stuck steel wool up his ass and was scrubbing him clean until he bled.

“Are you a man of faith, Detective?” she asked when she finally stopped, prying her tool loose.

He could definitely feel something trickling out of him. Blood most likely. Fuck…he was on fire and not in a good way down there. Dan couldn’t help but fear that they’d damaged him.

“No!” he barked as he writhed in his restraints when slick, cold metal started to press into him again. “Stop! Get away from me!”

Dan tried to stop himself from crying out. He didn’t want to show weakness to this horrible woman. But there was nothing he could do. Nowhere he could move or run to in order to escape the pain as she put something in him again. He winced when he felt it nudge against his prostate. He felt sick as he felt himself getting hard. Then there was the sound of a button being clicked.

“No no no no no no,” he cried as the object started vibrating hard.

He screwed his eyes shut as he tried to keep it together. A sharp thrust against his prostate had him moaning as his cock filled out and throbbed. Dan couldn’t stop it.

“Stop please,” he begged. “Not this…I don’t fucking want this!”

“Your body certainly does,” she purred, coming to stand in front of him. She had a plastic specimen cup in her hand. “If you relax, you might enjoy it.”

“Go to hell!” he screamed, shaking as she reached around and pressed against the vibrator hard.

“Come on now, Daniel,” she said softly, turning up the vibrator before wrapping her hand around his cock and giving him a hard stroke. "Just let go. Give me what I want."

He tried to stop it. He really did. But the sensations were too intense and as much as he fucking hated her hands on him, it felt too good. Dan sobbed as he let go, his whole body trembling as he spent himself into the cup in her hand. Tears fell unnoticed by the doctor as she put the lid on the cup and went back around to her tools.

“There we go,” she said, easing the vibrator out of him. “Feel better now?”

“You’re so fucking dead when I get out of here,” he growled.

“I’m afraid not,” she answered. “And you didn’t answer my question; are you a man of faith?”

“Not exactly,” Dan groaned, shivering as his sweat evaporated. The room was cold enough as it was. “What the hell do you even care anyway? You’re here trying to play God.”

“Because those with faith can’t help but pray to make their suffering end somehow,” she said, the smile evident in her voice. “And I’m counting on it.”

“What?” he asked, his stomach dropping as her words started to dawn on him.

“The wards on this building can keep an angel from praying for help,” she said. “But yours…yours will be heard. I’m curious; if Lucifer Morningstar is who he says he is, I wonder if he’ll come running to save you if you pray to him? But it looks like I haven’t done enough to get you that desperate. It’s a good thing I have other samples to collect first before we administer the serum. Let's keep going, shall we?”






He ignored the protests from the back seat as he floored the gas pedal of the SUV they were driving to where Daniel was being held. It had him worried to hear Dan’s thoughts on a loop as they’d hurried through downtown L.A. traffic. But when they finally got on the freeway, which was surprisingly empty for this time of day…his prayers stopped. The silence terrified him.

“Just because the State Troopers and other beat cops out know to let us tear through here,” Chloe spat, righting herself in her seat. “It doesn’t mean you can try to kill us with your crazy driving!”

“Well, forgive me for caring about Daniel,” he snapped back, changing lanes without slowing down. “But his prayers just stopped.”

“Wait…you can hear him praying to you?” Ella asked.

“I can hear anyone who prays to me if they truly believe in me,” he answered. “I get one or two from you two and Linda. Little Beatrice tells me good night every night through prayer. And Dan…Dan has such conviction and belief I can sometimes see what’s going on in his head. He prayed to me right before I took over with Evan and has been nonstop until now. Whatever’s happening…it can’t be good.”

“If they have our sister,” Amenadiel said from next to him, in the passenger seat. “They must have some knowledge of divine herbology to sedate her or the wards needed to keep her weak and her prayers to Heaven cut off. What’s to say we’ll even be able to get inside to help her or the others?”

Miles flew by as they tried to work out some kind of plan to allow them to get inside. They went back and forth on if they should send in Chloe and Ella, weighing the pros and cons and trying to come up with some kind of contingency. None of it was any good, really. Until they could see what they were up against, they were in the dark. Lucifer hated the dark. As he got on the exit they needed and onto a two lane road heading out into the desert, he got blindsided by prayer.

He wrenched the wheel and got onto the shoulder, braking roughly and slamming the car into park. His head ached with the sheer force of the thoughts coming at him. When he was able to focus enough to listen…he understood why. Dan was being tortured. Lucifer could see a youngish looking woman in a doctor’s coat with a few others wearing the same. They were taking samples, reflex and reaction tests; various other procedures that required sedation. They’d chosen to skip that step.

“Let me go, Lucifer,” he could hear Dan say, his voice sounded strained. He was wearing down from their treatment. “They want you to come after me. This place…is protected against angels, demons…anything not of this world. Leave me here; I’ll never forgive myself if you end up in here too. This doctor…” Another vision of the first doctor he’d seen hit him again. “She’s crazy. She...she’s trying to find a way to make hybrids out of us; mortal and celestial. The other people here…all of them are suffering. Some are dead, but I remember you telling me about one of your other sisters, the Angel of Death. She can’t find the ones who’ve passed on and with what this woman’s done, they’re stuck in their bodies. All they feel is pain and all they do is scream. I know you hate him, but I’ve been praying to God too. Why won’t he stop this? Oh no…no. Looks like I’m next. If you find a way to get us out of here…please don’t let me end up like the others. I’m so sorry.”

“Lucifer?” Amenadiel asked. His brother flinched away as he turned to him. There was no keeping himself in check. Not now.

“Get Michael down here now,” Lucifer snarled. “I don’t care how. And then you stay with Chloe and Ella.”

He turned and looked into the back.

“I’m sorry, but you can’t join this fight, Detective,” he said to her. “Are we clear?”

“Just bring Dan and the others home,” she told him, nodding.

Lucifer nodded and stepped out of the car. A few minutes passed before he heard the arrival of another angel. He turned to see his twin, Michael. They had the same facial features, similar taste in clothing. But where Lucifer had black hair and brown eyes; Michael had electric blue eyes and soft blonde hair, the waves pulled back into a short braid.

“I’m surprised you’d request an audience with me,” Michael said. “It’s good to see you again.”

“This isn’t a social call,” Lucifer growled. “Several humans, one of them being very important to me, have been kidnapped. They are being held against their will and experimented on by a crazed doctor.”

Michael frowned. “I don’t get involved in human affairs unless Father commands it.”

“Well obviously he’s not even paying attention anymore, because this woman has our little sister as well!” he shouted, the ground trembling under their feet.

“Jophiel?” he asked. Lucifer nodded.

“One of the humans being held is…is my consort. He’s prayed to me and shown me what they’re doing to him.”

“Show me, brother,” Michael told him, stepping up to him until they were nearly touching.

Lucifer gently gripped the back of Michael’s neck as he let his forehead rest against his brother’s. Michael completed the link by grabbing hold of the gnarled flesh of his neck, squeezing hard. The seconds the link took felt like hours before his brother pulled away. Michael’s eyes glowed with fury, wiping tears away.

“The woman is Dr. Eliza Sorento,” Michael told him. “She’s one of the Prophets.”

“I thought Father stopped using prophets after the writing of Revelations?” Lucifer asked.

“True, but he’s kept them untapped, dormant until he feels one is needed to reveal a path for humanity,” Michael told him. “And even if he’d wanted a prophet woken up, there are six other prophets in line before she’d be tapped.”

“Daniel did tell me she has access to knowledge of the divine. Could she have found some of the old texts about us? One of the things he showed me…was a conversation he had with her.”

“And she told him that she could see the divine,” Michael finished, recalling the same brief moment out of the dozens that he’d been shown. “She’s a seer. If tapped, she would’ve received her missives by visions. So it allows her to see us for what we are when we’re here.”

“I was warned to stay away,” Lucifer told him. “That she expects someone to come and try to save him.”

Michael went to say something, but stopped. He turned and looked skyward. Several minutes later, he turned back to Lucifer.

“Father’s been paying more attention than you think,” Michael told him. “He’s given orders.” His (slightly) older brother pulled 3 pendants from the pocket of his pants. “These will make us immune to wards she's using. He wants the woman brought unto Him and the building burned to the ground. Any who choose to fight for her are to be struck down and the imprisoned set free. And he requests your presence when she’s brought before Him.”

Lucifer couldn’t help but grin, taking one of the pendants and putting it on.

“For the first time in a very long time,” he said, putting his hand out. “I’m happy to follow his command.”

Michael nodded and with a smile on his face, shook his hand.


-Dr. Sorento-


“How are his vitals?” she asked one of her assistants, anxious as they took a pulse.

“Pulse is strong and steady,” the assistant said. He looked over at the machines off to the left of the gurney their subject was strapped to. “Blood pressure is a little high, but it’s falling back to normal parameters for humans. Temperature is reading 10 degrees over average. Overall, he’s stable. Time from administration of Serum 4-B to the completion of metamorphosis; 4 minutes, 45 seconds.”

“Is he conscious?” she asked, walking around to the other side.

“No,” a second attendant said after reading yet another screen. “The subject passed out at the 2 minute mark. He is currently unresponsive to stimuli, but his nerves do react and flinch.”

“No doubt his body is in shock and is currently recovering,” Dr. Sorento said aloud, noting it in the journal she carried. “Very good; let’s put him back in his cell. I want him to remain restrained and I want his vitals checked every hour. And as soon as he is awake, I want you to come get me. I don’t care what I’m doing. Understood?”

“Yes, doctor,” the attendants replied.

She walked down to where they were keeping their test subjects, watching them carefully. This one was too important, she didn’t want him damaged. At least she hoped he wasn’t damaged. It had impressed her that he didn’t break easily, finally giving in to desperation only at the very end. She knew the look…every one of her other specimens had had that same slack look on their face. That they’d given up on getting free, that nothing they did would make this stop. But it was odd how he hadn’t tried to look up, towards the heavens. Instead, his eyes stared at the floor, his brow creased as he whispered so quietly no one could hear it.

“What have you done?” she heard their resident angel, Jophiel ask.

Eliza turned to look at the pitiful creature. She couldn’t reach the bars of the cell, the chain around her ankle only reaching far enough to reach her cot or the toilet. The spell work etched into the metal kept her wings bound and left her weak. She may as well be human. The female got to her feet, tears flowing as she stared into Daniel’s cell.

“Do you have any idea what crimes you’ve committed against nature? Against my Father?” she spat, her eyes glowing softly.

“I’m fixing the flaws He chose to ignore in us,” she replied. “You’re so much better than us as a species. Why He chose to make us so weak and limited, I’ll never know.”

“You’ve condemned innocent souls with your ‘work’,” she growled. “Not even my brother Lucifer committed such an atrocious act. His only crime was being too much like Father.”

“Oh, I’m sure he’s on his way here,” Eliza drawled as she walked away. “I’ll make sure he’s your next door neighbor.”

“Lucifer may have fallen!” Jophiel shouted. “But he is still an angel! Hell couldn’t contain him! What makes you think you can?!”

She ignored her as she headed back to her quarters. The day was still young, but they’d made a lot of progress. It was time for some rest while they waited for Daniel to wake up. Then they could proceed. As she reached her suite of rooms, the alarms blared to life. Sighing heavily, she made her way down the hall, to the security room.

“Is it another coyote?” she sighed. “Do we need to recalibrate the motion sensors again?”

“No ma’am,” one of the guards said. She noticed that he was deathly pale. “Look.”

She turned to one of the monitors and froze. 3 men stood just outside the fence to their facility. Two appeared to be twins; one blonde, one dark haired. The third man was slightly taller than them and black. But what gave all of them pause were the wings they were sporting.

“Looks like Daniel’s prayers were answered,” she said, smiling widely. “They can’t get in unless we let them in. Do we have sound for the external cameras?”

“Yeah,” the guard replied, flipping a switch and turning it up.

The dark haired one stepped up to the fence, looking straight at the camera.

“I certainly hope you can hear me,” he said, his accent smooth and melodic. “I’m Lucifer Morningstar. You might know me as the Devil. The Lightbringer, maybe? You have innocent souls in pain under your ‘care’. You have someone very important to me. I’m going to give you to the count of 3 to set them free. Or I’m going to have to come in there myself. And you don’t want that. Trust me, I never lie.”

“Like I’m that stupid,” Eliza scoffed. “Relax, they can’t do a thing.”

“Are you sure about that, Dr.?” Lucifer asked, still looking right at the camera. “1.”

“I’m positive,” she replied. His eyes…they were trained on her. It made her a little nervous as he tracked her across the room through the screen.

“Please take a moment to recall everything you’ve ever read on angels,” he said. His voice had dropped a few octaves, making her shiver. “Especially me. 2.”

“I’m not afraid of you,” she snapped, straightening her spine and staring right back at him, even if he couldn’t see her. “Not from in here.”

“3,” he said. As the number left his lips, everything shut down. She could hear the massive locks on the main doors to every section of the building unlock. They were thrown into pitch black darkness, save for that lone camera feed. “You should be afraid, doctor.”

She watched as he turned and walked towards the other two angels. They lifted their wings, creating shade. Her heart leapt into her throat as he stepped into the shadow they created…and disappeared.

“Where light exists,” she whispered. “Shadows follow…a servant bowing to the light.”

“And that which lets the Light pass through unfettered,” a growling voice added.

She turned to the far corner and could only scream in terror. Gone was the handsome dark haired man with wings as white as snow. In his place was a massive creature with red, twisted skin and burning red eyes. Burning with the very fires of Hell itself. Instinct had her turn and run. She blindly turned corners, hearing him right behind her…beside her. When she saw those fiery eyes turn a corner in front of her, Eliza bolted to the right and through a door. Looking around, she found there was nowhere else to turn. Nowhere left to run.

“Oh dear god,” she choked out as she heard the door open behind her.

"Wrong figure, I'm afraid," Eliza turned to find the Devil approaching. She couldn’t move. Her legs…simply refused to move any longer. She stayed frozen like that as Lucifer stopped before her. A massive, clawed hand snapped out and wrapped around her throat.

“My brothers are taking care of those who chose to follow you,” he growled. “Those that confess to their sins will be allowed to leave, unharmed. Those that defend you, will be struck down and thrown into the lake of fire as I once was. Those you’ve harmed are being taken for treatment. You though…” She screamed in horror as he gently stroked her cheek with a claw from his free hand. “Our Father wishes to pass judgment on you himself. Normally, I would be furious that he’d tread on my domain. But I have other places I need to be. So I’m more than glad to pass you unto Him.”

He released her, the blonde angel she’d seen on the monitor there to catch her. The angel glared at her with silent fury as he placed his hand on her forehead. She was out like a light.




Once Michael had the doctor knocked out and off to the cells of Purgatory for the moment, his anger bled from him. His Devil form receded and all he could think about was Daniel. With a snap of his fingers, he let light back into the building, the lights coming on instantly. He followed the signs on the walls until he came to a corridor filled with prison style cells.

“This is…unspeakable,” Amenadiel said softly, staring into one of the cells. “Where’s Azrael?”

“Here,” she said, her voice cracking with tears. “Lulu…the souls; they’re so damaged. I…I have to bring them directly to Father. They are all meant for Heaven. But they are so mangled…they’ll never find peace like this.”

He pulled her in for a quick hug, her little body shaking with sorrow.

“Are they all…have they all passed, but remained stuck here?” he asked, dreading the answer.

“No,” she sighed. “The Alders and the Masters’ survived, along with Carl Jones and Daniel Espinoza. Raphael is on his way to bring them to his own medical facility here on Earth. He’s also taking the bodies of the departed for study. Hopefully, he’ll find a way to reverse what’s been done. Or Father is going to have decide what to do with them.”

“What do you mean, Rae Rae?” Lucifer asked, his stomach knotting up.

“They’re mortals mixed with celestial and not at birth,” she told him. “It would be easier if they were born half and half. But this…there are a lot of unknowns. There’s no telling what’s going to happen with them. Especially Daniel.”

“What--,” he started to ask again, but stopped him with a shake of her head.

“I have to go,” she told him. “Have faith in Raphael to find answers.”

She disappeared, the screams that they’d heard upon entering the building going quiet. It was a relief that they were no longer suffering. At least, he hoped so. Finding the other cells empty, they went outside to find their younger brother, Raphael, closing up an ambulance. He smacked his hand against it twice and the vehicle took off down the road.

“They’re in good hands, brother,” Raphael told him, reaching out and grabbing hold of his shoulder. “I got every scrap of this woman's research that I'll have some of the younger angels help me go through. And as much as I don't want to involve humans in this, the case the police have is too high profile for us to make go away. So, I created copies for me. The originals are now with your friends in the car you brought out here. I’m going to fly back to prepare for their arrival and get to work. I've also included paperwork on how to contact my facility. I'm going to have a lot of questions to answer soon, I imagine.” He handed him a business card, which he took. “That’s the address. I do have a private airstrip, so you can fly there to save time with anyone that wishes to visit. I’m going to do everything I can to either reverse what she did, or ensure they are in good health as they are.”

“Thank you, brother,” he sighed, feeling some relief that he’s in good hands. “Take care of him for me, please.”

“You have my word, Lucifer,” Raphael told him before taking off.

“When will I need to be there?” he asked, turning to see Michael had come back.

“Father wants to give you time with your…consort,” Michael told him, blushing a little at the term. Lucifer couldn’t help but chuckle. Michael always was a bit shy when it comes to sex. “You have one Earth week before you’re needed to make your appearance.”

“Very well,” he said, shaking his brother’s hand again. “It was good to march onto the battlefield with you again.”

“Same here,” Michael told him.

“Amenadiel,” Lucifer said, turning to his other brother. He handed him the card from Raphael. “Get the Detective and Ms. Lopez up to speed along with Linda and Maze. Meet me at the airport. Make sure to call ahead and have my plane prepped for a flight. I’ll meet you there.”

“You’re not riding back with us?” Amenadiel asked.

“Michael and I still have to lay waste to this place,” Lucifer told him. “I think we could use a little bonding time.”

“Sounds like fun to me,” Michael said, cracking his knuckles. “Let’s get started.”

Chapter Text


“How…how in the hell are we ever going to get through any of this?” she asked, feeling defeated as they finished carrying the evidence from their latest case into the conference room they’d commandeered. “It’ll take years to sift through all of this.”

“I just got a call from a Dr. Raphael Everhart,” the Lieutenant said, walking in and staring wide-eyed at the countless boxes on the table and stacked two deep all the way around the room. “He’s informed me that our victims are in his care at his self-funded research lab and teaching hospital complex up in the mountains. Thankfully, they were kept in the state. The last thing we need is the FBI breathing down our necks right now. He also mentioned he’d taken copies of our kidnapper’s notes and research.”

“Yes,” Chloe said, “Lucifer knows him from a few fundraisers he’s attended. He recalled that Dr. Everhart is a leading researcher in the field of gene manipulation. He felt it would be best for the victims involved to get care from someone that had expertise in genetics.”

“What the hell was they doing?” she asked, her face growing pale. “God…did Dan…”

“We don’t know,” Chloe sighed. “He was taken by ambulance with the others for evaluation. Ma’am…the doctor that had these people taken…she was attempting to create hybrids she believed would be the next evolutionary phase for the human race.”

“Sounds like something out of a bad sci-fi movie,” the Lieutenant muttered. No one argued the point, which made her sit down. “You’re serious. What…what was she trying to splice into them?”

“That’s what Dr. Everhart hopes to find out,” Ella piped up. “Dan, Carl Jones, the Alders family and the Masters family survived, but their condition is unknown. The others…I’m glad I didn’t go in. The pictures in the files here are enough to know how bad this was.”

“What about the bodies? Did Dr. Everhart take those too?”

“He did. He felt the best way to find out what killed them is to examine the remains. Once he’s finished, he’ll send his report and release the remains to any remaining family. Lieutenant, could you assign a few unis to get this processed into evidence? Lucifer said he’d fly us out to see Dan.”

“Go ahead,” the Lieutenant told them. “And let Dan know that he’s to take his time recovering and getting his head on right before coming back to work, got it?”

“Crystal clear,” Chloe replied, heading for her desk.




He woke up in a dimly lit room. His head was killing him and everything ached. But it wasn’t bad. It felt kind of like he’d done a very vigorous workout. Dan stayed where he was, not quite sure of where he was now. The last thing he remembered was that crazy doctor giving him injections. Then agony before he passed out. He took a look around. The walls were a soft blue, a few paintings adorning the walls. Across from him and a little to his left was what looked like a bathroom. The door was ajar, the end of a shower curtain visible. A mirror hung on his side of the door, but the angle of the door kept him from seeing anything with it. A dresser sat in the far right corner. Carefully moving and looking up over his shoulder, he could make out hospital monitors. Looking down at himself, he was dressed in a hospital gown. Yep, he was connected to the machines by wires. No doubt to keep an eye on his vitals. Ok. Maybe…maybe they’d managed to get them out of that…that place. Or this was just another room in the facility.

“Fucking hell,” he groaned as he slowly sat up.

His back protested the movement, but he had to try and get to the door. He tore the lines free from the monitor pads on his chest and managed to get the IV line out of his arm too. It was strange that the alarms didn’t start going off, but he wasn’t going to waste time on that. When Dan pushed himself to his feet, a wave of dizziness hit and his legs wobbled. Taking a step forward to try and catch his balance, he stepped on something…and screamed when red hot pain lanced up the length of his spine. There was a loud whoosh as he fell forward, followed by a strong pull back. Dan ended up back on the bed, landing on his right side. Something heavy and warm was weighing him down from behind now.

“What the f--,” he said as he looked over his shoulder. His heart raced and his mind went blank. Wings. There were wings attached to him. “This can’t be right. I must be dreaming.”

Sitting back up, he reached over his left shoulder with his right hand. He started shaking when he definitely felt as his own hand brushed against warm feathers. A pleasant tingle raced across nerves that he shouldn’t even have. When he tugged at a feather, it came free with a lance of pain similar to pulling a hair out. A drop of blood sat on the end of the quill he’d just pulled free. The feather itself was a vibrant orange, reminding him of the glow put off by a fire. Dan winced when he hit against the safety rail of the bed. Wait…

“I’m…,” he started to say, looking to his left.

The rail was down on the side he was sitting on. The section attached to the head of the bed, was too far for him to have hit against. To his right…there was nothing to hit against. But the sensation wasn’t localized to either side. And his…his wings, were too close to his body to have done it. When he felt himself hit it again and it travelled up his spine again, he went pale.

“What the hell else is there?” he whimpered to himself.

Looking at the floor, he took a deep breath and carefully eased his feet to the floor. Very carefully, he eased his weight onto his feet, grabbing hold of the IV pole to steady himself. When he felt he had his balance, he let go and took a couple of steps forward. The wings offered some resistance, but that was because he wasn’t used to that kind of weight pulling at him. Looking towards the bathroom, curiosity hit him hard. As much as he needed to find out where he was…he needed to know what had been done to him. Better to freak out now than later. Dan carefully made his way to the bathroom. He stared at the knob, gathering strength to close it so he could have an unobstructed view. He looked down at his feet as he pulled the door shut. Panic started to make him tremble as the door latch clicked into place, the door firmly shut. Dan could see the shadows cast by his wings. But there was another shadow, moving side to side slowly. Taking a step back from the door and after a few deep breaths, looked up.
He noticed he was still the same height, still had all the definition he’d worked on at the gym. It helped to start with what he could see was still the same. The familiarity kept him calm as he let himself focus on everything else. He was a little pale; but that he wrote off as being under extreme stress over the last…he wasn’t sure how many days had passed. Had he been in a coma?

“Focus,” he told himself, shaking his head a little.

Dan leaned in close to the mirror. His eye color was supposed to be blue. Now…they were a vibrant purple. And he had to admit, his sight seemed sharper, clearer. Pulling back, he rolled his shoulders. His wings reacted, stretching wide. He could feel the new bones and joints crack slightly, like his spine when he stretched after long hours in bed or at his desk. It felt good. The new muscles that came with the appendages felt strange, but there was no pain. With them stretched out, he could see that the feathers started out as a deep red along the top, fading into orange that then transitioned into yellow before paling out to white on the longest feathers. He experimented with different movements to get a feel for how they worked.

There was no telling how long he’d be stuck with them, if not permanently. He found that the backs of his wings were that same deep red all the way down. It was interesting. When he managed to fold them back enough they weren’t going to be in the way, he turned his back on the mirror and looked over his shoulder. Shock froze him up again as he found out what the other shadow he was casting was. Instead of finding a slight divot above his ass where the end of his spine was located, there was now…a tail. The skin of the new limb matched the rest of him where it attached to his body, but it gradually darkened down to a ruddy, brick red color. It tapered down in size, the end flared out into a spade shape. It instantly reminded him of the cartoonish depictions of the devil he’d seen in movies and on TV.

“What the hell did she do to me?” he asked himself, turning back to face the mirror. “What am I going to do now?”

Dan went completely still as he felt eyes on him. Someone was in the room. There had been no noise made; no door opening and closing…nothing. But it didn’t change what he felt. One second he was standing in front of the mirror. The next second had him grappling with whoever had walked in, pinning them to the wall. His wings flared open and a low growl rumbled up his throat.

“Easy, Daniel,” a male voice said, his tone calm. “You’re safe. No one here wants to hurt you. It’s ok.”

He snapped himself out of it and pulled back a bit. But he didn’t release them. Not just yet. Dan carefully looked them over. He was male; appeared to be of Israeli descent. The guy was his height, slim build. His dark hair was trimmed short, his green eyes staring at him from behind a pair of wire-rimmed glasses. The man was completely at ease, in spite of the aggression he was throwing off. Dan took a deep breath and stepped back, letting him go.

“Sorry,” he muttered, unsure of what to do with himself now.

“It’s understandable to be on edge when you woke up in a strange place after what you endured,” the man said, straightening the lapels of his doctor’s coat. “But you’re free of it. My brothers saw to it that lab is nothing but a crater.”

Dan felt relief at that news. He took a seat on the bed again.

“Brothers?” he asked. “You’re…”

“I’m Raphael,” the man replied, coming over to him and holding out his hand. “Good to meet you.”

“Likewise,” Dan said, shaking his hand. “How long have I been out?”

“About three days,” Raphael replied. “I was a little concerned you wouldn’t wake up at all. Your friends and family have been worried. And Lucifer…I had to dose him with a sedative just to get him to sleep.”

“I thought that stuff doesn’t work on angels?” Dan asked.

“There are combinations of natural plants found on Earth that can affect us quite well,” Raphael replied. “But for the sake of efficiency, I gave him something from my private stores back home. Put him out in seconds.”

“That’s right,” Dan said, snapping his fingers. “You’re the Healer; patron angel of doctors and medicine, right?”

“Grew up going to Sunday School I take it?” Raphael asked, grabbing a chair he hadn’t noticed and pulling it around.

“My family’s Catholic. It was either that or get the paddle and have to pray for forgiveness anyway.” They went quiet for a while, Raphael looking over what must be his charts. “Is there anything you can tell me about my…situation?”

“At the moment, no,” the archangel replied, looking up from his notes. “We took a number of vials of blood from you and the other survivors to try and get a baseline to work off of. We used you as the standard because on our initial examinations, you were the most stable. Some of the angels that work under me are currently going through all of Dr. Sorento’s research. If we know what she used and her methods of blending…we could find a way to reverse it. But I didn’t want to do too much before you woke up, if you ever did.”

“So what happens now that I’m awake?”

“I told everyone that’s here for you I’d let them know when you woke up,” he said, getting up and heading for the door. “But I know they’re currently sleeping and haven’t rested well since they arrived. I would prefer to run some tests with you first. That way I may have some better answers for you soon.”

“What kind of tests?” he asked, tensing. He hated how nervous he sounded. Damn that woman…he’s going to need a lot of therapy after this.

“Nothing invasive, I promise you,” Raphael replied gently. Shame constricted his chest, making it hard to breathe. Of course he’d know what happened. It wouldn’t surprise him if there were tapes of the procedures that had been done. “What Dr. Sorento did…I have faith in my Father and my brother, Lucifer. That they will ensure justice is served. And I also promise you we’ll go over each test and scan before we do anything. If you say no, then it won’t happen.”

“Ok,” he finally sighed, letting the tension bleed out of him. “Lead the way, doctor.”

A few hours later saw Dan finishing the battery of tests with one last blood draw. It was weird how he’d managed to forget about his new anatomy. He winced as he stepped on the end of his tail for the umpteenth time.

“Now I know how a cat feels when you step on its tail,” he muttered. “It fucking hurts like hell.”

Raphael laughed a little, stopping when he glared at him. “Sorry. Believe me; I was as shocked as you were seeing that.”

“Is this some kind of…mutation of angelic biology? A fun little side project for God that got tossed aside at some point?” Dan asked, sarcasm evident. “Did anyone else end up like this?”

“Not quite,” Raphael replied, signing a few forms that the nurse he had do the blood draw handed him before leaving. “They went one way or the other.”

“I’m not going to even pretend I understood that,” Dan told him, frowning. “Look, can you please give me some kind of explanation for what the hell happened to me?”

The archangel sat and stared at him, then back at his chart. He nodded, shut the folder and turned to face him properly.

“Daniel,” he said. “From what my assistants have gotten from Dr. Sorento’s research, is that she had acquired a few celestial beings and had studied them thoroughly. There was Jophiel, an angel. They also had two demons as well. One is one of the Lilim; a child of Lilith, the first demon. Her name is Carakios. The other demon was an incubus by the name of Torvash. She found that while angels and demons clash like oil and water for the most part; their genetic material doesn’t. It actually seeks to bond to one another or bond to anything presented to it. It’s why our Father has always stressed that humanity can’t handle divinity. Not only does it tend to draw people in, but if exposed to it like you and the others were…it changes mortals.

Sorento basically mixed the three in a variety of combinations. The one she used on you was 75% angel, 5% Lilim, 20% incubus. The serum used on those who died were undiluted samples of each of the three or 3 full doses of each. The others who survived got a 50/50 blend between angel and one of the demons. Those weren’t as stable at the genetic level; it’s just not meshing well in different spots or not at all in others. They have the best chance at a reversal at best, stabilization at worst. But you…you’ve been stable from the start. The initial tests Sorento did after they administered the serum and mine on arrival here show that your entire DNA strand has been altered.” His expression grew grim. “I fear that we’re going to find that this can’t be reversed for you. I have no idea how Father would want this handled when it comes to you.”

Daniel swallowed hard, his stomach twisting into knots.

“Michael has several spies across the globe, watching for any sign that says Sorento sent her research to anyone that could try to pick up where she left off,” he continued. “But after you were taken, the case got national coverage, which then led to global. Now, the samples she’d collected have been destroyed, along with anything from Jophiel or the demons. So most of her ramblings of angels and demons will be written off as crazy or seen as potential alien life that was being experimented with. However, it means that we can’t cover up what happened to all of you. People are going to know you’ve been altered. There’s no way around it, short of memory wipe. And that can get messy and go totally sideways. You’re going to need to be careful.”

“What am I now?” he asked, dreading the answer.

“You can’t be considered human anymore really,” Raphael replied. “But you aren’t fully angel or demon. Best term for you would be a chimera. I know that Azrael will be coming to see you and the others before judgement is passed on Sorento. Father needs to know how all of you can be helped before deciding what to do about you.”

“Can’t He just fix us?” Dan asked. “I thought God created everything. Surely He could fix us.”

“The others…it could be possible, but I need to be certain it can be unraveled safely. But you…if the serum used on you integrated as well as I’m theorizing or does the same to the other victims at some point, trying to fix you could destroy you. Not just kill. If all it did was kill you, it’d be easier just to do that and then simply implant your soul into a rebuilt body. But the celestial energy that runs through the DNA of a celestial being would at least attempt to integrate into your very soul, what makes you who you are. If it’s done that successfully, then trying to remove the celestial influence would pull your soul to pieces. You would cease to exist. Your body can be resurrected, memories replaced to an extent. It would be a version of Daniel Espinoza, but it wouldn’t be you.”

Raphael paused, running a hand through his short hair.

“Souls started out as being made by our Father. Formed from the left over dust that Lucifer used to create the stars and lit with a divine spark, it’s the only piece of divinity that every human being carries within them. The soul…I’ve always felt was Father’s greatest creation. Once created, it takes on its own sentience that amazes me still. But as humanity multiplied, Father couldn’t keep up, leaving a number of infants born stillborn. So, he made a slight alteration to humanity and even to us angels. That during sex, the souls of those involved mesh together and when orgasm is achieved, it pulls them back apart. A piece is left behind with the half of the couple that can carry life, taking a piece from that to blend them with and will incubate within their soul. If conception was successful, then the new soul will separate from the carrier’s soul and become one with the now growing body. Every soul is wholly unique.”

“So…life really does begin at conception?” Dan asked.

“It does,” Raphael said. “But Father has always stressed that free will is still paramount. If a woman becomes pregnant, and they choose to end that life, then that’s their choice. It’s not going to mark them for Hell on principle. Those souls are delivered to Heaven by a special sect of angels under Azrael. Father reviews them carefully. Many of them end up becoming Guardian angels, helping watch over life on Earth. The rest are left as they are until Father chooses to bless a couple with a child that normally can’t have one. Your ex-wife Chloe was one of them.”

“Good to know that those whack jobs that bomb abortion clinics don’t have a leg to stand on with that whole ‘what if your child was meant to cure cancer’ argument,” Dan sighed. “No one should be forced into something as life changing as having a kid.”

“I agree,” Raphael said. “Bottom line…this may simply be your reality. I will still try to find a way to change you back, but I feel it’s better to prepare for the worst case scenario.”

“I’ve got one…ok, two questions for you.”

“Go ahead,” Raphael told him, crossing his legs at the knee.

“You said part of the serum came from an incubus,” Dan said. “If I remember right, isn’t that a demon that feeds on lust?”

“It is. Most incubi and their female counterparts, succubi, stay in Hell. Their appetites are kept sated by the very aura of Hell and are quite skilled torturers, from what Lucifer has told me. But there have been a few throughout the ages that’ve come to Earth out of curiosity. They tend to integrate themselves among humans in or near easy access to partners to feed their hunger. Torvash’s file showed he was captured in Japan. He made quite a name for himself over the years as a number of adult film stars. Demons are as immortal as angels unless fatally wounded with weaponry from Heaven or Hell, so he would’ve had to reinvent himself every few decades. For a demon, he led an honest life. That’s what also concerns me; angels and demons able to mix so well physiologically. There’s no telling if you’ll manifest any kind of abilities or needs from the demon in you or develop any affinities like an angel would. It’s a big ass question mark that I don’t like. What’s your other question?”

“The way you refer to Torvash…is he…?”

“He died,” Raphael replied, nodding. “Incubi are a little more delicate than most demons. If they go long enough without feeding properly, they will die. He died of starvation. Starvation…it’s their greatest fear and a terrible way to die.”

“Will I need to…how will I know how much of this applies to me?”

“That’s what I’m working on. And if the tests don’t give definitive answers, observation will. Every test so far shows you’re in excellent health and I recommend seeing a therapist, but I have no issues with releasing you today. I’ll give you a journal before you leave. I’d like for you to write in it every day. Your thoughts, your state of mind…anything that you feel is important. Leave it for an hour and then re-read it. If anything jumps out at you or anything happens that worries you, call me. Any time. I’ll make sure to write my number in the front of the journal for you. I’ll be scheduling a weekly check-in call as well for you to send in your notes. And you may not like it, but I would prefer you to stay with someone. That way they can observe you for any behaviors you may not be aware of. It’ll help us determine your limitations and abilities as well. You’re going to be fine, Daniel. I’ll see to that.”

“Thanks, man. I’ll admit; I’m terrified right now. But it feels good to know where I’m at and a plan for moving on.”

“You’re welcome, Daniel,” the archangel told him. “Would you like to see your visitors while your discharge papers are prepared?”

“I think so,” he said, getting to his feet. “But do you think I could get some clothes first? The medical patient look is not exactly the best for a first impression.”

Raphael laughed as he gave him a light slap on the shoulder before leading him down another corridor.




“Would you stop the pacing, please?” Chloe snapped, sitting with Beatrice. “You’re making me nauseous.”

“I can’t help it,” he sighed, walking around the room again. “Bloody hell…the nurse told us two hours ago he was awake. My brother just had to run more tests…”

“He’s being a good doctor,” Linda interrupted, looking up from her phone. “He knew none of us were sleeping well. So he let us sleep while he gets a ton of poking and prodding done for Dan’s benefit. It’s bad enough this had to happen to him. This at least gives him time to process it before having to front how ok he is with us.”

“He’s more honest than most humans,” Lucifer said, stopping in front of her. “He wouldn’t…”

“Yes, he would,” Linda insisted. “We don’t know what kind of condition he’s in or what he’s feeling. From what I was told by your brother, he has suffered some serious trauma. As much as he may want to be near us, it’s going to hurt any number of ways. And when people hurt, they put on a mask for the ones they love. To try and comfort us when we try to do the same with him. All I ask of you is to not put him on the spot that he’s lying to us. It won’t end well.”

“I can try,” he sighed, easing into a chair. “This is not how I pictured my weekend going.”

“Agreed,” everyone gathered said in unison.

When the door to the waiting room opened, he breathed a sigh of relief to see his brother walk in. He was alone. Lucifer went to him and took hold of his shoulder, squeezing briefly before dropping his hand. Raphael reciprocated the gesture.

“I plan to get you back for dosing me,” Lucifer told him, but he smiled. “Thank you, though. I’m sorry I was so disagreeable.”

“You were half crazed,” Raphael chuckled. “And you’re welcome. I take it Michael was telling the truth when you called him your consort? I didn’t think it was that serious.”

“Heat of the moment declaration,” Lucifer admitted. “I needed Michael to take it seriously. But now…I’m not sure where we are yet.”

“I get it,” his brother replied. “Now, Daniel is awake. All of the tests I’ve done, show he’s in excellent health. I’ll be discharging him today with orders to see a therapist and to keep a journal for oberservations. I would prefer he stay with someone he knows, that can also observe his behavior and journal as well. Lucifer would be the preferred choice, since he can’t be anything but honest. Just keep the…adult musings about Daniel, out of it if it’s not important.”

“Where is he then?” Chloe asked, holding her daughter’s hand.

“I asked him to wait in the hall for a moment,” Raphael told them. “He’s tense with nerves, and may lash out unintentionally. I flew into his room to check on him earlier and he had me against the wall in a second. He hadn’t seen me yet, so his reflexes are extremely acute. Just keep any movement slow and deliberate until he’s a little more relaxed.”

They nodded. Lucifer stood between the door and Chloe, just in case. The last thing they needed was anyone getting hurt accidentally. Maze had shown up in the last hour and she stood beside him, keeping the offspring out of harm’s way. Linda and Ella were more off to the side, still seated on one of the sofas. Raphael left the room again. Five minutes passed before the door opened again. Lucifer…wasn’t sure what to think as Dan came in, his brother right behind him.

He was still the same height, same skin tone, which was highlighted nicely by the pale green t-shirt he was wearing. His eyes though…they were amethyst instead of blue. It was an attractive color on him for sure. He could see the blood hit the man’s face as his eyes turned to the floor. It confused him…until he rolled his shoulders. Wings the color of flame fanned out slowly, clearly careful not to hurt himself or hit anything. They were the wings of an angel, easily passing through his clothing without tearing them to pieces. His heart clenched at the thought of what kind of agony he went through when they grew out. As he folded them back, another movement from just behind Daniel caught his eye. Lucifer couldn’t help but growl when he saw that it was a tail; the tail of an incubus to be exact. Lucifer may not have a tail or horns like most of humanity thought of him having; but there were demons that did.

“What did she do to him?” he asked Raphael.

“She was trying to play at being Father,” Raphael answered sadly. “Dr. Sorento had our sister, one of the Lilim and an incubus. I imagine you can guess what she did with that.”

“Can it be reversed?” Linda asked.

“We don’t know yet,” Raphael answered. “The other victims aren’t as well off as Daniel. They will remain here until we can either cure them or get them to where Daniel is.”

“Dan?” Chloe asked, moving slowly around Lucifer and towards Daniel. He turned to look at her.

“Hey, Chlo,” he said, giving her a smile. “It’s ok. I’m good.”

She walked up to him and carefully put her arms around him. Daniel sagged a little, holding her to him. The tension in the room released and everyone seemed to relax as she pulled back. Lucifer let Daniel approach him himself, not wanting to assume anything. What he wasn’t expecting was for Daniel to grab him by the back of the neck and pull him down for a deep kiss. He reached out and held him tight as he let Daniel have his way. It ended all too soon, but it would do for now. Lucifer smiled as Dan kept hold of his neck and put his forehead against his own.

“You came for me,” he whispered. “Thank you.”

“Always, darling,” Lucifer purred, kissing him once more before they pulled back.

“Um…if he’s got angel in him now,” Ella said, “Doesn’t that make you two…related?”

“Angels may all be siblings in that we are born of the same mother and father,” Raphael answered. “But only those of us born as twins actually share familial DNA. Why do you think we all look so different from each other? And no, I’m not about to go into any detail of how it’s possible. I’d rather not have to bleach my brain thinking any farther into the simple fact that our parents had sex.”

“Fair enough,” Ella said with a laugh. “It’s a relief really. Dan and Lucifer are just too cute together.”

Lucifer noticed that other than Maze, there was one other person present that hadn’t said anything. He turned to see Beatrice standing behind Maze, looking...nervous? Afraid? He wasn’t sure. Lucifer went to her, getting to one knee to be level with her.

“What’s the matter, little one?” he asked her.

“I…is it ok for me to hug Daddy now?” she asked him. “I didn’t want to scare him so…”

“Monkey,” Dan said, interrupting her. They watched him ease down onto his knees and hold his arms open. “Come here, baby. It’s ok.”

The girl flew at him so fast; Lucifer had to wonder if she had wings too. She hit him hard, making Dan wince as she collided with him and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“I was so scared Lucifer wouldn’t find you,” she sobbed. “That I wouldn’t get to see you again or tell you I love you or…”

“Shh…,” he murmured to her, easing back so that he sat all the way on the floor. “I’m here. I’m not going anywhere sweetheart.”

Chloe, followed by Linda and Ella, sat on the floor, getting in on the hug. Even Maze got in on it. Lucifer joined last, carefully kneeling directly across from Daniel. Daniel then spread his wings and stretched them around the huddle, pulling them all in closer.
Lucifer smiled and unfurled his own wings and stretching them to close the gap, surrounding their family with warmth and love. He looked over Trixie’s head to Dan. His eyes were shimmering with unshed tears, clearly relieved that he was still welcome. It helped strengthen his resolve. He’d make sure everything would be ok. No matter what it cost him.

Chapter Text


He jumped a little when he felt the plane land, slowing to taxi before coming to a stop.

“Are you ok, Daniel?” Lucifer asked, taking hold of his hand. “You haven’t really said anything the whole flight.”

“Sorry,” he sighed, picking up the small bag Raphael had given him before leaving. “It’s…I guess I’m a little in my own head right now. I…don’t really know what to do next.”

“First we’re going to get you home to start with,” the Devil told him, squeezing his hand.

It helped to know he had his back. He felt himself sweat a bit as everyone made their way off the plane first.

“Um…I don’t think I could handle that,” Dan said quietly.

“What do you mean?” Lucifer asked, concerned.

“My apartment…I…,” he started to say, but Lucifer waved him off.

“Of course not,” he scoffed. “And I know you wouldn’t feel comfortable at the penthouse. So I had one of my other property holdings prepared and had your things moved. I don’t think your landlord will give you problems breaking your lease early.”

“I’ll pay you back,” Dan said quickly, his stomach twisting at how much overtime (or how many other jobs) he’d have to work just to afford wherever Lucifer had for him.

“Nonsense,” Lucifer told him, squeezing his hand again before making him look at him. “What happened to you is not your fault; you were a victim. Justice will be upheld, I can promise you that. But you still have to live with the aftermath. It wouldn’t be fair to leave you struggle needlessly when I have the means to help you. And I want to help you, Daniel. Will you let me?”

“Yeah,” he sighed, easing against his side.

Lucifer made a very happy noise and put his arm around the back of his waist. Dan tensed for a moment, a dark blush hitting his face as he put his hand in his pocket. Dan returned the gesture. He winced when he felt his tail smack against the back of his leg. Dan was definitely regretting not changing into an unaltered pair of jeans so he could’ve hidden the damn thing. Lucifer chuckled.

“It’s not funny,” he growled as they exited the plane. “This damn tail is a nuisance. If I’m not catching it in doors, it’s all the over the place.”

“Try calming your thoughts or focus on one thing at a time,” Lucifer suggested. “I imagine that with everything you’re dealing with, it’s telegraphing your current state of mind.”

As they got to the bottom and were about to get into Lucifer’s car, he noticed that there were several vans and cars coming straight for them.

“Uh oh,” he muttered. “It’s the damn news anchors. I thought you had your arrival time changed so they’d think we were coming in later.”

“Someone at the airport had to have tipped them off,” Lucifer said, opening the door for him and closing it once he was in. He ran around and jumped into the driver seat. “I’ll be having a little chat with my contacts and giving them a piece of my mind later. Right now, we need to get out of here and lose them in afternoon traffic.”

“Agreed,” Dan said, putting on a pair of sunglasses he found on the dash as Lucifer got the engine started and gunned it in reverse, pulling a swift 180 before opening up the car and speeding around the main terminal.

He couldn't help but smile when Chloe headed them off, slowing them down. Lucifer drove at high speed around the building, through the main lots and onto the freeway. Dan got his seat belt buckled as Lucifer sped up, cutting off several cars as he weaved through traffic.

“If I didn't want to keep those clowns as far away as possible,” Dan shouted over the racing wind. “I would tell you to slow the fuck down.”

“Live a little, Daniel!” Lucifer shouted back with a grin, continuing to weave through traffic.

Thanks to his driving, they were able to get ahead of the afternoon gridlock, slowing as they hit the surface streets. Dan felt a little nervous as they ended up pulling up to the gate of the parking garage of one of the new condo complexes near Trixie's school. Lucifer stopped at the gatehouse and pulled some kind of ID out of his pocket. They were let in with no trouble. They parked in a space marked 10A; the space closest to the elevator.

“I pre applied to this building right around the time I started working with the LAPD. They finished it last year,” Lucifer said as Dan followed him into the elevator. “Anytime I find a building going up that I like the designs for or any new homes come open that I like, I purchase them, use them for different events or just to get away for a change of scenery. I have...four estates just outside the city, this condo, my building and one penthouse in Las Vegas.”

“Thanks for this, man,” Dan sighed, the doors closing them in. “I do like the fact that it's only a few blocks from Trixie's school. Though, I'm a little worried about reporters finding me here. Or trying to go through Chlo...scratch that thought. Maze is still rooming with them; she'll keep them away.”

“Damn straight she will,” Lucifer said with a smirk on his face. He pulled the ID out of his pocket again. “The landlord will be meeting us in a few minutes to get a picture for your ID. No one can even get through the gate without showing a badge to security. They even use home built RFID chips that the guard will scan to open the gate. It also gives you access to the elevator. Guests have to check in. You give their name to the guard. They tell them what unit number, show ID and are let in with a guest pass that has to be turned back in.”

He passed the ID over a panel at the top of the floor buttons, a chirping sound echoing in the small space. The buttons lit up and he hit the button for 10. A minute later, the doors opened onto a short hallway, two doors on either end. There was another door, right next to the elevator. The sign mounted on the door stated it was the stairwell. Lucifer turned left and went to the door, an ornate A mounted just above the peephole. He pulled a key from his pocket and opened the door. Dan walked in...and went quiet.
The place had a very open floor plan. Where they were standing was tiled in white marble.

To his right, the tile continued over towards the kitchen and the rest of apartment and the shallow steps before them done in the same. Before them was a wide open space; the floor carpeted in a thick, pale blue carpet. The furniture was cream colored and looked plush. A large sectional couch, one end a large chaise lounge, faced out the floor to ceiling windows that made up the entire wall before them. A couple of armchairs sat in the space, also facing out the window. There was a glass coffee table set back a couple feet from the couch, small tables set next to the chairs. Lamps sat on those tables. Looking up at the ceiling, he noticed the recessed lighting.

He slipped his shoes off and left them off to the side of the door. Going down the steps, Dan looked around. He was confused when he saw a remote on the coffee table There were no electronics that he could see it would be used for. Lucifer joined him after removing his shoes as well. Picking up the remote, he hit a button and a screen blacked out a portion of the windows. He pressed another button and a nature documentary played, the volume turned down low.

“That's awesome,” Dan said with a grin. “That a request of yours?”

“State of the art, darling,” Lucifer told him. “It's one of the many features that intrigued me about this building.”

Dan moved on. The living room was essentially in a bowl. Going back up the steps on the far right of the living room, he stepped up into the kitchen. All of the appliances were chrome and brand new, even had a dishwasher. He walked around the kitchen island, looking over everything. It was great. On the far side of the kitchen, the floor to ceiling windows continued, a large dining room table set in the open space.

There were different doors in the wall across from him. Looking through them, he found a pantry across from the kitchen, a bathroom. Next was an empty room. The last door led into a short hallway, with three doors; two bedrooms, the door at the end of the hall opening onto a staircase. He made a note to check where it led to later. The master bedroom again, had floor to ceiling windows making up the far wall. A walk in closet was just to his right. Another door that must lead into a master bathroom was on the far side of the bed. The bed was made with what looked like silk sheets. He walked back out and sat with Lucifer on the couch.

“This place is amazing, Luce,” he said. “Are you sure you want me taking this place?”

“What's mine is yours,” Lucifer told him softly. “Look, I know it’s crazy, but I like the idea of us. And I find that I like who I am when I'm with you. I can't believe I almost missed out on this trying to go after the Detective.”

Dan smiled and leaned in to kiss him. Lucifer met him in the middle. It started off chaste, but quickly grew a little heated. He’d worked his hand up under Lucifer’s shirt, earning him a shiver as he stroked his back. The Devil jumped in surprise after a couple of minutes, putting some space between them.

“What?” Dan asked, hoping he hadn’t done something to put him off. Lucifer made him look down. He wasn’t sure what to say when he found that his tail had managed to curl around his thigh, the end pressing tight to Lucifer’s erection. “Fuck.”

Dan pulled away, getting up and heading for the kitchen. Of course he had to ruin a nice little moment of connection. He really needed to be able to just be close to Lucifer at the very least. Dan still had no idea how or when all of the shit that was done to him was finally going to hit him and have him freaking the hell out. He noticed Lucifer moving out of the corner of his eye as he grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge, taking a long drink. Dan flinched when he felt him put his arms around him from behind.

“I’m sorry,” he said quickly. “I’m really trying to get the damn thing under control. Believe me, if I could, I would’ve had the damn thing cut off.”

“Dan--,” Lucifer started to say when there was a loud knock at the door.

He pulled away and answered the door. Lucifer stepped back and let in a young woman; he’d say mid-20s, early 30s. She was about Chloe’s height and very curvy. Her black hair was pulled into a bun. She was looking quite sharp in the red blouse and black skirt she was wearing. She turned and noticed him.

“You must be Daniel,” she said with a smile. He nodded and took her hand in his briefly. “I’m Amelia Waters; the manager of the building. I’m here to complete the paperwork for your lease and to get your picture for your tenant ID.”

“Nice to meet you,” he told her, smiling back. “Why don’t we take this over to the table?”

Dan followed her over, trying like hell to keep focused so that his stupid tail didn’t get him in trouble. He sat on her right, watching her while she arranged the paperwork and pulled out a pen. He listened to her explain everything before signing it. She then took the carbon copies and placed them into a separate file with his name on it. As they worked, Lucifer busied himself in the kitchen, the smells starting to distract him. Once he signed the last form, Amelia inhaled sharply. He looked over to see her sitting totally still, nearly white as a sheet.

“You…you don’t have a snake, do you?” she asked, her voice a harsh whisper.

“No,” he answered, frowning. Looking under the table, he found that his tail had wrapped itself around her ankle, the end gently rubbing against the top of her foot. The heat in his face told him he was blushing again. “I’m afraid that it’s just me.” He made her look down and she relaxed a bit, pulling her leg out from under the table to get a better look.

“I know Lucifer explained a little bit about your situation. Forgive me for nearly fainting, I’m deathly afraid of snakes and when I felt you, I just assumed that’s what it was.”

“I’m so sorry,” he said, letting her go. “I didn’t even know I did it.”

“Can you control it at all?” she asked curiously.

“Yeah, but it also seems to have a mind of its own,” he grumbled, draping the thing across his knees. The end was still flicking randomly.

“Well, most animals use their tails for communication as part of their body language,” Amelia said, moving closer to him. “Maybe your mood gets reflected through its movements. It’s basically an extension of your spine, which does connect directly to your brain.”

She gently grabbed his tail, lightly smoothing her hand along the appendage. It…it felt good. He relaxed into his chair and noticed that it went limp as she explored further. When her nails scratched along the spaded end, it sent a shot of heat through him. He bucked in his seat, shivering all over. Amelia pulled away after that, a blush hitting her face. He wrapped his tail around her wrist gently, giving it a light squeeze before backing off.

“I’ll try to keep that in mind,” he said, unable to keep a grin off his face at the blush that hit her cheeks before pulling down her face and into her throat. “I have to say…I liked having your hands on me.”

“Just trying to understand you, rather than judge you for something that you can’t control,” she replied with a shrug, looking him over. “But I liked it too.” Hearing Lucifer move around the kitchen seemed to snap them both out of it. Amelia had a look of horror on her face. “I’m so sorry; I’m being horribly inappropriate.”

“I may be with Lucifer,” he told her. “But he’s never been one to turn away anyone that wants…to have some fun.”

“I’m aware of his reputation,” Amelia said with a smile. But it was short lived as she sighed. “I also know the crowds he surrounds himself with. I’m not exactly someone he goes for…too many curves.”

“No such thing, Ms. Waters,” Lucifer interjected, putting something in the oven. “And if it was that meathead of an ex that told you that…he’s an idiot.”

“Really?” she squeaked, that lovely flush on her face darkening. Dan could see her pupils dilate as she looked him up and down again.

“He’s right,” Dan said, pulling her closer. “There’s nothing wrong with curves. You look great, Amelia; healthy, vibrant. Hmm…Lucifer, would you mind if Amelia joins us for dinner?”

The look on her face had his tail tapping against the floor, his own arousal picking up again.

“That’s a splendid idea,” Lucifer said. “Dinner should be ready in a few hours. I would invite you to join us in the pool, Amelia, but I believe you have a few meetings with your investors today?”

“Wait…we have a pool?” he asked.

Lucifer nodded. “The staircase at the end of the hall leads up to a private pool and hot tub for this unit. There’s an identical one for the other unit on this floor. It was definitely worth the extra tacked onto the rent.”

“Just let me get a photo for your ID and I’ll take everything down to the office for processing. And I do have important meetings that can’t wait. But I would love to take you up on dinner. I should be done for the day around 6. Would dinner keep until 7?”

“Just let me adjust the temperature and it’s a date, darling,” Lucifer said with a wink before turning back to the stove.

“We’ll be waiting,” Dan told her, leaning over and kissing her cheek.

She whined a little before having him stand up against the wall. Amelia snapped a few pictures quickly and left.

“Are you ok, Daniel?” Lucifer asked him.

“Yeah,” he said after a few minutes. “Really, I am. Hey, could you ask Linda to come over tomorrow morning to start my therapy sessions?”

“Sure,” Lucifer said, pulling his cell phone out.

A few minutes later, he set his phone on the kitchen counter.

“She's on your recurring visitor's list and she'll be here at 10am,” Lucifer told him. “Seriously Dan; don't feel like you have to prove anything to me.”

“It's not like that,” Dan told him softly. “ just feels right.”

“Ok,” Lucifer told him, smiling. He kissed him again. “Did...did you want to show her everything? Because I think you could do with a bit of grooming, if that's the case.”

“I feel I need to,” he said. “I want to get comfortable...with all of this.”

“Why don’t we go up to the pool?” Lucifer asked him, pulling him towards the bedroom. “I can groom you and we can talk more.”

“Sure,” Dan told him.

They both undressed and redressed in swim shorts before heading upstairs. Dan went first, Lucifer heading back out into the main area of the apartment first. The stairs went straight up for seven steps, and then curled around towards the left. He came out on a landing before opening another door. It opened onto a locker room. He moved to the left, noticing a series of benches in front of about a dozen lockers on his left. Ahead of him was a wall of frosted glass. To his right, another wall of glass with a glass door built in showed him the pool. It was surprising to find an Olympic sized swimming pool before him. Looking up, he could see that the ceiling was tinted glass, letting natural light in. On the far end of the pool, there was a diving board and a water slide. Past that…was a patio; complete with a wet bar, table and chairs. There were a number of beach lounge chairs set up, facing out. Turning back, Dan went to explore what was behind the frosted glass. He found there were several shower heads built into the wall, knobs at waist level. A large stack of towels sat next to the door. Just to the right of the shower area were two bathrooms, large enough to change in. Another two rooms about the same size were just past those, nothing inside but a mirror on one wall and a bench wrapping around two walls; changing rooms.

“I definitely don’t want to see what the rent on this place is,” he told himself, grabbing a towel.

He left his shoes sit on the bench closest to the stairs and headed for the pool. The smell of chlorine hit him first, something familiar as he walked to the patio. After tossing his towel on one of the lounge chairs, he ran towards the pool. Mounting the diving board, he dived in easily. It felt good to get a little exercise, he’d been feeling a little…anxious, a little too wired. Dan found that his tail actually helped him move easier in water, making him a little faster. After a few laps, he stopped to find Lucifer on one of the chairs just outside, writing in the journal Raphael had given to him. He took one last lap before pulling himself from the water and walking outside. Lucifer looked up and watched him take his towel to dry off a little before draping the towel on the chair. Laying the chair back flat, he eased onto his front, enjoying the warmth.

“Good swim?” Lucifer asked, “You seem to be a very accomplished swimmer.”

“It helps I used to surf a lot when I was younger,” Dan told him. “I picked it back up recently.”

“I might have to have you teach me some time,” Lucifer said, giving him a smile as he finished writing something and putting his book down. “Now, sit up; wings out.”

Dan grumbled about having gotten comfortable, but he complied. Once he was sitting up straight, he unfurled his wings. Lucifer looked them over as he moved his chair closer.

“They aren’t too bad,” he said, careful not to touch. “But that won’t always be the case, especially if you decide you want to try to fly.” He looked him in the eye. “May I?”

“Sure,” Dan said. He managed to move his left wing to lay back a bit, exposing the front better to the sunlight. “That better?”

“Yes, thank you,” Lucifer told him.

He moved slowly, running his fingertips across the unkempt section before applying more pressure, moving through the layers to the skin. It felt a little weird at first. The sensation was a lot like someone running their fingers through his hair. When the crooked feathers were eased back into their proper place, he could feel a kind of knot loosening. He hadn’t realized how uncomfortable he’d been now that it had been corrected. He repeated the treatment on two other spots on his left before moving to the right. There was only one patch of messed up feathers and they were in a spot he could easily fix them himself.

“You need to know how to do this too,” Lucifer told him, sitting back a bit from him. “Come on, pull it back a bit and stretch the tip of your wing towards me.”

Doing this, Dan had a great view of the affected area. He followed Lucifer’s instructions carefully, straightening the crooked feathers, carefully pulling one that had gotten bent out of shape. Being it was bent, nearly broken; it didn’t hurt like he thought it would, kind of like pulling a hang nail. But as he smoothed over the spot, Dan felt a rush of heat. Frowning a little, he moved his hand a little to the right, towards his body. Carefully digging his fingers in, he reached the skin and scratched it a little. His eyes went wide and he let out a shuddering breath. Pleasure hit him hard as he rubbed against that spot.

“I take it you found a sensitive spot?” Lucifer asked with a chuckle.

“Oh yeah,” he replied, pulling his hand away reluctantly.

“Mmm...looks like you're a little tense, love,” Lucifer purred.

He watched Lucifer put the back of his chair back up before pushing him to lie back, straddling his lap. The Devil grinned as he ground down on his erection. Dan squeezed his slim hips, pulling him against him hard. Lucifer leaned into him and kissed him hard. Lucifer pulled back out of the kiss and groaned.

“Hmm...I think I can find a good use for this new appendage of yours,” he said. “Considering it's currently trying to split me open.”

“I'm...,” he started to say, but Lucifer shushed him.

“Don't be,” Lucifer told him. “Think about it. You're feeling up for some sexy times, yes?” Daniel nodded, now aware of the end of his tail sliding up the seam of Lucifer's shorts. “Looks like you want to get me prepped. And I want to try it.”

“Got any...,” Dan started to ask, but laughed as Lucifer leaned over to his chair and showed him a large tube of lube. “Damn Boy Scout.”

“Never hurts to have it on hand,” he said, getting up and dropping his shorts.

Dan stripped out his shorts as well, slowly stroking himself as Lucifer leaned over him, popping open the lube. He got a quick kiss before Lucifer gently grabbed hold of his tail. Daniel shivered a little as he squeezed cold lube on the end of his tail, carefully slicking up the end and about an inch below that. He gave his cock a squeeze, watching Lucifer slick a couple of fingers and ease them inside his body.

“ make one hell of a picture like this,” he said with a smirk. “Get up here.”

Lucifer panted, completely erect as he straddled him again. His knees were on either side of his hips. Dan had him grip his shoulders before Dan put his hands on Lucifer's ass, pulling him open.

“Just let me know if it's too much,” Daniel said quietly.

“Will do,” Lucifer replied.

Dan distracted him with a kiss. He could feel Lucifer shiver as he stroked against his hole with the tip of his tail. Daniel carefully pressed into him. The lube allowed him to slide in easily, given the end of his tail was a bit tapered. Lucifer groaned as he eased the widest part of the spade inside him. He stopped, remaining still.

“You ok?” he asked, kissing him again.

“Bloody fantastic,” he panted, gasping when he straightened up. “Oh yes. Move a little deeper and try wiggling it.”

“Fuck, this is hot,” Dan growled as he moved his tail, swirling it around before gently thrusting it deeper. “Damn...seeing you spread open like this is fucking amazing.” Dan removed his right hand from Lucifer's ass to grip the base of his cock hard. “Shit...I'm so close already. No wonder you enjoyed having me in this position so much.”

“Bloody hell,” Lucifer growled, “Do more…something. Please.”

As much as Daniel wanted to watch Lucifer come apart with his tail, he needed to come just as badly. He was slow pulling his tail free, Lucifer wincing as it popped free. Lucifer was quick to move and ease down onto his cock. It was slick and warm, squeezing him just right. They moved together, a slow thrust and retreat. Neither was in a hurry. This was what he needed; connection, intimacy that was wanted. Dan sat up, holding Lucifer close as he worked himself on his cock.

“I love you,” he sighed in prayer as he wrapped his wings around him, kissing him again.

Lucifer's hands snapped out, digging through the feathers.

“I love you too,” Dan heard in his head.

The combination of the prayer and his hands in his feathers was too much. It had them both crying out, unable to hold back anymore. Dan held him down as he came, Lucifer spending himself all over his stomach. They relaxed as they wound down, Lucifer lying on his chest as he eased back in the chair. Dan felt his face get hot again.

“That was new,” Dan panted. “Now I understand how intense prayer can get.”

“You heard me?” Lucifer asked, sounding surprised.


“I’ll make note of it. Later.”

Daniel smiled as Lucifer smoothed his feathers again. It felt nice.

“Want to flip over so I can do the back?” Lucifer asked. “Perhaps return the amazing ride you just gave me?”

He flinched, he couldn't help it.

“If you can keep it to the grooming,” he said softly, feeling a couple of tears fall as he looked away. “I'm...still healing.”

Lucifer helped him lay on his front. Dan tensed when he felt him spreading his legs a bit.

“I won't do anything,” Lucifer said softly. “I just need to check you, ok?”

“Ok,” Dan said, unable to stop more tears falling as he felt Lucifer carefully touch him, pulling back whenever he whimpered out loud.

It was still sore from the rough treatment he'd experienced, more than he thought it would after three days. Lucifer moved and pulled him up into a sitting position.

“Oh love,” he sighed, pulling him close, resting his forehead against his own. “I'm so sorry this was done to you. That they took something from you against your will.” Lucifer kissed him, simple and slow.

It helped him relax, Lucifer helping ease him down onto his front, laying the chair flat again. He kept to just the grooming, carefully raking his fingers through the feathers, straightening anything out of place, pulling broken ones. The treatment allowed him to relax enough to fall into a light sleep.

Chapter Text



He woke up to see the sun was setting. As he sat up, he found that Lucifer had set up an umbrella for him, no doubt to prevent sunburn. Grabbing the fresh towel that had been left for him off the chair next to him, he wrapped it around his hips and headed downstairs. As he went into the Master bedroom, Dan could hear Lucifer talking to someone. The clock on the bedside table showed it was 6:45pm. He must be talking with Amelia. Dan couldn’t help but smile, a light flush running under his skin.

Folding his wings away, he went to his closet and grabbed some clothes. Tossing them onto the bed, he took a quick shower. He found another plus to having a tail; easier scrubbing for the hard to reach places. Done and dried off, he dressed quickly and chose to skip socks and shoes.

“Daniel!” Lucifer said cheerily, pouring a glass of wine. “I was just coming to wake you.” He smiled as he stood next to Amelia. He took the glass of wine Lucifer handed him. “There you are. Why don’t you two relax for a bit while I finish in here?”

He grabbed her wine glass, watching her walk in front of him. Amelia was dressed in a flowy, green and yellow sundress, the hem going past her knees maybe an inch or so. He liked the way it moved and found he liked it better when she was seated, showing off her legs as she sat on the section of the couch right next to the chaise section. He tended to see the whole package, not really favoring any part more; but he had to admit, she had an impressive bust that was competing for attention from those firm thighs of hers. He frowned a little, trying to think of what had him so…tuned in, so to speak. He was a faithful guy when in a relationship. But then again…Lucifer never berated him for looking, practically encouraged him to try or do anything he desired. And what he desired was to see where this went with this very lovely lady that had agreed to dinner at the very least.

Dan sat on her left, setting their glasses on the coffee table. He noticed that her shoes were off as well. He smiled as he took a sip of wine. It was sweet, very tart.

“Did your meetings go well?” he asked..

“Very well,” she replied with a grin. “My investors love how well this building is doing and have agreed to fund a larger complex up on the bluffs just outside of town, and another tower like one on the other side of Beverly Hills.”

“I’m glad you came back to celebrate it with us then,” he said. His tail twitched against his right leg, but it stayed put.

“Same here,” Amelia sighed, sitting up a bit to take a long drink off her glass. “It’s not been easy. Being a female architect in this town has been a nightmare. It’s hard enough to get anyone to look at my designs, much less get a serious offer for investment and development.” She smiled again. “I owe a lot to Lucifer, actually. He got me in touch with a few friends of his that ended up giving me a chance and invested in this building. I even have offers from some of their connections to at least preview designs for some of their upcoming projects.”

“I hate to see any form of talent get overlooked because of pride or ego,” Lucifer called from the kitchen. “And it also lost those idiots you tried to deal with a hell of a manager. She was top of her business management classes as well as architecture.”

“Smart, successful and sexy,” Dan said, setting his wineglass back on the table. “The whole package. Who the hell did you date that couldn’t see that?”

Her face reddened as she stared into her wineglass. He saw her squirm a little as he eased himself closer, mindful to leave his tail along his right side as he eased back into the chaise, his shoulder brushing hers. Dan noticed how she looked at him. Her hand brushed against his tail, making the end curl up and around her wrist.

“Looking back,” she began, still lightly stroking him, “I think my past boyfriends only dated me because they could use me to mine for ideas and make them look better in comparison. It would always start out with them being sweet; assuring me they were with me because of me, not my body. But then a month or two in, then would come the dual gym membership, the home gyms they said was for them to get a quick workout in before showering for work. Then they would start making comments about how I spend my free time instead of working to improve my body.

My last boyfriend, I went to pick him up at his place for a date and he had two of his co-workers in bed with him. Both were tall…slim. He had the nerve to think that I was going to wait on him. I left him there and when he came to my place…not here. I was trying to finish my lease at my old apartment. Anyway, he showed up and I had everything he’d left there packed and gave them to him, told him it was over.” Her grip on his tail tightened a little. “He didn’t like that and he hit me. Luckily, my neighbors heard what was going on and got him out of my apartment so I could lock myself in and call the cops. I moved into one of the ground units here that night. I took out a restraining order on him and with the security I implemented here, I haven’t seen him since. Kind of gave up on dating after that.”

“I’m sorry that happened to you,” Dan said softly, putting his arm around her and pulling her in for a hug. “And for the record, both of us love your curves.”

Amelia looked up at him and smiled. “I love your eyes. Was...that something that changed? Or were they always this color?”

“They used to be blue,” he replied. “But I do like them as well.”

“Did...did anything else change for you?” she asked.

“Want to see?” he asked with a smirk.

When she nodded, Dan got to his feet and pulled her up with him. She gave him a confused look. Before she could ask, he let his wings stretch wide. Her face went from shocked to awe in the space of moments.

“Wow,” she breathed. “I…can’t really find much else to say.”

Dan noticed how her hand twitched towards him, clearly wanting to touch.

“Go ahead,” he said with a laugh. “Just be careful. They’re sensitive.”

“I bet,” she murmured, stepping closer to him, their bodies brushing as she eased her fingers first across, then into the rows of feathers.

He surprised her when he dipped down and kissed her, but Amelia was right there with him, hungry for what he was offering. Her nails tugged at his feathers nicely, making him purr in approval. His tail was sliding up her leg slowly. Just as it reached the hem of her dress, he felt a tug on his shoulder. Dan growled in annoyance, turning to find Lucifer with his phone in hand.

“I’m sorry, but it’s the Lieutenant,” he told him, handing him the phone.

He pulled away reluctantly, taking the phone and walking towards the dining room table. Dan folded his wings back in for now.

“What’s up?” he asked, trying to keep his tone level.

“Did I call at a bad time?” she asked back.

“Kind of, but let’s just say it would be a lot worse if you would’ve waited. What did you need?”

“First, I was calling to see how you’re doing. Everyone here at the precinct has been on edge since you were taken. When we heard you’d been found, we were relieved. But it’s still a bit tense around here.”

“I’m doing better than I thought I would at this point,” he sighed. “That’s the truth. As crazy as what happened to me is, I like to think I’m taking it pretty well. But the break down could still happen, so I’m going to take this one day at a time. I even set an appointment to start seeing someone.”

“Good. Listen, Chloe and Ella came down earlier to brief me on your…situation as well as the other rescued victims. Not to mention my phone has been ringing off the hook with reporters wanting statements…interviews. I’m currently hiding in the evidence archive while the Captain tries to fend off the newspaper reporters trying to get more information.”

“Ouch,” Daniel hissed. “I don’t envy you right now.”

“Thanks,” she chuckled. “Look, I’d really like to be able to sit at my desk without a horde of news crews demanding information. Would you agree to come down tomorrow morning for a press conference? I know you had to dodge them this morning, but I’ll try to make some deals that if we do this and have you come answer some questions, that they’ll leave you alone. Not to mention the Captain wants to see you too.”

“What time?” he asked her, feeling his stomach twist a little.

“10a.m.,” she replied. “If you could come in earlier so we can sit down and talk first, it would help.”

“I’ll need to move my therapy appointment, but yeah, I’ll do it. If anything, it’ll help keep the damn vultures off my ass for a while.”

“Thanks so much, Daniel,” the Lieutenant said. “I owe you one.”

“See you tomorrow,” he told her before hanging up.

He set the phone down on the table as he had a seat. Amelia came over and sat next to him. Lucifer kept busy finishing setting the table. The food looked and smelled amazing, making his stomach growl.

“What did the Lieutenant want?” Lucifer asked as he had a seat on Dan’s right, taking hold of his hand. He noticed he had his journal with him as well.

“She asked me to do a press conference with her tomorrow morning,” he told him. “The precinct got overrun with reporters and they want to get ahead of this before they start getting themselves into trouble. You know how the press can get. And I hate to ask, but could you ask Linda if we could have our session tomorrow afternoon or after her office closes?”

“Certainly,” Lucifer told him, picking his phone up. He opened it and sent a quick text. A reply was received a minute later. “She’ll see you at 1 for a working lunch.”

“Great,” he said, taking a slice of the beef wellington that Lucifer had prepared. “Man, you’ll spoil me cooking like this every night.” Next was asparagus, roasted potatoes, rolls.

“I feel better knowing you have something home made with fresh ingredients,” Lucifer said with a shrug, taking off his suit jacket and undoing his cufflinks in order to roll his sleeves back. “You take such good care of yourself. I’d hate for your hard work to go to waste.”

Dan grinned, leaning over to give him a quick kiss before digging in.

“Are you sure that I’m not intruding here?” Amelia asked, picking up her fork. “You two…you’re great together.”

“We’re sure,” Dan said with a smile, enjoying the expression on her face as he lightly stroked the end of his tail across her knee, over her dress.

They continued the meal like this; Dan keeping his touches light, just barely going a little further in before coming back to her knee. He could tell it was driving her crazy, judging by the soft whines she was making while enjoying dinner. He noticed Lucifer was making notes in his journal, but Dan shrugged it off. They’d discuss it at the end of the week at the weekly check-in. Right now, he was all about continuing where he’d left off before getting interrupted by that phone call. When they finished dinner and the plates were cleared, Dan pulled her chair closer.

She eased against him as he kissed her again, his hand moving to the back of her neck and holding her in place. He smiled against her lips when she took his other hand and placed it on her chest. Amelia groaned as he nipped at her lower lip before moving one of his hands and pulled her dress up to the tops of her thighs. A clinking sound drew his attention back to the table. A small bowl of vanilla ice cream sat in front of him, a spoon next to the bowl.

“Dessert?” Lucifer asked, a satisfied smile on his face as he moved Amelia to straddle Dan’s lap.

“I think you are rubbing off on me, Lucifer,” he growled, holding her hips to keep her steady. He could feel the growing heat of her arousal on his thigh. “Damn this is good.”

“Let’s make it even better,” Lucifer purred, taking the bowl and spoon in hand.

Dan watched him carefully as he fed a spoonful to Amelia first. He could tell she was feeling a little more confident, sliding her hands down to his before tracing his arms and gripping his shoulders. He got the next bite, Amelia getting the next two. On the next pass, he went to give it to her again…but then he overturned the spoon, the melting treat landing on her bare thigh. She gasped from the cold.

“Let me get a napkin,” Lucifer said, his eyes flashing red when he looked at Dan.

“No need,” Dan panted, sitting her on the edge of the table.

Her moan was music to his ears when he licked the ice cream off of her thigh slowly, starting where it had dripped towards her inner thigh, moving back up towards her knee. When she was clean, he sucked a light hickey into her skin, right behind her knee. He could feel her shiver all over as he pulled back, looking at her. She had lain back on the table, her legs splayed open. Her hair was loose and a little wild from where she’d tugged at it. Dan pulled his chair closer to the table, kissing and nipping at the exposed skin of her thighs.

“Dan…please,” she panted, one hand moving to grab at his hair.

He let her, giving her a smile before sucking a hickey on her thigh…so close to where she really wanted him. Lucifer had taken off his shirt and undone his pants, the belt buckle clinking quietly as he removed it. He helped her get out of her dress and left it on the table under her. Her underwear matched her dress; a nice satin and lace set that hugged her body well.

“Tell me what you want, Amelia,” he asked her, his fingers barely brushing against her underwear.

“I want you to touch me,” she pleaded, Lucifer leaning over the table to kiss her.

Dan took it as a green light and pulled her panties off. She was smooth all over, which only made him that much harder. He held her hips to the table and licked straight up her center. Her back arched and she pulled away from Lucifer, letting out a satisfied groan. Her hips were trying to move under his hands while Lucifer popped her bra open and started nipping at her breasts. She tasted sweet to him and he found he wanted more. He slid her up the table a bit more. Once he could set his elbows on the table, he hiked her thighs over his shoulders and moved back in.

“Fuck…Dan…,” she panted, her hips moving against his face. “I’m not going…to last long.”

“We have all night, darling,” Lucifer said to her. “And I know I have quite the stamina. Not sure about dear Daniel here.”

“Oh, we’ll see who taps out first,” Dan growled against her hot skin, finding her clit and sucking hard while pressing two fingers into her.

Amelia screamed his name as she had her first orgasm of the night. Dan didn’t let up until she was shaking. Getting to his feet, he got his jeans undone and around his ankles in seconds. Lucifer tossed him a condom, which he was grateful for the foresight. He really didn’t have the patience to hunt one down at the moment.

“Shit…Dan…oh fuck you’re big,” she whimpered as he slowly pressed into her.

“Bigger than any of those loser boyfriends of yours?” he kidded as he held still.

“Yes,” she whined, pressing into his initial stroke into her body. “Fuck…I’m going to feel this for days.”

“That’s the idea,” he chuckled, pulling her up a little so he could kiss her. He could feel the grip her body had on him loosening as Lucifer finished taking his clothes off and helped get his pants all the way off. “We should move to the bedroom.”

“Don’t stop,” she whined again, putting her arms around his shoulders.

“Then you might want to hang on,” he told her, getting her legs around his hips.

When he got his hands under her ass and stood up straight, she squeaked in surprise, tightening up all over as he carried her effortlessly towards the bedroom. His tail joined in, rubbing against her lower back and ass; making her gasp his name this time. She came again before he could open the bedroom door, making him hold her against the wall as he gave her a few easy pumps, trying to fight off of his own release. She wasn’t making this easy. Now in the bedroom, he sat on the edge of the bed and laid back, leaving her riding him. He held her hands so she could balance and find a rhythm. His tail kept up with the stroking. When he managed to slide the end between her cheeks and against her hole, her eyes went wide.

“Too much?” he panted as she paused for a minute.

“No,” she answered. “I…I kind of want you to…to put it in.”

“Good thing I bought plenty of this then,” Lucifer said, walking in with another bottle of lube. “Mmm…watching you two is quite the show. Though, I certainly hope you don’t mind a little audience participation.”

“Please,” she groaned, moving her hips again.

Lucifer hesitated, studying them carefully. Before he could ask about it, he shook his head and turned his attention back to helping them. Like earlier, he lubed the end of his tail up and helped position him at her hole. Dan had her slow down a bit and lean over him as he probed at the tight ring of muscle. He groaned as she opened to him with little resistance. Clearly, this girl liked to play.

“You little minx,” Lucifer laughed, “Damn…you’re taking him so well. Good. Then you’ll be able to take me easily."

“Dan…oh right there,” she gasped, pushing back against him when he rubbed along where he could feel his own cock was seated. “Press there again, harder.”

He did as she asked, getting rewarded with her crying out again, coming on him again. Dan couldn’t hold back this time. With one strong thrust, he held himself deep, filling the condom as he held her tight to him. He sat up a bit, kissing her as they both came down slowly. Dan was surprised to find he was still rock hard. Usually, he couldn’t get it up again for a good hour after the first round.

“Another plus to this whole mess,” he said, lifting her up enough that he could slip out of her, his cock bobbing a little, pulled down by the condom a bit. “Lucifer, you mind giving me a hand?”

“Certainly, love,” he said with a smile.

“Fuck, this is the hottest thing I’ve ever done,” Amelia groaned as Lucifer pulled the used condom off, giving him a quick suck to clean him off before rolling on a fresh one.

“My turn for a taste,” Lucifer purred, helping lift her up a little more to get his tongue in her.

Dan watched, loving the feel of her clenching on his still buried tail, wiggling it a little to make her mewl and writhe. Lucifer growled playfully as he kept his mouth on her, clearly not wanting to be diverted.

“Come on, Luce,” Dan purred, tugging her out of his grasp. “You’re the only one of us that hasn’t gotten to come yet. I’ll even let you choose, unless our lovely guest has a preference?”

“Turn me over,” she mewled, trying to pull away from his relentless tail.

Dan pulled himself free carefully, not wanting to hurt her. Lucifer helped him get her settled on top of him, her back against his chest.

“So good,” she sighed as Lucifer helped him get into position before slowly spreading her ass even more.

He growled deep in his chest, fighting not to come too soon. It was still tight, even with the reaming she’d just gotten. She clearly loved the sound, judging by how much she was dripping. Lucifer eased in after getting a condom on too, groaning. He yelped with surprise when Dan notched his tail against his hole, still slick with lube. Dan kissed him over her shoulder, making her pant as she tried to move. They had total control as they eased her into having both of them at once, finding a rhythm they could both keep going without pulling free of her. After a few minutes though, she scratched at them both.

“Would you two just fuck me already?” she bit out impatiently. “You’re driving me crazy.”

“If that’s what you desire,” Lucifer said, raising an eyebrow in question as he looked her in the eye.

“Yes!” she shouted, snapping her hips in response to a rough thrust from Lucifer.

Lucifer bent her legs to where Dan could easily hold her legs up before gripping her hips to keep her steady. They jackhammered her at a rough, almost brutal pace. She was more than loving it. Amelia screamed and cursed as they pounded into her pliant body over and over, Dan’s tail fluttering and wriggling its way into Lucifer again. It only spurred him on. Amelia tightened all over and went quiet as they felt her release grip them tight, sending them both over the edge again. They slowed gradually, eventually going still. Dan removed himself from both of them gingerly, cleaning up quickly. He leaned over Amelia, checking her pulse. She smiled, kissing his hand after he brushed her hair back.

“You ok?” he rasped, his voice a little hoarse.

She could only nod, turning onto her side and falling asleep in the center of their bed.

“I think we broke her,” Lucifer said, easing up against his back. He pressed a kiss to the back of his neck.

“Nah,” Dan said with a smile. “Just wore her out. I honestly expected something more…plain from her. Not that I’m complaining here.”

“The shy ones always have the most fun desires buried deep. Mostly because they don’t get to find anyone that won’t shame them for said desires.” Dan sighed as Lucifer tucked his face against his throat, stroking his chest and stomach. “That…was lovely.”

“It felt fantastic,” Dan said, leaning into his lover. “What was with the strange looks though?”

“I think you’ve inherited some abilities from the incubi DNA in you,” Lucifer answered softly. “Being King of Hell, I have dominion over all demons. I can feel the energy they give off whenever they’re using their abilities or actively trying to influence people. I could feel it earlier when she was here with the papers this morning. It wasn’t very strong, but I did make a note. Then tonight, I could sense you reaching out to her, looking to feed off her.”

Dan froze. “I didn’t…I didn’t force her into this, did I?”

“No, love, no,” Lucifer told him, tightening his hold on him. “Incubi and succubi don’t rape. The desire for everything we did tonight was already there. You just brought it out of her. It’s a version of my own powers to tap into people’s desires. Yours is just a lot more subtle, but you do have control of it. Most incubi and succubi emit a constant aura to relax those around them. You only started doing it because you were in the mood to play. If she would’ve stayed earlier today, we still would’ve ended up here. It’s why she fell asleep so quickly.”

“She’s ok?” Dan asked, still sounding a little tense.

“When she wakes up, she’ll feel better than ever,” Lucifer told him. “Most humans don’t indulge themselves all that much when it comes to sex, so the soul gets pent up with energy, which can lead to feeling absolutely rotten or depressed. You simply feed off the excess that gets released when they finally let go. But given your state of being, this isn’t something that will happen often. Or you may find you don’t have to eat or drink as often anymore, since you have a different source of nourishment as it were.”

“Was it that obvious?” he asked, gasping as Lucifer’s hand drifted down to his still hard cock and stroking it.

“Anyone sensitive to energy or real psychics will pick up on that side of you,” Lucifer explained. “But the dead giveaway was that your eyes were glowing.”

“I’m surprised I didn’t freak her out,” he panted, working himself into the strokes.

“She was definitely into what was going on,” Lucifer chuckled, releasing him. “Even if she did notice, she didn’t care. Still, don’t worry. I’m here to keep an eye on you.”

Dan pulled him into his lap when he got off the bed.

“Mmm…how’s about you keep your hands on me instead?” he purred, leaning in to lick at his chest.

“I will if we can continue this in the shower,” Lucifer said with a wink.

Dan followed Lucifer into the bathroom, tail wagging.