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Well, after reading most of the Douchifer fics here on Ao3, I’ve boarded this ship. Granted, I still love Deckerstar (they are too damn cute), but I see the appeal to Dan and Lucifer being an item. So here’s my first offering that will feature them as an actual couple.

I can't guarantee when I'll be able to post on this work. I'm currently bouncing around a few projects. Between 3 Supernatural fics I'm trying to finish, working on some fluffy Lucifer fics for Fluffuary and working on the 2020 Supernatural Kink Bingo...I've got a lot on my plate.

Sigh, this is what happens when you're a writer. I love it, though.

But I wanted to at least set the story up by putting this out there as a sort of Coming Soon. I'm pretty excited about this fic and I hope everyone enjoys!

In this fic, we're ignoring Season 4 (loved Season 4, but I felt it's easier to ignore for the sake of this fic). The showdown with Cain had everyone present; Chloe, Dan, Ella and Trixie. Lucifer protected his human entourage, but ended up revealing himself in the process. Chloe had made to run, but Trixie wouldn’t let her. They managed to help Lucifer and after a couple of fights and a week of not speaking to him, they all made up with him and work together again. Chloe did get past his being the Devil. But her heart had been stomped on so much lately. And with the way he kept abandoning her when he was going to explain himself or when things got serious, Chloe realized she wasn’t in love with him. More like he was family to her.

Dan has been in the closet so to speak. When he was younger, he felt attracted to both men and women. But he was so confused by it, he just ignored the feelings he got when it came to men in his life. But after his divorce and the loss of Charlotte, he’s been lonely and just can’t keep bottling up the other side of himself. He’s not told anyone. Yet. Especially not a certain pain in the ass, too hot for his own good, stylish, snobby yet sweet club owner/civilian consultant. Dan is screwed.

This note is setting the timeline, giving a brief rundown on the reveal and the aftermath. It also establishes the relationship between characters so I can really jump into the meat of this fic.