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All the Mafia are not all evil

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Luo Fei is one big detective in Shanghai where he just have one case a little complicated who involve lots of serial killers.
It's was very strange but Luo Fei will find all the answers and the culprit.
Especially since the last one have leave one hostage alive.
It's was one man called Luo Qin Geng he was alive because the police arrived in time.
They don't arrive to explain why he was still alive so he was in custody until he meets Luo Fei where 'Luo Qin Cheng tell him "I'm innocent, they have kidnapped me because I'm from one rich family and they thought they could have money from my family. The blood is not mine and it' s not me who have killed, I was tied you have to believe in me"

The police weren't great with his answer but Luo Fei is saying to Luo Qin Cheng while looking at him "I trust you, I don't know why but I want to trust you. I will clear your name. Believe me"

Then Luo Qing Cheng tell Luo Fei "My family is rich because of mafia, that maybe why they have caught me but I'm innocent I have nothing to do with them. I don't want to be into mafia."

In reality Luo Qin Cheng never liked the stuff of mafia because he just enjoyed his studies, he loves reading, playing instruments (he was good with one piano).
But Because of his family, he never had friends or socialized much, and it's have hurt him a lot.

Luo Fei want to believe in him and goes see the boss of the police where he said "You could let him go, there are no evidence to keep him locked here"

Then the boss of police kinda trust Luo Fei and tell him "Okay, I trust you"

And they go see Luo Qing Chen where they release him when he was outside he was a little sad and scared of his family and criminal because he doesn't want to see his family and take revenge or even see the criminals.
He just stayed outside the office, wondering what he should do.
Luo Fei saw him a little later when he finished to do some research. He looked lost so he decides to tap his shoulder.
Luo Qing Cheng has jumped because of that and looked he was worried.

"What's going on?" ask Luo Fei

"I don't know where to go, I don't have money with me and I don't want to go back to my family for see my father and that he tell me to work with him and I don't want that. And I'm also scared to see maybe the criminals…"

He have some misty eyes and says "I'm not like my dad, I'm clean I don't want to be with the mob"

And then Luo Fei say "You could live with me as roommate I have place in my flat"

"Thank you so much, mister"

They walked together to go at the place of Luo Fei were during their walk Luo Fei was thinking he is one decent guy, I have a feeling he is not what the other thinks.

That how Luo Qing Cheng lived with Luo Fei where he cooked for him and do the cleaning so the flat was clean because it's was so messy because Luo Fei was one detective.
He just doesn't touch the papers of some investigation.
And sometimes for help Luo Fei he cooked some food and Luo Fei say "You have one great talent for cooking its smell so good"

When they were eating Luo Fei tell "It's the first time in so many years I didn't have homemade food so I really appreciate it. And I would like to say thank you" and he smiled wide at Luo Qing Cheng

The food helped Luo Fei to relax and think better at his investigation.

At one moment he was stuck that Luo Qing Cheng told him "I would like to help you, I know some people from the mob I trust"

"No way, it's not safe"

Then Luo Fei looked at Luo Qing Cheng and he cared about him and he is one nice guy and he doesn't want that something bad happens to him and he says "What if they hurt you? What if they lock you away?"

And Luo Qin Geng is also taken aback by his words, blushing as he feels his heart melt.

But Luo Qing Geng wanted to help him so he was a little outside when he was talking with his people he trusts and he was near his home and his room who was safe from his father because it's was not connected to the main house.
What he didn't know is that Luo Fei was stalking him to see what going on and maybe protect him.
But Luo Fei get caught and they bring him to the room of Luo Qing Cheng and the guys of Luo Qing Cheng say "young master, we found this guy trying to break in, what do we do with him?" and Qin Geng telling him "What are you doing here? Why are you here?"

Then He said to his guys "Don't worry, I will deal with him, you can go." and everyone leave so they can be on their own and Qin Geng say "What the hell do you think you are doing by coming here? Do you know how dangerous it is?"

Luo Fei answers him "I could tell you the same thing- Look, I just wanted to make sure you would be okay."

And Qing Cheng couldn't be mad at him right now, he just sighs and say "I'm fine, see? You are lucky that my dad isn't here right now. With his men outside in the garden"

What they didn't know is that some maids are looking secretly or trying to hear from behind the door but they are not with the day they were more the confidants of Qing Cheng so it's was ok. They are surprised how their master gets along with this random person given that he's usually pretty cold and quiet and they never saw it with people so they were thinking that it's great he have friends now à d that maybe he can have a normal life.

What Luo Fei didn't know is that Qing Cheng could defend himself he was trained with martial art but he liked to see this protective side of Luo Fei because his heart was melting.
And he doesn't understand all of this since he doesn't really know what is love

"We are safe in my room because no one could hear us or see us, my father never come to my room"

"I want to protect you Luo Qing Cheng"

Luo Qing Cheng doesn't understand all his feelings he have for Luo Fei, his heart is beating fast and nobody have been protective and caring with him even when he was younger. The only ones were the maids.
His heart was like he has read In book about butterfly.
He tries to not freak out so he says to Luo Fei "I'm gonna ask us for food"

Qing Cheng was at the door and he knew that his maids where near the door and he open the door and says "Could you maybe prepare us food? But please if you see my dad says nothing"

"Of course young master don't worry"

They talking about other stuff during this time, Luo Fei found about the piano and about the books that one day Luo Qing Cheng have say.

"I think one day I would love to hear you playing piano," says Luo Fei

And Luo Qing Cheng was blushing

And Luo Fei saw this and ask him "What Going on? Are you okay?"

"I just have some palpitation and I feel light-headed…"

When the food arrives he give the thanks to the maids and close the door and say to Luo Fei "Now we will be at calm and we can talk about the investigation, I have some news from some people"

They talk during a while eating and then after when they were sitting close, Luo Qing Cheng fall asleep against the shoulder of Luo Fei

Luo Fei found that cute, and he looked so peaceful, he have seen this some time where they were at home and he wanted to touch his face then Luo Qing Cheng during his sleep say "Luo Fei" and Luo Fei was smiling.

"I think I have fallen for you, I have feelings for you," says Luo Fei quietly.


After this, Luo Qing Cheng was still living with Luo Fei they were only to his home when they have news from some of his people.
During this moment Luo Qing Cheng began to read more books because book have always helped him to found answers.
He was totally focused and these books and even begun to feel red and blushing at some moment.

He needed to go to the bathroom, he was maybe planning to read the book in the bath and when he arrive he saw Luo Fei in the bath totally naked and say "I'm sorry"

And Luo Qing Cheng closes the door but his body had made one reaction he doesn't think he could have.

Luo Fei have seen the reaction and he was thinking at himself that Luo Qing Cheng have some feelings for him.

When he goes in the living room Luo Fei said to Luo Qing Cheng "It's totally normal, when you are around one person that you like and that you have some feel it's normal to feel this way and that your body reacts also like this" but he was blushing because he knew it's was his fault.

It's true he has feelings for Luo Qing Cheng but he wanted maybe to wait for the end of the investigation for court him.

And Luo Qing Cheng says "I'm sorry if it's making you awkward and I kinda wish to be happy with the person with who I have feelings"

"I hope maybe you will tell this person because it's not good to keep these feelings"

Then one day after Luo Fei comes home after a long day and he saw that Qin Geng is cooking already something for him even if it's was late dinner since he was really busy and frustrated because of the case. He had some problems at work so he was angry and annoyed but when he saw Qin Geng with an apron on and cooking have warmed his heart and pushes all negative thoughts away. Qin Geng heard him but didn't turn around just said a 'welcome home'.

Luo Fei was almost hypnotized as he moved towards Qing Cheng, who was too distracted, he walked near him and he turns him around, Qing Cheng is confused just looking at him with a small smile, noticing how tired the other look which worried him. After a few seconds just staring at each other like that, Luo Fei cups Qing Cheng face and kisses him really softly. Qing Cheng just stays there stunned, not sure what to do and why his heart is beating so loudly in his chest.

Then he asks "Can you do that again?"

"of course we can do it, again and again, any time you want it" and Luo Fei pets his hair

Then Luo Fei decides to try another kiss you was more harder it's was a little overwhelming but he saw that Qing Cheng enjoyed it.

"I want others kiss for more experience and it's what I have learned from the great detective Luo Fei" say Qing Cheng smiling

"We can do it as many time you want" say Luo Fei while kissing him again

Then he couldn't stop thinking that he is the only one who makes feel like this Qing Cheng and he likes this.

After this Luo Fei couldn't stop smiling at him and do lots of back hug, Qing Cheng have learned that he likes also kiss his neck.

"I'm happy to be home with you" say Luo Fei one day

Yes it's was the home of Qing Cheng now.

Then they had do lots of session of makeout and Luo Fei said "My Lips could be yours" and Qing Cheng say "It's the same for me you are the only one I want"

And now Luo Fei is determined to help to clear the name of Qing Cheng.


But one day when Luo Fei was out for buy grocery he was kidnapped by his dad because he wanted him to come back at home and also that he run the mob mafia instead of him.

"You are the only son I have, and I want you to take my succession " say The dad of Qing Cheng

"Never" say Qing Cheng

They have kidnapped him to take him somewhere during this time Luo Fei was waiting for him and he was worried because he wasn't here.
Then one maid of Qing Cheng say "Qing Cheng have been kidnapped by his dad, he is locked in one warehouse"

Luo Fei was shivering following this because he was too scared he doesn't wanted to lose Qing Cheng and he was worried maybe his dad would hurt him.
So he goes to the police and saw the commander to help him to save him.

At the warehouse, Qing Cheng was a prisoner with rope and he was bleeding because his dad has hurt him.
His dad knew always violence compared to him.

Qing Cheng was shocked when they have brought in the same room Luo Fei who have been caught by the man of his dad.
And Luo Fei saw that Qing Cheng was been beaten by his dad "You are worthless, you are useless"

Then the dad turns to Luo Fei and say "So this is your friend or would I say maybe your boyfriend, it's should be bad if maybe he could be useless like you, what do you think son"

"Leave him alone! Hit me! Beat me! But don't hurt him"

Then during this time Qing Cheng was trying to take off his restraint. And when he was free he put his dad on the floor, and also his right man.

"It's over dad, your little business end here"

"You know that you will be nothing without me"

"I don't care, dad"

Luo Fei was surprised at the skill of Qing Cheng and he also started to break the restrain and helped Qing Cheng when more men arrive in the room.
But he couldn't stop thinking also that Qing Cheng was hot like this and handsome.

Unfortunately, when the police arrive, the dad of Qing Cheng gets up that they have to neutralize him.

"I'm gonna help you," say Qing Cheng

"No don't do that you are badly hurt, you should wait for the ambulance"

"No I want to be here when they will catch him, he is still my dad"

Then when they were near the dad of Qing Cheng, he suddenly remembers that he already saw the policemen near his dad before his kidnapping.
And before he could tell Luo Fei he get shot, when Luo Fei says he goes near Qing Cheng

"Qing Cheng, don't die please I need you, please don't leave me, my love"

"The… Cops...are with my dad… Be Careful Luo Fei"

"I promise I will stop them, please try to fight my love I love you," say Luo Fei with misty eyes

And Qing Cheng says "Promise me to come back alive, you can't die, you can't leave me, I love you"

Luo Fei kiss his forehead and say "I promise to come back to you alive"

They shot the dad and they arrested him and his accomplice, where he will be in prison for a long moment.
And when it's finished he goes search Qing Cheng but he has passed out because of the blood "Qing Cheng no!"

Luo Fei was always near him at hospital he was so worried when they have do surgery.
And Qing Cheng wakes up after the operation and when Luo Fei sees that he is awake, Luo Fei was crying. And Qing Cheng was also crying because Luo Fei was alive.

" I knew you could do it," say Qing Cheng while taking the hand of Luo Fei

"Qing Cheng I was so worried I don't know what to do without you, I can't leave without you, I love you"

"I thought I would never get the chance to say this.. I know it's late but I love you," say Qing Cheng

After a while, Qing Cheng feels better and Luo Fei takes him to their home it's was their home.
Luo Fei has cleaned the name of Qing Cheng, they have changed the stuff in his family home, the home was at Qing Cheng since his dad will be in prison for the rest of his life.
The only people who are were still here were the maids and the men of confidence of Qing Cheng.
But Luo Fei said to Qing Cheng "I want this home to be the one of ours only"

"Yes, maybe the other could live in another home so we could have privacy"

"And also we can do new memory and better memory in all these rooms for taking off all the bad memory," says Luo Fei with one wink.

But first, they had to eat since it's was Alway Qing Cheng cooking, Luo Fei tried this time since Qing Cheng was still hurt.

"Cooking should not be so bad at doing" says Luo Fei

And it's was, in fact, one date romantic and very nice for Qing Cheng and this night was also the first time for Qing Cheng.