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The wolf of the vampires

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"The Push is not so bad, little sister," my older brother said with a mocking smile before hitting me in the head for my bad mood when I returned to the reservation after years.

"At least you're not a giant dog," I said sarcastically as I roll my eyes.

"Wolf, you're a wolf" My brother replied

"Whatever" I said without wanting to continue arguing

I climb the hood of my diver while I lie more in the seat of the truck, in a bad mood I look at the landscape as we approach the reserve.

"We will see Uncle Billy and our cousin Jacob, we have not seen them for a long time. I remember you loved them very much, "my brother tried to cheer me up.

"That was when I was eight years old, ten years passed. I haven't heard from them since then "I rolled my eyes to keep talking about this with my brother.

Luckily after that we didn't talk about it again and the trip was in total silence until we finally arrived at our house on the reservation.

Our old house, when our parents were still alive, I sighed before going to unpack things with my brother. After that we went to our uncle Billy's house.

"Long time no see, Walter! Xenia! "Billy said happily when he saw us, he invited us to pass, but I refused before going for a walk in the woods. But before I leave I hear my brother talk to Billy.

"Sorry Uncle, Xenia is not happy to return and does not want to know anything about the Quileute even though she is an alpha wolf," said my brother

"I understand, but it's your destiny," Billy replied.

I roll my eyes before running through the forest to try to distract myself and my wolf does not go crazy for not taking it out more often.

A couple of hours passed and it began to get dark, I was about to return, but I catch the smell of a human. Blink confused because it was night and there was no place for a human in the forest and less at night.

I follow the smell that seemed familiar to me until I found a brown-haired teenage girl lying on the floor, she seemed to be suffering and would soon grab hypothermia. How long have you been here?

I carefully take it in my arms to warm it a little with my high temperature.

"Long time no see, Xenia" a deep voice caught my attention and I turned to see Sam Uley looking at me carefully before approaching me

"Hi Sam," I said without much desire to speak with him.

"They're looking for her, come with me," said Sam

I nodded before walking behind him in silence until I left the forest and saw a lot of policemen, my brother, Harry Clearwater, my uncle and my cousin Jacob near a house.

Jacob: Charlie

A man in a police suit runs towards us before grabbing the girl in my arms, the man thanks me before entering the house.

My brother smiles at me, while Harry and Billy nod. I roll my eyes before lightly greeting Jacob and leaving for the forest, followed by Sam

"Can you stop following me?" I said angrily

"Why did you come back? If you don't like being here "Sam asked without paying attention to my irritation for him

"Problems with my wolf and being separated from this stupid reservation" I replied coldly

"It's because you have a duty to fulfill, Xenia," Sam replied quickly.

I stopped before sighing more irritated than before and turning around to look Sam in the eye.

"Never, I repeat, I will NEVER be responsible for the pack and less will hunt vampires" I replied without letting myself be intimidated by his gaze.

"Why are you so stubborn? !!" Sam shouted as he looked me in the eye

 "Better go, Sam you have things to do and soon younger will go through the change," I said curtly before turning around and starting to run away from him before jumping on a fallen tree and transforming myself into my reddish wolf with golden eyes.

I run quickly until I get close to a cliff and drop me on the grass. I snort before putting my head on my paws and looking at the ocean.

I hate to return to the reservation ...... What awaits me from now on?