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The Game of Cat and Mouse

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a lone woman walks down an alleyway. her curls bounce with her easy steps on the wet asphalt. the pink sky gives her smile, she breathes in the cool air. days like this, give her tranquillity with coffee is the only thing on her mind. there's a new cafe not too far from her hotel. the walk felt great on her joints. she nears her destination not knowing of a green tail following.

the sound of breaking glass, alerts her. she turns to face it, but before she could. a truck rams her into a wall. her head ringing, she elbows whatever is on top of her. a grunt is heard, the weight is lifted. giving her the opportunity to land punches. her fist feeling bones collapsing . knocking the person to the ground. her feet swiftly moves away to make a break of it. she goes around the corner.

where she's met with blue, fuzzy arms. wrapping around her waist, she struggles against its hold. however, all it does is constricts her movements. her breathe quickens and vision blurs. a sudden hand yanks her hair to the side. without warning, a hypodermic needle pierce her neck.

she wakes to cold metal on her back. her vision still blur and senses invaded by harsh chemicals. she tries to stand , only to find chains bounding her to the table.

" awake, are we?"

The voice came from behind, gritty, like eating sand, but she couldn’t see who it belonged to. she couldn’t speak, her tongue was too heavy, lips like weights as her senses slowly return. Where were she, exactly? Indoors, in a bright room, but where?

A slender gentleman, not human by any stretch of the imagination, came into view, running his hand along the side of the slab.

"good" his face leans close to her taking in her scent. " you've been giving me a run for my money. enough for a small round of applause." he mocks. backing away to reveal a table of glimmering scalpels. she jolts with new vigor, but the chains are ever present.

" don't you worry. " he returns with a evil grin.
"i'll be gentle." his eye lidded " after all, you are a formidable foe. one that has earn my respect." he tips his hat, she could have swore she saw a tiny hat inside. she has enough confusion for one day.

for one, she'd never seen such a creature before let alone understand his words. shifting she gets comfortable and clears her throat.
she gives him one good look.
" fuck off. "

the creature show no sign of anger, but amusement. until he felt something sticky and wet on his cheek. realizing it was spilt, the air grows colder. threatening growls emits from his chest.

not long after, the lab doors open and skittering steps make there way to the table.

a boy with a brown bag over his head and clipboard close to his chest, joins the two. he and the woman exchange glazes before he gives his attention to his boss.

"took you long enough. " his boss yanks to the other side of the room. his grin returns, " how should we start?" he summons various torture devices. as he names them.

"rib tickler?"

" s-sir."

" eye gouger?"

" uh. sir. "

" finger cutter? "

" . . . . ."

" or, or, my personal favorite, the brain peeler."

" Sir, she's not the target!!!" silence. the boy knees clanked as loud as metal. when the bosses eye pierce his soul.

" what. was. that. Flug."
flug felt the venom spill from his bosses mouth.

" the, the DNA. The DNA doesn't match, sir. she's not the target. " a sudden yank by the collar causes flug to yelp. the next thing he knew his ass is sent flying straight to the door.

" Go and find the target. and bring them back DEAD!!!"

without further instruction, flug runs out. leaving his boss alone. the creature mumbles to himself and strolls back to the table. only to find both tables bare.

a zip from behind gives him a second to dodge. a scalpel pierces the wall where his head would have been. soon after another follows. then a full onslaught of them like bullets. all aiming for his head. managing to dodge them, he cant help but be impressed. had he been a second slower, she would have him been riddled with them by now.

he finds shelter behind Fulg's machine. her ammo runs out, steps and loud rattling is all he could hear. this is his chance, he runs out in the open. immediately regretting it as he is met with a barrel of Flug's ray gun. rapid fire causes endless destruction. papers and pipes bursts, soon the entire lab is engulf by blankets of steam. this gives him the perfect advantage. his arms morphs to barbs and charges. he confident in this plan until his barbs gets caught by a metal tray. just inches away form her face. gritting his fangs cuss spill out. then his feet shifts as a powerful kick to the gut sent him flying to the capsules. shattering the glass with sparks flying about. he hears faint steps heading towards him. feeling movement his body flips. pinned down by immense force.he cracks his eye open, finding himself on the cold floor. arms strapped above his head, limbs pinned by bluish gray tentacles. core being used as a stool for the woman. blocking out the light, her silhouette blanketed him.

" get OFF me, now!!" he orders at the top of his lungs. his face morphs wildly in anger. saws, insect limbs, Demonic eyes and anything else he could think of.
however, it does nothing to her, merely watch this bizarre temper tantrum.

it sets his blood on fire. enough that his arm tore its blinding. they struggle against each other. yanking, and clawing. until his claws catches her black hair ripping it form the scalp.

his breathe stops as long, white curls unveils. thick as wool, soft as velvet. eye widening like a tennis ball as he caught sight of two horns on her head. matches his own under his hat.
silent paused weighting like stones. his mouth has gone dry while his body felt as if its dunk in cold water.

the woman, however, wore fury fires, piercing holes through his skull. pearly white teeth became green daggers. her golden tan fading into ashy blue gray. peeling away her human husk as the intent to kill boils her blood.

the room grew cold, freezing the floor to frost. growls rumbled lowly as the woman mouth gape open. time moves slow as the sensation of hellish pain jabbed through his throat. depraving him of air while draining his blood. with no choice he lays there. allowing this new sensation coarse through his veins.

is this what his victims felt?


for once, he can feel his life draining; fading back into the nothingness for which he came.

so, why is this giving him glorious ecstasy?!

a loud snap of his neck sends pleasant chill down his spine. warming him like no other. eye shut tightly, composer wildly abandon he lets out a sinful moan.

" hmmmm~. don't stop!!"


. . . . . . .


but, something wrong. his ecstasy is suddenly ripped away from him like a child without their mother's tit , or a man without his crack. his eye flew open. shocked to find himself alone and cold. his evil angel, has left her bleeding heart with nothing but confusion and horror by what transpired.

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timing. timing and patience are two vital virtues every member must master. timing is what makes the difference between a predator and prey. patience gifts a warrior the element of surprise and years of teachings allowed her to obtain victories against the odds. this was no different. form the moment she woke, she abide her time.

once the captors began interacting. she took action, activating her magic. the chains disintegrated, hastily grabbing all the scalpels she made her way to these strange capsules. each contain monstrous being inside. she brows at the sight.

a loud yelp turns her attention back to the captors.she notices the boy has left the room. leaving the other alone, her breath slows to a stop. as her focus was on the other. her body at the ready. she waits. he steps close to the table, hold it. his back facing away the capsules. now, she set the scalpel free. but she misses, this doesn't stop her though. as she continues her onslaught. despite this they all miss his head by mere millimeters.

shit, hold still fucker.

fuck! she's out, frantically she searches for anything else. knocking over wires, papers, and metal scraps. till she found what appears to be a makeshift gun. one she never seen before. it'll do, she leaves her hiding place and aims the gun to her captor hiding spot. like clockwork he runs out to her line of sight. poised and ready she fires. only to have the recoil be too strong. she couldn't control it, causing her to loosing her footing.

a heavy fog engulfs the room.
damn, she going in blind

a shift in the wind alarms her to grab anything close to her. luckily she saves herself with a nearby tray. trapping barbs inches form her face. he cruses as he struggles against the try. she uses the weight to lever him off the floor. giving her all in one single kick, sending him to the capsules.

pinning him down was easy, keeping him there was another story. he got some spunk, she'll give him that. however, ripping her wig off is a signed death wish. wasting no time for her fangs to find his throat.

but, that's where things went, well weird. at first he took the pain willing. fought a bit, sure. what happened during. . .
she couldn't believe, he was smiling. genuinely smiling, blushing bright green and giggling like a Damn school girl at prom. drooling as a hound over raw meat. vulgarly biting back moans while buckling his hips against hers.

the shamelessly display, created a knot in her stomach. more pressure clamps his throat as an attempt to silence.

"hmmmm~. Don't stop."



having enough she spat out his blood. stumbling off him with scrutinizing glares and disgust.

ew. no.

the path now clear, she dashes out. running through the halls with no clear direction. only driven by survival along with her mind doing everything it can to forget the lab. later she recalls her wig is still inside. punching a hole in a wall by this fact. hanging her head low she chucks it as a lost.

she'll just have to order another later.

further down the hall she spots a window. sliding to a stop shes tugs at the rails of the rose tinted window but nothing. scanning the hall and she smirks spotting a chair that sitting on the other side. three hits later, the glass breaks. and she is able to see the outside world.her eyes widened in shock by the grave markers littering the front yard.

just what kind of hell is this?

unnatural red clouds rumbles above her, this isn't safe. she must find a way out.

without a second thought, she steps through. but something wrong; the moment she tries. a painful shock coils her body.

A barrier. shit, this isn't good. not one damn bit.

the barrier seems to be a level 3. which makes all matter of escape, including teleportation nearly impossible. however, there is one way, but it require anchors, at least 10, to break it long enough for a portal spell. she grits her teeth. she sighs as she has no choice.

quickly she removes her gloves, and shoes. the body pumping magic aura into her blood stream, with her hands and feet bare, she can use her spell caster tattoos without the need of transmutation circles.

clapping her hands together, she places them to the ground. a scanner spell is active, transmitting a mental layout. along with designated spots where stable anchors should be. luckily, this window is one of them. without further delay she sets the plan in motion. her hope reignite in determination.
neon-blue, mechanical symbols engulfs her human eyes as she release her limiters. placing the first anchor she hurries along to find the others.

further down this hellish rabbit hole. she couldn't help but question this 'house'. according to the layout this place is in the shape as a top hat. yet possesses labyrinth qualities, and poorly decorated reds and blacks. along with the many twists and turns. its a wonder why would anyone live here. not to mention the endless rows of portraits of one single person. she merely rolls her eyes to them. what catches her attention are the various artifacts. shattered about, they all seem to be personal items. glasses, capes, etc. what if they belong to the grave makers. she frowns as a tinge of heartbreak slows her down. she'll have to perform a memorial ritual for the dead after this is over. if she makes it out herself, that is.

around and around she goes placing anchors in they're respected places. from the dinning halls to the library, even the laundry mat. in total of 8 successfully active, leaving 2 more to go. this should give her hope, this is was anything but. in fact it the exactly opposite. there's no signs of life, not even a roach. something wrong, her body tightens, hairs stand on ends.

why is it dead silent?

a wicked cackle breaks the silence. she looks up to see a green, human size lizard up the ceiling. it runs along the walls like a spider before blocking the way.

" well, hello." it was a girl?! she wore tattered up clothing. unruly hair and miss match eyes. one could say shes about 22. either that, or a rebellious teen on steroids. she holds a monstrous war hammer as of it was a mere balloon. lazily, she swings her body as she spoke.

" mi amor is under stress because of you. " she laughs pointing the hammer to her. " he's ordered the entire manor to break your legs."

eh, shit.

the girl charge causes the ground to violently rumble. is this girl a fucking truck? the target dodges her attack. the lizard swings again only for the same result. the hammer weight gives away her defense. allowing an open for strikes to the abdomen. leaving the lizard girl no choice but to drop the hammer. the ground shakes by the weight. the target flips away for distance. "Come Back Here!!" she charges again this time landing heavy punches to her target. the opponent shields herself by using her arms as armor. but these punches are proving to be powerful. the target wont last long, she seizes her moment when the lizard girl goes for another punch. this time, she drops towards the floor and kicks the lizard girl back shins. taking her by surprise, she preforms paralyzer spell on the girls vital points. this should give her a chance to run. but lizard girl grabs her arm and flings her against a wall.

damn, a normal human would have been paralyzed immediately after that spell. this girl isn't human, is she?

" i have to admit. you're good. most don't last two minutes with me." lizard girl cracks her knuckles.

they circle around, the air burning with tension. they're eyes locked onto the other. abiding they're time.

wait, the lizard girl movement is getting limp. she's slowing down, which mean the spell is taking effect. prefect, this gives her new vigor. maybe, if she plays this right.

laughter breaks the tension. the lizard girl is taken back by the sudden sound. " please" her opponent mocks. " you're just a bad fighter. honestly its just pathetic." she flips her hair, with a hand on her hip. " a three year old is better than you, dear."

" listen here you, little shit!" lizard girl stomps her foot. face redden, her body leans to give the middle finger. " don't fuck with dementia!" she points to herself "or this bitch will eat you whole!" dementia growls, good. she getting mad.

she slides her feet. starting the circling again.

" oh really? you sure you want to ruin you're diet?"

dementia bears her fangs. "for your information! my boyfriend loves my body!"

" oh, so he likes to fuck cows."

dementia mind snaps like a demonic rhino she runs full speed. unfazed, her target only wore a big smile on her face. timing it just right, she dodges the raging bull. while doing so, lands the paralyzer spell again. this time placing it on the most vital spot on any human body, the back of the neck. it wouldn't have matter if dementia is a super human. a solid attack to this spot renders all to sedation.

Dementia body stumps to the ground. thus ending the fight. before the woman continues her way. she checks dementia's pulse. slow but normal. satisfied, the woman continues her way to the next anchor.

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" ok. ok. this isn't good." flug panics. he just found dementia vegetable body drooling on the carpet. oh god, this isn't good. not to long ago his boss, lord Black hat issued him and dementia to capture the run away. yet flug could not help but notice his bosses wobbly posture and light green blushing adding to the strangeness. but before flug could address it, dementia runs off while proclaiming her victory to her 'amor'. leaving him to chase after her ass. now she's DEAD, well not really, but just as useless.

flug flicks his monitor on. cameras has spotted the target heading towards the east wing. what is she even doing? shes been leaving these strange blue floaty orbs thingy all over the place. he attempted to touch the one in the laundry mat. resulting him being lite on fire. whatever they are, he can't do anything about it. melodramatic sighs, he sets commands to the defense system and all hat-bots to apprehend the target. hopefully, this works.

over by the east wing. The woman eyes wonders close to her surroundings. since her battle with lizard girl, dementia. she been high alert. each step comes with caution; what if the spell only worked for a short time. what if, dementia is hunting her down right now. this uncertainty brought a pit feeling in her stomach. "why could have this been easy." all she want is the exit, but this house is a labyrinth. its creepy atmosphere created by the gothic architect leaves the traveler cold. her own teeth clatter loud enough for the rats in the walls to hear. she tightens her arms closer together. it could just be stress, but she swears shes being watched. the halls are littered with nothing but portraits of that strange being. each watching, exposing her as mere prey.

she huffs as she has enough of this annoying paranoia.she stumbles into an open room. she gives the room a quick glance.

nothing green crawling about.


stepping inside the room appears to be quite cozy. with a fireplace on the other side. another portrait sits on the mantel. this one having the same guy wearing a kings cape and crown, surrounded by piles of bones while posing.

eh. there's a smile no one can love.

deciding to ignore it's stare, she investigates the rest of the room. pretty standard compared to the rest of the house. two violet red sofas with a glass coffee between them. setting beside one them is a pink doggy bed with 'Dr.F' stitched in.

ok? weird name for a dog.

bookshelves, a oak wood piano, red violet curtains. body's tension relaxed, finally a part of the house that isn't a freak show. she lazily lays herself on the sofa. eyes shut, exhaling a loud sigh, surrendering to the cushions. all the stress rolling off her back. for five long minutes she felt nothing but peace.

after awhile, she opens eyes. like a dream her heart stopped, eyes being to glitter, jaw wide as she gawks the most beautiful thing she has seen in this godforsaken place!

"an open bar!!" she won't dare to hold her excitement. how could she, when eyes dead set on rows upon rows of sweet booze. her soul sings heavenly. dashing over, she fail to notice an silent alarm blinking brightly. instead she fumbles to tear open the closest one to her. chugging like a frat boy on exam night. she empty out three bottles of rum and two red wines.

a loud clicking noise tears her attention from her tequila bottle. the clicking gets louder before it suddenly stop.


moments later, she ducks behind the bar. her ears ring like church bell. as a barrage of ray beams, bullets and debris fly in every direction. shedding tears as she witnesses all the golden liquid wasted on the floor.

animalistic growl emits from her. a red aura of boiling magic, forms sparks of electricity. fists brimming with rage.

how dare they?

that the mist of this, she spots two guns, hidden under the bars rail. content with her new resolve, a villainous grin grew across her face as her humanity snaps in two.

the attack stops. two small hat-bots proceed inside. rolling towards the bar.

bang! bang!

both bots flop dead by two head shots. setting off around round of gun fire, this time the woman fires back.

at the end of each round, she manages to destroy 5 at a time. however, like roaches more take their place. at this rate, she'll be coated in bullets.she scans her surroundings, noticing that there three bottles still intact. she quickly snatches them up before the bullets. cursing to herself as she rips up her sleeves and stuffed them inside. with three cherry bombs and two more rounds of ammo. she has to play this right, if
she wants to get out of this alive. dreaded sets in, beneath hollowing the fight. teleporting would make this easier, however with the level 3 barrier still active. long distance portals are useless, but what about short-range?

gah! she never thought about it. it might work.

the onslaught stops, peeking out she sees the bots coming inside. "shit." she has to move. grabbing her things she shots her way through. shes met with two giant bots aiming their mini machine guns.

well, fuck.

she duck n' roll to the nearest sofa. stuffing falling like snow as she braces the attack. using a spark spell she ignites one of her cherry bombs. tossing it over towards the incoming gun fire.


she breaks for the exit. ember flames blazing, loud rumbles of an explosions, and clanks metal closing in on her. more gun shots fire as she zips by a corner.

her legs gets caught in her, slamming head first. glaring at the offense object when she came to. a lone bat with rusted nails and barred wire.

hello. lost buddy?

she examines it, flinching from dementia's name. despite this the wooden bat is in good condition. a few swings gave her confidence to keep it. the question is would this be enough?

pain coils from her arm. whipping back she faces a hoard of bullets. too late to run for cover, the attack rips her a part. blood splatters violently, soon her limbs dissolves away leaving her on the floor. soon after, a blinding light engulfs before riotous seismic blast erupts. windows and glass shatter by the outcome. portraits roasting away.

silence. . .

the sound of snapping fire blazing bright burning everything to a crisp. black smoke mists around a monstrous carter. black ashes were the only thing that remains.

the bots radar scans for signs of life. when the scan returns negative.

squeaky sneakers echos the hall. flug forces his way through the bot. a blue fluffy bear in a maids uniform follows behind with a vacuum. flug straighten himself once done he proudly examined the result.

" not too bad if i do say so myself."
he swags his lab coat. the bear roars cutely in agreement.

flug turns to face his bot army. giving them orders to clean up the mess. all the while, purple mist slowly flows out of the carter. thickening into muk, morphing. the red clouds casts over blocking all light. flug finches from a bone chilling cold nipping on his back. he then notices his bots clanking loudly. cowardly, he slowly turns around only to have instant regret pounding him every second.

there in the carter is one naked, pissed off woman crouching as a hungry tiger with claws out and teeth gritty and bear. wrath spilling out her eyes with dark red smoke spewing out her lungs. all light dissolves into shadow with flugs soul being stabbed by two lifeless shimmering silvers.

flug and the bots coward in huddle. forgetting complete that the being in front was not their boss. with her size doubled, towering over then just like the boss would. make them feel as small as mouses.

then comes the voice, low and sinister. ominous growls as deep as a craven. rumbles the floor.

" how dare you."


" YOU have 5 seconds." her stance winding-up as spring. flug and the bots feet move faster than their minds could process. roaches scattering about.

[something got me started]






she takes off in full speed. destroying anything without care. bulldozing, she grabs a hand full of bots, crashing them. as she does, her body shirk back into its normal size. zips close to bots near by summoning the bat from the ashes. smashing them to bits with red grease spilling which way. staining the interior and soon her hair changes to iron red by the oil.
around and around she goes, into full frenzy. a wicked smile shines as bright as the sun itself. eyes blazing with thrill. this intoxicating desire to destroy coursing through her. before she knew it, all the bots were thrashed in pieces. with all her toys broken. that leaves one or two, left. her smile widens with her targets in sight.

505 whimpers while running for his dear life. in his arms is a freaked out papa. mulling over the last few minutes. what just happen back there? one minute she was blown to bits. the next, reanimates the exact fashion as Black Hat!

to think, there would anything that could as scary as Black Hat. yet there has and its running after. demonic laughter echos, panics cements him in stone.

what should he do?

then it hits him, figuratively and literally when piece of the roof stuck him. The defense system! hastily smashing buttons.

chasing close behind the woman can taste the fear spilling from flug and 505. then the hallways begin to creak and clank shifting around, revealing enormous rays, guns, crossbows, rocket launchers and shit she's never seen before.

what's up with this goddamn house?!?!?!

flug and 505 turn the corner. narrowly escaping debris and expulsions. the noises continues, the bear legs gives way with flug in tight hug. wishing with all his heart for this to end.

he wish comes true for the noises finally stop. flug head perks up and both made their attention to the scene. like a gang of scared toddlers. they freak over the shambles of debris. every ray, gun, rocket and even an AMC issued hammer torn like paper machete or Raditz. the woman laying amidst the rubble. chest heaving, body trembling. the poor can only prey to anyone who willing to listen.

they pray seem to been answered. when the ground suddenly gives way. but the woman could not escape, falling into the cold abyss.

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*tink tink*

light tickles of water falls from above the depths of the chasm. laying on the bottom is the woman buried under a mountain of debris. shes groans to life when water drips on her face. eyes lidded, her vision struggles to focus. how long has she been out? from the way her body aches , it felt like years rather than hours. alone in this dark grave she tries the moves.

a strong shock in her nerves brings her attention to three wooded planks spearing her gut and right arm. slamming her head back she takes in heavy breaths. listening to whispers of the debris. she tries again with more force. painfully she gets her left hand on one of the planks. giving it a few tests pull before committing. face redden as she wails out with her lungs burning.

eyes water before she felt cold relief. she breaths as she shuts her eyes. repeating the same process for the others. slowly getting out of the debris. cracking the bones back in place. wobbling to the nearest rock for support. straining herself before she has the strength to walk.

loosing all senses of time and direction in this pit. she trips on something sharp. the sudden pain causes her to loose her balance. rolling off a ledge and enduring more pain.

Jesus Lord!

luck is not on her side. until the rolling stops. the world spinning violently as she struggles to regain composer. roaming her hands on something softer than rock yet, rough like . . . skin?!

as soon as she realizes this it moves, causing her claws out. with no clear direction she is at the mercy of this . . . thing. stopping abruptly, she scans for any type of landmarks but the room as dark as a void. then, a light, strong as a lighthouse beam illuminates her field of vision. she is right about on thing . . .

its something alive.

in front of her has an enormous eye looming over. her cushion is a monstrous hand using its talons to cage her in its palm and judging by its eye.

this guy is huge.

she and the eye stare at one another, eventually the eye blinks. when it does, a large gust of wind takes her by surprise. her claws dig deeper emitting an angry growl from the being. shaking away her fear she lifts her claws away its skin. patting it for extra measure she apologizes awkwardly.

" thanks for catching me bud." patting the hand again. she gives the eye a genuine smile. suddenly, the eye dilates and she finds herself extremely close. her breathing slows as she does her best to keep her nerves under control.

what this thing tries to eat her? clutching her chest she shakes away that thought. the wind shift, she shuts her eyes as she feel her body lifts away from the hand.

oh crap!!! it is going to eat her!!

but then the wind changes again. the motion continues for a while before she recognizes the motion.

is it smelling her?

rumbling loudly it sets her down on the ground. the darkness fades away like a curtain. revealing her surroundings of a prison and the creature. she freaks a bit, the creature resembles the one whom kidnapped her. however, it bears distinct features, besides it towering size. it wore an overbite with two tusks poking out it bottom jaw. its disproportion by the legs being shorter than the arms. so much so, that it made it appear as an overgrown toddler. she giggles at the thought. despite the intimidating aura, it was cute in its own special way.

it then motions itself towards the way of the exit. unable to contain her relief she hugs the creature, the best she could, repeating nothing but Thank you. the creature rolls its eye while hiding its blush. she lets go and dashes away, but she has to give it one thank you.

" thank you again, friend!"

the creature watches the strange girl leave.

" what a strange mate. "

° ° ° ° °

"awe man!! this is bullshit!"
there nothing worse than being lost, tried, hungry and . . . .

" Fucking LOST!"

groaning loudly finding herself at another dead end. since leaving her new buddy she has been going in circles. especially when everything looks exactly alike. down to the tiniest rock. sending her in fits of frustration. not knowing where she is or long she been trapped here is to much for her overworked mind to think. with other option she Marches onward.

tick tock. tick tock. her feet trips over sharp rocks. cutting her soles yet again. luckily it heals within the next few steps. however. . .


her stomach is another story. when was the last time she ate? last night or was it last week? honestly, she keeps forgetting. as she tries to keep her mind away from food. but as time went on her mind grew images of her favorite meals, shamefully drooling over : jelly-filling rice balls, pork steam dumplings, pork roast, anything with bacon ~. the empty void of a stomach begins to talk, loudly. enough to echo throughout the chasm. brows knitting together shes at the mercy of this pit.


suddenly, a delectable aroma stirs the woman instincts. her blood and muscles kicking back alive. whatever this smell is, it good. something she'd never smelt before. moving rapidly without a second thought. all the while, her body transforms into elongated, slouched creature. with claws of neon blue tint. skin turning into darker shade of gray. a tail of white hair curls and twists as snake. a long mane covering her eyes of voids, blocking all sense of reason. with the aroma being her guiding key, her jaw open wide with drool leaking out. emitting a hysterical high-pitched laughter. diving deeper and deeper into the unknown.

° ° ° ° °


that's the best word to describe how he's feeling. since his 'interaction' with her. his been feeling off. mindlessly playing with the bite mark she'd left on him. staring at pure nothingness as he recalls the moment in vivid detail. from sensation of her body, down to the fierce look in her eyes. he remembers everything.

being here in his underground. allows him to think without pests or work bugging him. this lair for which he'd call sanctuary, lavishly decorated with wine reds, golds and blacks. 10 stars hotel finishings with a hot tub as big as a Olympic pool on the floor above, held by unbreakable glass. his beautiful black oak organ sitting comfortably beside his ten foot long dinner table. he sits alone in front of 100 plates of various raw meats.

because of this feeling in his chest he needs something to take him mind off. eating is one activity that gives him just that. why? he isn't entirely sure, but his need appears only in greatest circumstances. stress being the leading cause. however, this feeling isn't stress. its almost like a black hole is eating him alive. but, why?

digging in his entrees, he shoves that feeling down his throat. blindly grabbing whatever closest, become aggressive with every bite. stripping all the plates clean.

soon enough he had only one plate left. the plate of fresh human meat, his personal favorite. slowly he takes it, playing with its texture. the strange feeling still eating at him. having the last meat in his mouth chewing as though it bubble gum. a corner of it dangling from his mouth. lost to his thoughts he shuts his eye. having nothing to distract his fantasies. maybe, they can. . .

* growl*

his senses perks up, by a sudden yank of his mouth. he grabs tightly on the table for support when the yank gets stronger. pulling him along with it. claws breaking his gloves his lets out a venomous growl. to his surprise a similar sound ricochets back. its high-pitched laughter afterwards causes him to open his eye.

there on his table sits a hungry and angry abnormal hyena. it skin gray as his, with a mane of snow. its neon claws tearing apart the wood like butter. he never seen something like this before. is this one flug's experiments? flug has always have things that defy nature. but this one is new, its torso resembles an Yakuza member; coated in tattoos around its arms and shoulders. hiding beneath are battle wounds, telling stories of its victories and losses.

marks of a true warrior. one of survival and code. testing the water he pulls against the hyena. the moment he did, its eyes slitted changing its posture into a stable hold. he tries again, this time chewing the meat. it panics and swallows what little meat it could. the game continues with black hat and the animals lips inches from each other. he can smell its breaths, despite it appearance its breath is pleasant. hint of green apple, maybe. they're stand-off counts its finally seconds. black hat gets bold and yanks a final time.

. . . . . .

not realizing quick enough, they're lips touch. taking them both by surprise. a poof of smoke blinds black hat. stumbling he grabs to anything of the creature. he can't let it get away. he finds something soft and grapples tightly. sounds of discomfort is heard as the smoke clears. a woman's form come to view. black hat's heart explodes out of his chest.

its-its her?!?!

there on the table, NAKED!!

with her lips. . . on . . .on . . . his?!?!

shock is in both their eyes. how could she blackout like this! what's even going on?!?!

they knew they needed to sperate, but blacks hold is too tight and he hasn't came to yet. the woman sweat bullets, summoning a tentacle she pierces through his rib cage hard enough to set him flying. crashing onto his poor organ. frozen she feels her wrists bleeding. soon she finds her senses, hopping off the table her magic reacts to her surroundings. an anchor is needed here. she conjures the anchor and places it in its rightful place.

just one more to go.

she spots stairs cases that lead upwards. dashing over she takes one step before tentacles engulfs her. ripping her away from the steps. the hold is harshly tight she struggles against it, but to no avail. only moving like a puppet on strings. her arms pin above her head, legs spread ajar. a tentacle wraps around her neck and another on her waist. blushing, she can only imagine what she looks like.

huffing black hat regains himself. but nothing can hide his wobbly legs or the heat emitting off him like a furnace. clutching over his pounding heart. his eye scrutinizes every inch of her before bellowing lowly.

"how did you get. in. here?"

he can feel her chest throbbing against his hold. his mind reels back to reality while squeezing his human stress 'ball'.

What to do?

What to do?

The woman on the other hand, fights for freedom from these tentacles. Because these squeezes are getting . . . weird. Her body begins to act strange. Eyes lid she feels her body getting hotter. Two more squeezes causes pulses throughout her nerves. noises threaten to leak out but she clamping her lips shut. Heart racing a million per second, her bleeding lips can't hold back anymore.






What was that?

Wide eye black hat and the woman stare at each other. It takes a minute too long for them to realize. The woman face turns bright red. Her sins crawling up her back. and Black hat awful grin isn't helping. The air shifts from life threatening to streamy. she attempts to wiggle away but the tentacles tighten their grip. Little moans peek out her unwilling lips.

Why, now?!?

She dares herself to meets black hat gaze. Instant regret brimming up her soul. There in front her is a predator with teeth bear and wild. His body looming over her above, casting away the light. She needs to escape before it devours her.

Chuckling over, black hat expression softens. His claws grapples her figure. Drawing her closer, then buries he face in her neck. breathing in the mixture of arousal and fear. a prefect perfume for the prefect meal~ .
Pulling back he notices an arrangement of tatted numbers on the skin.


" what are you? " him mumbles to himself. He never met a creature like this before. Eerily similar, yet different. If the scent has anything to say about it. Heavily sighs, he pets her hair softly. trying not to get distracted by its velvety texture. He meets her eyes.

" what are you, my little minx? "

Darting her gaze away she keeps silent. Rolling his eye he decides to talk aloud.

" your quite the talker, minxy. I'm real curious on how you manage to get down here. Not many people are allow to enter my sanctuary. " cupping her chin he yanks her attention back to him. His tongue snakes out.
" and no one.Leaves.Here. Alive. " one of his hands nears her breasts. light as a feather, his claws rings circles around the nipple. Watching it harden, he goes for the other one. Getting high off her trembling form and worried expression.

" you can live you know. "he coos her slowly. getting drunk with pleading eyes water. he continues. " Yea~ i can live. As long as you agree to be mine. Be my little toy, minxy. "


But something wrong, black hats skin begins pickling, warning him of danger. But that's impossible. There's no one-.

while on his Monologue, she breaks free her wrist by over heating that part of her body. Dissolving the bound. summoning a hyper beam quickly. smoke engulfs the room. she uses her free hand to burn the rest. Now focus, she down to one more on her ankle, but suddenly it throws her to a wall. Bricks falling in top, she stumbles back up. Using the wall as support.

" that's not nice. Minxy. "

Form across the room black hat stands. his dark aura actives her magic. he steps out of the debris. deranged by anger and lust.

" you need to understand that I'm your master, now"

Another hyper beam is fried. knowing full well this isn't having any effect on him. But it'll buy her time. Gritting her fangs she sets five rounds all at once. slowly making her to the stairs. Climbing up as quickly as she as could. Hairs standing, she knows he's behind her and gaining momentum.
Metal doors block her way, but not for long. sprinting for a kick is all she need to break the door.

With time running out she dashed to what appears to be the exit. However, when she open the door she's met with strange arrangement of clothes.

Shit?! It's a fucking closet?!

Black hat appears out the stairway. Stepping over his broken door. He scans his bedroom. Nothing seems out of place. she here he's sure of it.

"Oh~ minxy, where are you hiding! ~" he teases.

Peeking through a crack in the closet. She eyes him nervously. Trapped in a corner her body tenses on over drive. Where can she go?! How can she get away?. What would happen if he gets his hands on her again. She shakes away the thoughts.
No, he won't.
She been through worse then this. Hell couldn't keep her, and he won't either. She much rather die than to be caged. Ever. Again.

(Real good feeling by oh the larceny)

Then,it hits her. she recalls the bat from the hall. before she blew up by flugs machines. she. managed to absorb it into her. hopefully she reform it back. but, It won't do much but maybe it'll be enough for a distraction. As for escaping. . . Well she'll have to take a chance.


Black hat eye falls on his closet. Creeping, he makes no sound. Reaching to the door. he wastes no time to wildly break the doors open. Only to be met with a painful sensation in his face. She swings the bat hard enough to sending him flying across ten full size rooms. As a result the bat disintegrates on impact.

Welp, at least teleport useful.

Grabbing articles of clothing.
she teleports away from the closet. when she re-emerges laughter echos the halls. mainly because her teleporting is working. somewhat. It's just for small distances, but it's sure beats running. since she has some peace, she decides to put on the clothes.
( it's getting tiring being butt ass naked.)
She button up the red shirt. but the buttons going up to her chest. ( curse these D's!!!)
next is the black pants, but..........
Her hips are too big. Lucky, she did grab this beautiful coat. At Floor length and Black as the void. This coat it amazing <3. Covering her comfortably, she couldn't help but do a small twirl.

Ok, ok. Fun over, time to get the living fucking out this bitch.

She summon the mental layout of the house. There's one more anchor, and it somewhere nearby. Setting off wisp to help her navigate. Teleporting in multiple intervals, she has a feeling that she'll be running into black hat again.

Chapter Text

Coming to, Black hat gets up from the rumble. Popping his bone back into place . He takes a second to process what happen. He remembers opening (breaking) the door. After that, he was sacked by. . . Dementia's bat. Hard. He has to admit, minxy has one hell of a swing. makes him wonder what other tricks his toy has under her sleeves. A wicked grin grows on his face. Oh, this is so fun. Finally, someone entertaining!

Black hat hears small whimpers. noticing flug and 5.0.5 on the other side of the room. shivering after being scared to death. he has no time for their childish behaviour. Rolling his eye and gets to his feet. brushing away the debris from his suit. when he was about to take his leave is when Flug spoke.

"Sir, the prisoner dis-!" Black hat interrupt him.

" I'll take care of my minxy. Just stay out of the way. " he said as he teleport before flug's eyes. 5.0.5 ears flatten as hugs his dad close. Flug's pulzzes over his boss's statement.

Who's minxy?

° ° ° ° °

The wisp takes another left turn. Trailing behind the woman eyes her surroundings. Any moment black hat could appear. She can't risk being taken off guard. Not when she so close.

Her wisp stops in front of a ominous doors. drawing out her breath she takes a minute to examines the thing. Tall as a skyscraper it's engraved in skeletal figures and other various creatures. The aura on this door causes a sickening twist. Her body heaving violently with her instincts screaming for her to leave. there's no mistake, Death is behind this door. . . so is her freedom. knowing full well that once inside her fate is out of her hands. Uncertain which lays before her. This could be the end or the beginning. Either way she has to open this door.

Taking a deep breath she reaches the knob. Gearing up her magic, she opens the door. Meeting face to face with black hat. Who sits in his throne bearing his classic smile. Stepping inside the lion's den. She breathes evenly, allowing her fear to slip away. Each step ignites her in determination. Body rigid, her mind prepares itself in primal mode. It's the only way she'll be able to stand a chance.


Black hat smile wildly when he senses his minxy through the door. He felt her hesitation, her fears. He can practically taste it's good candy sweetness. He swears his minxy is cute~. Wipping away his drool, the door finally opens. For a second his face twists. She's wearing his clothing. Using his coat as a type of dress and the shirt to cover up the bust the best it can. Despite how particular he is with his things, it suited her well. The coat capturing her figure while the shirt kept her modesty. What sold him the outfit is the aura radiating from her. a warrior's spirit beaming with every step and the eyes. looking at them, he can sense something primal. ratting its cage, ready to break through. Yearning to wreck havoc. And soon he'll get to experience its beautiful destruction.


She stops in the center of the room. She guesses she must be in a office, his office.

Stillness in the room makes her ears ring. but neither one dares to speak or even move. twitching by the uneasiness, the woman gets the courage to speak. However, he beats her to it.

" you know, I don't even know your name, minxy. Yet in the short time we've met I've been experiencing a strange feeling. Do you want to guess what it is? "

Arching his brow, waiting for her response. When he did not get one, he continues.

" at first I couldn't figure it out myself. It was eating me. Getting to the point of madness. Until I remember this. "
he rubs his scar on his neck. The woman eyes dilate, Good.
" yes, this lovely mark you've gave me. Help me realize my true feelings. My sweet minxy, you've opened my eyes for something I've been missing in my life. "
He stands and walking briskly to the front of his desk. Speaking with his down.
" all my life, I've seen it all, done it all, a 100 times over. And its been nothing but predictable and boring. " he lifts his head to face his minxy. His green blush clearly visible across his face. Giggling like a child going to Disneyland for the first time. What scares her is the madness in his eye. Deranged as a mad dog, drooling over the sight of raw meat.


"this feeling of rebirth. the adrenaline, dare i say ecstasy! it's all thanks to you, minxy." he Vanishes and reappears behind her. hooking her close to him. he plants his chin on top of her soft hair.
" from here on out your mine. I will never let you go. You are all mine." taking in the feel of her in his arms. welcoming her claws digging into his flesh.

Sadly his bless ended when he feels a buzzing sensation from her teleporting. noticing her further away with her magic blown out of her eyes. bearing fangs and claws. clearly unamused and disgusted. she spits the ground.

" fuck you and your so called revelation," she spat. the air around her thickens in bloodlust. Black hat skin tingles in goosebumps
" i hate your kind. The ones that has everyone bowing before you. castrating the innocent by your mighty powers,"
Venom brimming out of her as an ungodly sound erupts from her burning lungs. Smoke spilling from her mouth. Her monster broke its cage. piercing its daggers right at Black hat direction. Taking a moment to compose herself. Her voice heavy as stone, unwieldy by fear.
" but you wont get that from me. not now. not ever."

black tar spill onto her from the walls. she tries to get away but it solidify too quickly, locking her in shut. black hat proudly gives applause before reaching to her. The show gave him chills. A performance of a lifetime.
he sighs, " your cute when your angry, minxy. cant wait to see more. " chucking a hard laugh. he prepares the lump of tar for transport. but, before he could take a signal step. a demonic hand breaks through the tar. crushing his skull to a pulp. the tar continues to break apart, til the woman emerges. her right arm growing into enormous were-like arms. her size doubling, thick purple haze spilling out her mouth. A booming voice crawls out.
" ooh~ so you think I'm cute when I'm angry?" her voice song of death. eyes hollow of life.
" well get ready because im about to be gorgeous."
black hat's head rematerialize, but decides to watch his toy unleash her monster.

there before him is an creature not known in this planet. its stocky body and giraffe long neck. supported by six limbs. with a weak tail flick its tip. horns on her head resembles of elk horns. intertwining themselves together, tips branching apart. her head peels away into a yellow hyena skull.


black hat purrs in in satisfaction of this beast. watching this metamorphosis of a horrifying masterpiece, he cant tear his attention. nor could he hide his excitement. deciding to join in the fun. he morphs into his own demonic being. choosing a serpent for the lower body. his hat forming to a cobra hood with his logo on full display. elongating his front fangs, dripping with paralyzer. grinning ear to ear.

" shall we dance? "

° ° ° ° °

In the kitchen, the sound of hot tea boils on the stove. flug flicks it off. after today events, he needed his special blend of bourbon infuse jasmine green. when one lives under the same roof as black hat. booze is therapy in a bottle. shuffling back to the table where 5.0.5. is happily coloring his trauma away. flug sighs at comfort of his tea. tallying a mental to-do list. one being to check on Dementia condition. luckily, shes in mere paralysis. nothing urgent, however, he's is concern about its effects. this type of paralysis is magic related. it could have left a curse, or other possible ailments. oh well, he'll just have to hit the books tonight. joy.

5.0.5 fur begins to stand on their own. curious, her pats them down. only for them to stand back. its like they have a mind of their own. patting them back down hard. this time flug noticed.

" looks like someone needs to get their fur brushed." he joked.

suddenly, a loud explosion. causing the table to flip over and the kitchen to violently shake. knocking pot and pans. they panic when the walls creek. soon the walls cave in, nearly crushing them. flug leads them to the living room. just in time to, because any longer and they would have. . .



what the hell was that?! it sounded like wild animals. very violent animal.

° ° ° ° °

the house groans in pain. as another wall is destroy. crashing through it two demonic monsters. both worn by their battle. bleeding from teeth and claw marks. having to regrow various limbs that were taken by the other.

and black hat is having the time of his life~. he cant stop smiling. how could he? when minxy is just so. entertaining. originally he planned on going easy on her, because of fear of breaking his new toy. but that what made him so happy. her style of fighting challenges his own. Failing to keep up with her he'd soon abandon his worries and proceeds to get more violent. being toss around like a rag dolls. having their limbs tore off multiple time. even having their own faces ripped clean off. all of this and more! oh, he never wants this to end.

his fantasy distracts him long enough for another attack. he feels her gripping his tail. giving him another toss through a wall. crashing him back in his office. the debris stirs up thick dust to blanket his vision. while he's blinded, the woman senses her final anchor. immediately, shrinking back, she scans the room.

its here she can feel it.

" awe, are we done dancing?" he whimpers. he attempts to capture her in his tail. but, she managed to dodge it, maintaining her distance. until her heel slips on loose paper. he catches her before she hit the ground. with his tail wrapping her middle tightly. Watching her struggle with amusement. bring her closer face to face with his devil grin. Looking at his face boils her blood.

cocky bastard.

his bottom morphs a second tail. leaning his weight on it. an arm supporting his head. laughing at her tiny body.

" your so cute when your struggling~". he reaches out entangling her hair through his finger tips. too much of her displeasure. she has to get out, but how?! she hasn't even completed the spell. fear of being trapped here launches her senses on overdrive. giving the room another scan.

come on . . . not in the fireplace.

come on. . . . not in the bookshelf.

shit! not in that corner!

come on, come on, come on!!

THERE!! beneath the desk. ah, finally! now to get loose.

black hat notices something with minxy. she morphing again, his panics with a tighten grip. but her size over powers him. a tentacle lashes into his throat. then other on his torso. With what little freedom she has. she splits venom into his eye. the sudden feel made lose his grip. The fall knocks his breathe away and shrinks him back. Still dazed she fumbles out a chin spell. pinning him with blue spears.

this should hold him.

finally, she can leave this place. her body may be weak but hope gives her relief. limping to the spot she performs the summons. when its done, blue electrical current ricochets off each other. connecting her anchors through out the house. with a flick of her wrists the current vibrates. causing loose objects float and paper burns. the portal materializes before her. welcoming her with a pink sunset. she takes in the salty air, she wastes no more time. that is, if black hats had not broken loose. miraculously got one of his arms free. yo-yo it to her hips. giving it a hard jerk. she nearly slip, but grips the portal for dear life. disparately prying him off.

without care he crawls himself out of her chain spell. bleeding out, his eye. burning red hot, gritting his teeth.

" your not going any where!" like a zombie he tries to close in. but with too much blood lost he cant reach her; nor can he create another tentacle. to his dismay she rids herself of his line. chopping it clean off; taking her leap of faith in to the unknown.





the gate seals up. leaving him alone with a broken heart.

Chapter Text


sea men scuttle for cover from heavy waves ramming into their crab ship. clinging on to any thing stable enough to out stand its power. water spraying about with winds ripping their coats like paper. nothing above them but dark skies producing ironclad thunders.

watching all the, in the bridge. an old soul sits along side his 1st mate. the captain wearing a simple tan coat; worn down by years of experience. his sight withering day by day. despite, the seas unrelenting attacks. another powerful wave hits the boat; nearly capsizing it. the captain presses on. while his 1st mate monitors the deck.

all is well. until fast knocks hits their door.

"come in." said the captain's 1st mate as he faces the door.

stumbling inside is the runt of the crew, Freddy. As small as a twig compared to the rest. Freddy can easily be mistaken as a child with his baby size eyes and honey brown hair. his hand claps close together turning his knuckles white. eyes dart about while his heel taps the floor. Freddy's strange behavior prompts the 1st mate, Roger, to speak.

" what did you do this time?"

Freddy jumps by Roger's trombonist voice. his Skittish body sways back and forth. then he mumbles out. To quiet for Roger to hear. His brows furrows and crosses his arms.

" speak up! ya idiot." he barked.

the young boy airways clamped shut. he knows how Roger is about mumbling. but, he couldn't help it. Roger is an intimidating man. his heavy set body makes him a perfect candidate to be one of Kingpins henchmen. Stones for hands that maybe able to crunch a man skull, in minutes. the men is known for his no bullshit policy. one look sends preachers to confession.

Roger's leg shakes impatiently waiting for this boy to speak. his fuse ready to break, before he hears Freddy's throat glop.

" there's a mermaid trapped in mi crab cage. "


. . . . .


Freddy soul escapes from his body as both the captain and Roger process his statement. Roger's face twists and eyes Freddy. while the captain scratches his head.

" boy, did drink the salt water again?! " yelled Roger.

" no, no, sir!!" Freddy whimpers out over his cowering form.

Roger faces back to the captain. receiving the captain's nod. he gets to his feet.

" alright, show me. "


out of all the years sailing, this has to the oddest thing Roger has ever seen. the chances of having Aquaman abroad, is more likely than this. The boy was right, inside the cage, is a body. if is it a mer-person like Freddy says. aren't they an intelligent race? so why is this caught in their trap. whatever it is, its obviously to him its not mermaid. Roger orders Freddy to get more hands. Then immediately grabs chain cutters. With ten men prying the cage apart, piece by piece. until they were able to drag the body out. The sailors gasp in awe, pushing each other to get a closer look. soon the boys start to shoving each other, till one of them accidentally hit Roger. Roger faces the group slowly, brow arches up and folded arms. warning the group with his signature glare. chills rolls down their spine as they take large steps back without further instructions. With that messed sorted; Roger examines the body.

it's a female with white hair and horns. Caramel skin hidden under a black coat, that doesn't feel wet nor torn. Physically she looks about late 20's, along with a few scrapes. A likely victim to mobsters. its just a innocent girl.

He sigh heavily, damning those who would do such a thing. its best to put the body in the cooler. He'll have to give her a proper burial once at shore. He sets himself to lift the body, before his ears picks up the sound of groans. Eyes go wide as they watch the "dead" body coughs up huge amounts of salt water. She rolls to her side coughing up more. It takes Roger a second to process. When he catches her shaky arms try to lift, he intervenes. Lifting her into his arms, he rushes inside the cabin. With the rest of the group following suit.

Non of them can believe what they just witness. A woman her size surviving negative degree waters while being trapped in a crab cage. For God knows how long?! It's still baffles Roger' s mind while he tends to her needs. Wrapping her in jackets, blankets, anything else that he can find. the others. join in his efforts. Warming the cabin the best they could. Now all they can do is wait.


° ° ° ° °


God, she has to stop getting black out drunk. Her head pounding like it been struck with a truck. Her bones creaking when she gets more comfortable. She must have fell off of the roof again. Or maybe she got into a brawl and got dumped in an alleyway. Either way, this hurt like a fucking bit-.


Wait, her memory is barreling back. She remembers the fucking house and that. That. Creepy ass Fucker. She jolts up with her soul leaving her. Gripping to the sheets, her heart nearly bust out of her chest. The feeling of cold sweat and lungs on fire. she investigates her surroundings. the smell of salt water slowly returns her to earth. salt water, she's at sea? Surrounded by soft yellow wallpaper. with paintings of fishes and beach views. Small Ornaments of hooks, fishing line. Defiantly brings out a home feel. Sighing in relieve she slump back into her pillow. Well, where ever she is. its much better than the alternative.

She shuts her eye again to enjoying the silence. alone with peace of mind, until she hears clicking noises coming from the door. Across the room the door opens to a young, skinny kid. At first his head peeks out til he met eyes with hers. He flashes a cute, dimple smile. Without warning he dashes to her side.

" hey, you're finally up! " he cheers. Her eyes narrow, is he sparkling? Shyly she nods. Clapping his hands together. His faces brighten up. (How?)
" that's good, you've gave us all one hell of a scare. "

Confused she crook her head.
" ah, sorry? " she said with a half shrug, with nothing else to say. Luckily, her stomach did it for her. growling loud enough to vibrate, she hides her face from the boy's laughter.

" its alright, miss. Come on, lets get you something eat. " he helps her to her feet. the moment her feet touched the floor pin needles coil through her legs. The sudden feel cause her to lose her balance. The boy bit his lips, fumbling to get her back up. Hooking her arm around his shoulder. once he got his bearings. he leads them out.

"Eh, oops." Nervously laughing as they make their way to the kitchen.

They turn around the corner, where they met with bombastic noise. It sounds like rock music playing. They peer inside, where they find a huge group of sailors. surrounded by thick grey smoke while the music plays. sailors hanging around with beers and cigs. One group in the corner is playing a game of poker. while another, watches a football game. Roger sits among the coward by eyeing the television a far. With so much noise flooding her sensitive ears. her nerves spike to the roof. Yet, this doesn't stop a grin form cross her face. For a second this feels like home.

Roger takes a look around until he spots Freddy. And to his surprise, the young lady.

"So, She's awake." He whispers. The group with the football game stand to howl as their team just score a touchdown. One of them catches sight of Freddy and their guest. Shocked, he pushes his buddy next to him. Before long the entire group is gawking at the doorway.

"Hey, check it!! The mermaid awake!" This statement catches everyone off guard. the music cuts off and the entire room is staring. . . . at them. . . At her.

Eh?! She hides behind Freddy's back. Clinging on to him. he chuckles nervously at her then waves at the group.

" hey, guys guess who awake! " the woman waves shyly. All these stares, her hair stand on their ends. a pit forms deep in her stomach. Everything in her body is telling her to hide. But she's still weak. Panic sends her on over drive, till she felt a soft touch of Freddy's hand.

" its ok miss, they're just," awkwardly rubbing the back of his head.
" surprise. "

Peeking her head out, she noticed their faces all wide eyed and jaw dropped. This convinces her to step out. They watch her as if she's a nervous animal. Once out in the open, she gives the room a quick look. Nothing seems to be a threat. At least not yet. She plays with her hair. Unsure what else to do, she gives them a wobbly grin and small wave. Out of nowhere the room gets loud by sailors sudden charge toward her.

Her heart pounds out her ears. magic threaten to flare out to defend. Clenching her chest, fighting against her instincts. . . . . Shit.

A loud clap breaks through the room. Breaking the frenzy. Roger steps forward. His intimidation bounce off the walls. Making the air stand still, each step he takes sailors back away. When he reaches Freddy his aura colds down to a simmer. He turn his attention to the young girl.

He gives a warm smile, " excuse the boys, they haven't been around women that often. The moment they do, they go ape shit. "

Slowly her senses come back. She lets out a breath. Getting the courage to speak.



Roger and Freddy couldn't help but hide their faces. Blushing like a damn teens. It takes a second for them composed themselves. Freddy then leads her to the table. as Roger pulls out a pair tacos placing them in the microwave. Once done he passes to her. Poor thing didn't wait for them to cool down. Tearing into her meal like a beast. The men merely stand in awe.

" She eats like monster. " one said. She finches when she heard 'monster'. She stops and lowers her head in shame.

" you would too if you're fat ass got trapped in a crab crate. " the other mocked.
"Hell, his ass would be shark food!" The crowd roar in laugher as they roasts each other. Another plate is placed in front of her. She follows the hand that gave it to her. Meeting Roger's friendly smile.

" pay them no mind. Just eat your fill. " he told her. He also hands her a can of beer. Adding it's all they have, besides water that tastes like donkey piss. She happily takes the can.

12 plates, 18 cans and one happy fatty later. she lazy rests her head on her hand. trying her best not to sleep. the crowd dissipated over time. leaving behind a few guys on the couch. along with Roger and Freddy sitting with her on the table. Freddy took her left while Roger took the front. the silence gives Roger a moment in his thought.

he has to admit this girl can eat. hell, she nearly cleaned them out. that's all well and good, but it doesn't give him answers. recalling yesterday, her body survived freezing temperatures with only a shirt and a jacket. on top of that, shes was in the bottom on the ocean for god knows how long. and managed to with stand the oceans pressure. this isn't a human they have on their ship. if he had to guess, she could be a mermaid like Freddy suggested. it would explain a lot. these are just assumptions.

Rogers mind clicks back to reality. Finding Freddy and their guest mindless watching t.v. Roger clears his throat loud enough for them to hear. once he got their attention, he spoke.

" so, little lady. mind telling us your name? "

. . . . .
Roger notices her shifting in her sit. while nervously playing with her hair. all he asked is her name. why it is difficult?she eyes Roger with caution. then Freddy. her throat goes dry.

moments later, her fragile. voice breaks the silence.

" i don't have one. "

the room goes silent. Roger and Freddy give each other worried glances. truly at a lost of what they fished out of the ocean. one thing for sure, she's no mermaid.

" that's unfortunate." Roger added, "do you know how you end up in the ocean?"

The girl keeps her head down. "i was attacked. and just ended up there." she gives them a shrug. unsure if they'll believe her. this time Freddy questions her.

"what about family? im sure there someone looking for you?" Freddy leans in. she shakes her head.


finally Roger has enough. "what exactly are you?"

a lump forms in her throat. she can't tell them. who knows what would happen if they knew. she'd be sold in a heart beat. no, she cant let that happen. she recalls a name that humans used for unknown entities. what was it, again.

" im a mutant." she lied. praying its enough to convince them.
it has to be.

Freddy gasp in awe, but Roger gave no such response. he gives her a nod, however her answer convinces nothing. and with their boat edging closer to port. the real question is, what to do with her once they dock?

Chapter Text

moon rises high tonight; in the distance Roger escorts the young lady across the deserted parking lot. she follows shivering violently with each step. clenching tight on to her jacket. but the wind snakes underneath whimpering out in discomfort. they make there way to a old yellow truck. its paint peeling away day by day. quickly Roger lets her inside and slams the door. planting firmly in front of the passenger side. enduring the cold needles on his face. while he waits for Freddy's return. till then his job is to protect his mutant friend from wondering eyes.

since the boat arrived at Gotham's shore. the crew members have been up to no good. many attempted to sneak her out. luckily, Roger is half ninja and was able to shut it down just as quickly. he wasn't in the mood with anyone's bullshit and neither was the captain.

the Captain regrettably blames himself for being to lenient with this sort of thing. granted he spoke to her solely to see what's his crew fascination. chucking the reason as boys being boys. fortunately, he was only half right. to his surprise their conversation revealed more than what he suspected. opening his eyes to a young soul, lost in her mind as well as reality. Hiding her true self behind lock n key. Having no one to save her but herself. alone to battle the strom life has dumped her in. it was as if as was speaking to his younger self.

sitting alone in the truck. with nothing else better to do she glosses her hands over the leather seat. staring blankly at nothing. while gears in her mind turn.

' why am i still here? '

had she not been trapped she would have better off. hell, jumping off the boat would have worked.

'so, why am i staying?'

frustrated, she sinks deeper in her seat. shutting her eyes and draws even breaths.

when was the last time she interacted with a another species?

suppose it comes with being on the run. . .

she open her eyes and catches sight of a photo of a mother and her child flashing goofy grins. both having strawberry blond hair in matching summer dresses.

the mother smile is just as beautiful and warm as her mother's. she fondly remembers basking in its light strong enough to protect her from cruel their fate.

' i miss you.'

lights suddenly flicker on, she jumps at the sounds of Freddy getting inside. he powers up the truck. with Roger now standing on the driver side.

" is the wife ok with this? " he asks. Freddy happily nods, adding that she already has the couch ready. satisfied, Roger said good night and goes on his way.

Freddy faces his passenger side eager to crack a joke, but he instead stops. his brows knitted.

" hey, are you ok?" he asks. confused she answers yes.
" . . . but your crying." she ghosts her cheeks and finds it wet. quickly, using her coat sleeve to rub it away. playing it off as dust in her eyes. he eyes her in concern before he leaves the parking lot and heads to the freeway.

° ° ° ° °

the truck comes to a stop. jolting her away from her sleep. she doesn't recall ever closing her eyes. peering out, she squints out the bright lights. where ever she is, its built in concrete. noises from drivers side draws her focus. Freddy steps out and motions her to follow. once out and about she tails him to the other side. where an elevator sits. her nose scrunches by the strong order emitting from the elevator. Freddy pays no mind, and giggles at her expression. he tells her that the elevator had always had a funky stink. and about his neighbor. an old woman that's at war with its order. every morning she'd clean the elevator, but no matter how much Fabuloso she'd used the smell just keeps coming back.

" i made the mistake of telling her to give up. now, every time she sees me she flick me off." he pouts.

moments later the doors open and sure enough. an small old woman wearing a hasmask is leaning against the wall on the other side. with a bucket and mop in one hand. Arsenal amounts of Febreze on the floor. Freddy steps out and tries to greets her, but all he gets is the finger sending him way. she pays no mind when they take their leave until she cought sight of the tail behind him. They keep eye contact before the old woman waves at her. she happily returns the gesture. as soon as they turn the corner the old woman resumes her mission.

Freddy navigates them through the halls without care. his tail however, has clenched her grip on his shirt. these halls are just as confusing as the ones at the top hat house. how are they not lost?! taking a few more steps. freddy stops in front of his door. twisting the knob and opens the door for her. welcoming her to warm amber lights. a blush grew on her face as she steps inside; gawking in awe.

it place is simply beautiful. despite its worn down state. it held it own rustic aesthetic. a small couch placed in front the kitchen window. beside the it is a circular dinner table decorated by photos and a vase holding a single plastic flower. a low end marble coffee table. and a small t.v. surrounded by books and little trinkets.

" ah, you must be the little mermaid hon spoke about."

next to the entrance sits Freddy's wife holding a cup of coffee in her hands. her ample size hidden under her blue night robe. hair tied to a high bun. Freddy's face brightens up as he rushes to his woman side. grabbing the nearest chair to her. before nuzzling his head on her shoulder. shutting his eyes and taking in her warmth he'd missed so much. his wife pats his head gently, rolling her eyes at this man's childness.

"silly boy, you forgot to introduce me." she motion her head to their guest. Freddy clears his throat. (oops, forgot she was there.)

" ah. right. Elsa meet. . . " he pressed his lips. ( ahh, how do you introduce someone with no name) Elsa eyes their guest when Freddy went silence. assuming her husband fell asleep. she asks for a name.

" i. . . don't have one." she said solemnly.

Elsa binks in surprise. " what did your mother call you then? "

she stiffens under Elsa's intense glare. she hasn't thought of that name since that day. . . . .

she draws her arms around herself in a tight hug. refusing to meet Elsa. the silence weights on them.
Elsa shifts to sit taller before she spoke. as soft as her voice is, it held a hidden blade. pointing straight at her guest throat.

" forgive me for being intrusive, little one. one can't be too careful, the wolves here hide amongst sheep," Elsa pats her sleeping husband, " this one is as kind as he is foolish. always there to help strangers. i couldn't help being suspicious about you. you, fished out like a cod, or rather. . . crab." her expression softens, the corner of her mouth quirks up and gestures the couch. which has a blanket and an old pillow.

" hope you find the couch comfortable for night." her guests said her thanks. Elsa gets to her feet carrying her husband close. the room goes dark once she recede to her room. she goes the couch, laying there. alone again.

' what the hell am i doing here?'

~ ~ ~ ~

its burning. . . . . why is everything burning.
"mama!!" where are you?!

im scared.

everything on fire. . . .its too hot. . i can't breathe. why is there so much screaming?!?

im scared!

mama, why are you way over there. who are you fighting?

you're hurt.

no you can't fight him on your own. im coming!

why am i in this pod?

wait, no!! turn back. turn back!



please turn back. she needs me?!?!


~ ~ ~ ~

a door creaks as a little girl pops out of her room. pitter patter her way to the living room. she has 5 mins before Super Friends comes on. soft giggles venture to the kitchen. grabbing all her necessary snacks. rushing about, she sets them down on the coffee. table with only a minute to spare. she turns the t.v. on, and hops on the couch. bouncing in her seat once the theme song begins. the more she bounce the more she notice how squishy her seat is.


and noisey. commercials roll on the air. giving her a chance to investigate her couch. jumping off shes yelps and hides behind her coffee table. why is there a Cucuí sleeping on her couch?! brows furrows, letting out quiet sniffles.
crawling away from the living room as quietly as possible. the floorboard creak loudly her eye swell up in panic. thankfully, el Cucuí is still on the couch. she continues her way when her ears picks up the shows. Oh no, she going to miss her show. all thanks to el Cucuí. . . stupid Cucui. having enough, she get back on her feet. grabbing the nearest object, the broom, from the hall way. slowly creeps back to the sleeping Cucuí. rises the broom high above her head. counting down. 3, 2, 1. . .

*clank clank clank clank clank clank*!!!!!!

slamming the broom with everything her little body has. aiming directly on the Cucui head. screaming the entire time. the Cucuí springs to life upon her first strike. the blanket serves to advance. it struggles against the binding till it collapses onto the floor. she continues her attack as the blanket slips off el Cucui face. her screaming dies downs, tilting her head. keeping the broom ready.

severely disoriented Cucui heaves her lungs out.

' the hell was that?!'

one sec she was in a nightmare and then something hard as a fucking rock slams on her head. what the hell is going on with her life right now. why are things happening when she asleep?!

she rips the blanket away from her face. looking around she takes a moment to think.

'still in Freddy's and Elsa's home. that's all well and good, but who's the munchkin? staring at her with huge owl eyes. and why is she sparkling!?. '

the girl in question drops the broom and sucks the air around her. gawking. then smiles.

" you're Princess Zuri!" . . .who?

the girl comes closer. she sits as closer as could. they sit there in silence. unsure what to do the guest she asks for the girl's name.
when she did the child face turns serious, saluting. her lips pucker out.

" Anna at your service." she said.

' awe, she's too precious.' the guest giggles at her display. hiding her embarrassment by playing with her hair.

" well, Anna," she plays along
"what kind of service?"

" to protect you, princess Zuri."

welp, that's it. this is how she dies. death by cuteness overload.

" hey, Zuri. you wanna watch Super Friends!!" Anna points to the table. " we can share snacks!"
how can she argue with that.

° ° ° ° °

the two sat watching Super Friends. paying no mind to time nor the sounds of Freddy and Elsa stepping to the living room. they gave each other baffle looks.
they watch Anna brushing their guests hair. behaving like sisters. Anna notices her parents. bouncing in her seat, telling them about this morning. her parents eyes go wide when she got to the broom. Freddy goes over and checks on their guest. thankfully, she wasn't bleeding. Anna mother scolds her about her actions. and tells her to apologize. Anna leans her body for a hug which she gladly accepts.

" im sorry for hitting you with a broom, Zuri."

Freddy and Elsa ponder on Anna words. confusion written on their faces. they turn their attention to their guest.

" it ok sweetie. am not upset." Freddy spoke up first.

"hey!!! wait a minute, i thought you said you don't have a name?" Elsa sides with her husband. her expression hardens, scrutinizing their 'guest.' the sudden change of atmosphere is causing her magic simmer. temper threaten to boiling over until Anna cries out.

" mama, papa! don't you know who she is?!" angrily their girl hops off the couch. Anna grabs her comic book and shoves to them. normally she would have been scolded again. however, what they saw on the cover shuts them up.
on it, has a girl that looks similar. no, exactly like their guest. few distinction being eye color and body size. ( she's curvier then the drawing.) Princess Zuri, Anna's favorite super hero. an alien princess fighting for peace through out the galaxy. her parents nerves cool down.

" you're correct, i don't have a name. but thanks to Anna, i have one." she rises from the couch. she stops within arm distance from Anna's parents.
she extends out her hand.


" with that said, allow me to introduce myself. hi, my name is Zuri."

Chapter Text

" mayday, mayday, mayday."

clicking off the alarm. Flug lumbers himself to the edge of the bed. today just feels off, sluggish even. it been 3 days since "she" destroyed the manor. and since then, black hat has locked himself in his secret room. business crashed to a shrieking halt. and to make matters worse. his bosses clone disappear; like fucking vanish in thin air. all his trackers come back negative. leaving Flug in a state of panic. he doesn't want to face his boss with the issue, especially now. however, despite his solitude Flug has receives text messages. correction, he been getting food orders. the usual selection of raw meats but lately he's been demanding double on human flesh.

Flug leaves his room with a clip board on hand. just because business have stopped. that doesn't mean there isn't work to be done.

Step 1. check on Dementia.

easy enough. Dementia should be by black hat's door. like she been for 2 days straight. he and 505 tried to move her, but like a dog she kept coming back. waiting for any signs of life.

Step 2. continue rebuilt on the manor.

sigh. right, the manor. or whatever left of it. after his boss WWE brawl; the house in shambles. don't get him started on the kitchen. news flash there isn't one! thanks to his stupid boss and. . . and. . . what's her face!!! for fuck sakes she drank half their booze then blow up the other half!!! gaa!

"what else can go wrong."

*ding dong*



° ° ° ° °

Flug failed to stop his feet on time, resulting in a painful faceplant. ( gah, this place is too big.) after heaving his soul back to his body. he checks outside instant regret written on his face. there through the peephole, is Devil and Aku standing on his doorstep. he crowds to the floor.

" noo. what are they doing here?!" on all fours, he checks out the corner of window. praying that his mind is playing tricks. . . . nope. . .they're still there waiting.


Devil huffs, hands on his hips. tapping his foot aggressively on pavement, fidgeting in place. unable to control himself. he paces to and fro. checking his phone and decides to call Black Hat's phone. it rings two times before it goes straight to voicemail. an audible growl emits from devil as he shoves his phone back in his purse.

"why aren't you picking up the phone?" tilting his chin high to try and calm himself. boiling his anger down to a simmer, but it didn't work; bearing his teeth Devil pounds the door again.
" open the fucking door, Flug!"

" maybe he's busy. " Aku rings his beard. he can only assume its the case. then again who can ever be sure with a friend like Black Hat. his villainous repertoire can be a lot to handle. unpredictable in most cases. on his so-called normal day, he's demanding and picky. simple actions become complicated resulting in him sucking the literal life out of any one dumb enough to stay. in a way Aku feels for his employees. more so for Flug. poor guy has his fair share of Black Hat's wrath.

" even if he is truly busy," Devil kicks the door. " he would've just say so. or yell it. you know how he is," Devil faces to Aku. he dare not show the worry written on his face.
" something is up. otherwise, he wouldn't go MIA!" Aku pats his bud shoulder.


finally, the doors cracks open. Devil and Aku are meet with Flug, who is sweating profusely. the boy gives an awkward wave and a fake smile. this sets Devil off, having to force his way inside, he demands to see Black Hat. with his tail between his legs. Flug leads them to his bedroom.

during their trip, they were shocked to see the house's condition. the once beautiful manor has been reduced into an utter pigsty. portraits torn to bits, broken collectables litter on the floor. wallpaper shredded, floorboards broken, windows destroyed, holes the size of mammoths. all over the walls, floors and ceiling. my god, a hunted house is better than this. what's worse is the unwelcome atmosphere; as cold as death itself, normally this would be ideal and pleasant. it mainly why Devil visits as often as he does. but now. the biting cold feels . . .


reaching their destination. they find Dementia snuggling in her own hair. curled into a human ball. right beside the door. looking down right pathetic.

Devil and Aku exchange puzzles looks. Flug stands alone, kneed his coat waiting for his chance to leave. he soon gets his wish after Devil and Aku press inside. Devil face twists at what he saw. Black Hat's door to his safe place bent inward? Devil's feet moves faster then he could think as he races down below. leaving Aku to stare in awe at another fucking hole. this one as long as a soccer field. Aku mummers "what the fuck". it takes him a moment to realize Devil left without him. when it hits him, he causally follows suit.

° ° ° ° °

" a heart sings in the presence of its other half."

its what Alan would tell him all time growing up. in hopes of some type of emotions would ignite. during the years however, it became a lost cause. One could argue that Alan did his best. especially when one has a child like Black Hat. a child born hollow as a void. what can he say, feelings isn't his thing. once upon he felt something; and you know what happened?! it lead him to be the world's coldhearted villain you see today. just being around someone with too much emotion-- Alan! will cause him to gag. granted he actually has (some) respect for his old man. despite him being. . . emotional. his position in Hell is one to admire.

But that doesn't help with his current situation; with this feeling. this hole growing larger with each passing day. just like last time. . .

he tried everything; from banging his head till it bleed. to literally ripping his heart out and yeeting it across the room. but surprise, surprise, it didn't work. like right now. . .

as he sits in the dark. a wine glass of arsenic in one hand and a remote in the other. eyes lock on his multi television screen. each having its own image of her. having cameras catch everything that day. is both a blessing and a curse. running though them; three in particular has been hunting him. the first is her in the hallway slipping into his coat. pausing the image at the exact moment she smiled. her features soft and inviting. when he first saw it, his mind blue screened for hours. the second is his personal favorite. when she stood before him in his office. her final stance against him, the Fire burning bright from those eyes. in a strange way, it gave him pride in knowing he brought that side out. it felt as if the glare was specially made for him. . .

then there is the third. this one gives him no joy, no pride. just the everlasting feeling of hurt. the cause of this accursed void growing inside of him.

" you got away."

recalling the event in great detail. only brought disappoinment toward himself. he was so close. he had her in his gasp. and yet she not by his side.

taking another hit of arsenic. he sends his fourth meal order of the day. after sending it, his body sinks deeper in his chair. without thought, his finger gloss over the mark in his neck. waking lil jack, whom nuzzles close to his master. giving little kisses in hopes it'll cheer him up.

° ° ° ° °

stepping the final step, devil is welcome by a dark void. as if he was in a tunnel with a single light beaming from the opposite side. creeping his way there he comes across hundreds of empty plates. all piled into a single mountain, right next to Black Hat's chair. coming to his friend side. his eyes pop out of his skull.

oh. . . my. . . god. . .

Devil stiffens in shock. ogling at this pathetic sight. there he is, on his chair. or he would be, if his ass wasn't slouching like a damn bum. sinking so deep, his ass is out in the air. his elegant attire is replaced by a red bath robe stained by blood and grease. breathe his robe is a white tank top with just as many stains. loose black pajama pants along with same color slippers. his black hair all tangled and wild, he doesn't even have his monocle or an eye patch. just the gaping hole he was born with all out in the open.

" black?" Devil calls out. his friend violently finches from the sudden voice. Black Hat faces the source, nearly jump out of his chair, but his claws get caught in the fabric.

" what the hell are you doing here?!" Black shouts. then Aku come into view. Aku takes one good examination and shakes his head. Black face harden in anger. his was about to yell, get out, before Devil interrupted.

" Care to explain, what the fuck is this! " Devil's arms open wide,
" why the hell haven't picked up my calls. and why are you dressed like a bum?!" hell, he smelt like one. Devil scans the room once again. this time his eye land on the screen. seeing the subject matter, it hits him. exasperating he 'face palm' himself.

" oh shit, don't tell me this is another Lilith situation." Aku eyes follows Devil's direction. leaning in closer to screen, Aku squints for a better look.

" funny, she looks just like him. only prettier." he said to no one in particular. Devil glares him that says ' shut up, idiot.' before facing back to Black, arms crossed. Black meet his annoying friend equally as crossed.

" no, this isn't another," ripping his claws out the fabric. just to make air quotes, in a mocking tone.
" Lilith situation!"

Devil face screams, " really, bitch?!"

Lilith was Black Hat first crush growing up. the only problem was she's married Lucifer. regardless, it didn't stop Black's obsessive behavior. things went to blushing to fucking stalking. this went on for years, till the day Lilith broke his heart outright. boy, that was messy. Devil, Aku, and Alan spent months trying to get him to leave his room. after that he just wasn't the same. they honestly believe it had destroyed any chance of him having a mate.

sigh, he can't let his friend go through this again. after giving it some thought, Devil spoke.

" get up, Asshat. we're going out." Black cringes at the idea. his claw dig deep in the cushion.

" hell no." he growled. Devil rolls his eyes. tried, his voice deepens and points his claw right to Black face.

" either you get your lazy ass out or Alan comes in. " Black eye go wide with the thought of Alan busting through his door. oh, god. if old man finds out about this. all Hell would break lose. literally.

nope. . . fuck. that. Black get to his feet faster then his has moved in the past few days. dashing up the steps to freshen up.

Aku peers over to Devil and asks where they we're all going. with a hair flip Devil simply replies.


Chapter Text

Later that afternoon, Roger knocks at Freddy's door. Elsa greets him in with a bright smile. he enters inside sporting a solid red tee along with a well fitted tan coat. blue boot cut jeans paired by black nikes. clean shave and hair fix. he carries a plastic bag which he tosses to Freddy's way. unfortunately, it slips through his fingers. he chuckles while picking the bag. as he held it, he notice its weightlessness. curious, he peeks inside. finding a brown wavy wig along with multiple head scarfs in a array of colors. and a few hair products, Freddy's face could not hide its utter confusion. without looking at Freddy's directly, Roger clears his throat.

" those are for her." he explains, reminding his coworker about Gotham's foul reputation with mutants. violence cases has doubled over the past year. along with the rise of the anti-mutants extremist group, Red Doves. they have been the center point of it all. terrorizing any mutants and mutant sympathizers they find.

" she's better off appearing as human as possible," Freddy and Elsa agrees. Roger scans the room,
" where is she anyway?" Freddy takes a second to answer.

" dumped her in the showers. my house smells like fish. thanks to those two." Elsa replies eyeing her man. he pleads sorry, while Anna sings 'smelly daddy'.

° ° ° ° °

steam blankets the room as the feel of cold tile against her warm soles. goosebumps bloom on her skin. a deep breath is taken; exhaling away the heavy weight of stress clinging on her shoulders. the worn, tattered body, now limber and free. finally, no one but herself. shedding her husk, she wipes away the fog from the mirror. taking in the time to examine her new scars. over the past few days has reduced them similar to kitten scratches.

her lips curl in relief, before she notices the fading light coming from her transmutation markers.

"damn, im running low." she said, clicking her tongue. nervous knots form in her stomach.

if things were simple, this new found fact won't be a problem. but. . . . life is never simple. no thanks to those bounty hunters. especially, them. . . she'd has lost the means to recharge. without it means no portals, spells, or anchors.


being stranded with no magic is inconvenient to say the least. granted, being without isn't new; it just sucks.

*sigh* "gonna have to stretch it." for however long. now however, she should probably get into her clothes. funny, how "normal" that sounds.

Zuri steps out in new set of clothing. entering to meet everyone in a traditional red Ao Dai. well-fitted to her shape. golden phoenixes embroidered along the edges of her neck and arm collars. white, long pants contrast against her ensemble. making her appear fragile and doll-like.

everyone takes a moment to admire her fresh look. Freddy and Elsa glance at each other fondly. picturing the old days, when they first met. when Freddy trip himself up into a fruit stand. and Elsa helping him out of a jam.

Anna giggles her way to Zuri's waist hugging her tight. Zuri pats her head lightly.

" looks good on you." Roger clear his throat. he fail to keep his voice from cracking under pressure. nervous, he massages the back of his neck. Elsa then claps her hands, quickly gaining everyone attention. she then announces the food being ready.

° ° ° ° °

" can i have some more?" Zuri pleas. finishing off her 5th plate Cóm Tâm. a Vietnamese rice dish topped with pork strips. sided with raw veggies and scrambled eggs.

"Zuri, that your 5th plate. how are you still hungry?" Elsa jokes. Zuri shrugs lazily. honestly, it doesn't make much sense to her either. she cocks her head to the side as she scratches her face. she laughs it off.

"tell you what, I'll make you a to-go plate." Elsa gets to her feet. she asks Anna for help to gather the dishes up. then leaves for the kitchen

" to. to-go?" Zuri looks at the guys for answers.

" i contacted a friend of mine, last night. she actually has a free room." Roger smirk, "she's a good person. a bit of a hand full, sometimes. but she agreed to meet up at her place."

" mmh, alright." her voice squeak. unsure what to make of this new development. just how many people do they plan to meet?
new people brings uncertainty. increasing the odds of being found out.

'is this worth the risk?'

lost in thought, she doesn't notice Anna creeps up to her side. peering up at her with puppy eyes.

" your leaving?" her eyes open to a soulful pout and dipping sweetness in Anna's tone. Zuri's heart pounds out of chest. Anna is suddenly lift in the air and pulled into Zuri's arms. fits of giggles brighten up the room.
as Zuri use her hair to tickle the little girl. she stops in time for the child to breath.

"Don't worry. I'll visit so we can watch Super Friends together. " Anna eye glints in excitement.

° ° ° ° °

peering out of Rogers passenger window. Zuri assembles her hair to fit inside her wing. she ties a red head scarf to complete the look. her eyes wonder through the city's jungle passing by. glass towers stretch high towards the heavens. Gray smog hangs low creating pockets of shadows. leaving little room for sunlight to dance in. armed by billboards and trash. she admires the city's rusty exterior. defining Gotham from other cities. then comes asian street signs all line up and pile on top of another. the clouds lighten by stars of ambers dangling high above. Roger pulls his car into parallel park spot.

" we'll have to walk the rest of the way." he explains.

Zuri could help but bounce as they walk. intrigued by various street vendors. the sidewalk full of bustling people passing on by. some take notice of her as they pass through. but she didn't care. not when everything around her is this intriguing. this wondrous place blooms a mixture of curiosity and caution. with her senses going haywire she decides to stay close to Roger.

a few blocks down, they reach their destination. standing before them is a 2 story apartment building titled Madison Reef Apts. its shape is clearly 20 years passed its prime. with it worn paint and chipping bricks. it looks kinda crooked. . how is it even standing right now?!! on the right side lies an alleyway that leads to a counter store. she likes its rough vibe. even if it looks like it could collapse at any moment.

Roger leads them pass the leasing office. where they're met with a large courtyard. decorated by an array of palm trees. in the center 4 sets of outdoor furniture facing one another. the apartment itself branches off in several directions. Roger keeps moving. thankfully, this place isn't a maze.

'thank god'

he finally stops at his friend's door. Zuri notices the number 79, paint fading away. his swift knocks echos the hall. moments later the door creaks opens. a woman dressed in PJs and a do-rag steps into view. dopey eyed, the lady stares at the two. she blinks to get herself awake.

"Ah, yea?" she said. her stance close off. hands gearing up to slam if needed.

" is Ori home?" Roger asks. the name loosen her stance. with a nod she lets them inside. setting them down an old blue couch. their host offers them water. they decline, she hollers out Ori's name without warning. when no one answers, so she calls again causing Zuri's ear to ring. shutting her eye as she cringes internally.

"WHAT!" a bombastic voice ricochets off the walls.

" come out here." the lady arms crossed. her weight leans on the door. paying no mind to the noises emitting from her roommates room. suddenly, a loud exasperated groan is heard down the hall.

" fine! but letting you know that my vagina is out." Roger immediately faces the opposite direction with lips press hard together. while Zuri focuses her attention in the direction of the voice. stomping its way towards them.

" but, its ok cause we all got one~." the voice sings. out of the shadows emerges the one and only Oireon. sporting in nothing but a tight top crop. rubbing away her sleepiness from her eye. her tone shape stops next to couch. opening them back in time for Roger's eyes to met hers.

" all except you." Ori sways her hips to the side. flashing a smile as wide as the sea.

" What-a-do, man!" clapping her hands loudly. she comes around to give her friend a bear hug. her friend stiffens at her hold.

"what brings you by?" she hugs him tighter. to his relief she lets go. but. . .his view isn't any better. in fact, she made it worse. all she did is take a few steps back. giving him an eye full of everything.

Roger shakes his head. face palms himself.
"don't you remember our talk last night?"

" hoe, i was high and drunk last night. to be honest, i have no idea how we even got home."

" you fucked the taxi driver." Ori's roommate, Nat, adds.

" so, that's who's in my bed." she slaps her thigh. " oh snap."

"anyways," Roger cuts in, "ya'll still need a roommate, right?"
Nat and Ori nod in unison. Roger gestures their attention to Zuri. who is currently twiddling her thumbs.

" Ori, Zuri. Zuri, Ori."

" What-a-do, Z."
" yo, Z." the ladies give her their best smiles. Zuri says her greeting adding a little wave.

"so, where you work~?" Nat asks. Zuri's mouth to clamp shut. 'work?'

'uhhhh, are we talkin legal or illegal? ' she wonders.

she nibbles her bottom lips till they open partly for a reply, but before she could breath a syllable. Roger cuts in, again. body lax and sprawl out wide.

" is it cool if she work with you?"
much like himself, Ori is a no bullshit person. for any one wants her trust being blunt and to the point is the way to go. the room goes silent as sounds of Ori's foot tapping on the hardwood floor. a hand braces on her hips with her hanging low. after what feels like forever. she lifts her head and faces her attention on Zuri.

" You know how to write crap down?"
Zuri twists in confusion but nods yes.
" you know how to carry a shit ton of plates to point A to point B?"
Zuri nods again.
Ori gives a 'meh' shrug
" alright. I'll see what i can do. but you'll have to tag along on my shift tonight."

A smirk curls on her and Roger's lips. then Ori asks,

" by the way, can you fit a size 9?"

Chapter Text

" this is fucking stupid!" Black Hat huffs in irritation. slugging his weight around as he follows behind Aku and Devil. they stop to face their third wheel.

" oh, come on. your not even trying to enjoy yourself." Devil remarks. he pulls his sunglasses down to meet Black's mad expression.

" what's there to enjoy? the only reason this is even close to tolerable is the fucking smog blocking the sun." he huffs again. arms crossed like a spoil brat.

why is he even out here? he just wants to go home. lie in darkness and stuff his face. why can't he go, oh yeah. because every time he tries, Devil waves his phone with Alan's number on speed dial at his face. resulting in Black mumbling to himself about how much he hates Devil. this whole day sucks. its bad enough walking around in a sewer of a city. in this ugly human disguise no less.

compared to his proper attire. this lame husk bears no candle. his lanky size hidden under his less than favorite black trench coat. it made him appear a bit boxy in his opinion. and these jeans are anything but flattering. with a black fedora tied by a red ribbon. this truly his worse fit. to everyone else however, he appears dark, mysterious and more importantly handsome. every woman he pass by is guilty of staring.

Aku and Devil disguises are fitted to their personalities. especially, Devil's. his pink hair with his matching feather boa. contrast by a white fur coat. catwalking the sidewalk in 8 in heels and skin tight pants. he's definitely feeling himself.

Aku, on the other hand. wore a gray kimono with eastern dragon printed on the back. underneath it a solid black tee. paired by gray loose pants. his orange hair highlights his lay back style.

the three brisk their way around Gotham's elite shopping center. set in the bustling side of town. where difference between wealth is clear as day. unlike the outskirts, the center is known as the platinum standard of living. that is if one has the money for it. citizens of downtown pride themselves of their sterile lives. it bores Black Hat to dead.

following his two idiots they run into an exotic department store. the place was fairly large, with two window panels to bring some light inside. however, since today is cloudy the store is lit by modern lanterns hanging above them. Devil eye lead him to clothing racks brimming with unique crop tops. Aku finds himself on the other side checking out record vinyls. Black, on the other hand, circles along the edges. giving everything measly glances. bored out of his mind. while he takes his third lap. a golden glint catches his eye. lured by it shine he finds a cane with a golden ram skull on it top. he examine it closely, lazily performs some twists around his wrist. then has the cane balance on said wrist. to his surprise its center gravity is perfect. the next thing, Devil and Aku knew they watch Black preform all sorts of tricks in the corner. Aku shoulder bounce as he snickers. Devil holds his phone still recording. there no way he will miss this opportunity. Black does is final trick. tossing it up high in the air. does a quick spilt getting up in time to catch it. then twirls the cane in a set of complex order before he gives it a final toss and catch.

once he finish, a camera shutters is heard in the distance. ending his trance he scans the room. he wishes he hadn't. realizing that everyone in the store are staring. some were taking video-- Devil you traitorous asshole!!!! panic sets his feet in motion. he keeps his head low he goes to pay to the cane. luckily the cashier didn't say anything. but he hears her soft giggles as he exits out the store. Devil and Aku quickly get their thing and catch up to their blushing performer.

" That was cute little show~" Devil teases. his met with Black death stare. yet he didn't care. it made him smile brighter.