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The Game of Cat and Mouse

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a lone woman walks down an alleyway. her curls bounce with her easy steps on the wet asphalt. the pink sky gives her smile, she breathes in the cool air. days like this, give her tranquillity with coffee is the only thing on her mind. there's a new cafe not too far from her hotel. the walk felt great on her joints. she nears her destination not knowing of a green tail following.

the sound of breaking glass, alerts her. she turns to face it, but before she could. a truck rams her into a wall. her head ringing, she elbows whatever is on top of her. a grunt is heard, the weight is lifted. giving her the opportunity to land punches. her fist feeling bones collapsing . knocking the person to the ground. her feet swiftly moves away to make a break of it. she goes around the corner.

where she's met with blue, fuzzy arms. wrapping around her waist, she struggles against its hold. however, all it does is constricts her movements. her breathe quickens and vision blurs. a sudden hand yanks her hair to the side. without warning, a hypodermic needle pierce her neck.

she wakes to cold metal on her back. her vision still blur and senses invaded by harsh chemicals. she tries to stand , only to find chains bounding her to the table.

" awake, are we?"

The voice came from behind, gritty, like eating sand, but she couldn’t see who it belonged to. she couldn’t speak, her tongue was too heavy, lips like weights as her senses slowly return. Where were she, exactly? Indoors, in a bright room, but where?

A slender gentleman, not human by any stretch of the imagination, came into view, running his hand along the side of the slab.

"good" his face leans close to her taking in her scent. " you've been giving me a run for my money. enough for a small round of applause." he mocks. backing away to reveal a table of glimmering scalpels. she jolts with new vigor, but the chains are ever present.

" don't you worry. " he returns with a evil grin.
"i'll be gentle." his eye lidded " after all, you are a formidable foe. one that has earn my respect." he tips his hat, she could have swore she saw a tiny hat inside. she has enough confusion for one day.

for one, she'd never seen such a creature before let alone understand his words. shifting she gets comfortable and clears her throat.
she gives him one good look.
" fuck off. "

the creature show no sign of anger, but amusement. until he felt something sticky and wet on his cheek. realizing it was spilt, the air grows colder. threatening growls emits from his chest.

not long after, the lab doors open and skittering steps make there way to the table.

a boy with a brown bag over his head and clipboard close to his chest, joins the two. he and the woman exchange glazes before he gives his attention to his boss.

"took you long enough. " his boss yanks to the other side of the room. his grin returns, " how should we start?" he summons various torture devices. as he names them.

"rib tickler?"

" s-sir."

" eye gouger?"

" uh. sir. "

" finger cutter? "

" . . . . ."

" or, or, my personal favorite, the brain peeler."

" Sir, she's not the target!!!" silence. the boy knees clanked as loud as metal. when the bosses eye pierce his soul.

" what. was. that. Flug."
flug felt the venom spill from his bosses mouth.

" the, the DNA. The DNA doesn't match, sir. she's not the target. " a sudden yank by the collar causes flug to yelp. the next thing he knew his ass is sent flying straight to the door.

" Go and find the target. and bring them back DEAD!!!"

without further instruction, flug runs out. leaving his boss alone. the creature mumbles to himself and strolls back to the table. only to find both tables bare.

a zip from behind gives him a second to dodge. a scalpel pierces the wall where his head would have been. soon after another follows. then a full onslaught of them like bullets. all aiming for his head. managing to dodge them, he cant help but be impressed. had he been a second slower, she would have him been riddled with them by now.

he finds shelter behind Fulg's machine. her ammo runs out, steps and loud rattling is all he could hear. this is his chance, he runs out in the open. immediately regretting it as he is met with a barrel of Flug's ray gun. rapid fire causes endless destruction. papers and pipes bursts, soon the entire lab is engulf by blankets of steam. this gives him the perfect advantage. his arms morphs to barbs and charges. he confident in this plan until his barbs gets caught by a metal tray. just inches away form her face. gritting his fangs cuss spill out. then his feet shifts as a powerful kick to the gut sent him flying to the capsules. shattering the glass with sparks flying about. he hears faint steps heading towards him. feeling movement his body flips. pinned down by immense force.he cracks his eye open, finding himself on the cold floor. arms strapped above his head, limbs pinned by bluish gray tentacles. core being used as a stool for the woman. blocking out the light, her silhouette blanketed him.

" get OFF me, now!!" he orders at the top of his lungs. his face morphs wildly in anger. saws, insect limbs, Demonic eyes and anything else he could think of.
however, it does nothing to her, merely watch this bizarre temper tantrum.

it sets his blood on fire. enough that his arm tore its blinding. they struggle against each other. yanking, and clawing. until his claws catches her black hair ripping it form the scalp.

his breathe stops as long, white curls unveils. thick as wool, soft as velvet. eye widening like a tennis ball as he caught sight of two horns on her head. matches his own under his hat.
silent paused weighting like stones. his mouth has gone dry while his body felt as if its dunk in cold water.

the woman, however, wore fury fires, piercing holes through his skull. pearly white teeth became green daggers. her golden tan fading into ashy blue gray. peeling away her human husk as the intent to kill boils her blood.

the room grew cold, freezing the floor to frost. growls rumbled lowly as the woman mouth gape open. time moves slow as the sensation of hellish pain jabbed through his throat. depraving him of air while draining his blood. with no choice he lays there. allowing this new sensation coarse through his veins.

is this what his victims felt?


for once, he can feel his life draining; fading back into the nothingness for which he came.

so, why is this giving him glorious ecstasy?!

a loud snap of his neck sends pleasant chill down his spine. warming him like no other. eye shut tightly, composer wildly abandon he lets out a sinful moan.

" hmmmm~. don't stop!!"


. . . . . . .


but, something wrong. his ecstasy is suddenly ripped away from him like a child without their mother's tit , or a man without his crack. his eye flew open. shocked to find himself alone and cold. his evil angel, has left her bleeding heart with nothing but confusion and horror by what transpired.