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Supermarket Skeletons

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You walk down the aisle closest to you, hoping in your mind that it would be empty so that the other consumers around you wouldn’t stare in confusion as you had a panic attack trying to find the pasta sauce that you think tastes best. Fortunately, only one other person stood in the aisle, they seemed to be frustrated as they rustled through the multiple bags of pasta around them. As you got closer you really got a good look at them, it was a monster.

Monsters had been released from the mountain years ago and you’d seen multiple around but this skeleton didn’t seem familiar. The second he turned to face you your entire body froze in place, he’d caught you staring. You really didn’t want to keep looking, but you did. He was incredibly tall, he put your height to shame. His teeth were sharp and he looked like he wanted to rip you to shreds, his eyes were narrowed, he looked absolutely furious at something.. or someone.

The male skeleton wore the typical bad boy black jeans with holes here and there, a leather jacket over his dark hot topic t-shirt making him look like a badass, Black boots with a small heel (that was probably why he looked so tall,) and a dark red scarf that in your opinion complimented his attire. The scar over his left eye caught your attention, It looked as if somebody had carved his skull with a knife.

‘It’s rude to stare y/n.’ Your inner subconscious said which made you immediately turn away. You hoped you hadn’t made him angry by staring at him for god knows how long. Eventually, the rustling continued and your shoulders slumped in relief, when did you start holding your breath?

Apparently inner y/n had formed an entire plan in her brain to walk up to this monster who seemed vicious at first glance.. and ask him if he needed help. No, you didn’t work at this supermarket, you didn’t usually do this. It just seemed like a kind thing to do and just now you’d decided to reevaluate your life and become a new, kinder person. Kind is now your middle name. Who’s the kindest person in this room? you. Okay, time to approach this intimidating skeleton as y/n kind l/n.

So you approached.

“Hey man.. I was watching you from over there and figured you needed help looking for something.” ABORT MISSION. ‘I was watching you from over there,’ well done y/n now you sound like a creepy stalker.

His gaze snapped towards you, you tried to stay calm but inner y/n was halfway across the country now.

“HUMAN.. DO YOU WORK HERE?” He asked, asked? More like yelled. His voice was extremely loud and it made you flinch slightly because of the volume. Why did you do this.. you don’t even work here.

“No.. actually I-‘ You started but he automatically cut you off.

“THE OTHER HUMANS BUYING THE FOOD ARE MORE USEFUL THAN THE HUMANS SELLING THE FOOD, STRANGE.” You chuckled at that, this supermarket had terrible staff and you’d been trying to tell people that for years.

“Yeah, they’re useless here. You come for some spaghetti and leave with the utter embarrassment of walking around for hours because you couldn’t find the thing that you originally came here for and nobody will help you look.”

Okay, now you were rambling.

He didn’t smile or laugh at that, the furious face he had once shown wasn’t present anymore, he seemed more content.

“YOU OFFERED TO HELP ME LOOK FOR SOMETHING? WELL I’M LOOKING FOR THESE SPECIFIC LASAGNE SHEETS.” He said, shoving the shopping list that you hadn’t noticed before into your hands. Half of the items were crossed out and there was a hot dog drawn on the side of the paper which made you giggle.

Carefully handing the list back to him, you scanned the aisle until you found the sheets that he was looking for cleverly hidden behind the more expensive lasagne sheets. You snatched the packet of sheets off the shelf and put it in the red basket that he was holding in his other hand.

“I-“ his skull flushed red with embarrassment, you understood his pain. The humiliation of finally finding help and the item being right infront of your eyes the entire time.

“Don’t even worry about it, this place is so confusing. Everything is hidden behind the expensive brands.” You assured him, which made him nod his head in understanding. You both stared at each other for a minute before he spoke up.


“BECAUSE OF THAT I WILL NOT THREATEN TO INJURE YOU IN ANY WAY.” Well, that’s pretty nice. Who knew that such an intimidating guy could be so.. not stabby.

“Well thank you, kind sir. It was an honour looking for your lasagna sheets.” You said, giving him a quick curtsey just to show how “honoured” you felt.

The skeleton rolled his eye lights at you, clearly understanding your sarcasm and turning away from you getting ready to walk away, but you weren’t done.

“Hey, wait!” He paused, turning back to face you.

“Do I not get your name? Are we not going to buy lasagne sheets every week together?” What were you saying? You’d never been this confident around a person but this guy seemed like a total badass and you low-key wanted to be friends with this strange monster.

“EXCUSE ME?” He sounded genuinely confused and slightly conflicted. You didn’t want to pressure him to be your friend.. you just thought it would be nice to-


You scoffed and slipped your phone out of the back pocket of your worn out jeans, handing it towards him. The comment about your outfit hadn’t hurt, you weren’t aware that you were going to be meeting the ‘outfit king’ at the supermarket so you threw on the first thing you found.

“THERE, NOW YOU HAVE MY NUMBER. TRY NOT TO FEEL THE CONSTANT NEED TO BE IN CONTACT WITH ME.” He said smugly, handing your phone back to you with a little more force than he probably intended.

The edgy skeleton had created a new contact just for himself and you stifled a chuckle at the name he had input.

“The Terrible Edge?’ You questioned him, raising an eyebrow and giving him a teasing smile.


“Edge, cool name.” Yeah, you can keep it cool. Overwhelming the poor skeleton with your overly positive attitude may put your future friendship at risk.


Oh, so he has a brother. Maybe you’re in line for two potential future friends.

“Oh okay, well enjoy your lasagne!” You gave him a small wave as he walked away, he walked with confidence as if the entire world bowed down to him.

That was certainly interesting, now to find that spaghetti sauce that you were looking for!

After scanning the entire aisle twice you gave up, maybe a helpful store employee would be in today? That’s when you came across another monster who was stocking the shelves in the aisle across from yours.

“Excuse me,” The monster turned towards you, he gave you an annoyed look before wiping it off his face to produce the fakest smile you’d ever seen.

“hey, how can i help ya?” He asked, his voice sounding quite gruff with a hint of a Brooklyn accent. He was just a bit shorter than you, his golden tooth being the first thing you noticed about him. His pupils were red and he looked a little nervous to be standing there under your gaze.

The employee uniform he was wearing looked as if it was thrown on, oh how you can heavily relate to this skeleton.

“Hi, I’m looking for this pasta sauce-“ You proceeded to show him the list which only had one item being the pasta sauce written on it, you had trouble pronouncing the brand so decided to save yourself the embarrassment and show the monster your list.

“oh, that’s over there.” He pointed towards the aisle you’d just come from, you let out a huff of annoyance which seemed to slightly displease him.

“I just looked over there, I can’t find it. Can you just point it out to me so I know where to get it in the future.” You didn’t want to sound needy, you knew he had a job to do but you refused to spend hours lingering around the store until somebody bought the exact sauce that you wanted or the manager informed you that it was closing time.

The skeleton monster shrugged, strolling over to the aisle you'd just come from which was stocked with multiple brands of sauce, all except for the one you were searching for. You followed after him and watched as he went through, eye sockets scanning over each item before turning back towards you.

“sorry doll, guess we ran out.” He looked exhausted but you were kind of desperate for this sauce, you refused to eat your spaghetti with any other sauce other than this one. When you had discovered it you’d never gone back to that cheap stuff you used to use.

“Are you sure? You don’t have like a compartment behind the store?”

Giving you the most confused look anybody had ever given you, he shrugged his shoulders and shook his head.

The employees always say this, they’re too lazy to check anywhere else. You were getting sick of it, the constant excuses “Oh sorry, we’re out.”

Okay y/n, calm down. Maybe they are actually out of the pasta sauce, you can’t be so sure. You’re not the lord of pasta sauce, you also don’t work here.

The skeleton started to sweat profusely at your silence, you were just staring wordlessly at him.

“listen, i can go check with the manager or somethin’, maybe they moved it to the front.” He said, which made you snap out of your inner monologue about pasta sauce.

“O-oh yeah, that’d be great, thanks.” You said, embarrassed because you’d zoned out while this guy was just trying to help you out.

“i’ll be right back.” Then he disappeared right before your eyes. Is he okay? Was that meant to happen? Probably, but what if he disappeared and never comes back?

“Okay, hurry back.” You replied to nobody, Your thoughts moving back towards the tall edgy skeleton. You wonder if he ever found his brother. You’d seen more skeletons today than you’d ever seen in your life.

After waiting several minutes you were convinced that this skeleton was not coming back, it doesn’t take ten minutes to find one specific brand of pasta sauce. Another night with a crappy microwavable dinner, I guess.

“hi.” You screamed in terror at the sudden appearance of the short skeleton, he had popped out of nowhere and you were sure that you just peed yourself.

“What the- How did- Where- Hi?” He stared at you blankly before bursting into a fit of laughter, pointing at you and all.

“oh my god, you should’ve seen ya face.” Wiping his eye sockets as if he was crying tears of laughter you stood there wanting to punch him in the skull. How dare he scare you like that, this is what you get for being a good person for a day? A skeleton scaring the actual urine out of you.

“Are you fin-“

“heh heh heh.”

“It wasn’t that-“

“your fuckin’ face, heh.”

“Did you get the sauce or not?” You asked, crossing your arms and standing up just a little straighter to seem more intimidating. He seemed to know what you were doing and this time looked a bit more relaxed.

“thanks for the laugh, doll. here ya go, last one in stock.” He handed you the sauce that you had been looking for and you refrained from jumping up and down and hugging him, that’d just be weird.

“Thank you! You’re the best.” Giving him a wide smile, you admired the sauce in your hands. Oh how you never thought you two would meet again. You missed the sweet taste, the intoxicating aroma that always made your mouth water. The delightful feeling of it on your tongue, down your throat-

“Why are you staring at me like that?” Once again, you caught the skeleton staring at you. You were quite frankly offended by the strange look that he was giving you.

“no reason, sorry. was that really worth all the trouble, though? it’s just pasta sauce.” He scratched his skull, his gaze drifting down towards the sauce, this made you extremely confused and now you were even more offended.

“You’ve never tried this? Oh my god, what are you doing with your life?” Silence on his end, you understood that. Anybody who doesn’t understand the remarkable flavour of this sauce usually doesn’t have anything to say when confronted about it.

“You should come over for dinner one time, I’ll make pasta for you!” You said, Wow y/n you just crossed all boundaries, this is a complete stranger. Understandably he gave you a curious look as if you were inviting him over to murder him.

“Sorry, don’t take me seriously. I’m just surprised that you have bad taste. That’s okay though, you do you. This sounds like I’m trying to lure you to my house, I’m not I-“

“sorry, i’m not interested in sleeping with ya, ya ain’t really my type”

“What?” You questioned him, had you heard him right? When did you mention getting it on with him?

“No, I didn’t-“

“SANS! WHERE ARE YOU?” yelled somebody in another aisle, the voice almost seemed familiar but you just couldn’t put your finger on it.


“i’m here.” The skeleton in front of you yelled, the other voice went silent and you heard rapid marching coming towards your aisle.

“SANS, I’VE BEEN SEARCHING THIS ENTIRE STORE FOR YOU- OH HELLO HUMAN.” Edge said as he approached you both, You waved at him in return and the short skeleton who was apparently named Sans looked at both of you in utter confusion.

“do you know her, bro?” Sans asked Edge, in response Edge nodded and proceeded to tell Sans about how you two met but something caused you to zone out.

Bro? Wait was this the brother Edge was talking about? Why didn’t you put the pieces together earlier? You’re an idiot, y/n. This Sans guy is going to tell Edge all about how you tried to get into bed with him when that didn’t happen!

“Sans if we slept together I really don’t think that I would enjoy it because your bones would probably dig into me.” You said trying to defend yourself, you weren't interested in any kind of sexual interaction with him either. This statement made Edge stop yelling at his brother and turn towards you, giving you a look of disgust.


“she tried to invite me over, boss. i was just tryin’ ta do my job.”

“Invited you over for dinner, I don’t want to get in bed with you!” You argued, glaring down at Sans and making sure to exclaim the ‘for dinner' part which was your only intention, to have dinner and share your sauce with him so he too could indulge in the flavour.

“well yeah, ya just fuckin’ said that when you insulted me. my bones ain’t that sharp.”

“I never said they were!”

“SHUT UP! YOU TWO ARE SUCH CHILDREN, STOP ARGUING BEFORE I SHOVE THAT GLASS OF PASTA SAUCE DOWN ONE OF YOUR THROATS!” Edge yelled, making both you and Sans stop, you held the pasta sauce to your chest protectively and gasped at his threat.

How dare he say that, how heartless can one hot topic loving skeleton be? Extremely heartless, literally. Who knew that someone as kind as yourself was also hilarious?


You didn't want to pass up an offer for dinner, it made you feel a little less excited knowing that Edge only invited you over so you wouldn't tell anybody about your argument with a monster. Most humans were okay with the monsters joining civilisation but if one bad thing came out about them it'd be chaos. You wouldn't do that, maybe if they got to know you a little better through dinner they'd think differently.

You shrugged your shoulders nonchalantly, don't seem too enthusiastic about this y/n or you might scare Edge off and that's the last thing you want to do right now.

“Sure, if you’d like, I’m not too bothered.” Sans let out an irritated huff beside you as Edge gave you a smirk and began to tell you about what he was going to make for you. He definitely knew a lot about cooking, from what he thought. Vinegar and lasagne? A strange combination, don't judge a book by it's cover, I suppose.

You then remembered the sauce that you were about to purchase, you had planned to have dinner alone again but now you're actually going somewhere else instead of staying inside and wishing that you hadn't dropped all of your friends last year. No, get those negative thoughts out of your head, you deserve this.

Spaghetti can always be made tomorrow, right now you’re going to eat lasagne at the house of two edgy skeletons and you're going to have so much fun.

I hope.

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“Wait, we’re having dinner now?” You asked. It seemed as if he was going to call you in a few days and ask you to come around.


“OH, I SUPPOSE YOU DO HAVE TO TAKE YOUR VEHICLE HOME FIRST.” He said, looking around the parking lot to try and guess which car parked was yours.

“Oh, actually I walked here, It was a nice day.”

Edge looked a little stunned and confused, As most people would. Why walk to the supermarket when you can get into your car and drive there, It takes less time and requires less exercise.

You stared questionably at the sleek black vehicle in front of you, is this how Sans felt when you’d invited him over to dinner?

“That sounds like something a kidnapper would say.” You said, moving towards the car despite the warning sirens blaring in your head.

“you’d know.” Sans mumbled, opening the passenger side door and slipping inside. Edge scoffed at his brother's comment, he turned towards you waiting for you to get inside.

Are you really about to do this, y/n? Get into the car with strangers to go have lasagne at their house? Yeah, why not.

You and Edge follow behind Sans, You’re immediately hit with the sweet smell of strawberries. You buckle yourself in and spot the hello kitty car freshener which seems very out of place.

“What’s with the hello kitty?” You ask, slightly amused as Edge’s skull flared red.

“IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!” He snatched the car freshener off the rear-view mirror and threw it out of the open window.

Sans remained calm, maybe this was a normal reaction coming from Edge. To distract yourself from the awkward silence in the car you decided to admire the thick leather seats.

How much did this car cost exactly? Now that you think about it, it looks almost identical to the batmobile just without the wings.


“I’m y/n, I currently work as a waitress and I live in an apartment with my fish.” Half of it being true is better than straight-up lying through your teeth.

“shouldn’t you be working? not spendin’ ages pestering people just tryin’ ta do their job.” Sans glared at your from the passenger seat which then you responded with a glare of your own.

“Their job is to help me when I pester them!” You argued, After knowing this guy for only ten minutes you already want to jump out of this car.

“THAT GLASS JAR IS STILL ACCESSIBLE.” That shut you both up, the car was now filled with an awkward tension between you and Sans.

If the entire dinner is like this you might self destruct, you can’t handle awkward silences for very long. Another failed attempt to make friends is coming your way and you can feel it now.

“IS THAT WHAT YOU’RE WEARING TO DINNER?” Edge said without taking his eyes off the road, you assumed that he was talking to you since he did insult your outfit earlier.

“Well, we arranged dinner in a supermarket and then piled into your car, I didn’t really get any chance to go home and change” He was silent for a second realizing that was in fact what happened


“Why are you being so mean to us?” You referred to both yourself and the sauce in your hands

“give us your address, idiot.” Sans growled from the passenger seat, refusing to look at you but possibly thinking of all the best ways to murder you without anything being traced back to him.

“Don’t be rude! Just turn the corner and this is it.” You said as Edge turned the corner and stopped right in front of an apartment complex.

“This is me, I’ll be right back.” They were going to leave, you knew that he only dropped you here to get rid of you. He wanted to make dinner for him and his brother and forget that this entire thing ever happened.

Don’t think like that, It’ll ruin your mood.

Unlocking your apartment, you slipped inside and smiled at the warm feeling you got whenever you made it home. You walked over to your pantry, placing the sauce inside and moving towards your fish.

“Hey, Fish!” Round of applause goes to Y/n L/n who is receiving the award for most creative pet name of the year.

“I had a crazy day, I’d love to tell you about it but I’m actually about to go have dinner with some monsters!” Fish swam around the bowl, you assumed that he was excited for you.

You grabbed the fish food and put a tiny portion into the circular bowl, this made Fish swim up towards the top and begin eating the food you’d given him.

This reminded you of the food you were going to be eating, you rushed to your bedroom and slid into a simple sweater and jeans. At least you looked a little bit more appealing now, you hoped that it would suffice. Studying yourself in your full-length mirror you took a second to admire how you looked, you were considering canceling on those skeletons and having a dinner date with your reflection!

You just had to clean your mirror before you did that.. the glass had some paint streaks here and there while you were painting the frame but you could still see your stunning self. You like to think of yourself as a creative person, you paint, attempt to draw and you're an absolute master at colouring in the lines. As soon as you caught a glance at your crappy apartment you knew that you had to renovate..without a budget.

Persuading your landlord was quite difficult but after he gave you the okay you got right to work. Painting your walls was the first step, they needed to look less crusty if you actually wanted friends to stay over (If you ever made any,) putting up a few things that you painted because you're incredibly talented and your future friends who come over to your apartment can see that you're a fun and chill person who likes to paint, you even painted some of your furniture such as the white frame of your mirror to add a little bit of personality to the place. You weren't disappointed with how it looked after you finished, it looked like a brand new apartment and you were now ready to live your new and improved aesthetic life.

with a quick goodbye to your beloved house pet, you left your apartment, locking it on the way out and heading down to find the black batmobile still in its original place.

“Thanks for waiting!” You said as you entered the vehicle, the skeletons were still sitting there waiting. They were clearly having a personal conversation because as soon as you announced your presence they stopped speaking and froze.

You didn’t take it personally, it’s their business and you’re not about to play detective to figure out if they were talking about you or not.

For once you were actually leaving your apartment, eating anything other than take out to soothe the painful ache in your chest. There’s no need to make your new potential friend’s wary of if you were going to snoop into their business.

You hadn’t really been invited for dinner on a positive note, Edge could tell how frustrated his brother had made you and possibly wanted to stop any negative words before the situation would be taken further.

Edge started the car and now we were officially heading off to their home, you assumed that Edge was cooking as he was bragging about his delicious home-cooked lasagne to you when you were leaving the supermarket. It sounded.. unique, that made you slightly more excited. A new experience as well as a new meal to go with that!

Soon you arrived at the home of Edge and Sans. All of you got out of the car and what were you expecting? Not this. The house before you was quite large for two skeleton brothers. It was a lovely two-story home with a dark grey exterior, there was a garage situated on the right side of the home and a small archway above the front door. There were two large windows which were placed vertically, one on the first floor and another on the second. For you, this was grand, it almost looked like your dream home.

Edge began to lead you inside with Sans following behind you, constantly growling at you every time you stopped to admire the home. At this point, you weren't too sure if he was a skeleton or some type of skele-dog.

"AS YOU ENTER OUR HOME PLEASE TRY NOT TO TOUCH ANYTHING! IF ONE THING IS OUT OF PLACE WHEN YOU LEAVE I WILL PERSONALLY HUNT YOU DOWN AND FEED YOU TO MY BROTHER." Edge yelled, that was an interesting threat coming from him. Sans was so short that you knew you could easily take him, No skeleton will be eating you anytime soon without your consent.

"Okay, I wasn't planning on touching anything, I hope that eases your mind just a bit." The inside of the home was a lot more casual than the outside of the home, it seemed so comfortable and that couch was giving you the 'please lay on me' vibe.


"no prob, boss." Sans replied, you could see the beads of sweat forming on his skull, you were a little confused by the fact that they were red but didn't question anything. Getting kicked out onto the street isn't going to kickstart this friendship you could possibly form with Edge if this evening goes as planned..

"May I have a seat on the couch, Sir Skeleton Lord?" You curtsied but realized how forward you were being and now immensely regretted that decision, was that too bold of a move? Did you seem too comfortable with them?

"ONLY IF YOU SHUT UP! I'M LEAVING, DINNER WON'T BE READY UNTIL LATE IF YOU CONTINUE TO BOTHER ME." He stomped away and you made your way towards the dark red couch, as soon as you sat down finally ready to be overwhelmed with how comfortable this edgy couch was, you felt something beneath you.

You had sat on something and after realizing that this was a mistake the whoopee cushion made an obnoxious farting noise. The house was silent, the sound that the whoopee cushion made seemed to drawl out for longer than it usually would.

Sans had plopped down on the other edgy couch and was now sitting there trying to look innocent. You got the feeling that pranks were his thing.. or maybe he just wanted to irritate you until you externally combusted, you'd yell at him, Edge would come in and kick you out and then you'd never see them again. As much as you wanted to say something.. you refrained.

Why give this rude skeleton the reaction that he craves so badly? So, you shifted your position so that you could grab the fart cushion and simply placed it beside you as if you hadn't just embarrassed yourself by not looking before you had sat down.

You felt like such an idiot, why did you always have to embarrass yourself everywhere you went? This is why nobody likes you y/n... Wait, but this isn't your fault and you know that. Why were you thinking like that? Just chill out, stop being bothered by one little prank by a skeleton who's only salty because you said that you weren't interested.

Sans must have been feeling the awkward silence because he used the remote that was beside him to turn on the television. The Wizard Of Oz was playing on the first channel and you practically vibrated with excitement. This movie was all about making unusual friends while trying to find a way back home because "There's no place like home," apparently.

You'd always wished that you would be swept away from this place and taken somewhere else, meet new people and have new opportunities for employment... Actually, now that you think about it, that sounds sucky and lame. You're neither of those things, you'll pass for now.

The channel was soon switched and you glanced at Sans to catch him studying your facial expressions. Was he watching you? Of course he was, he's trying to figure out your backstory and all of your secrets. Jokes on him, the program that he switched too was a news station and they were currently in the middle of a one minute silence, saved it.

You both sat there in silence together until the reporter spoke again which made Sans switch channels once again. Just pick something, this was starting to agitate you as he continued to switch just to get a kick out of your irritation.

Luckily for both of you, a movie had just started and he now felt like it was time to stop being a nuisance and watch the damn thing. He put the remote control down beside him and relaxed into the couch. It seemed to be some sappy romantic drama which surprised you, maybe deep down he adored movies like this? Ha Ha! Same.

It had been twenty minutes and you still couldn't comprehend what was happening, the story was quick to develop but the plot was all over the place. Most of the characters were only there to have their own unneeded plot lines which just made the movie look like a huge mess.

“what the fuck is even happenin’?” Sans asked, apparently just as confused as you were about the entire thing. How do you reply? Do you reply casually as if he wasn't being rude to you less than an hour ago? Or, do you throw in a little bit of Sas, let him know that you're not going to forget what happened and refuse to be walked over like a doormat. The second one seems like the better option for now.

“I don’t know, maybe if you watched the movie you’d know.” You said, leaning your arm on the armrest of the couch to completely block your view of Sans.

“stop being rude, i didn’t do nothin’ to ya.” He argued, turning the volume up on the television and turning towards you. He's been incredibly unwelcoming ever since that awkward moment in the supermarket, he really should've gotten over it the second you admitted to not having any ill intentions.

“Excuse me?” You piped up, the movie now lost as you give him an annoyed stare. Sans hesitantly glanced over his shoulder to assure that his brother was in the kitchen unable to hear them. You lowered your voice a little when realizing that you needed to use a lot less aggression and a quieter speaking voice when talking to him about this.

“First of all, you lied about me wanting to have sex with you-“

“it sounded like an invitation.” He shrugged, putting his shoes up on the coffee table to sink further into the couch. He was now back to staring at the TV, you could tell that he was distracted by the conversation at hand.

“No it didn’t. Second, You've been so rude to me ever since the sex dilemma, there was no reason to be like that towards me.”

“i said sorry.” Liar. You would remember if this edgy asshole apologized to you, now that you've been around him for longer than five minutes you imagine that he hardly ever apologizes to anybody.

“No you didn’t!” Your voice was now raising and Sans could tell that he had riled you up, You weren’t the best at staying cool in arguments with somebody who is clearly wrong. You shut up after that, you weren't exactly wanting to hurt his feelings if you said something harsh while blinded with frustration. Y/n, you are a nice person and you will not stoop down to the level of saying mean things because you're upset.

Edge is kind of cool as well, getting to know him may be just what you need. You're so tired of sitting around your apartment all weekend by yourself when you could be hanging out with people and having a good ole time with a sick skeleton. Your fish was there for you and you didn't want to say that he's boring.. he's just not as fun as other people. You've had your fair share of drunken rambles to the poor guy which you do appreciate but he doesn't walk or talk which is a shame. Stop thinking about your fish, you're about to have dinner with two skeletons, snap out of it.

"DINNER IS READY, HURRY UP BEFORE IT GOES COLD!" Edge screamed from the kitchen, You both got off the couches and now you were even more excited to eat, you were starving and hadn't eaten a good meal since yesterday. Sans patted you on the back as you began to head towards the kitchen, you were confused by the gesture but he chuckled.

"you're in for a treat," he said which seemed a little ominous but maybe you were reading it wrong, maybe he was just trying to scare you off making it seem like Edge had put something weird in the lasagne. You shrugged it off and walked into the kitchen.

Did you smell burning?

The table was set up as if this was a restaurant, with a white table cloth thrown over the wooden table, white, decorative placemats and wine glasses set up in front of you. The apple of your eye was the plate of lasagne placed in front of where you were supposed to be seated.

It did not look like lasagne, it was almost completely blackened and burnt and you refrained from gagging at how strong the smell of smoke was. Sans kind of warned you that you were in for a treat, what a unique way to make lasagne.


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You sat down starting to wonder if all of this was a joke but Edge had seemed serious when waiting for you to taste it. Sans entered the room and sat in front of his plate, his eyes cast towards you and he was now also waiting for you to eat it.

“Are you not eating?” You asked Edge, the only two plates on the table were placed in front of you and Sans, he shook his head and scoffed as if what you had said was stupid.

“NO, I WANTED TO MAKE SURE THAT YOU AND MY BROTHER GOT TO TASTE THE NEW RECIPE THAT I TRIED OUT. I’M ALSO STILL FULL FROM THE BREAKFAST THAT SANS MADE THIS MORNING.” He said. It was sweet that he wanted you to try it out before him but you wished it looked and smelt more appetizing. You might be judging it too quickly, maybe this lasagne will be amazing, you’re not about to complain either. A meal from anybody other than yourself is nice, you would eat this entire slice of lasagne just to satisfy him.

“You cook too?” You turned to face Sans and he rolled his pupils at you, were you too harsh before? No, and if so he needs to get over it. To ignore your questioning stare Sans began to dig into his meal. It was a mistake, His eye sockets widened and sweat formed on his skull. He swallowed it and gave his brother a thumbs up, you took that as your chance to tear off a little bit with your fork and shoved the piece into your mouth.

Oh my, you didn’t want to be rude by expressing the pure disgust you’d felt as soon as attempting to chew on the charred lasagne. Sans had been watching you and burst out laughing at your failed efforts. Edge’s burning stare made you nervous, maybe this was all a prank. Sans probably set it up, you weren’t going to be bested this time.

Swallowing the tiny piece of lasagne took a minute but when it went down you also gave Edge a thumbs up which seemed to please him. Now that you knew that you could actually swallow it you were able to eat more.. just in smaller portions. The burnt lasagne was tasteless and absolutely horrid but you didn’t want to upset Edge by not eating at least half of it. What if this was just a massive prank though? To make you eat the disgusting food and die later so that they're both sure you won't tell anybody about how cruel Sans had been. Edge seemed to enjoy watching you and Sans eat his food, he looked incredibly proud of himself, Once again you may have been too quick to judge.

“SO… Y/N, I’VE BEEN WAITING TO SPEAK WITH YOU ABOUT EARLIER.” Edge started, you swallowed the burnt lasagne piece and placed your fork on the table beside your plate, ready to listen to what he had to say. You expected this, you weren’t invited for dinner because of your genuine interest in being friends with them. Earlier as in when you embarrassed yourself in the supermarket or when you argued with his brother in the car? Maybe you should’ve just had two-minute noodles again instead of venturing for that damn pasta sauce.


“Edge, I know that. I’m not going to report Sans to the government or whatever and I wasn’t planning on starting the third world war anytime soon. He had all the right to reject my dinner invitation and because I’m such a kind person I’m going to forgive him.” You turned to Sans and both skeletons stared at you, Edge seemed to relax but Sans’ expression dropped.

“go shove that forgiveness up ya-“


You can’t win. Why was he so mad at you? After telling them both that you weren’t going to take this further he had the audacity to say that. You were about to lose it, but staying calm was important when being around people like Sans. You hadn’t been the kindest person to him yourself and maybe that should change.

“Listen, Sans.” You said, giving him a soft smile and putting your hands on your lap to show him that you were completely harmless.

“I genuinely have no intentions to ruin both of your lives by reporting a silly incident, I hope that you can believe me.” Y/n, you are the best actress this country has ever seen. I’m so impressed, you handled that brilliantly and if Sans doesn’t believe that you’re the most honest person I’m going to-

“you humans are full of lies, fuck you and fuck most of ya species.” He pushed away from the table aggressively and left the room without looking back. Wow, maybe you’re not as talented as you think you are. Hold up, it’s not you, it’s him.

“Thank you for dinner, Edge. I think it’s time for me to get going, I forgot to feed my fish.” Liar, you just want to escape another awkward situation. You got out of your chair, pushing it back under the table and taking your plate towards the sink.

“I’LL WASH IT LATER, DON’T FORGET ABOUT YOUR FISH.” He said, Edge seemed a little...on edge. You couldn't tell if it was because of you, the human who wound up his brother or the brother himself. You nodded your head and retreated to their living room where you once again thanked Edge for the meal before leaving. It didn’t seem to go as well as you'd hoped, you didn’t expect to see those skeletons again and you were a little sad about it. Sans would always think of you as ‘that annoying and rude customer’ and Edge would just forget about you by the morning.

You checked the time, it was ten-thirty and you realized that Edge had driven you here and now you had to call an Uber just to get home, maybe the Uber driver wants to be your friend? Shut up, y/n.

“Y/N! WAIT.” Edge swung open the door and you jumped back startled by his sudden presence.

“DON’T SAY ANYTHING TO THE MONSTER EMBASSY EITHER IT WON’T LOOK GOOD FOR US.” He’s still going on about this? Why can’t they understand that you do not care in the slightest bit about telling any kind of monster or human about today?

“I’m honored by the fact that you had to see me again just to say that but I’m chill, I’m not going to say anything and don’t have any need to. Your brother is just the biggest dick of all time and maybe if he treated me with a little bit more respect I would be nicer to him.” You said, your emotions now getting the best of you. Remember when you were a nice person? You’re officially done withholding your thoughts about Sans. At this point, you don’t care that Edge is the brother of the devil himself. Just like that, your Uber arrived.

“The food was lovely.” You gave him a fake smile and waved as you walked towards your Uber, eager to get in and forget that this ever happened.


“EAT UP.” Edge said, watching his houseguest as you stared down at the food. He was a little offended that you hadn’t complimented the presentation yet, he had put a lot of time and effort into making what may have been his best dish yet.

I WONDER WHAT HER AND SANS WERE TALKING ABOUT, WAS HE TRYING TO GET ALONG WITH YOU? HA, THAT’S A FIRST. He thought, his brother rarely ever got along with humans, Sans was always so paranoid that one of them would snap and attempt to dust him. Edge had been around humans long enough to know that most of them weren't bad people, they were just trying to get through every day just like monsters.

“Are you not eating?” you asked, were you avoiding the lasagne? No, it looks delectable and absolutely nobody would refrain from eating it. He shook his head and scoffed at your words.


“NO, I WANTED TO MAKE SURE THAT YOU AND MY BROTHER GOT TO TASTE THE NEW RECIPE THAT I TRIED OUT. I’M ALSO STILL FULL FROM THE BREAKFAST THAT SANS MADE THIS MORNING.” As strange it is to say, Sans wasn’t the worst cook in the world. He often made unhealthy garbage that Edge wouldn’t eat in a million years if his brother hadn’t made it just for him.

“You cook too?” You asked Sans, he didn’t look happy to be here at all. Edge had told him many times that when around other humans and monsters he should be polite, clearly, he didn’t care about that now. He sometimes tried to put himself in the mindset of Sans to try and understand how he felt towards humans, they trapped monsters underground hundreds of years ago but now they're giving us a place to live and to start new lives. Edge wasn't the nicest person but he was always polite and tried to make himself appear more harmless by helping people out and attempting to make conversation.


Hopefully, Sans could hear your thoughts because he just began to dig into the lasagne instead of saying anything to you. The thumbs up from Sans were a sign that it was a good meal which made him more confident about you enjoying it too. His brother ate everything he cooked for him, even if it ended with bright red puke in the toilet bowl.

Edge had been lost in his thoughts when Sans started to laugh while watching you eat, he was confused by this but tried to block it out because of how obnoxious his brother's laugh was. He was staring at you and waiting for a response. What if he was the one who failed the dinner instead of his brother? The ingredient may have been better off in a meal that only Sans had eaten, he hadn't tried it out himself yet to see if it tasted any different than the lasagne usually did.


You didn't say anything about the new ingredient that he had added, Mettaton had said that it spiced all foods up and made them better. You should be asking him what he put in it to make it taste like that, you shouldn't be sitting there and eating it in small bites as if it was any ordinary lasagne. You gave him the response of a thumbs up, which meant that you had liked it. That seemed to calm him down and finally talk about the topic that had been on the skeleton's mind all evening.

“SO... Y/N, I’VE BEEN WAITING TO SPEAK WITH YOU ABOUT EARLIER.” He started, You placed your fork down beside you and looked at him, an indication that you were listening.


“MY BROTHER IS A NUISANCE BUT HE MEANS NO HARM TO YOUR SPECIES, HE WAS-“ As he tried to finish his sentence you had cut in, wanting to speak for yourself. It irritated Edge when people did that but maybe this was best, he never liked to be put on the spot for too long.

“Edge, I know that. I’m not going to report Sans to the government or whatever and I wasn’t planning on starting the Third World War anytime soon. He had all the right to reject my dinner invitation and I apologize for being so rude beforehand, and because I’m such a kind person I'm going to forgive him.” He was surprised, nobody has ever forgiven Sans before, except for himself of course. He just stared at you, relaxing slightly as he understood that your words may be truthful. Both he and his brother were pretty good with identifying liars and you were either a really good liar or telling the truth.

“go shove that forgiveness up ya-“

“SANS!” He screamed, Edge was disgusted with his brother's behavior, he expected snarky comments behind your back and constantly throwing you irritated glares but he didn’t expect him to be plain rude to you. It was unlike Sans to be anything other than an asshole but he could at least try.


“Listen, Sans.”

“I genuinely have no intention to ruin both of your lives by reporting a silly incident. I hope that you can believe me.” If that was a lie, it was very convincing. He hoped that every word coming out of this human's mouth was filled with only truth and honesty.

“you humans are full of lies, fuck you and fuck most of ya species." When his brother stood up he knew that everything had been ruined. Why did he have to be so angry at you? You didn't do a fucking thing. He knew his brother better than anybody and Sans had never overreacted over something like this, it would be too awkward to talk to him about it but maybe he'd have to give him a piece of his mind when you leave.

“Thank you for dinner, Edge. I think it’s time for me to get going, I forgot to feed my fish." You probably didn't even have a fish, you just wanted to leave and he could understand that. What did he expect from this? Sans to remain civil and a friendship to blossom between you three? He wasn't interested in friendship and neither was Sans, You weren't a horrible person to be around though and he could admit that.

You were a kind person and even ate a lot of the meal that he had made you, you were honest and helped him out when he needed it in the supermarket. You were definitely one of the nicer humans that he'd ever met while living on the surface, in such a short period of time you had shown how truthful yet reckless you were, who in their right mind would get into an ominous black vehicle with two skeletons?


You pushed in your chair but he stopped you when you took your plate towards the sink. You weren't going to wash that right? No, you were a guest. He didn't want you to think that he was unable to serve a magnificent dinner without cleaning up himself. Unlike Sans, he was a respectful homeowner.

"I'LL WASH IT LATER, DON'T FORGET ABOUT YOUR FISH." He said, you nodded your head and as soon as you left the room he let out a frustrated sigh. Throughout the entire meal, he had been on the edge of his seat, waiting for it to end so that you could all go back to your normal lives. He wanted to go train with Undyne, come home to find his brother on the couch, he'd sit down and they'd both watch a cheesy horror movie. Sans would joke about it and try to predict the ending while Edge yelled at him for it while chuckling at some of his more creative puns.


Walking out of the kitchen he said goodbye to you before remembering something that he'd forgotten to add while speaking to you about the entire situation. Was it weird to open the door again? No, this is his home and he can do whatever he wants.

"Y/N WAIT." Edge swung the door open and tried to refrain from walking back inside. He couldn't risk you saying anything, Sans may have now come off as aggressive which is entirely unlike him at all, Sans doesn't want to be aggressive, the world that they both lived in for so long made him like that.

“DON’T SAY ANYTHING TO THE MONSTER EMBASSY EITHER IT WON’T LOOK GOOD FOR US.” That may have been the wrong thing to say, you looked annoyed at this point.


“I’m honored by the fact that you had to see me again just to say that but I’m chill, I’m not going to say anything and don’t have any need to. Your brother is just the biggest dick of all time and maybe if he treated me with a little bit more respect I would be nicer to him.” Edge stood there stunned, you just insulted his brother to him and he respected somebody who could stand up for themselves. Even if it wasn’t directly to Sans, no human guest had ever spoken up about any of their cruel words or actions but you had done it.

"The food was lovely.” You smiled at him and then got into the back of the car that was here to pick you up.

Edge hoped Sans could hear every single word, maybe he would learn to respect other people for once in his goddamn life. He’d always been wary of humans and even monsters attacking his brother. Maybe, it was time to break down the walls that he had built up for so long and learn that him provoking other humans and continuing to argue and degrade them isn’t what’s going to help monsters properly settle in and receive the trust they need from humans to live in a place of peace.

What the fuck are you even monologuing about? You sound absolutely insane and... weak.

He headed to the kitchen and began to start the dishes, it's a priority that everything in the brother's home is neat and clean. Both him and Sans tried to keep the place as decent as they could, there was still a chance that they could be sent back underground so why not take advantage while it lasts. He thought about you, you were crazy, why would anybody walk into a random monster's home without knowing them? It's absurd.

You were certainly interesting though, you had insulted his brother right in front of him. Usually, he would've defended Sans and force the human away from both of them but his brother deserved it. She stood up for herself, not by confronting Sans but by insulting him to his much scarier looking brother. He didn't understand you, not at all.

After finishing up, Edge headed towards the stairs and made his way to Sans' bedroom. He knocked once but entered anyway to find Sans in his bed. He could sense his brother's anger and sat down at the end of his bed.

"SANS, WHAT YOU DID TONIGHT WAS EXTREMELY RUDE." Edge said, Sans shifted to a sitting position and shrugged his shoulders.

"we ain't missing out on anythin' she's just a boring human who thinks she's entitled." Sans said, he tried to calm himself down, Edge was at the point of snapping at Sans.


"frisk broke the barrier, not all these other fuckers. the kid ain't even a saint themselves."

"THERE ARE SO MANY OTHER HUMANS LIKE FRISK, YOU JUST REFUSE TO SEE THAT. MAYBE YOU WOULD BE LESS MISERABLE IF YOU STARTED TO PUT A LITTLE TRUST IN OTHER PEOPLE, PUT A LITTLE BIT OF EFFORT IN LIKE THE REST OF US." Edge stood up off his brother's bed and left the room, slamming the door as he left. He didn't want to yell at his brother or insult him in any way but it was important for him to understand that not everybody wants to hurt him.

You were right, his brothers a dick.



"That's all that happened? I expected a lot more than just that."
"I'm getting to it, we haven't even gotten to the good parts yet."

Chapter Text

Money has never been easy to come by, you’d know.

For several years you’d struggled to live the life that you thought you’d deserved. When you were younger you’d dreamed of becoming a doctor, helping others had always been something you aspired to do. How do you help others when helping yourself is so difficult?

Okay, a bit too dramatic there Y/N. Let’s skip the memories that you have of your childhood, skip the depressing monologue because nobody cares.

Do you want to make friends? Well, guess what, friends don’t want to listen to that. Forcing your problems onto somebody else who’s unable to help you is selfish.


At times like this, you’re glad that you don’t have friends, you sound pathetic.

Your landlord has been slamming his fists on the door to your apartment for a few minutes now, you’re afraid to open it. Confrontation isn’t your specialty, believe it or not. You know what he wants, your rent, the rent that any tenant has to pay. As sucky as it is to admit it, you have trouble trying to afford to live in a trashy apartment where there’s constant electricity cutouts as well as potheads all around.

Your job isn’t exactly paying well, Actually, your job isn’t paying you at all. You’ve been unemployed for a few weeks now and it’s difficult when figuring how many babysitting jobs that you need to do to earn the right amount of money to pay your rent every fortnight. It isn't fun having no job whatsoever, having to live off scraps that the disrespectful mothers shove into your hands after you'd just babysat their feral child for the whole day.

You see, you used to work as a waitress in a quaint cafe a few blocks away. You were doing good for yourself, you were able to afford a stable and safe rental home and you even bought yourself a fish to keep you company. That changed after a while though, let’s just say somebody else’s inappropriate behavior caused you to lose your job. An incident that you had tried so hard to repress came back to haunt you whenever you thought that maybe one day you'd feel safe again, you wanted to live a normal life and not continuously stress about paying rent and forking out money for a new pair of shoes.

It was obvious that past decisions are what had affected your employment status. The question of the day is, who wouldn't want you to work for them? You're an absolute delight, a kind-hearted, confident and talented female who may or may not have attacked a customer... once.

It was what should’ve been a quiet evening, there were two more tables who had to finish up and then you were able to close, you thanked the gods that you’d remembered to feed your fish this morning. One table of male teenagers called you over once again, they’d been up your ass all evening and you were so close to slapping the daylights out of the one who’d been deliberately throwing food on the floor so you’d have to clean it up.

You were aware that teenagers were mischievous, you'd been a teenager yourself once before. In the three years that you'd spent working, teenagers flooded the cafe that you worked in. After school, late at night, after a school event like a football game, the number of free tables dropped down to zero. Your coworkers, as well as yourself, dreaded those days.

Order after order, table to table for hours on end while they all sat there talking to each other and not bothering about the mess they'd be leaving. You remember feeling frustrated at many of them, threatening to kick them out if they purposely threw the fries you'd served them on the floor once again. Anyway, back to the evening of the 'incident.'

Going up to the table that time was a mistake, after they’d attempted to get your phone number multiple times and you’d refused, Mr ‘I throw food on the floor because I think that it’s funny when somebody else picks it up’ thought that it would be hilarious to smack your ass as you retreated from the table.

So, you’d slapped him that smug look off his face. You didn’t sign up to be harassed by a teenage boy who’s ego was larger than his dick. The next day you were charged for assault, unfortunately, nobody cared about what he did. No one in the restaurant that evening said anything to justify why you had hit him, you lost your job for attacking a customer “unprovoked” and due to finances were forced to move.

Finding a job after that entire situation became incredibly hard, nobody wanted to hire a psychopath who hit customers for no reason. That wasn’t you though! You don’t believe in violence unless it’s necessary but nobody cares about what you have to say, If a job rejects you they don’t want you to send in another resume hoping that they’d reconsider.

Anyway, back to the present, hiding from your landlord in your apartment.

Luckily, you’ve earned a decent amount of money for the fortnight just from babysitting and you may be able to tame the angry individual about to break down your door.

Why are you so scared, Y/N? You have the money, just hand it to the guy and he’ll crawl back into his swamp and leave you alone. Well, it may or may not be a day overdue. This is why the man who rents you the apartment despises you.

He won’t kick you out though, in the end, you pay your bills, most of the time anyway and that’s all he wants. Nobody is interested in living around here, this place is a dump. If you're kicked out of the building the landlord himself loses the hard-earned money you work incredibly hard to achieve.

It was the same process every few weeks, open the door and hand him the money, apologize profusely until he shuts you up by screaming in your face about how your rent needs to be more consistent and on time. You don’t disagree with him because you know it’s true, he’s waiting for you to argue with him about it, you know that. He wants to snap at you, threaten to kick you onto the streets and completely trash your apartment but you're not planning on doing that anytime soon.

It’s these days when you wish that you’d studied a little harder in school, maybe you could’ve been something more than an unemployed bum with no friends. You could’ve gone to that University that your parents were always talking about, could’ve been able to financially support yourself by landing an impressively well-paid job, that would’ve made them so proud. They might have even contacted you more frequently!

Now that you think about it, you really failed everybody who'd ever believed in you. You let them all down by wanting to make your own stupid decisions and live life how you thought you should’ve been living it. You were responsible for throwing your life down the drain because you decided to listen to your gut instead of your brain.

Maybe that was for the best though, now that you think about it, your parents' true colours had shown once you'd chosen to be independent. It was toxic and you had to get out of there if you wanted to live the rest of your life making decisions based on your own thoughts and opinions.

"Y/N, Lovely to see you. Now hand over this month's rent." He demanded, he was quite a short man with a shining bald head. That's probably not the best description for him...

He's short, a little bit overweight but you're not judging him for that, he just has trouble fitting through doorways sometimes but once again you're not judging. He's usually got a scowl on his face, especially when he's talking to you and you can't forget the shining bald head.

You were a little intimidated by his size but tried your best to act calm around him, you didn't want him to see that he was making you nervous. Once you had offered to make the man some pasta but he refused and accused you of attempting to poison him, if he'd eaten the pasta he wouldn't have even been able to tell that it was poisoned!

"Hello, this is all of it." You said, casually handing him the cash that you had collected and watched as he counted it. Wow, he really doesn't think you'll give him the right amount... well, he's right. Though, this time you did get all of it so he shouldn't have anything to worry about. Look at you, Y/N, racking up that cash to pay your bills. When was the last time this happened?

"Hm, What about the money from October, November, and April from last year?" You glanced at the date, it was the third of March. That was literally ages ago, why is he bringing it up now? How did he even remember the April one? You remembered that he specifically said that you were able to skip those months because of your finances.

"No, I said that I'll give you a few months to get your shit sorted and get the money and until you give it to me I'll be considering kicking your poor ass out, It's been months and I've gotten zilch. If the money isn't on my desk by next month you're gone, this is finished. I don't need this anymore." He glared at you once more before huffing and storming off. You stood there and watched before slowly shutting the door to block out the sudden wail that escaped you.

So how much is that? You pay the landlord five hundred dollars every month despite the state of the place, So five hundred times the three months and that equals...


When did you start hyperventilating? Fifteen thousand dollars just from babysitting will be exhausting to earn, people are already wary of you and refuse to hire you because of your financial state. Y/N... you're a jobless loser who's soon going to be homeless if you don't find anywhere to work in the next few days. How are you going to make that much money in so little time? For somebody like you it's going to be difficult but you believe that with your positive attitude... you can do it!

No, you can't... This is near impossible for you, especially considering your circumstances. Your chest began to throb and you could already feel the anxiety rising so you bolted to your room and pulled out your trusty easel, paintbrush and your stack of coloured paints that you adored. After putting some money aside from your babysitting duties you thought that you deserved a treat so bought a few art supplies to ease your anxiety with the form of creative expression.

First, maybe you should get some advice from your parents if they were even still willing to talk to you. You picked up your cellphone and dialed a familiar number, you waited for the call to go through, you listened to the sound of the ringing, over and over again. You needed help, even if it was just a little bit of it, you couldn't do this alone and you had nobody else.

"Please leave a message after the tone-" You quickly ended the call before your parents received a brand new voice mail of their failure of a daughter sobbing uncontrollably as she held the phone close to her ear just to hear the voice of the woman she'd grown up with. This was wrong, you shouldn't be doing this, calling them. Just go back to your painting, it's better that way.

You knew that this wasn't going to be the neatest painting due to your shaking hands but this is what calmed you down and you refused to sit through this damn panic attack without easing your nerves. So, you began to paint, you immediately dipped your paintbrush into a completely random colour and let your mind relax as your brush stained the white canvas. What were you creating? It was a mystery, you weren't too worried because whatever it was, it was your own and you were going to love it.

A lot of strokes and different combinations of colours later you were finished and what was present on the canvas was a colourful skeleton skull with a happy smile. You giggled at how out of everything you possibly could've painted your mind moved towards the idea of a skeleton. This looks nothing like the two angry skeletons you spent last night's dinner with, maybe this is what they looked like when they were happy? So full of expression and colour... or maybe this is just your representation of what you want them to be like.

No, don't be dumb Y/N, your brain couldn't have possibly been thinking about the friends you could have made if you didn't make the mistake of being so rude, but he was rude too so maybe it just wasn't meant to be.

Well, that calmed you down. Time to be productive and look for a way to earn that money!

You rushed over to your computer, a burst of energy hitting you as you opened as many job sites as you could and began scrolling for employment in your area. You applied for as many places as you could think of, submitted your resume as well as writing and editing completely different cover letters to each available opening, you were incredibly determined.

Nobody's going to break you down Y/N! Except for maybe yourself but you can have those negative thoughts after you've finished feeling confident about yourself. You gasped aloud and realized that a very important part of your happiness was swimming in another room right now, your beloved fish.

You jumped off the couch and sprinted to your bedroom, picking up his bowl, he stared at you with his glistening orbs and you almost cried from how cute the little guy was. How could one fish make you feel this sort of way?

You placed him carefully on the coffee table next to your lounge and he made you feel even more confident about sending out your resumes, he was comforting to be around even if he was just a fish. You easily get attached to animals and people and as a child, you never really had somebody that you could talk to so you bought a creature into your new home that could listen to your problems without degrading you to your face because last time you checked, fish can't talk.

Sometimes, when you have bad days he's there just swimming around in his bowl, feeling free and not having to worry about bills or money... he can just swim without any complications in his life. It's enchanting to watch and you find yourself just staring at him a lot of the time. Why do YOU have to pay bills? Why do YOU constantly have trouble falling asleep at night because you know tomorrow you're going to be as miserable and useless as you were today? Why bother with doing anything when you know that YOU'RE going to fail at it? All you want is a stress-free life where you have a stable home and a well-paying job so that you can just relax.

Stop it. Jesus, just stop it Y/N.

You snapped out of your depressive spiel of thoughts and went back to job hunting, this was going to be a long process, you really hope it's worth it.


After hours and hours of work and scrolling through multiple listings, you looked at the time and it was already eleven-thirty. The streetlights below you illuminated the dark streets and you yawned in exhaustion. It was a bad idea to stay up this late, you were planning on handing a few more resumes around tomorrow morning just to give you a better chance, you refused to give up.


Maybe, if somebody saw how absolutely incredible you are they'd hire you on the spot. Unfortunately, you live in a world where that kind of confidence and determination mean absolutely nothing to employers. You sighed, your shoulders slouching as you closed your curtains, your fish had relaxed and you assumed that he was sleeping so you headed to bed. Pushing away the uncertain thoughts rattling in your mind, you relaxed your body and eventually fell into a deep sleep.


Your alarm blared loudly and you woke up startled, rubbing your tired eyes you groaned in frustration and flopped back down. Going to sleep so late was a huge mistake, you wanted to be productive today not exhausted. You slammed your hand on your alarm clock to shut it up, A few more minutes of sleep wouldn't be so bad.

Your body just has to wake itself up in like an hour or something, there's no rush... you're only looking for a job which if you don't receive you'll inevitably ruin your life as well as be booted out of your safe haven, no big deal.

Just.. a bit... more... sleep.


Once again, your alarm went off which made you squeal like a child and jump out of bed, you frowned in annoyance realizing that before you'd fallen asleep you had hit the snooze button instead of the off button on your alarm clock. You screamed and contemplated throwing your alarm clock across the room, you weren't being dramatic, you were just a bit upset.

Now you were awake, not fully awake but unable to fall back asleep due to the lingering sound of your alarm ringing in your head. Maybe you should've just dragged your ass out of bed ten minutes ago, that would've saved you the pain and future trauma of your alarm.

Quickly, you got ready and attempted to look presentable with the clothing that you owned. You decided on casual wear, you didn't want to seem like you were desperate for the job... even though you really were desperate. They didn't have to know that though, just go and hand your resume to one of the staff, be casual and polite and then leave. Boom, easy as pie.

You printed out what seemed like a thousand resumes before realizing that you had spelled your name wrong, way to go, idiot. Now you have to edit this and re-print all of the copies again. What is wrong with you today!? You really don't want to leave your apartment and have to associate with people, you want to mope about how poor you are and paint away your feelings, is that so hard to understand?

Finally, you were finished with the resumes after about an hour because in the meantime your printer ran out of ink and you had to search for more in your messy art cupboard which you had to eventually organize, you just hadn't found the time yet. When you get a job you can chuck out a bunch of this garbage and buy fresh new art supplies.

You left your apartment with confidence, heading towards the stores in the town close to you and entered every store with a wide smile on your face and a positive attitude, you could already tell that most of those people weren't interested and just took your resume because they felt sorry for you. Could they notice the desperation in your eyes? You hoped that they didn't think of you like that.

Stop overthinking, Y/N. You're probably never going to see most of these people again yet you're paranoid about how they view you.

A few more stores later and you decided to take a break, it was exhausting to carry around this stack of resumes especially when people stared at you because the resumes just happened to be located in the bag that you were holding which has a large print of a half-naked anime girl making an ahego face on it. This may have been the wrong bag to take out with you but right now you had no regrets, it was a cute bag.

You escaped the judgemental eyes and continued to walk forward before you came across a familiar face, you didn't expect to see them here. It seemed so odd that they would just be here, right at this moment as you were here. You approached them and they look surprised to see you here as well.

"What are you doing here?"