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Anything but straight sin

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Rhys laughed softly as she talked and listened to the small group of associates from work, Being told about an upcoming project she’d have to be apart of “at least it’ll give me something to do for the week.”

Vaughn smiled at her giving a small hum “We get to choose who we work with Bro- so..” Rhys rolled her eyes “who else would I pick?”

Vaugh giggled softly and moved a hand to tuck some hair behind her ear, her face dropped as she stuttered slightly gesturing to behind Rhys. She raised an eyebrow and brought the drink she held up to her lips and took a sip of her champagne.

Before she could turn around a warm breath crossed over her ears and she felt her body tense up, she felt hands on her hips for a moment as a whisper was spoken into her ear “Ya look so fucking hot in this outfit, if it wasn’t so crowded I’d fuck ya right where ya stand, right here, right now.”

Rhys choked on her drink and brought a hand over her mouth trying to regain any composure, She had a bright pink flush rise up her neck and cheeks, the voice began again and planted a soft kiss behind her ear “Unless you’re into that- ya want all your co-workers here to see ya panting, dripping mess? Cause I can make that happen.”

Rhys wasn’t sure who’s it was behind her but the warmth she felt gather in her stomach in that exact moment made her not care, she was spun around being face to face with the Handsome Jackie.

Rhys mouth dropped open and her hands moved to her own sides, Jackie had a smirk on her lips as she let her eyes trace over Rhys body and her tongue ran across her top teeth. She moved forward wrapping an arm around Rhys and pulled her close “Come with me, Kitten. Everything I said to ya will become a reality and not some wet dream your fangirl heart desires.”

A hand slipped into the side of her skirt tucking a card into its place and she walked off “See ya later tonight, Cupcake” she sent a wink Rhys way and went back to some random conversation, Rhys was in utter and complete shock as she watched Jackie walk away.

Vaughn looked at Rhys and quickly moved to her side “What’d she say? What’d she say?” She bounced back and forth of her feet excitedly, Rhys looked at Vaughn and bit her bottom lip roughly “Dude- I just got invited to have my fangirl desires satisfied.”

Vaughn’s face scrunched up in confusion/disgust “Bro- gross, I don’t need to know. But you’ll end up telling me later” Rhys shrugged and moved a hand to lightly shove Vaughn “You love me.” She spoke with a small laugh

Rhys was starting to get nervous as she looked around not finding Jackie anywhere ‘did I just get played?’ She sighed and slipped a hand into her waist band pulling out the card, she flipped it between her fingers before seeing it had ‘meet me at my office.’

With a winky face drawn onto it. She walked swiftly to Jackie’s office making sure she was going the right way, she made it to the door and knocked softly.

She tapped her foot and felt an arm wrap around her torso, she bit her lip and turned her head to face Jackie. The doors slowly pushed open as Jackie slipped her hand down to Rhys ass and smacked it harshly before pushing her forward and listened for the doors to close behind them, to say that Jackie was looking at Rhys like she was her prey was the understatement of lifetime.

Jackie let her eyes trace from Rhys head to toe with a glimmer in her eye, she took a step forward and grabbed at the tie Rhys wore. Rhys gasped and let her eyes flicker over Jacks face “Ya Ready for me, Cupcake? Come on give me a name cause I know damn well ya know mine.” A finger was placed on Rhys chin and tipped her head up to look up at Jackie “Attagirl.”

Jack kept a grip on the tie and walked them over to the large window in her office, she pulled Rhys closed and pressed her roughly against the glass.

Rhys gasped and followed after Jackie quickly her heels clicking over the hard flooring, she stumbled slightly but let out a soft noise at hitting the glass. She moved a hand to place it onto Jackie’s chest, Rhys let her eyes look over Jackie’s body and licked her lips.

Jackie looked at Rhys hand and grabbed her wrist roughly “Did I say ya could touch?” She asked quirking an eyebrow up, she moved forward quickly and kissed Rhys roughly

Rhys let out a soft noise as she moved into the kiss to the best of her ability, Jackie pulled away after a bit and trailed her kisses down Rhys jawline and neck, she bit down on her neck and quickly moved a hand to Rhys button up.

Jackie pulled the top button carefully before shrugging and ripping it as buttons went flying, she moved a hand to cup Rhys breast and looked down at her seeing a simple black bra.

Rhys whined at the feeling for her shirt being ripped, she watched Jack and let out a soft noise.

Jackie’s hand trailed down Rhys front before she put both hands on Rhys hips, She flipped her so her hands were pressed against the glass. The cool touch of the glass made Rhys shutter and waited for Jackie’s next touch, she felt Jacks hand trail down her spine and over her ass.

She hiked up Rhys skirt and smirked lightly as she felt the waistband of the others underwear, she pulled them down suddenly and traced her fingers over her folds.

She pressed roughly against Rhys clit and traced small circles before slipping a single finger in “Oh~ so wet for little ol me?” She questioned before curling her finger slowly, she moved her hand away “Look at me.”

Rhys quickly turned to face Jackie feeling her legs wobble and a heat wave over her body, Jackie brought her hand to her mouth and licked her fingers before moving back down quickly and pressing one in again with a smug look on her face.

Rhys moaned at the feeling and tried to push into the feeling, Jackie moved another finger into her and smiled “Mhm- why’re ya being so quiet? Huh baby?”

Jackie curled her fingers and began a simple yet fast pace “Let me hear you say my name, oh I know you want to-“ Rhys moaned out loudly and pressed her forehead against the window “J-Jackie.. shit..” she bit her bottom lip and closed her eyes tightly

Jackie hummed and pressed another finger in “So good for me, you think about this? Ever let your mind wander while your at work and think about me fuckin ya?” Rhys had felt herself turn crimson and cried out Jackie’s name loudly

Jackie stopped all movements and waited for Rhys “I asked ya question!” She moved her other hand to smack Rhys ass, Rhys cried out in pain and her voice wavered “S-Sorry, Ma’am! y-yes I do.”

Jackie hummed and started her movements once and quickened her pace and placed a kiss at the hallow of Rhys ear “Ma’am- I like that, every time you call me by my name I get to edge you till you’re a whimpering and needy mess.”

Rhys nodded and a quick snack reminded her “Y-yes, Ma’am!” She cried out and felt her thighs tighten and clenched around Jackie’s fingers “Mmhm, fuck- please”

Jackie hummed and moved her thumb to rub Rhys clit while she fingered her, Rhys legs shook as she placed a hand against the glass and leaned her weight into the glass.

Rhys had sweat trailing down her forehead, her wetness dropped down her thighs and legs and onto the floor.

Jackie whispered softly and praised Rhys “should just...keep ya, ya know? Just like this. Wanna be my PA? So I can fuck ya whenever I want? Have you screaming and calling my name?” Jackie quickened her pace “You'd love that wouldn't ya?”

Rhys shivered but spoke before she even realized what she was saying “Yes!" Jackie smiled and licked her lips.

Rhys moaned out furrowing her eyebrows and cried out “J-Jackie- m’close.” Jackie stopped all movements and grit her teeth and pulled her hands out of Rhys “What’d I say?”

Rhys felt her body clench at the emptiness and cried out loudly “Ma’am I’m so sorry! I couldn’t help it please no..” Jackie moved her hand up to Rhys mouth and glared “Suck-“ Rhys quickly did as she was told and took Jackie’s fingers into her mouth, Jackie watched her with a fixated look in her eyes.

Jackie roughly pulled out her fingers and watched Rhys, she moved to take a step forward and grabbed at Rhys hair pulling it roughly.

Rhys cried out and was dragged over to Jackie’s desk, she fell to her knees as Jack moved to sit in her chair “c’mere-“ she pointed at the space in front of her.
Rhys moved quickly and looked up at Jack is with a pleading look in her eyes, Jackie hummed and a small smirk grew on her face “Look at how desperate you are.”

Jackie moved a hand to her pants and slipped her hand into her jeans, she began to tease herself “Should see how pretty you look on your hands and I knees, but guess what?” Jackie leaned towards Rhys grunting softly as she slipped her free hand into Rhys hair and pulled her forward “Mine.”

She growled out and looked over Rhys face “Should keep you like this- or should I send you home? Hm? Let you try and get yourself to cum without me. Should I make it so you can’t get off unless it’s me? Put limitations on your little echo device-“ she moved a finger to tap against the port in Rhys head “Make it so I can control what you do, so you know it’s me that’s gonna help you. Only me- or you get so desperate you come crawling back to me later tonight.”

Rhys whimpered and Jackie liked that sound more then she was willing to admit “I like that idea- yeah. Get out, you have my number if you get to desperate.”

Rhys looked at her and pushed herself up off her knees and felt her mascara drip down her cheeks, she moved her hands to pull up her panties and remembered the ripped shirt.

Jackie stood up and wrapped an arm around her waist and walked her to the door “Lucky enough to go you- It’s late so almost everyone should be home.” She moved her hand back and slapped Rhys ass and pushed her from the room, the door slammed shut.

Rhys bit her bottom lip roughly as she slowly made her way back to her apartment getting a look from Vaughn before she face planted into bed.