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Blame It on Me

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~Roman POV~

Roman watched as Virgil and Deceit argued. Patton hid behind Logan, and Remus slowly snuck upon them all with an air horn.

“NAILS ON A CHALKBOARD!!” he screamed loudly and blew the air horn. Roman covered his ears right before his mischievous twin brother did this, and all of the others screamed in pain, even Logan, but his scream had a monotone sound while looking around, more like “ahhhhhh” instead of a blood-curdling scream as Patton had, and genuine screams as Deceit plus Virgil had. 

Roman sighed, got up, then walked over to his brother, pulling him away from everyone else. 

“Deeeeeeeee,” Remus yelled, reaching out to Deceit. “Helppp meeeee!!”

Deceit sighed and grabbed onto Remus’s other arm. He pulled on Remus’s arm until both of them fell onto the ground, Remus falling on top of Deceit. Deceit turned a dark red, while Remus turned slightly pink and laughed. 

“Aww, hey, Dee, kissing burns six-point four calories a minute. Wanna workout?” Remus flirted. Deceit blushed, even more, looking like he was internally screaming. Remus’s R on his floating crown changed to a rainbow heart as he stuck his tongue out suggestively at Deceit. 

Deceit laughed a bit, then retorted to the flirting trash-man with; “I don’t work out much, so that would be wayyyy to hard. Get offa me.” Remus sighed, got up, then helped Deceit up. 

Virgil looked away, obviously holding back a laugh. Roman got up and walked over to Virgil, wrapping his arms around the smaller one's waist. Virgil let out a small yelp and turned around to face Roman, who was holding back a laugh.

“Let me gooooo!” Virgil whined, blush creeping onto his face.

“Oh come on, I’m not gonna let you go, you’re too perfect!” 

Virgil blushed more and said in a cocky tone, “Oh please, I’m nowhere near perfect!”

“You know what, you’re right, but there’s only one thing I want to change about you. Your last name~” Roman flirted.

WE HAVE THE SAME LAST NAME, WHAT DO YOU MEANNNNN!!!?” Virgil yelled in a confused tone, his blush increasing.

Remus laughed, smiled, and yelled, “Good job, brother! I’m very proud!” 

Roman returned the smile and laugh, letting go of Virgil, who ran off to God knows where.