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The sun has just started to filter through the blinds, making stripes that travel up the wall bit by bit, the movement imperceptible unless under careful watch. Slowly, the room gets brighter. A new day.

Hizashi rolls over, making a sleepy noise without opening his eyes. “Mmn, Shou?” He casts out his arm, feeling the bed beside him.

It’s cold. He’s alone.

His eyes pop open, looking around the blurry room. That’s not right. Shouta never gets up before him.

He sits up, feeling for his glasses. They’re not in their place, though. He scoots to the edge of the bed, trying to calm the hammer of his heart. Something is wrong, is off.

After a few moments of leaning close to the nightstand, he finally finds his glasses—they were just in the wrong spot. Once they’re on his face, the world is at least in focus.

The bed really is empty, and Shouta’s side is cold. And...he can’t remember going to bed last night. He doesn’t feel like he’s been drinking—if he had been drunk enough last night to wake up with his memory gone, he should at least have a little bit of a hangover, but he doesn’t.

He pads out into the living room, and there’s Shouta. He’s asleep on the floor in his sleeping bag. Hizashi starts to move over to him, to wake him up, but then he pauses. Why is he sleeping out here? Did they fight? Why can’t he remember?

He can’t handle not knowing for as long as it takes Shouta to wake up naturally, though, so instead he calls out. “Shou? Shouta, baby, wake up.”

He’s expecting to have to try harder than that, but Shouta wakes up easily, shifting to sit up surprisingly quickly. “Hizashi?”

Then he’s on his feet, more quickly than Hizashi has ever seen him move right after waking up, shucking his sleeping bag and striding across the room to wrap Hizashi up in a hug.

He hugs back, but a little more tentatively than the almost desperate way Shouta is clinging to him. That just reinforces that something happened. So does the way Shouta pulls back just slightly. “You’re back.”

“From what? What happened?” Hizashi’s voice is just slightly frantic. “I know something must have happened last night, but I don’t remember anything! Last thing I remember, we were...out on patrol? But that was Thursday night, and it can’t be Friday now, my alarm didn’t ring. Unless we’re going to be late for school!” He tries to pull away, to go check his phone, but Shouta’s grip tightens.

“We’re not going to be late. It’s Saturday.” Shouta looks at him, studying his face. “You don’t remember anything?”

“Well, if it’s Saturday...then no, I don’t remember Friday at all! What happened? Did I get hit with a quirk? Did it just effect my memory?” Maybe not, from the way Shouta is clinging to him. But why hadn’t he been sleeping next to him?

“...Yes, you got hit by a quirk. You really don’t remember? You were de-aged.”

“Wow, really? Was I like a baby or a toddler or something? I guess that would explain why I don’t remember...”

“No, you were seventeen. It’s strange that you don’t remember.”

There’s a moment of silence, then an “Oh!” loud enough to make Shouta cringe slightly. “Sorry! But—yeah! I think I do remember, actually! Just not super well?” He pulls back, and this time Shouta lets him. He takes a few steps this way and that, thinking. “I do remember, but like...I remember it like it was fourteen years ago, not yesterday!”

“That makes sense.” Shouta is watching him carefully now, waiting for something.

A couple more seconds, and then a much softer, “Oh.” Now he remembers why Shouta had been sleeping out here, and that yes—they did fight last night. He buries his face in his hands, laughing uncomfortably. “Shit, I am so sorry!”

“It’s okay.”

Hizashi uncovers his face, looking at him. “You didn’t make it sound like it was okay then!”

Shouta shifts. “It’s okay now, I mean. You’re back. And you were...”

“Ugh, I was so stupid,” Hizashi says, shaking his head.

“Not stupid,” Shouta says, something slightly gentle in his tone. “Just young.” He reaches out, catching Hizashi’s wrist.

Hizashi takes the suggestion gratefully, sinking into Shouta’s embrace. “I’m glad things are back to normal,” he says against his hair.

Shouta pulls back enough to look him in the eyes, and it’s obvious before he says anything. “I missed you,” he says softly.

It’s mutual, both of them moving at the same time, when they fall into a kiss. Hizashi’s hands are on Shouta’s back, but Shouta’s come up to cup his face. It starts gentle, just their lips pressing together, but Shouta sighs and Hizashi kisses him deeper, trying to give reassurance as much as seek it.

Shouta pulls back, but he stays close, resting his forehead against Hizashi’s, their breath mingling between them.

Hizashi pulls him closer, tightening his grip. “It’s okay now.”

Shouta nods slightly, rolling his head against his. “I’m glad you’re back.”

They just stand like that for a minute, before Hizashi lets go. “It’s way too early for this!” he says, laughing slightly. “I’ll go make us some coffee. Life goes on, you know?”

Shouta doesn’t answer, not in words, but he often doesn’t. Hizashi still gets an answer, somewhere in the curve of his shoulders, the slight way he tilts his head. It’s an agreement, as he moves over to a chair at the table.

It’s just part of the routine when Hizashi hums through making coffee, pouring two cups just how they each like it. He can just barely remember fumbling through this what would have been yesterday for Shouta, and maybe that’s why Shouta looks so awake when Hizashi glances over at him with a reassuring smile, watching Hizashi. He’s even awake enough to—well, it’s not quite a smile, or it wouldn’t be on anyone else. Just a soft look, something about the place around his eyes.

As he hands him the coffee, their hands brushing as he takes it, feeling almost cool after the hot ceramic but still so alive, Hizashi goes to kiss the top of his head like usual, but Shouta tips his face up instead, so he bends down slightly, meeting his lips.

Hizashi chuckles slightly when he goes to sit down, picking up his own mug from the counter. “You really missed me, huh?”

“Yes,” Shouta says frankly. “I was worried you wouldn’t go back to normal.”

Hizashi hums. “So was I.” He takes a careful sip of hot coffee. “I already said, but I’m sorry for trying to seduce you.”

To his surprise, Shouta snorts. “You didn’t do a very good job.”

Hizashi grins. “No, I really didn’t, did I? I had no idea what I was doing.” He takes another sip, looking thoughtful. “Thanks for shooting me down, too.” Shouta opens his mouth to reply, but Hizashi keeps talking, waving a hand between them. “I mean, not like I think you would have done anything else! Just...I was so upset with you then, I thought you might want to hear that I appreciate it now?”

Shouta nods. “I do appreciate it.”

Suddenly, Hizashi groans, putting his head in his hands. “Ugh, my radio show was yesterday! I’ll have to call them and apologize.” He lifts his head, sighing but smiling slightly. “I’m glad I’m not stuck like that forever, rebuilding my whole life.” He looks at Shouta. “Even you.”

The look on Shouta’s face is earnest, sad, careful. “You wouldn’t have lost me completely.”

“No, but it would have been different.” He sighs again, another smile. “I’m glad I’m back.”

When Shouta’s hand pushes across the table, he puts his own hand down to wrap around it. “Me too,” Shouta says simply.

Hizashi just smiles.