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Playing With Fire

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Their mouths clashed fiercely, the pent-up desire stealing her breath. They’d been dancing around each other for quite some time now. Surprisingly, it had been her who had made most of the advances recently. And Chat could resist taking her up on her invitation only this long. Not that he was Chat right now, he was Mister Bug which was probably the reason her self-control had finally and totally snapped. It was no secret, at least to herself, that she hard to fight hard to keep her hands off of him when he was in that red suit. She felt like a bull sometimes, irresistibly drawn towards the red, even if it meant her demise. Well, it wouldn’t be her demise she’d meet in his arms, but she’d have to live with herself and the fact that she’d finally, finally admitted defeat and surrendered to her feelings for him. Because of course she wasn’t attracted just to that spotted suit or its leather counterpart, although he looked gorgeous in both. It was the boy wearing them that had his hold on her heart and didn’t seem inclined to let go. 

Well, if he hadn’t known until now just how much she wanted him, she made it perfectly clear when she pushed him to the ground and kissed him hungrily. And it was delicious and made her feel lightheaded. But it wasn’t enough. 

Her hand slid from where it had been buried in his hair to trail down his neck until she felt a claw snag on his neckline. And something must have possessed her to press a little harder and drag down sharply instead of trying to slowly disengage it. And then they both watched in fascination, drawn away from the kiss by something equally tempting but much more dangerous - the way her claw tore his suit apart, something they hadn’t thought possible. They watched it go further, lower, both holding their breath, not knowing where it would stop. Marinette was the one who’d initiated the movement and she controlled it but to an extent. Because she wasn’t sure how far she could hold it up and she was also a little afraid of how far she wanted to go. 

Finally, just past his belly button, the claw came to a stop. They’d given up on holding their breaths and were now both breathing heavily. This was… a bit too much and yet not enough. Marinette looked up to see his flushed face, mouth hanging open in amazement and also such an irresistible invitation. He looked flustered but so, so hot. 

“You look a little too hot, bugaboy,” she heard her own teasing voice with surprise, having no idea where she got the courage to say that. But it was really a time for her to do unexpected things, because what she did next left them both flabbergasted. 

She pushed herself to a sitting position, still pretty much on top of him. But found that his hand was attached to the zipper on her collar. And the hand dragged it down as she got  up. And it was unzipping, slowly, until it stopped precariously low on her cleavage. She was surprised and he seemed to be as well. But then she decided to just go ahead and make things worse. She reached out and took the discarded cup from earlier, the drink long gone, with only the partially melted ice rattling in it. And she fished inside until she found a bit more intact ice cube. Then she looked down at him, a calculating look in her eyes she could almost see reflected in his. He gulped. She put the ice cube in her mouth and leaned in because she knew it would dissolve very quickly. Then her lips were on those sculpted abs he liked bragging about and that she admired from a distance. Until now. She heard him gasp but then she let the ice cube fall on his hot skin and she felt his back arch, making her lips press against the ice and his skin at the same time. She’d intended it as a joke, mostly, but then she found she didn’t have the strength to pull back. She ended up dragging the ice cube down his stomach with her lips. The melting ice leaving a glistening trail on his skin. 

“M’lady,” she heard him moan and it sent shivers down her spine. God, she loved doing this to him. Being the cause for his undoing. And she wanted to let him know what he was doing to her.

But then the ice cube slipped out of her grasp and she watched it amused and a little horrified as it slid under the torn suit to stop and rest next to a now quite noticeable bulge. 

She held her breath, not sure what to do and then she made the mistake of looking up and meeting his eyes. He looked breathless and embarrassed and still so unbearably hot. But when they eyes met the pressure in the air seemed to dissolve into laughter that spilled from both of them at the same time. 

She laughed and then she lost her balance and fell on top of him. And still they laughed. What had she been thinking, doing that? Of course it would end up being awkward. But at least they laughed it off. And it helped to cool off their desire a bit. 

But when she stopped laughing to catch her breath she found she was still on top of him, his chest bare against her own gaping suit. And she felt such a strong need to kiss him again, to recapture that heat from earlier. And then he stopped her. 

“Don’t,” he said weakly, letting her know that he was barely holding on to his sanity. But he obviously didn’t want to let go of it the way she did. “This… I don’t want this,” he added then, looking away, suddenly shy.

She pressed against him provocatively, making it clear that she felt just how much he wanted it. 

“Are you sure about that?” she said breathlessly, because holy… everything that was holy, she wanted to feel more of him. The sound he made was somewhere between a groan and a moan. 

“God. I obviously want this, but not like this,” he somehow managed to clarify. “I want you, but I want all of you. I love you. I don’t want to do this on a random rooftop and still… not even know you,” he admitted, a vulnerable, open look on his face. Marinette’s heart lurched. Even in the lust-fuelled fog that was clouding her mind, she could see he was right. This felt good but they could do better, much better.

Besides, she needed to face the music. A suspicion has been troubling her for some time now. As she let him get closer to her, the nagging feeling that she knew him, really knew him, wouldn’t leave her alone. She could no longer turn a blind eye to the obvious. Not when she looked into his green eyes, devoid of any magical enhancement as they were now. Time to see if her hunch was right. 

She leaned in, a gentle smile on her lips. 

“It’s a good day to make wishes come true,” she whispered. “Plagg, claws in,” she added and saw his eyes widen. 

He then somehow managed to utter “Tikki, spots off,” right before her transformation faded away. He was looking at her, still surprised but not shocked. And she… she couldn’t tear her eyes away from him. It was him, she’s been right. 

“Tikki, sorry for the suit,” she muttered in an attempt to distract herself from the intensity of the moment. 

“No problem, Marinette, it’s easily fixed. Now… we’re just gonna leave you to it,” she heard Tikki’s reply before she dragged Plagg somewhere, she assumed. 

What exactly “it” involved was up to them, apparently. Well, she was still on top of him, for starters, but she just couldn’t bring herself to move.

“Well?” she asked after a minute, not being able to stand the tension anymore.

“You don’t look surprised,” he noted, a smile tugging at his lips. 

“I’ve suspected for some time. But I didn’t want it to be just wishful thinking so I didn’t dare bring it up,” she admitted. 

“How strange. That’s how I felt too,” he replied. It was a bit surreal but not that strange that they’d both come to realise who the other was in view of how close they’d become over the years. 

And now… they’d both made their desire and to an extent intentions clear earlier. It was too late to be shy and awkward about it. 

“I still want you,” she said, feeling her cheeks flush despite her determination to play it cool. 

“So do I,” he said as he pressed a soft kiss to her lips. It felt so different from the earlier desperate kisses they’d exchanged. But somehow even better. “That was never the problem. Want to take this somewhere more comfortable?” he said with a mischievous smile as he helped her get up. 

“Now that is a good idea,” she smiled.