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We're gay, Karen~

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farmboi: but seriously stan? why are we here?


Stan: Because. Magic.


lucilleballsdeepinyourmom: magic is just his way of saying he loves and appreciates us


Stan: If by "us", you mean everyone else except for you then, yeah. Accurate, I guess.


baby: Aw, Stan!!


lucilleballsdeepinyourmom: why is it never loving richie tozier hour??


tinyragemachine: cuz you're goddamn annoying 


lucilleballsdeepinyourmom: that is slander! lies! i am the least annoyingest person to ever annoy in the history of annoying 


tinyragemachine: and, yet, you've proven my point.


itsbillbitch: after years of working it out, i have come to a conclusion 


farmboi: that you suck?


lucilleballsdeepinyourmom: what does he suck


beaverly: i feel like stan is trying really fucking hard to keep from saying "dis dick!"


tinyragemachine: i feel like he said it


farmboi: stan? comments?


Stan: Fuck y'all.


beaverly: y'all


farmboi: and i thought i was supposed to be the country ass motherfucker! turns out it's staniel!


farmboi changed Stan 's user to countryass motherfucker 


countryass motherfucker: Bitch. I said y'all, once!


baby: What was your conclusion, Bill?


itsbillbitch: oh shit yeah! i came to the conclusion that, i need a child 


tinyragemachine: why the fuck do you need a child


beaverly: let me guess! with a child you won't be so lonely!


itsbillbitch: no, bev. with a child, i could skip school!


itsbillbitch: history test wensday? oh shit sorry! my kid has a doctor's appointment 


countryass motherfucker: *Wednesday


tinyragemachine: grammar nazi


itbillbitch: henry the ho tries to beat me up," sir! i have a child. do stop, or I'll call the police"


lucilleballsdeepinyourmom : you sound like the "where's the manager lady"


itsbillbitch: off you will fuck


farmboi: we need a chat name 


beaverly: gays, bis, and pansexuals


tinyragemachine: i love it!


countryass motherfucker has changed the chat name to gays, bis, and pansexuals


countryass motherfucker: It is… done!