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You sit there tracing the same patterns on the wall over and over again. Your head is turned away from the person sitting beside you. There’s no sun here but the sky is blinding.
Perhaps it was the disorientation coming from being in the wrong place heat for so long. Or maybe it was the nagging nagging nagging feeling in the back of your skull telling you that something, something is horribly wrong and that you need to go home right now or else somebody is going to- insects that harassed you seemingly without end. Sitting in a sandy forest with only ruins and half destroyed buildings.
It was fine. Something in the back of your head overpowered the disease you felt and you resumed examining the wall. The sun was beating down on you. You were underground. The sun was shining.

Time doesn’t really pass. Nothing happens for what could be seconds or centuries except for the person formerly sitting beside you getting up and kicking a half rotten tree. 
He’s angry. You think. You weren’t asked to pay attention to how he felt, only that if anyone began to approach.

You still had your senses. But your head was so muddy that you could barely distinguish the memories of a white haired boy thanking you for having faith in him from those of your current companion. Everything was mixing together. Your head was pounding. 

“Get up.”
You stand up without a second thought.
You followed him all this way here. Something was clearly wrong, for you to be so far from Maginia for so long was wrong. The area was unfamiliar despite you having walked through it before. Pacing back and forth. You have been here many times. You're waiting to ambush and kill somebody, you hear him say.

“They’re coming.”
The words leave your mouth before you even register what’s going on. People were speaking. You probably knew them. Of course you did. They were the reason that passage had been secured to this island. You really did owe them a lot, ignoring what the suffocating feelings of aggression were telling you. You pull out your weapon. Somebody calls your name.

“Well, well! To think you all could have made it this far.” Your companion sighs. “Clearly I had underestimated you…”

“S-So that’s the princess…!? G-Gaaah it’s been so long I forgot what she looked like….!!” A short woman, a shaman by the looks of her garb groaned as she was passed by two of her companions. A woman who smelled of alcohol and herbs, you often heard of her passing out in front of Headquarters...

“Ters’! Keep away from these wackos!” Behind him was a gunner. You remember him cursing out your guards several times, much to his companion’s dismay.

“Shut up…!” A girl ran ahead of both of them, drawing her spear and pointing it at both of you.

She was small. One time she leaned over close to you and told you that her leg was completely artificial- and that it wasn’t that different from Maginia. She wasn’t...exactly correct, but you chuckled and patted her on the head. You think she was smiling. You felt…. 

“H-Hey you two! Don’t b-be reckless...!” The shaman yelled at her companions.... Because these adventurers travelled in parties of four, but you knew from what your companion told you that adventurers only travelled in groups of three. You didn’t pay any mind to the figure lurking behind the group because you weren’t supposed to, and so you didn’t. You were only asked to keep an eye out for possible enemies.

“Blót! Don’t think we’re letting you go after you messed with one of our own like that!” The gunner was smirking. “I’d rather kill ya’ before I let you go around and fuck things up like that again!”

“...Varen... “

“Don’t give me that look, Ters’ after all he did, this is the least we oughta do to this son of a bitch!”

“Mm? And what exactly have I done?”

He was stalling.

“Ain’t it fucking obvious?! Or do I gotta spell it out for you?!” It was obvious that whatever Blót was planning had gone well so far. You weren’t aware of them. But you knew. Because you just did.
He did tell you, you just forgot because you weren’t told to remember.

“Varen! C-Come on...don’t go picking fights now?! C-Can’t we just be civil for once…?!”

“Fuck that…! After everything this asshole’s put us through, Ters’, I’ve half the mind to rip off his damn head!” Varen clenches his teeth, reaching for the gun strapped to his back. “I’ve had enough of this ‘civility’ bullshit, we’re adventurers for fucks sake not some shitfaced nobles!”

“Both of you shut up…!” The girl pointed her spear at her feuding companions, her face suddenly turning white. “...Where’s Lynith anyways…?”

It was like clockwork.

You were well aware of the plan to wipe out Blót’s biggest obstacle. It was discussed at length, you weren’t important at the time though so you didn’t have to listen.

Lynith, the imperial who had served as the primary grounding force for the adventuring party, had made the foolish decision to stumble into a trap.
You didn’t hear the rest because you gave up on listening, but whether or not the Lynith present was the “real” Lynith didn’t matter. You would have been told if it did.

“Ters’... You were the last one to see him, weren’t ya’?” The gunner lowered his arm, turning to the rest of the party.

“N-No! He wasn’t here since we reached…” She trailed off, looking around frantically.

The girl suddenly spun back around to face Blót, spear held tightly in her hand.

You were unable to block out the noises that followed, which you didn’t care for, but would not complain about because you weren’t asked to complain.

You focused on the bright sky above.

The sound of metal and whirring gears crushing the girl’s mechanical leg was not enough to shake you from your new task. Watching the skies. Did he tell you to, or did you decide to on your own…?
He probably told you. You didn’t make decisions on your own.

“LYANA?! H-Hey kid….!” The scream that followed was enough to make you wince. Even in your dazed state it was heartrending.

“I’m...I’m fine…! I’m-!!” She was cut off by another swing of Lynith’s drive blade. She was screaming.

Taking advantage of the chaos, you found yourself moving. Blót had grabbed your hand and was quickly making his way deeper into the Labyrinth. You checked his face. He looked unhappy. Continuing onward without looking back, you felt regret.

That was odd. You hadn’t been ordered to.


Writhing in the sand, a young girl was crying, trying desperately to make her way to her feet.

Your drive blade was in your hand, the whirring of gears dying down as a man with red hair smacks you in the side of the head with his gun. You lose your balance.

“What the fuck is wrong with you!?” He raised his gun again, a makeshift baton to beat you to death with.

“That’s enough!”

Holding her hands out in front of her, Teri closed her eyes. 

You looked up at your companions.

Lyana, the young hero who had dragged you out through the city late at night. Who had asked you to accompany her to the nearest open restaurant because she didn’t want to wake up your other guildmates, and Varen was passed out drunk with Teri lying at the foot of his bed.

Lyana, the girl who looked you dead in the eye when you questioned whether she could fight, and pointed her spear at you, daring you to take her on before nearby guards intervened. 

Lyana was curled up on the ground. One of her legs was tucked up to her chest, the other was lying a few yards away.

You drop your drive blade, it’s stained with blood.