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Rainy Days in Stardew Valley

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“What will I do today?” the farmer Saige asked herself on that day. As she sat on the couch, she thought. Her dark green hair that had hints of blue as it cascaded over her shoulders was something she often thought of as her trademark. She was wearing her favorite shirt, a loose purple one, and jeans. Her blue eyes looked intently at some point in the distance. 

She sighed, her body moving to open that drawer, the dreaded one. Inside the drawer was the fishing pole. As she dragged herself towards it, her legs brushed against the cat Marnie had given her, which she had named Vivian. Another sigh escaped her mouth.

When she was a young girl, her grandfather had taken her fishing, and she had been eager to improve, until she made a mistake, and ended up with a fishing hook in the back of her head. Although her grandfather had removed it easily as she was bawling, the incident scarred her, and her grandfather didn’t take her fishing afterwards. She had been hesitant about fishing, even though that event had taken place years ago. 

Taking a deep breath, she grabbed the fishing pole and made a run for it. The rain that pelted her chilled her to the bone. She had always liked the rain, but not when it was as cold as this, and she was outside during it. 

She ran with all her strength to the dock beside the fishing shop. A man was already there though, and she slowed her running. He looked back towards her, and looked back to the water pretty quickly. She knew she was soaked, but whatever. She slid the hood up on her jacket, mentally face palming because she had forgotten that this jacket has a hood. 

After standing in silence for a few minutes, she looked towards him and introduced herself. 

“H-hi, I’m Saige,” she managed to get out. She was mentally cursing herself, her social anxiety, and the rain for making her stutter. 

“Oh. You just moved in, right? Cool,” he said to her. 

After a pause of silence, he asked, “Out of all the places you could live, you chose Pelican Town?” She was speechless. Her old life had been terrible. She had no friends, she couldn’t talk to people, people hated her, every day blended together, and the tiring life working at Joja was taking years off of her life. 

“I want more moments like now, where I can enjoy nature without feeling rushed to go elsewhere,” she told him. He only nodded, looking away. 

Not wanting to embarrass herself as she fished for the first time since she was five or six years old, Saige moved to the strip of dock that connected the long strip with the shop. 

As she was waiting for something to bite, she spotted Sebastian walking towards the beach. 

“The peaceful sound of rain and silence is relaxing,” Sebastian said as he passed her. 

“It is, isn’t it?” she smiled. He nodded and left her. She looked in his wake, a little interested in him. What was his backstory? What made it so that he stood in silence by the ocean on rainy days?

She was stopped in her thoughts when suddenly, she felt a little pull, and after some time, she pulled her first fish out of the water. 

“All right!” she yelled. Suddenly self-conscious, she looked to see if Sebastian had heard her. He didn’t turn around, so she hoped that he didn’t. 

But still, congrats to herself!