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Big and Small Brain Moments

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Countdown au, Bakushin, No quirks


Shinsou is an art major in college, Bakugou is a science major. Same campus, different buildings. (Ithaca has a HUGE campus like this and I just wanted to use it as inspiration.)


They meet on the last day of the school year, when all the campus kids have a day to relax and stay outside. Shinsou is sitting alone in the grass when BakuSquad comes along hogging his space. Bakugou tries to get Shinsou so move when he sees his countdown on his palm. He freezes, giving Shinsou enough time to see BAKUGOU’s timer on his palm as well. So now the have to deal with this.




Shinsou’s says 02:09:23:01

Bakugou’s says 46:05:11:03


Shinsou smiles while Bakugou looks away, hiding his look of horror from the other.

Its not like he can just ignore his SOULMATE. Especially now that they have met.


They hang for the rest of that lunch and start hanging normally—


2 years, 9 months, and 22 days later—


Bakugou is in hysterics. They aren’t even dating (platonic relationship my guy) and he feels so protective over him. 1 day. And 1. Hour. And Shinsou won’t be apart of his life.


He’s extra affectionate and kind to Shinsou that day, the other confused about it. He asked what’s wrong, but Bakugou just plays it off. He doesn’t want to see Shinsou’s reaction to the news.


The next day, at 5:16 in the morning, Bakugou hears a thud.

He runs to Shinsou’s room to see Shinsou on the floor, spasming, his countdown mere seconds away from ending. Bakugou runs to the other’s side and stays with them through the whole thing, all the way to his death.


Death by Heart Attack.


Bakugou goes through his day in a haze, a depressed, muffled haze. All the way to the end where he collapses on Shinsou’s bed and cries.

He wakes up to the sound of pots crashing on the floor, followed by curses.


He rushes to the kitchen to see-


Cooking breakfast.

Like he never died.



“Oh, fuck, I knew that crash would wake you.”

“Y-Your, you, how, I-”

“Are you ok? Um, if you don’t like eggs I can make something else?”

“Holy shit…”


Shinsou’s time kept going, down, into the negatives.


Every new week is another week Shinsou dies.

And no one except Bakugou remembers.