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Calm Me Down

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His eyes were dull and his ears were pressed flat to the sides of his head, which covered them with his messy locks of dull obsidian colored hair. He was calm with his position as a low life slave, no more, no less. It wasn’t anything terrible, he was neutral when it came to being owned by such high class humans. Yes, humans. He was almost certain that he had been brought into this life as only a slave, though, the thought of how the younger of the prince duo, Dave Strider, treated him as though he was an equal to them, was a bit of a heavy in his mind. Then, there was Dirk, who treated him like a mangy mutt. He didn’t get along with Dirk, but forced himself to be appreciative of the narcissistic prince’s actions. If he were disrespectful, he’d most likely be thrown into the cellar and left for the rats. He knew many slaves who had met just that fate, and what terrified him was that, he was the only slave to have made it to the age of eighteen. He hadn’t been raised as a troll, rather, a low class human, of sorts. He knew human holidays, traditions, and many more. It did honestly make him feel more on the same lines as his owners. He thought about what life would be like beyond the gates of the garden, how beautiful the towns would be, what he could do when he was free. That’s all he wanted, to be freed, even if that meant leaving Dave. The only person to ever treat him with such a high level of respect. But, what was the point of staying locked away with Dave, if he could be free, and still see Dave on the side? He contemplated such a life. 

His face turned that off-set red when remembering all the things Dave had promised him.

That Karkat would be his one and only.

His lover.

His prince.

He could feel that familiar feeling of heat coursing through his lower half as he thought of Dave, holding him close, kissing as many parts of his body as he liked, and then pleasuring the small troll for hours, making sure he was okay throughout their loving endeavor. He began to tingle with want, desiring Dave’s touch and sweet praise, spoke in that sleepy, raspy voice of his after he had just gotten up from bed. Though, his fantasies were cut short when the cell door slammed open, showing Gamzee, an absolutely terrifying beast of a troll. Standing over six and half feet tall, muscular, but not too much so, and spoke in such a gritty tone. He treated Karkat well, but usually creeped on him at night, it’d happen often where Karkat would be woken up by Gamzee stripping him and feeling his body. It was sad to say, but he was strangely used to it, maybe even welcomed by it, knowing that the other troll lusted over him, and maybe, had a spark of adoration for the mutant. His pointed ears stood straight up as he looked at Gamzee, then gave a quiet greeting, to which, Gamzee grinned. He made his way over, a pair keys jingling on his belt. He grabbed Karkat gently, pulling closer and them beginning to fumble with his keys. He didn’t speak much to Karkat, he just dragged him places and tried to get in his pants. But, Karkat could tell he was about to say something. “One of the brothers wanna see you, talkin’ all about how you’re his special cure for when he can’t sleep. “ He said in a low voice as he undid Karkat’s heavy collar, quickly putting the keys back, even if he knew Karkat was far too petrified to make an attempt at escaping.


”It’s Dave, hm?” Karkat asked, watching Gamzee give a casual nod, pulling the smaller of the two to his feet. “Yep, you got it, my friend.” He laughed quietly, now clutching Karkat’s hand and beginning to drag him out of the cell. Karkat borderline melted at the mention that it was, in fact, Dave. He was actually somewhat excited to go see him so late at night, the only other thing he was doing, was absolutely nothing.