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The Darker Side of Things

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He had been going to college for three months and Virgil only knew one thing. That one thing was that the maps app on his cellphone definitely wasn’t working right and was sending him to a location that definitely wasn’t his new house. Virgil didn’t have time for this, he had a lot of things to do today and wandering aimlessly around the small college town he was about to move into was not apart of it. Well, considering that his agenda included moving into his new room and laying around in the dark listening to MCR for hours, this wasn’t the worst thing. Now he was walking around in the dark of night and listening to his playlist of his most angst filled songs through his ear buds, which didn’t help out his stressful situation that much. He just wished that the coffee guy had given him his phone number so he could make sure he was going the right way.


He only really had one person he knew and that guy had offered him a room in a nicely sized house. Virgil had met with this man many times in the past at a coffee shop and the guy had sort of become his therapist. Virgil told him his worries and the guy would give him advice on how to fix it. One morning, Virgil told him that he was sharing a one bedroom dorm with a complete stranger who munched on deodorant of all things and that it sucked hard to be in a seven foot radius of the “rat man” at all times. The man had listened quietly and then offered him a room in the four bedroom house that he lived in. Of course Virgil had accepted because he was honestly done dealing with his dorm mate who was a dirty minded creep. Virgil had gotten the street and house number from the coffee guy and then went to class. When school was done for the day, Virgil headed back to the dorm, packed up his few belongings into his backpack and headed out.


Now that Virgil’s phone wasn’t working right, he resorted to using his street skills to find his new place. Now all he had to worry about was finding the house and not mess up and end the night getting murdered. Easy peasy.


Virgil anxiously checked the address that coffee guy had given him as he walked through a neighborhood full of nice houses. As he strolled through the dark, he saw a family that was loading all of their belongings into a moving van. Seeing the multitude of boxes that were stacked on the driveway reminded him of how different his own lifestyle was. He didn’t really have material possessions, he just had never been raised that way. As a kid, his dad had always been on the move so Virgil never stayed in one place for too long, which lead to most of his things getting thrown away in the process.


Checking the number for one last time as he walked up the driveway, Virgil prepared himself to knock on the door and have a conversation with who ever answered it. This had always been his problem. He had always freaked out about little things and stressed over basically nothing, but he had learned to live with it. Virgil took a deep breath and counted to ten. He knocked and waited. Shuffling feet and voices could be heard from beyond the door. “Here we go,” he whispered to himself as he heard the door unlock and the knob started to turn.


He had prepared for the door to open and for a person he had never seen before to be standing in front of it, he did not however expect said person to grab his arm and yank him through the door, bolting it locked behind him.