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watering my plance

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lance laughed as he scrolled through the comment section of his latest video.


“looks like they really want you to date keith, huh?” pidge chuckled, playing with his hair as his head rested on her shoulder.


“and allura. and hunk. and shiro. and literally everybody i’ve even had one video with,” lance stopped scrolling to look up at his girlfriend. her eyes more beautiful then he remembered. “but alas, they will never match up to my beautiful editor.”


“flattery and flirting will get you nowhere, loverboy,” pidge teased. her grin a lot more sincere than she wanted it to be. lance turned back to his phone. pidge looking at it too, over his shoulder. “you should like some tweets, freak them out a bit.”


“throw them off. keep them on their toes. i like it,” lance laughed, opening up his twitter.


“go to one of you and my brother and say ‘wrong holt’,” lance held his breath to keep himself from laughing too hard. his hand, albeit shakily, searched for a tweet about him and matt.


“wait, you’re actually doing it?” when lance nodded, she made a little squeak. she would deny it vehemently, but lance would always know the truth. “that’s brave, lance. even for you.”


“oh don’t worry. i’ll delete it super quick, but only after there are several receipts and screenshots of the interaction,” lance looked up at his girlfriend. a wicked smirk on his face, and a sly wink to accompany it.


“i mean, i’m not stopping you. i just think you might have to take a little break from social media for a while,” pidge said, leaning closer towards lance. “no offense, but your fans can be a bit,” pidge paused, not being able to find the right word.


“dramatic? over eager? crazy?” lance provided.


“i guess you and your fans have a lot in common,” pidge teased.


“dramatic? yes. over eager? maybe. crazy? only for you,” lance shifted a bit to kiss her cheek.


“hotel? trivago,” as soon as pidge said that, lance’s phone started blowing up. tweets, tags, messages. even a call from matthew holt himself.


“hello?” lance asked, putting the call on speaker phone so that pidge could hear the conversation.


“are you hitting on my mom, lance?” matt asked and neither lance nor pidge could keep their laughter in.


“oh yeah, a hundred percent,” lance got out between laughs. which put the almost calmed down pidge back into a fit.


“okay, but like seriously. you know your fans are going crazy over this now, right? they’ve started blowing up my phone.”


“hey, pidge told me to do it. blame her,” lance told him, shifting the blame.


“you could have backed out. this is just as much your fault as it is mine!” pidge defended. matt laughed, hanging up.


“oh my god.”




“what if people actually think i’m into colleen?”


“then it would be the best day of my life.”