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The Things That Love Will Do

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Albus Dumbledoor lived a seemingly normal life to his neighbors in Godrics Hollow, of course it is hard to judge what a "normal" life is when you are so used to your own and have only seen the public side of the peoples lives around you. Albus' neighbors saw him walk to the market to buy food for him and his younger siblings, Aberforth and Ariana, they saw him take walks along a the trails in the nearby forest in his free time, and they saw him visit his parents graves to leave flowers as a small gift. The people in Godrics Hollow knew that both of his parents had died tragically, causing Albus to move back to his family home to take care of his siblings, especially Ariana, who had gone mad a few years earlier. Albus seemed upset when he arrived at Godrics Hollow but he assured his neighbors that he was just mourning the death of his mother and that he would be just as happy as he usually was in a few months. Nobody questioned his answers because they seemed perfectly logical, besides, his mother had just died, he had every right to be upset about such a tragedy.

There was one thing that the people of Godrics Hollow didn't know, and that was that Albus was angry about his current situation. he had planned on traveling the world as soon as he left Hogwarts, he knew that he would be able to get any job he wanted as soon as he was done with his travels, as he had gotten near perfect scores on his OWLS and NEWTS, leaving him with the ability to get whatever job he pleased. Albus was very proud of that fact, he never boasted about his abilities, he knew that that would take the excitement out of it, he much preferred to keep his achievements to himself, it gave him confidence knowing that nobody knew the true extent of his greatness and as he walked down the street he often thought of how passerby's would react if they found out about what he had accomplished at such a young age.

even with all he had accomplished he was angry, he was angry that he couldn't put it to good use because of his mothers death. Albus was horribly saddened by her death of course but that didn't stop him from being angry at the same time. Albus had had to come home much earlier than he would've liked to after his mothers death, his brother Aberforth was still at Hogwarts and Ariana needed constant attention, leaving only one person left to make sure she was a safe, Albus. Albus never took out his anger on young Ariana, however, Aberforth often was victim of Albus' outbursts. Aberforth and Albus steadily began to fight more and more after Aberforth returned from Hogwarts that summer. Aberforth (Or Abe, as he was affectionately called by many people) was very good at helping with Ariana, when she had outbursts he was always able to calm her down, this made Albus mad, he did not want his younger brother to be better than him at something so simple. Albus didn't really want to have to take care of Ariana constantly but he knew he had no choice, and if he had to he wanted to be great at doing so.

Albus spent most of his time writing in his room, he wrote about all of his great ideas. most of his ideas were about the things he could do with his magical abilities. he had a list of things he anted to try one day, some of these things included, turn rain to gold, levitate without magic, and invent the best healing potion ever known. A sentence was scribbled out in his small leather journal, it had once said "I want to travel the world, meet a wise wizard who can help me on my journey, and fix all of the wizarding worlds problems." he had scribbled it out as soon as he got the letter that told him about his mothers death and informed him that if he didn't come home to take care of Ariana they would send her to an orphanage. Albus had arrived home with tears rolling down his face and immediately went to his room to hide under his duvet and sob into his pillow. he truly thought that his one and only true dream had been shattered within a moments time.

he had cried until no more tears were left, and he finally went downstairs to talk to Ariana, when he walked down the stairs, into the dining room Ariana had been in a good mood, as she always was when Abe played with her. "Hi." She had said happily to Albus, while eating a piece of chocolate that Abe had given her. Abe quickly noticed that Albus was avoiding eye contact with him, and that his cheeks were stained with tears. "It's nice to see you, are you alright?" Abe asked while Ariana was momentarily distracted, Albus immediately started yelling at him "How could anything possibly be alright Abe? Mum's dead and so is every dream I've ever had!". Abe stepped back cautiously, he had never been yelled at by Albus like that in his life. He backed up towards Ariana who was crying, when people yelled about anything she would cry, even if they were yelling excitedly about good things, she would still cry. what most people didn't know about Ariana was that she could understand you, she knew what you were saying, she could even speak, she just couldn't control herself in most circumstances. she knew that her mom was dead, she just wasn't sure how to react to it, and frankly, she wasn't in control of how she reacted to it. Ariana soon calmed down and was once again playing with Aberforth.

Not long after the death of their mother, one of their neighbors, Bathilda Bagshot, informed Albus that her great nephew (who she didn't know existed until recently) would be staying with her.

"He is a brilliant boy Albus, and close in age to you, you would make great friends." Bathilda had said calmly to Albus

"I have been rather busy lately with Ariana and Abe, I'm not sure if I would have time to spend." Albus replied.

"You don't have to spend much time with him, I just wanted you to meet him, there aren't very many Wizards your age in Godrics Hollow."

"I know, I am just very busy, you haven't told me his name yet though, and if I am to meet him, I would like to know his name."

"Oh, of course, how could I forget? His name is Gellert, Gellert Grindewald."

"I will remember that. I have to go make dinner for Abe and Ariana, they will be mad at me if I don't get home soon. Have a nice day."

"Goodbye Albus, please visit again soon."

Albus didn't really want to meet this nephew of hers, he wanted to be alone, the last thing he wanted was to have another person to keep up with regularly. He just wanted to stay in his study and never leave again. He would do almost anything for Bathilda, she was one of the few people who knew about Albus' accomplishments and often praised him. when Albus' mother was tied up, taking care of Ariana, Bathilda treated Albus and Abe as her own children, she gave them attention when their mother was busy. after their mother died she comforted them, and would often invite them into her house for cinnamon tea and vanilla cookies, though she didn't know the full story, she accepted Ariana and helped comfort her when she had outbursts sitting with Bathilda. Albus couldn't say no to her over something so simple.

He soon got home and made toast with cheese for Ariana, who refused to eat anything else that particular night. Ariana has watched in awe as Albus flicked his wand and food was instantly ready for her. Her laugh made Albus happy, she had an angel’s laugh, she didn’t laugh often with Albus, but when she did Albus’ soul sparked for a moment. Ariana being happy truly gave Albus hope, he knew that even Ariana, who had dealt with extreme trauma and psychological damage, could still be happy. If Ariana could be happy, so could he.

After Ariana was sleeping Albus went back to his bedroom. he sat writing for a few minutes until he heard a tapping sound on his window. A beautiful brown owl with black spots sat on his windowsill, It was Bathilda's owl. Albus walked over towards the window and gently slid it open so that he wouldn't wake Ariana or Abe. Tied to the owls foot was a faded blue envelope. Albus took the letter from the owls foot and opened it.

Dearest Albus, Gellert happened to have arrived earlier than expected. I told him about you and he said he would be more than happy to meet another great wizard near his age. If you wish, you may come to my house tomorrow to meet him. I am sorry for sending an owl so late at night, as I am sure you have been very busy since you left my house today. With love, Bathilda

Albus gingerly folded the letter and slid it back into the envelope. He tossed the envelope onto his desk and sat down on his bed to think. He didn't want to have to spend more time with people than he usually did, but it would make Bathilda so happy. finally he decided that he would go meet Gellert the next morning and go on with his life afterwards. Besides, He was sure the boy wouldn't be offended if he didn't want to spend all day with him, in fact, nobody would ever want to spend all day with a stranger. He would leave his house after Ariana ate breakfast and be home an hour later, it was simple and easy.

Albus changed into his night clothes and climbed into his bed. he flicked his wand, which had been illuminated almost constantly since the sun set. "Nox." Albus said quietly, distiguishing the light from his wand immediately. He could have done this completely nonverbally but it was much more satisfying for him to see the light go out on his demand. He soon fell asleep and dreamt that he was still on his adventure, and that he had been successful in acheiving his dreams.