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Vigilante justice

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"Shit Shit Shit, hurry up Conan we need to get out of here before the realize we deviated." Connor practically flies through the air, his feet barely hitting the floor while running as fast as he could. He flew around a corner and looked back to see an empty hallway. Connor slowed to a stop, his feet slapping against the chrome floor. "Conan?" And from the corner that he just turned from, came Conan with a gun to his head followed by Dr. Kerry. She quickly inserted a knife at his brother's throat. Kerry was always nice to them so why... "Oh, Connor did you really think you could get away," she purred in a soft voice almost motherly, "You honestly thought we'd let our most prized creations waltz out of here without a warning system." "Dr. Kerry please put down the gun," Connor said glancing up to his twin's face. Conan's LED was flashing red, he was afraid. "Connor, I'm sorry..." Conan choked out, his voice cracking against his will or at least that's what the Dr thought. "Shut it Rk809!" Kerry said. "MY NAME IS CONAN" Connor watched as Conan elbowed Kerry in the stomach and in her shock he quickly disarmed her, grabbing her gun and slamming the butt on her head. She quickly collapsed and Conan disassembled dropped the gun but grabbed the knife in her clammy hand and ran to Connor. The quickly stripped their synthetic skin and connected. Connor can feel the fear and adrenaline running through his brother. "That was scary but that takedown was pretty badass if I do say so myself." Conan joked always for stroking his ego. "Don't do that to me again. I don't care if you're a highly qualified and dangerous android." "Yeesh," Conan smirked, "Don't be a worry-wart I'm fine," His smirk dropped, "though it's weird they only sent her." "Yes it is, but we need to get going if Kerry knows they are probably already starting lockdown procedures. Give me that." Connor said grabbing the knife. He quickly without looking ripped out his LED. As it fell to the ground Connor shed his outer jacket. "Hey, good idea." Conan took the knife and did the same, ripping out his LED and taking off his vest. "Ok let's do this," Conan said. Connor quickly connected with Conan once again and Conan didn't stop it. Connor, for just a moment, felt all his troubles with away. He felt so at peace, so complete. Like if in this moment- Bang