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Fallen Roses

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Golden eyes poured upon the sea of flowers. The royal garden was plentiful in variety and beauty as Catherine took notice. The air was sweet and filled through every breath she took. Every step the Queen had was graceful, she bathed in the peace of the gardens. The plants spoke to her in a way court members could not, each one telling a special story. Sighing as she watched her daughter, Mary, with a careful eye. If only she could be as carefree and fond of the world surrounding her as Mary was. Her mind brewed with thoughts about what the next duties required, she’d have to take Mary to the tutors soon
Soon Henry will barge in, not a care for our child. Henry. Him. King.

Thoughts were paused as a young man approached the Queen awaiting Catherine’s attention to him
“Your Majesty?”
“Our lord, King Henry requires your presence in his quarters shortly. He commanded that I shall see Mary to her tutors.”

Catherine smiled at him and nodded, she watched as Mary followed the servant along, still in awe of the garden that she wished to adventure into more. The tall woman started to make her way to a castle entrance, acknowledging the guards with a calm nod and continuing her path to Henry swiftly. As she entered she trailed her eyes at him.

“My dear, Catherine. A guest has arrived in our kingdom. Treat her with dignity, respect, and your attention kindly. She’s here to soon become part our court. To me, she’s already part of us.”

“Of course Henry.”
Stale. Cold. That’s all he’s been lately. He’s been what’s expected. He’s Henry.

“Her name is Anne. Anne Boleyn. From France, she’s a darling.”

“I’m sure she is.”

“That’s all, thank you Catherine.”

Nodding a bit sadly she began to take her leave when he abruptly called out.

“Oh one more thing, dear.”

“Yes, my love?”

“She’ll be staying with you. In your chambers.”

Catherine almost choked out loud but had a good form of restraint.

In my chambers.

In my bed...