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Emo Support Group

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~Kaylee’s phone~
~1:47 A.M~
~You joined the chat~
You: *changed screen name to MCR_For_Life*
You: *added Alexander, Ashlynn, Ethan, Leon, Kallie and Noah to the chat*
~Noah joined the chat~
Noah: wtf Ky?
You: *changed chat name to Emo Support Group*
You: Everyone choose a screen name!
~Leon joined the chat~
Leon: *changed screen name to Leøn*
Noah: wow creative.
Noah: *changed screen name to Gay_And_Depressed*
You: wow Noah
~Alexander joined the chat~
Alexander: Kaylee what is this???
You: what do u think Zander?
Alexander: not another one of your weird chats…..
~Kallie joined the chat~
You: pick a screen name -_-
Kallie: *changed screen name to Crushing_On_Bakuho*
You: ummmm ok
Crushing_On_Bakuho: well I am!!!!
~Ashlynn joined the chat~
You: ok, Ok chill Kallie
Ashlynn: *changed screen name to Queen_Of_Da_Fishes*
Queen_Of_Da_Fishes: UnDeR dA sEa! UnDeR dA sEa!
You: is everyone on?
Leøn: nope Ethan Bois not
You: oh well we can wait…..
~Ethan joined the chat~
Ethan: what is this chat?!
You: Emo support group. Duhhhh
Gay_And_Depressed: Yea Eth duhhh
Leøn: Duhhhhhhhhh .-.
Alexander: *changed screen name to Crushing_On_Taken_Boy*
Crushing_On_Taken_Boy: happy?
You: yes
Crushing_On_Bakuho: Noh it's too close to my name!
Ethan: *changed screen name to Taken_Boy*
You: oh d*nm things are heating up~
Crushing_On_Taken_Boy: *changed screen name to Alex_Lord_Of_Grapes*
Taken_Boy: oh come on you know you love me Alex.
Alex_Lord_Of_Grapes: shut up -_-
~Gay_And_Depressed left the chat~
Crushing_On_Bakuho: sooo what's this chat for
You: Emo support group!
Alex_Lord_Of_Grapes: ...why?
You: cause I feel like it Lord of Gay
Alex_Lord_Of_Grapes: it's grapes. You know I question why ur my bff
You: cause you love me~
Taken_Boy: I ship it
Crushing_On_Bakuho: me too! Ash?
Queen_Of_Da_Fishes: Yea def.
~Gay_And_Depressed joined the chat~
Gay_And_Depressed: sorry my phone died lol. I ship it.
You: ewwww
Leøn: who wants to bet on it?
Taken_Boy: I will. Anyone else?
Queen_Of_Da_Fishes: sounds good
Leøn: ok so Ash and Eth any other takers?
Gay_And_Depressed: I wanna date Alex tho
Alex_Lord_Of_Grapes: ew no. I’m gay for Ethan and Ethan only
Taken_Boy: awwww I'm special!
Alex_Lord_Of_Grapes: go die
Gay_And_Depressed: oof
Taken_Boy: I refuse.
You: things are heating up...
Leøn: you guys are bickering like a married couple~
Alex_Lord_Of_Grapes: Noh shut the h*ll up Leø
Leøn: anyone agree?
You: yea lol I ship it
Taken_Boy: sucks cause I have a bf
Alex_Lord_Of_Grapes: and that's my problem T-T
You: Ethan how many times have I told you?
Taken_Boy: yea yea. Ik. Ik. He’s “not right for me”
Gay_And_Depressed: and abusive
Taken_Boy: shut up! He doesn’t hit me ._.
Leøn: yes. He does-
Taken_Boy: do you know?...
Leøn: you called me crying-
Taken_Boy: ...
You: break up with him d*nm it.
Alex_Lord_Of_Grapes: Plz Ethan it’s not good for you.
Queen_Of_Da_Fishes: He a toxic monster
Taken_Boy: HE IS NOT!!!
You: he is too


~Nick’s Phone~

MCR_For_Life: he is too
Gay_And_Depressed: srsly tho. You gotta ditch Mike before he kills you or makes you kill urself
Alex_Lord_Of_Grapes: Come on dude. Your already not eating you need to leave him.
MCR_For_Life: agreed.
You: guys….
Queen_Of_Da_Fishes: No. No if ands or buts E. Your breaking up with him tomm.
Leøn: and we WILL be there to help you ok?
You: ok! ok!
MCR_For_Life: Yay! U got this b*tch
Leon: if he touches you I'll beat the living sh!t out of him-
Queen_Of_Da_Fishes: Don’t forget about meeeeeee
MCR_For_Life: ditto. I’ll kick has a$$ into the middle of next month
Gay_And_Depressed: Me too!
Alex_Lord_Of_Grapes: I'll be there
You: guys
MCR_For_Life: I gotta go nerds. If mom catches me on my phone at 2:15 am she'll kill me
Gay_And_Depressed: K bye
You: Bye Kaylee
Queen_Of_Da_Fishes: bye bye
Leøn: bi
MCR_For_Life: bye guys!
~MCR_For_Life left the chat~
Gay_And_Depressed: Yea we should all get sleep
Leøn: yea- I need to stop staying up so late lol
Queen_Of_Da_Fishes: yawn
You: did Kallie's phone die????
Crushing_On_Bakuho: nope- I fell asleep and my phone stayed on lol
You: oof
Leøn: I'm going to bed-
You: knight
You: k night autocorrect
Gay_And_Depressed: me too. Night guys
~Gay_And_Depressed left the chat*
Leøn: night b*tches!
Crushing_On_Bakuho: nighty night
Queen_Of_Da_Fishes: I'm gonna watch The Little Mermaid till I fall asleep
You: ohakyy night guys
~Leøn left the chat~
~Crushing_On_Bakuho left the chat~
~Queen_Of_Da_Fishes left the chat~
~You left the chat~

~4:20 pm~
~You joined that chat~
You: *changed screen name to Newly_Single*
~You left the chat~