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I love him

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Her first thought was how kriffing hot he was before realizing what bad shape he was in.

His face was caked in semi-dried blood, and fresh blood was freely flowing from his nose and his forehead. Some of his hair almost had the effect of being dyed red from the blood.

There was just so much blood!

“IG! Get over here. Now

At Cara’s both strict and worried tone, IG-11 handed the child over to Greef, who took him reluctantly before rushing, in a way, toward the pair.

The droid could get annoying at times, and this was definitely one of those times.

“His helmet is not on his head. This is unusual.” He said as if it wasn’t obvious.

Cara wanted nothing more than to absolutely destroy that scrap heap at that point, which took every ounce of willpower not to do.

“Yeah. I see that,” she responded, annoyed, “Now help me out here and get me bacta and something to clean his face with.”

Seconds later, she was using a damp cloth to pick the dried blood off his face.

When the blood was clear, she quickly wiped her hands off before ripping open the bacta packet and scooping out a small handful of glop. She spread a little over his cut on his forehead and right under his nose.

After she finished, she reached up hesitantly to his hair, still not sure about boundaries. She had just acted when she saw his face, but she probably should’ve made sure it was okay.

But Din’s voice broke through the tense silence.

“It’s fine, Cara.”

At his okay, Cara started picking the pieces of dry blood out of his soft hair. Some of it wasn’t totally dry, so she had to wipe her hands off more times than she could count to keep it from getting worse.

There was still some liquid on his head, but that would need to be rinsed out later.

She scooped out another glop of bacta and spread it over the gash on his head. The bacta was visibly working, which was good.

“How are you feeling?” Cara asked.

“Like shit,” he responded, “but better than I was five minutes ago.”

Cara was relieved. “That’s good.”

Greef cut in from across the room. “We’re gonna need to get out of here before we’re burned alive.”

Cara sighed. “Greef’s right. We need to get somewhere safe to get you further medical treatment.”

Din reluctantly nodded and reached for his helmet, but was stopped when Cara pulled it out of his reach.

“You are not putting that back on. Your head wound is still healing, and we don’t need that getting infected.”

Greef, again, piped in from across the room. “We need to get moving. Looks like they’re getting ready to blow the door. I can walk in front of you with the kid. Cara and IG can help you walk.”

Cara sighed, slightly panicked.


“We’ve got no other choice. Where can we go?”

Din was visibly annoyed, but replied, “The Mandalorians are stationed in the sewers. I think there’s an entrance in here somewhere.”

“It’s over here!” Greef called, “IG, get it open!”

The droid wasted no time cutting open the hatch.

Greef climbed down first, with the child.

When they were clear, IG dropped down.

“Miss Cara, please lower Master Mando down to me carefully.”

When her husband was safely down, she stepped down the ladder and slammed the hatch shut, a few seconds to spare before the door blew.

She had to admit that it was beautiful, but she didn’t stay and admire it, as Din was her first priority.

“Which way?” she asked Din.

“I’m not familiar with this part of the covert. If we keep walking, I’ll probably recognize something.”

They walked slowly for about ten standard minutes, Cara and IG supporting Din, when he stopped Cara.

“Stop. I know this tunnel. The left path will lead to the main area about a minute in.”

Cara was glad he recognized something. She’d begun to think he’d gotten a concussion because of how little he recognized.

“You’ll need this, then,” she said, starting to hand the helmet over to IG-11.

Din reached for his most prized possession, but Cara wouldn’t let him have it.

“IG, you are to hold this above his head so that his face is covered, but it shall not under any circumstances, touch his head.” Her voice was sharp and serious.

“Yes, Miss Cara.”

IG obeyed, holding the helmet while still supporting Din.

Eventually, they reached the main room, by the looks of it.

In the middle of the room was a pile of Mandalorian armor.

When Din saw it, he ducked under the helmet, stumbled forward a few steps, and fell to his knees in front of the pile.

He was obviously crying and that made Cara’s heart break.

She walked over to him tentatively and sat next to him with her knees on the floor in front of her and her feet out to the side.

It felt a little awkward, but in a need to comfort her husband, she wrapped her arms around him and rested her head on his shoulder.

His tears were dripping on her arms, and Cara wanted nothing more than to wipe them away.