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Not just one Vagabond

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Fu Hongxue was like a vagabond because of what happened before with the girl who he thought was okay with him.
But in fact, she was not good she lied to him and do treason.
So he was like a wanderer where he flighted a little and also wanted revenge.
And then he meets Bo Li who was one general and one king of one land.

They have flighted against each other to proving something and they were both fighters.

And Bo Li said to Fu Hongxue "You are my invite to my land, where you can rest and not be just one wanderer, you could eat what you want and rest"

Fu Hongxue agrees and they go the land of Bo Li where they eat together "I promise it's safe, you don't have to worry"

"Why you said this?"

"Because I have a feeling you had a bad experience and want you to feel in ease here," said Bo Li while smiling.

Bo Li talks about the fight than talk about other stuff but mostly he was watching this handsome guy.
He wouldn't mind that if he could be his lover if he would accept this.

Then Fu Hongxue accepts the fact of taking a bath where he can finally relax a little.
Then he is surprised when Bo Li arrive too, he tries to hide his marks in his back

"You don't have to hide from me, it's okay to have scars, I have too scars..."

Then finally Fu Hongxue smile and say "Thank you" he doesn't know why but he want to trust this guy, this Bo Li.
So he began to talk about what happens and why he seems a little in retreat.

Then Bo Li smile at him and say "I had this feeling when we were fighting about what you had and I understand, but I'm not like this"

"Thank you"

Then little by little some little attention of Bo Li change à little Fu Hongxue where he also says "You would like to work with me as my advisor and bodyguard?"

Fu Hongxue doesn't know what to answer to Bo Li
"You have time to think about it" and he touch his shoulder.

Fu Hongxue think he would not be alone anymore that maybe everything could change.
Then he said to Bo Li "I would like to accept"

"Wonderful and Fu Hongxue you have one beautiful smile"

Fu Hongxue is blushing.

Then some days pass and Bo Li decide to try one another approach where he said to Fu Hongxue when they were in the bath "Let me wash your back and help you"

"It's no need don't worry"

Bo Li doesn't care and he began to wash his back and then he decides to kiss the back "What are you doing?" ask Fu Hongxue

"Your back is Wonderful, it's should be take care of and also worship"

And Fu Hongxue began to be red and Bo Li say "It's only the truth"

"What do you want from me?"

Then Bo Li change of position and go in face of Fu Hongxue and say "Fu Hongxue I want you to be my lover, I want to take care of you, to show you love, to be loved"

Fu Hongxue is a little crying following this, and they get out of the bath where they go at the bed of Bo Li and Bo Li kiss him.

"I never really do it before..."

"It's okay we will do it slowly, we have time. You will not be alone, you have one home now and it's with me"