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He Fell For The Nanny. How Cliché!

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Eddie sighed softly and squinted at the screen in front of him with pursed lips and glasses perched on the end of his nose. He was settled at the island counter in kitchen nursing a beer browsing live-in nannies. There were several options in front of him but none of them appealed to him. The blonde with blue eyes was a smoker. The brunette resembled his mother too much. The blonde looked too much like Myra. He huffed in frustration and scrolled to the top clicking on the next page. He scrolled through a few before stopping on a brunette man. His picture was different, it was a professional headshot. Intrigued he clicked on the highlighted name, Richard T. Tozier, and read the small slot of information. 


Name: Richard T. Tozier 

Age: 21

Bio: I tried stand up comedy but found children liked my humor more than adults. Rather than change my material I decided to change my audience. I want to be a live in nanny because I want to be there for children to make them smile when they have bad days because they’re going to happen. They’re inevitable, how you cope with them changes your life. 


Eddie scrolled through the other pictures and saw a y’all man with gangly limbs and a wide smile with a few different kids. There was a selfie at the aquarium with a little girl in a dress and a bow. In the next photo he was posing at the zoo with a little boy in a super hero shirt. Eddie glanced at one last photo of him with a group of kids. They were all wearing a shirt decorated with a logo for a charity he didn’t recognize. Must have been something local or out of the country. Out of the country. He clicked on the picture and read the captions with curiosity. ‘Helping over at Marist Youth Care. Hoping to change some kids lives!’ A quick search let Eddie know that Richie had went and dedicated time in Australia to help kids who were homeless. He quickly looked to see if he was available-which he felt silly now because that was what he checked for first every time-and sighed softly seeing that he was booked. Biting his lip he typed up an email anyway and sent it off hoping for a miracle. 


Dear Richard,


Hello my name is Edward, I was hoping to get you as a nanny but it seems you are booked. If you become available-and don’t have any other appointments-please let me know. I’d love to discuss you caring for my child. Thank you for your time. 



Edward Kaspbrak


He drank the rest of his beer and closed his laptop worn a soft sigh. He hoped for a nanny that would be good with kids but most choices he couldn’t agree with. They were all flawed in some way and it made him frustrated with himself. He hated his picky nature but he couldn’t help it, it was second nature as ingrained into him. He wiped down the counter and threw away the bottle neatly placing his laptop back in his study. He needed to figure something out soon or he was going to have to turn down the job that would finally let them get out of the crappy apartment he barely secured for them and live somewhere better. Somewhere with a park nearby. Somewhere with a better school. Somewhere where he didn’t have to lock the door three times and prop a chair up. With this job he could finance his business and pay for a nanny and help them live somewhere else. He just needed someone here while he was gone. Someone he could trust. 


Anxiety flared in his chest and he settled on his bed setting the glasses on the bedside table. He rubbed his temples and sighed squeezing his eyes shut. He couldn’t figure out who to trust, he wanted to ask his friends but they were all busy. So now he was checking online and hoping for the best. He didn’t know if Richard was necessarily the best but he figured he could try. He laid down and turned off the lamp tucking the covers under his arms before he slept. 


When he awoke the next morning it was to his phone ringing loudly. He bolted up an answered frantically with a sleep thickened voice. “Hello?” 


“Hey Eddie! What are you doing this morning?” 


It was Beverly. He smiled softly and rubbed his eyes with a sigh. “Nothing. Looking for a nanny for that job offer I told you about.”


She hummed on the other end of the line and Eddie could almost hear the gears turning in her head. What was she up to? “Found anyone?” She asked casually. 


“One person. Richard T Tozier. It says he’s busy right now thought.” 


“Richard Tozier. Hmm sounds like an interesting name. Think he’ll let you call him Dick for short?” She asked with a small laugh. 


“Oh I hope not. I’m not calling him that. I’ll call him Richard if those are the options.” 


“Well guess what.” He could head a door opening and closing and the click of heels on hardwood. 




“Mr. Hanscom who is friends with William Denbrough happens to know one Stanley Uris. Stan and Richard are close. Best friends even. So maybe we can get that arranged for you. And call him Richie. He likes that better.” Beverly hummed softly. 


He could now hear Ben on the phone in the distance. 


“- yeah Bill, no I know that. No I’m not saying it’s all your endings okay. Some of them are really good but that’s not the point! No I need you to get ahold of Stan okay?”


“Are you serious? Beverly that would be great!”