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Nothing Else Matters

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“What. The. Fuck?” Sugizo’s voice is in a way Kyo has only seen a few times, but never directed at himself. The older musicians voice drew closer until he was finally at the doorway to Kyo’s bedroom. Bold.

“Ah, nice to see you too.” Kyo stood up from his suitcase, turning towards Sugizo. He was in the middle of unpacking from Dir en grey’s North American tour, not quite having the chance to do so aside from searching for selected articles of clothing. Sugizo had Kyo’s latest cover of Rock & Read in his hand and Kyo immediately knew why he was here.

“How dare you.” Sugizo was trying his hardest to be intimidating, yet Kyo just finds it adorable, “Just.. expose me to the entire nation.”

“Expose? That’s what you think?” Kyo stretches a bit, back stiff from hunching over his suitcase for that long, “Take a couple shots and suddenly you think the entire nation knows that you like seeing your boyfriend in women’s lingerie. I expected more from you.”


“So fucking selfish. Out of everyone, I thought you’d be past that.” Kyo takes a few steps forward, plucking the volume from Sugizo’s hand. He attempts to open it, flip this his pages, only to find the pages stuck together. Out of the corner of his eye, he can see Sugizo’s hands ball up into fists, “So angry, yet you beat your pathetic cock raw to me. Go, sit.” Kyo gestures past him to the living room, “I’ll deal with you in a second.”

Sugizo knows he’s in deep shit, like never before, so he does just that. Kyo closes the door to his bedroom, he knows the older man well enough that he doesn’t have to watch over him. Kyo spends a few minutes stretching, thinking over exactly what he wants to do with the man. It doesn’t take long to decide.

Due to his sudden intrusion into Kyo’s space, Sugizo gets the benefit of waiting until Kyo felt dealing with him. That of course meant Kyo was going to waste as much of his time as possible. Kyo took his time in the shower, using a face mask after too. An hour stretched by easily until the vocalist was finally dressing himself, taking his time going so too. He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror briefly as he pulled each stocking over his legs, the top each secured with a clip. He only had the bottom half of his garments on, yet he looked so delicate and pretty. The experience would be so much better if his boyfriend was there to help, but that was no one’s fault but his own. Kyo struggled to put the cupless bra on himself, but he managed fine without any help, careful to not damage it in his struggle. The last element was the heels, Loubitins he had bought months ago yet never worn until now. Looking at himself in the mirror, he felt so beautiful. Black lace covered his chest, nipples so barely visible underneath. His panties and garter belt were form the same set too, lace stretching over his cock. A set he bought in America, hoping to show Sugizo under much more pleasant conditions. Kyo took one last look in the mirror, eyeing every detail carefully before realizing he was missing something. He took one last look at the Rock and Read cover that got Sugizo so angry in the first place, trying to remember how his lipstick had been done that day. His memory proved to be much more useless than he thought, so Kyo simply went for something as close as possible. Red lipstick swept over his lips, then using the back of his hand to smudge the bottom lip to one side. Close enough.

As Kyo takes a few steps out of his bedroom, he checks to see if Sugizo is still there- and he is. Waiting diligently for him, though Kyo figures he’s spent the better part of two hours by himself.

“Get off my couch.” Sugizo doesn’t look to see where the voice comes from, instead just sinking to his knees as soon as the words leave Kyo’s mouth. “Did you have fun?” Kyo keeps walking, steps slow and steady, making sure the sound of his heels reverberate throughout the quiet space.

“No…?” The inflection in his voice sounds like a question, and Kyo clicks his tongue before finally stopping just as he thinks his feet are in Sugizo’s peripheral vision.

“I leave you alone for how long is it… a month? And you’ve forgotten all your manners.” Kyo crosses his arms across his chest, “Look at me.” He commands. The older man lifts his head slowly, taking in every detail of what is in front of him. There’s a change in how Sugizo is looking at him, though Kyo can’t quite place it, “Tonight, I’ll remind you of how things work.”


“Yes, sir.” Kyo corrects him.

“Yes, sir.” He repeats after, like a good boy.

“Now, take off your clothes.” Kyo steps around Sugizo, taking a seat on his couch, “I think it’s a bit sad I need to hold your hand, tell you every little thing to do. Maybe you’ll remember at some point.” Sugizo does as he’s told, and thankfully Kyo doesn’t have to tell him to fold his clothes too. Soon the man’s clothes were stacked together nicely in a pile, though he was still facing away from Kyo, which elicits a laugh from him. “Come on stupid, turn around. Let me see your face.” Sugizo does so, eyes still trained on the floor.

Once Sugizo is facing him, Kyo brings up one heel, resting it on the guitarist’s shoulder. Their eyes meet briefly before Sugizo’s eyes dart away.

“First, you come into my home uninvited, then you curse at me.. Insinuating I’d do anything to hurt you.” Kyo cants his leg a bit so Sugizo’s cheek rested against his cheek, “It hurts me to hear that you’d think that way. I thought you had a bit more trust in me.” Sugizo’s bottom lip quivers, but he quickly bites it back. “Please don’t cry.”

“I’m sorry.” Kyo doesn’t correct him.

“I forgive you,” Kyo laughs again, nervously. He meant for tonight to turn out so much different, “I wouldn’t have gotten all dressed up for you if I didn’t.” Sugizo turns his head, lips meeting Kyo’s stocking covered calf. Kyo savors the contact for a moment, before drawing his leg back. He spreads his legs a bit wider than before, slumping down further on the plush cushions. He draws a hand up to his chest, sliding over his budding nipples and his stomach. “Come here.”

Sugizo’s head comes dangerously close to Kyo’s cock, yet far enough that he isn’t anywhere near touching him. Kyo latches his index finger under his chin, guiding him forward until Sugizo was at his chest, “Suck.” A simple command.

The guitarist wastes no time, head dipping down to begin at Kyo’s right nipple. His saliva dampens the lace, his warm mouth encapsulating the bud. He sucks and bites at him, tongue swirling around every now and again, coaxing the bud to pebble. Kyo’s hands find their way to his back and hair, moans leaving his mouth in melodies akin to those he’d give on stage. It only takes so long until the indirect touch is driving him crazy, hands leaving Sugizo’s body to return to his own, frantically finding their way to the clasp on his back. His mind is so foggy with arousal and desire he struggles for a second, before finally getting the garment undone. He pushes it off his body as fast as possible, before grabbing his boyfriend’s head by his hair again, rushing every movement as if Sugizo would run away from him. Sugizo takes his frantic movements in stride, now taking Kyo’s left nipple in his mouth, with the same ministrations he gave before.

Kyo’s orgasm has been building long before Sugizo even laid a finger on him, and now the barrier of fabric removed the sensations pushed him over the edge. Kyo came with a yelp, fingers tightening their grip on Sugizo’s hair.

Sugizo detaches from him shortly after, a smile on his face. Upon looking at his mess, strewn across his stomach, Kyo can barely catch his breath before Sugizo dips his head down again. His tongue drags across the younger man’s stomach, licking up every last bit of cum that remains before rising again, smirk still on his face, “Who has the pathetic dick now?”

“Oh, shut up.” Kyo leans forward, capturing Sugizo’s lips with his, tasting his release on the man’s tongue before drawing back just briefly, “I love you.”