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The Murder of Lila Rossi

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                Stella Wolfe wasn't the best at this. 

                Oh, not her job. She was an excellent detective. But comforting the victim's families was a different skill altogether. Usually she let Dubois handle that. 

                Thankfully the woman across from her was past the incoherent sobbing stage, having gotten it all out between the morgue and Wolfe's office. There were still quite a few tears though. 

                "I'm sorry, Mrs. Rossi," Wolfe began, tucking her brown hair behind her ear. "I promise, we will find who did this."

                "Th-thank you," Mrs. Rossi said with a shuddering breath. "I just- I don't think it's really set in yet. She's gone. My daughter is... oh god."

                Her words descended into a string of Italian swears. Wolfe waited, knowing she'd get better answers after. 

                As Mrs. Rossi cried, Wolfe looked over the case again, turquoise eyes roving over any information. Lila Rossi, age 18, had been killed last night sometime between 9:30 and 10:30. Her body was found in the morning by a college student taking a shortcut through an alley. Cause of death was a knife wound in the abdomen. While Lila's purse and wallet were found in the alley, her phone was missing. 

                There were a few photos in the file too. The first was a printout of an image from the victim’s Instagram. She shared her mother’s brown hair, but her eyes were an olive green. The picture looked quite normal. Like that of any other teenage girl laughing with her friends.

                The pictures that didn’t look normal were the ones Wolfe was keeping angled away from Mrs. Rossi. One was of the crime scene, Lila’s body slumped over against the wall of a building, blood staining the front of her romper. The other picture was of her body in the morgue, covered mostly by a sheet, and her hair out of its ponytails.

                "Mrs. Rossi," Wolfe began once the crying died down. "Can you think of anyone who would have done this to your daughter?"

                "No," Mrs. Rossi shook her head. "Everyone loves her! She's so sweet. She... she was so sweet."

                "Are you sure?" She asked. "Please. Anything could help us find whoever did this. Was she fighting with a friend? Her boyfriend? Someone at school?"

                "She didn't mention anything, really," she said. "I mean, there was a comment about some bullies. But it wasn't- it seemed like just typical school drama. She didn't want me involved. But now I wish- I should've done something!"

                "This isn't your fault," she said. "The only person responsible is the person who did this. Now, do you know where Lila was last night?"

                "She went out yesterday morning," she answered. "I know she was going to be out with friends, just wandering and shopping I think. Usually she's back by ten. Only time she broke curfew was when those Akumas were running around."

                Wolfe nodded at that. While it bothered the police department to not know how Hawkmoth and Mayura disappeared, the fact that there were less wild Magic battles disrupting the day helped a lot when it came to solving cases. 

                "Can you give me the names of her friends?" Wolfe asked, pulling out her notepad. "I can talk to them and start putting together her last steps."

                "Of course," Mrs. Rossi said. "There's her best friend, Alya. Alya Cesaire. And her boyfriend, Adrien. I can't remember his last name. Alya would probably know." 

                "Thank you for your help," she said. 

                Some more crying later, and eventually Mrs. Rossi left. Wolfe set about looking into the friend.