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The darkness

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She woke with a sudden jolt, she could feel someone was in her room. Ben layed peacefully beside her, unstartled. She took her surroundings in, nothing seamed out of place. She looked again, this time she saw a figure.

Itwas tall and didnt have any hair, it's skin was as pale as the moon. She meet with golden yellow eyes, as she grabbed her blue saber and pointed it at him,  

"Who are you?" Her voice was shakey with fear.

"I am darth plagueis" she heard a thunderous boom say.

"What do you want?" She said, her voice sounding more under control.

"To show you"

"Show me what"

"Show you this"

As if his word could control the world her world melted away, she was alone, Ben was no where in sight. Why hadn't he woken up, could he not hear plagueis. It was weird how he could be so easily erased.

She could see around her now. She was on a battlefield, around her were thousands of troops. On a podium in front of them stood the same version of her she had seen earlier. She looked on the platform, only one other person was on it with her, Kylo Ren.

"Why is he here" she shouted at plagueis. "He doesn't want to be"

"No Rey, he chose to, he is divided in a constant mind battle between light and dark." Plagueis said his voice was calm."If he goes to the light he will see your true potential, he will turn against you, you will loose him forever." 

"No, he wouldn't he's-" she couldn't think of a reason, she was a palpatine not a jedi, ben was better then her. If he joined the light side he would leave her.

 "That's all jedi do" plagueis said "they helped you defeat the emperor, now where are they." Maybe he was right, maybe the jedi had abandoned her. "Just like your father did, he was on the light side, he left you."

"No, he didnt he did it to protect me"

"protect you from what, the people that dont abandon you, the people you deserve to be with." She couldn't think of something to oppose him. He was right "the people you deserve to rule" she shut her eyes and he disappeared, the world returned to normal.

She looked at her lightsaber she still had extended, its blue light now glowed bright red. She couldn't think about that tonight, maybe it was her brain playing tricks on her. She looked beside her to see if she had woken him. Ben lay there still asleep. She knew she had to keep this conversation a secret. If he knew her plans he would leave. She had to show him back to the dark side