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The darkness

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Rey opened her eyes to see an empty bed, she could smell some sort of smell that she wasnt sure if she liked or not.

"Ben!" She said, looking around. Could he of possibly abandoned her, maybe he went to lead the first order again, or at least what was left of it.

"Out here!" She heard him say. She could sense a feeling that she hadn't in him before, happiness.

She stepped out of bed onto the cold floor. She emerged around the corner to find Ben standing there next to a fire cooking something.

"What is that smell" Rey said in disgust. A look of mystery crossed Ben's face.

"Here try it." Ben said, his look changed to happiness. Her face cringed, and he started to chuckle.

"Ben solo are you laughing at me" she said as she looked him up and down.

"Come her and see" he said as she walked towards him. She stopped within an inch of his reach.  

"Ben that's not polite" she reminded him, as she gave him a teasing look.

"Please" he said as he stepped forward and pulled her to him, by her leather belt. She could feel his warm chest beneath his clean clothes, and could tell he had washed. He looked into her eyes as he leaned in and gave her a peck on the lips. His lips were soft. He pulled away and they both looked at eachother with smiles on their faces.

"I need to wash" Rey said.

"Want some help" he whispered with a slight blush.

"Ben..." Rey said, with an eyeroll.

"I'll finish cooking breakfast the clothes are on the nightstand and so is the soap." Ben said as he gave her a wink and went back to the fire.

She made herself a bath. The water was warm. When she scrubbed herself with the soap she remembered the fight she had just survived. She was a palpatine, she knew she shouldn't be afraid of who she was, at least that's what leia had told her, but something scared her. If it hadn't of been for him, she would of given in, she would be who her grandfather wanted her to be. Part of her would always hate him, kylo ren, maybe that was unfair, but so was killing his father when all he had wanted to do was help. Even though she had only known Han for a couple of days he was like a father to her, and the thought of his death still brought tears to her eyes.