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The darkness

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Rey opened her eyes to see Ben staring at her, there was something that was different from all the other times there eyes had meet. His eyes had a strange glow, which brought a smile to her face.

"Rey?" Ben said in a soft voice. "Yes" she said as she looked at him, she could feel the connection they had.

"We made it, hes dead" he said with a gentle smile. She then remembered the events that had taken place not too long before this very moment.

"Ben, what happened?"

"You killed him, I climbed up here and when I saw you.." he froze she could see tears gathering in his eyes. "I thought you were dead Rey" she felt a tear slip from his eye onto her cheek.

"I'm sorry" he says, as he quickly wipes the tear off of her check and looked away. She could tell he wasn't used to being open.

"Ben it's okay", she said as she reached her hand up and turned his face towards her. This time when their eyes meet she never wanted to look away. She would be fine if she stayed there in that spot forever, with him. She wasnt sure if he felt the same until he leaned down and kissed her. She felt a wave of warmth spread through her body as she kissed him back.

"Rey" he said as he took a pause "thank you"

"For what?" She said

"Excepting me, and believing in me when I didnt even believe in myself" he said as she could see his eyes start to tear up again.

"Always" she said as she stood up and offered him a hand. He took it and as he stood it was as if their bond got stronger, they could feel everything that each other felt, and thought. She opened her arms and wrapped them around his waste pulling him into a tight embrace.

He wrapped his arms around her hesitantly but then pulled her into him as tightly as he possibly could. She wondered how long it had been sense he had been hugged. They stood there in the embrace until Rey pulled away. He looked at her, she could see now that the glow in his eyes had been hope. Hope that he wasn't lost. They started walking toward there ships. She could feel how close there hands were. He reached out and she took his hand. It fit like a perfect puzzle piece.