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One Sentence Fic meme

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[personal profile] recessional asked for The Mummy, Valentines Day

"Mum," Alex said, rolling his eyes as she smothered him with kisses, "it's just a stupid flower!"

[personal profile] recessional asked for Mallorean, Garion/Zakath

Garion laughed as the kitten walked over his body like she owned it, purring, and settled finally on Zakath's chest, staring at Garion like he was the one who hadn't been invited to this bed.

[personal profile] china_shop asked for White Collar, Mozzie and El, advice.

"Oh, that will never work," El said, pulling out her slingback glitter Jimmy Choos for him instead, "not for this party."

[personal profile] libitina asked for Elementary - Lucy Liu was really cast as Sherlock

Sherlock could hear the sound of someone approaching, that deplorable Watson fellow, she was sure, but she let the thought slide away as she diverted all her attention back to the rusted-shut lock in front of her.

[personal profile] likeadeuce asked for Losers, Clay/Roque (ship or gen), competition.

"Oh, you call that a blowjob?" Roque asks, running his thumb through the come on Clay's face.

[personal profile] tygermama asked for Die Hard 4/Elementary - the detective on Sherlock's latest case is named McClane

"I knew a kid once who could've blown up America with one of those things," McClane says, glancing at Sherlock's phone for just long enough to dismiss it as he enters the crime scene.

[personal profile] tygermama asked for Elementary - Joan loves cheesy action movies

Joan always wears earphones when she watches movies on her iPad; Sherlock has probably hacked the thing and knows all the movies that are on it anyway but she doesn't let it interfere with her enjoyment of The Last Action Hero.

[personal profile] marginalianaasked for The Belgariad, that time Garion was right and Polgara was wrong.

Polgara raised her chin ever-so-slightly and knew that she had raised Garion well enough that he would never - "Did you just say I was right?!"

[personal profile] lucifuge5 asked for Arrow, late night coffee.

"Come on, Diggle," Oliver said, handing him the ice pack first and then the coffee, "you're gonna have to stitch me up before we can get out of here."

[personal profile] iambickilometer asked for MCU, Nick Fury in the wee hours of the morning

Nick stared down at the tablet, idly flicking through schematics and mission reports and personnel files alike, only to laugh loud enough to disturb the whole diner when Stark's stash of tentacle porn took over the screen.

[personal profile] clavally asked for Supernatural, unwinding after a successful hunt.

"Mffle-mrmble-snsh," Sam says into his pillow as Dean grabs the key and heads out to find the nearest bar with cheap beer and pretty patrons.

[personal profile] nagasvoice asked for The Losers, blue jeans

Cougar stares at Jensen's ass, denim curving around it like it was born to be there, and plots his revenge for that night in their hotel room.

[personal profile] ar asked for Temeraire, teatime

"Laurence," Temeraire said, sniffing the tea set in front of him, "would you not prefer the jasmine if you are out of sorts?"

[personal profile] ar asked for The Mummy, fashion

Rick stared at Evie, a woman who'd gone into the tent a caterpillar - and an annoying one - and emerged a butterfly with black wings and kohl-lined eyes that would steal his heart.

[personal profile] emmeleia asked for The Losers - Jensen and Petunias references

"Not the pink shirt again," Pooch says, but Jensen just grins and talks about how his niece is recruiting a new goalie from the parochial school near their house.

[personal profile] amadi asked for Criminal Minds, cookie baking party

"They're not really cookies without chocolate, you know," Emily says, eyeing the weird date and nut concoction Reid is getting more on his fingers than the cookie sheet.

[personal profile] jjhunter asked for Buffy, alternate careers for Joyce

"You know, mom," Buffy says, carefully setting aside the near-black brownie, "I'm thinking cooking show host isn't really your thing."

[personal profile] aldersprig asked for Criminal Minds, Reid, bottle of beer.

"No, like this," Morgan says, taking Reid's beer, wrapping his lips around the bottle and taking the whole neck of it in his mouth.