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Sing Along with Emperor Palpatine!

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I'm the Emperor
I'm the Emperor of the land
You're a loser
I won't dismiss you out of hand
'Cause you had a beautiful face
It could've taken you places

You keep running
I gave you money, you've got fame
Every morning, I see your picture on the trains
Now you're a "Sith Lord"
So says your resume
I led you to the Dark Side
You couldn't save a life along the way

You're insubordinate, you're not answering my calls
Your coordinates
I expected this last fall
Get back to Coruscant
So singular you're not
I need you here;
We've quite a lot to talk about

We've had a deal now,
One you signed in Jedi blood
An understanding
Apprentices never keep their word
I'm disappointed
I'm aggravated
Things haven't gone my way,
I guess I'll have to:

Blow up all the faces of rivals
I swear and rant, I make quite an arrival
They're all surprised by my language
I once was discrete, they're all hypocrites
Force-choke them, too!

I always flattered you
You always had a lot of power
Anakin Skywalker, Chosen One
Turned to the dark
You've got the essence, friend
If I could have a second skin
I'd probably dress up as you

You're a Sith now,
You've no time for things like love
Your boy's a Skywalker
And though he's naive as a dove
You've made him hate you
He'll never join you
For a dad he wanted someone else
Now I can turn him to the Dark as well

He'll blow up in the face of his rival
You swear and rant, he makes quite an arrival
Don't be surprised by my knowledge
You act so discrete, you're a hypocrite
Forget you
So kill him, boy.