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The Hums of Yui Kodai

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Pony Tsunotori had returned.

"Hey, Yui! Here’s some chips and ketchup, you’ve gotta try it!"

There were many fries on this plate, a bit too many for a single person. Not that she wanted to speak, but those chips smelt pretty damn good.


Yui was indeed surprised to see this many. But intrigued her more was the thick, red liquid that was spurted on the side of the dish. Surely, the red and white container next to it, with such an odd shape, would give her an explanation.

It read…Heinz? Heinz—Tomato 'Ketchup'?

She didn’t mean to drool at the second word.


Trying this new food, was a newfound duty.

Her hand reached out before she could even think, taking a chip, and dipping it into the red depths—and took a soft bite.

Oh my God.

The rush of sweetness from tomato’s flavours, and a perfect combination of ingredients that she'd never be able to see, that made this red riot into a completely different beast!

This…this was…this was simply… 


Yui might have enjoyed it a bit too much.