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The Hums of Yui Kodai

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Throughout this world, there existed many flavours, fresh, savoury, sweet, light—the absolute best to grace the tongue, and the tastes loathed by the few who ever endured its pain. 

Enter, the tomato.

Brilliantly red, plump, and filled to the top with a sweet and acidic flavour that could only be described as 'fucking great!'. Such a wonder fruit known as the tomato has made a name for itself all over the world—from its humble beginnings in South America, lasting long into this New Age of Quirks. 

And today, a greater form of this behemoth was about to introduce itself to our young hero.

The phenomena began today.

"You've never had ketchup before?" asked a surprised Pony Tsunotori, peering closer to the receiver of this pressing question. Her slightly broken Japanese was impeccable, as always.


No 1-A student would be able to tell, but this quiet and short answer seemed to startle Pony even more, but the Japanese cogs in Yui’s head started to turn.

"You're missing out, Yui. I'll just go and get some from the shops then! Piece of cake!"

Ketch…up? What was that? Maybe that was one of her English phrases—she’d said something like 'Catch up, damnit!!' during a training exercise before. 

Her Japanese…it sounded like some sort of food! Just what was she saying to her?

Please, what’s the 'piece of cake'?


Her response fell on deaf ears, as the American girl had vanished from the dorms, with no trace left. 

But what was left was the faces of her classmates staring down the dorm exit in shock.