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Dipper sighed, putting down his journal flopping onto his bed. He put his hand over his eyes, covering his brown iris' from the bright sunlight stretching across his room from the window. He groaned as he touched the left of his rib cage, feeling the stinging scar beneath the bandage that had formed there. How? Well, let's see.

Dipper had been like usual, bullied at school. It was the last day, he was about to run off and forget about the school, but he got stopped. One of his bullies, his name was Peter something, had brought a gang with him and they had the most fun beating him up.

He had gotten home limping, his body covered in his own blood. Although like you might not have expected, his family didn't actually help him. They had only glared at him for being weak and an idiot. Dipper had a feeling they might even have thought he deserved it for being who he was. A useless, anti-social, boring, no relationships yet, geek.

He had forcefully walked into his bathroom, fixing himself up as good as he could with his limited tools. After only 15 minutes he was forced to turn back to his endless duties once again.

"What did I even do? Do they even hate me for an actual reason?..." He whispered quietly, taking a deep inhale of air as he stopped the salty water stinging at his eyes from falling. The brunette's face scrunched up in pain when he sat up, his back still sore from all the things that he had been forced to do. Plus all the pain he had received from his dear bullies? Yeah, he wasn't doing too well.

"Damn it, why did the universe choose for me to go through this of all people?" He snapped, indicating to all his thoughts of confusion, sorrow, and anger. He wanted people, other humans, to know pain, his suffering. To acknowledge it, to stop it.

He exhaled again, tired of his usual depressing evenings. He opened his eyes and looked around his half-busted bed, catching sight of his book of literal suffering. The brunet smiled weakly at the book, the only thing that had ever listened to him. He retrieved his leather diary on the floor slowly, leaning over despite his body's protests.

He stared at it blankly, hopelessly waiting for something to happen. Anything to distract him. He was in too much pain than he preferred.

He had gone to the doctor last night, begrudgingly may I add. Mabel was actually the one that was supposed to go so she could finally get her braces off due to how much she complained about them, and have a minor checkup. However, the damn doctor had insisted on a checkup on the "boy" as he had said it, which his parents immediately declined, not wanting anything to foil their reputation, not because of him.

Sadly, against everyone's excuses, the doctor started to get suspicious, why wouldn't they let the boy have a checkup, especially if it was for free? At this point, the Pines had no choice but to let it happen. So it did.

The doctor had checked upon his body, asking how he felt on a daily basis, how he was treated by family and friends, and how he wanted to be treated individually. He had lied mostly through it, of course. Avoiding the glares from his parents sitting in the seats in front of him was harder than it seemed, so he was eventually driven to the point where he lied about how his life was absolutely perfect.

"Well, I gotta say I have some bad news," He had said with furrowed eyebrows, looking at his client's birth parents. He seemed to have grazed Dippers lies a bit and through that come to a conclusion.

"He's perfectly healthy mentally. No problems there, he's most likely the most polite and well-behaved teen boy I've met these past years! However, his physical health could improve greatly. He seems to sleep badly and has a lot of bruises and wounds. And I can't deny that he's crucially thin. Can I please get an explanation for that?"

"Oh! I'm happy to hear that! Well you see, normal teenage problems. He eats really little because he wants to look cool, y'know?-" She giggled fakely, but it got through. "-And he goes to a lot of more violent activities, like his karate and football."

Dipper's world had shattered completely then, not that it already hadn't done that before, but it just got worse. Worse as in unfixable-shattered. He couldn't even express how hard it was to smile and laugh it off, and not cry in front of the doctor that everything he said was a lie, he didn't go to any activities after school, his mentality wasn't flawless, he didn't care about what he looked like- he just wanted to be happy!

His family spat on him as a disgrace since then, not liking that he almost destroyed all they worked for. They knew very well how fucked up Dipper was because of them. In all truth, Dipper wasn't necessarily sure what brought upon the abuse, did they just generally need stress relief, in some odd way, and had decided he was a perfect choice?

He felt the tears prickling his eyes as his eyelids got increasingly heavier.

"Damn it World, what did I ever do to you?" He muttered with a sore voice, with an unnoticed voice crack. He shifted to his side slightly painfully, now having the urge to bawl out his eyes in order to express all his pain.

But what was the point?

Him crying, him hurting himself, killing himself, nothing would make it better. No matter the amount of pain he felt, it would never be enough to satisfy people enough to gain the smallest piece of happiness.

Nothing was worth it anymore, his life was ultimately, literally and metaphorically useless at this point.

He felt how his tears slowly disappeared, the aching in his chest gone. He laid there motionless, nothing getting a reaction out of him. His mouth in a straight line, smooth cheeks with fading bruises slightly wet from previous tears. Only a blanc expression as he removed his arm from his dull eyes.

Just before his eyes shut for some very needed sleep, Dipper's eyes flashed bright blue.


The teen yawned as he rose out from his bed, blinded by the bright lights craving attention from the outside world. He wasn't sure what woke him up, it wasn't his nightmares again since he already woke up from that twice that night before it stopped. It felt as if he had sensed something was going to happen.

"Wake up!" -called it- A horse voice screeched through his door, the owner of the voice banged on the door furiously. The man seemed to be panting for a few seconds before grunting loudly and turning around with a heavy step, then ascending down the stairs with loud thudding steps.

It was his father. The one who hated him the most.

He frowned sadly, eyes dry with growing fear, but in spite of his alarms going off in his head telling him not to go, he stood up, with pain spreading through his ribs down to his abdominal region, and opened his damaged door to go to the first floor.

He took slow and painful steps down the wooden staircase, his mind spinning as he felt dizzyness flood his mind, his vision blurring and clearing repeatedly. Which did not help his headache. Lack of sleep and nourishment- and with all his injuries, it wasn't a surprise that he was immediately giddy when walking.

"Mason! Come here this instant!" His beautiful yet cruel mother shouted when her gaze locked onto her 'son'. Venom was clear in her voice, she didn't want him there, clearly, but had to tell him something despite it.

"Yes?" He mumbled, not daring to sit down with them at the dinner table, so he stood at the end of the table, looking at the floor cowering silently.

"You and your sister are going to Gravity Falls, your great uncles came back from their sailing-trip and wants to see their niece. You better stay out of trouble, the slightest move that goes in the wrong direction, and you're getting the punishment of your life. Mabel is too enjoy every second of this, so you will do anything she says and give her anything she wants. No 'no' or 'but' only 'yes' and 'okay'." The threat was brought with a scowl and angry eyed glare from his mother. Dipper's father was sitting in front of her staring at him as if to challenge him to decline.

Dipper felt slight happiness and relief bubble up in his throat. He was going back! There was a whole mountain scape there and a large thick forest! And all his creature friends would be there to see him again! And then all the mysteries that could happen all the possibilities- he could finally be happy- did the universe finally decide to help him?

"Okay," He said quietly, but loud enough to be audible. His mother and father nodded with annoyed scowls as if his existence pushed them on the edge. As soon as they shooed him off, they commenced 'Gently yelling for Mabel and telling her all the news in a kind way with no accusing and no threats.'

Once Dipper reached his basically broken room, Dipper was gladly filling his old bag with random old stuff of his, bringing a few ballpoint pens he had bought in secret with his own money (he had found it on the street) and of course, bringing his beloved journal. The book had been created with old stuff he found in the attic, hence him not having money to buy one.

"Let's go, Honey!" He heard his mom's cheery voice say, obviously indicating to Mabel, She responded happily with something along with the lien of "Coming, mom~!" but the young adult didn't pay attention to that when he realized something. He heard a car door closing. Then there was a car starting up.


Were they leaving without him-!?

Dipper rushed down the stairs, his bones aching in pain as he did so. He wasn't exactly recovered.


They were actually leaving.

Dipper rushed to the car, barely in time before his parents had started to drive and were about to leave for the bus station. Did they actually forget him?!

"You came." His 'father' said bluntly, disappointment audible in his voice. It was obvious they did this on purpose then. They had actually planned on leaving him here, his parents were supposed to go to a hotel for a month! Were they just going to leave him there to starve?

Dipper slightly growled at that, mostly out of disappointment in how his happy moment was so easily shattered. He hopped into the car, sitting at the back with all the bags, no not in the back seats, in the actual back. He uncomfortably tried to sit down in an empty spot and put his bag next to him whilst trying his very best at not tumbling over while they drove.


They had reached the bus station and Mabel was sorrowfully saying goodbye to her mother and father while hugging them deeply. She was making a bit of a scene, but since when didn't she?

"I'll see you when summer's over!!" She yelled happily and headed, skipping, Dipper smiling throughout it.

They walked some distance from each other, but still stood close, much to Dipper's displeasure. Mabel treated Dipper horribly but still used him as a shield for some unknown reason. Honestly, if a gang jumped Mabel he would literally tell them to do what they want and walk away.

After a while of endless waiting, Mabel overreacting over how long it took, the bus to Gravity Falls arrived, and the two hopped on, one pushing the other twin so he almost fell, and eventually taking seats on opposite sides of the bus. It was literally empty, no one actually went to Gravity Falls as long as it was so well hidden.

Dipper sighed as he put his small, brown bag next to him in another seat.

"At least it'll be better here than California." He said gladly, now slightly smiling, it was small, but it was there. He was going to see his actual friends, the ones who didn't hate him and actually liked hanging out with him. He was going to see grunkle Ford again and grunkle Stan- Stanley. How was he supposed to feel about the man, really? The man had always favored Mabel so would he really like Dipper any better than before?

Other than that, all the thrilling things about the forest, the creatures, the forest itself, the landscape- everything was there, waiting for him.

Then Dipper remembered something - something he did not appreciate remembering-

Bill Cipher.

His statue was still there, as it could not be moved or touched, at least hopefully. But it- he was still on the cliffside in the forest, frozen in time, reaching out his palm in hope for a deal to save his life.

The chocolate haired teen felt a pang of guilt.

Bill had been so lonely and broken and it all leads to insanity, and he had looked so utterly scared when being turned to stone, even for being a demon Bill shouldn't have deserved that fate. It's as if Bill wasn't what people saw him as. People said he was a horrible insane demon deserving death, but had anyone actually gotten to know him? Had anyone actually talked to him instead of making assumptions based on the word of an old man?

Dipper suddenly realized where his mind was and shook his thoughts off, he can't have sympathy for Bill! The guy is a demon that tried to-.... to... He.....-He- Er- Tried to hurt him?-or- He tried to- or not really-

What did Bill do?

The demonic being hadn't hurt anyone Dipper loved, he had actually conveniently hurt those Dipper hated. The demon even made the town a bit fun at one point, the weirdness bubbles had been hilarious, seeing Pacifica turn into a horse, himself a deer, Mabel a literal fish hadn't been bad. Besides, no one could deny that the eye-bats had been the cutest things ever, And Weirdmaggedon had actually taught all of Gravity Falls what gratefulness was. Since last summer, he remembered how no greed had shown up around the townsfolk, everyone understood how lucky they were just being alive in Gravity Falls. The triangle hadn't even killed anyone, not even tortured, or maybe Gideon- but so what?

Bill had actually created good aftermath.

If someone asked if Dipper hated him, you'd easily say that it's 'Because Bill hurt his friends and family!' But you see, they never were his friends and family. Wendy had broken his heart in a way without remorse- just straight up telling him that she didn't like him and left him in the caves- then she had simply abandoned him in the bubble to do teen shit with her friends. Soos. Soos was always a good guy, but he wasn't smart, he wasn't aware, he didn't understand and often made everything worse and like Wendy, left him in the bubble. Mabel? Mabel just- she- she was just something Dipper wanted to de-skin and burn alive. ( I had a dream I flayed a cat and burned them alive on a Christian cross. No questions, kids)

Pacifica? Robbie? The Northwest? Well, you'd know all about the things they did. Same with them like Mabel- de-skin and burn alive.

"Gravity Falls," A bored voice announced, it was the bus driver. Dipper broke out of his chain of thought and looked around confused for a bit until realizing what was happening.

There they were, in the small town of Gravity Falls.



Mabel stood up with a snap of her back, jumping with excitement before rushing to the doors. She earned a grunt from Dipper, who had fallen over onto the floor due to being tripped by a certain someone.

"Mabel! It's been almost five years since I've seen you!" Someone yelled, a hoarse voice filled with happiness and longing, the voice belonged to an old male. Stanley Pines.

"Gruncle Stan!! I missed you!" She yelled in happiness, literally skipping out the door and falling into his arms, giving him a tight hug which was happily returned.

"Well, I'm leaving," The bus driver said with a shrug, then kicked started the bus again, now about to drive through the forest back to California.

"Wait-no- I need to get off-" Dipper spluttered, now having his embarrassing voice cracks.

"Then get off!" The driver screamed, now forcefully stopping and opening the bus doors, seeming to be putting effort into waiting.

Dipper scrambled up from the bus floor, now rushing out the vehicle.

The bus driver closed the doors as soon as Dipper's last foot left the floor, almost trapping Dipper in between the doors, but luckily the poor boy jumped to the ground in time.

The bus quickly sped off the road, leaving Dipper's sight within moments - wait weren't there speed limits-?


Where were the others?

Mason looked around shakily, the bus stop was empty. He stood up and swiftly turned around to look at all the different paths. He was the only one there. No old gruncles no twin sister. Nobody.

They had left.

The Pines twin felt tears prickle at his eyes, but he left them like that. What was the point of crying? So instead he got up weakly, now dragging himself through the quiet forest path, making his way to the parking lot where he knew that his gruncle had parked his car.

The teen with chocolate brown hair inhaled deeply and then exhaled it harshly. He was trying to let out his anger through deep breathes as he was utterly dreading his family now. He wanted to scream and cry at the same time.

They had driven away without him! They knew that the bus station was on the other side of Gravity Falls from the shack- His whole family knew that walking would take close to three hours, even if you jogged, still, more than two hours even if you run.

That's what they left Dipper at the parking lot to experience.

What made him even angriest, though, is how Wendy had turned around, seen him, (She was in the car too) and had acknowledged Dipper, but then suddenly pretended she hadn't. She and Stan, Soos, Mabel, and a few other people had just driven off without considering their forgetting someone.

So he had had to walk home the whole way. It was late evening now. He'd been outside with a dead phone, completely alone, walking home.

"What did I ever do to them? I've only ever tried to make them happy, why do they hate me so much? Did I offend the universe or something?" Dipper felt how anger and sadness scratched at his mind. Depression was slowly pushing past his limits.

"I never did anything to them!" He screamed, feeling his legs ache as he kept walking through the dense forest, he had still not reached the rotten woodhouse. His body wasn't accepting the sudden hiking trip the littlest bit.

The brown-eyed teen felt sorrow bubble in his stomach, did he deserve this? What had he done? What happened? Why was his life like this? He felt like running away into the abyss of a forest, leaving into the mountains and staying there, until his age forced him to go to the death's door.

His feet dragged him across the grassy turf, aching with pain, praying for him to just stop. Just sleep- sleep for a long, long time- sleep and not wake up.

Neither did he nor the sleeping citizens notice the trail of burning footsteps of blue fire stretching across Gravity Falls.

A harsh knocking was heard against the doors of the infamous Mystery Shack. A scream erupted from Mabel Pines that had been interrupted in her speech, and an annoyed Stanford to grudgingly walk to the door.

"Who is it-" Ford was about to complain, his voice exhausted and very frustrated at the sudden outburst at the door. He really wasn't in the mood and was in the middle of talking to his niece, so he really didn't need any intrusions.

"..." A glare, an exhausted, angered, sad and incredibly inraged glare latched onto Ford as the drained teen steeped into the building.

Stan stood up from the Dinner table, a cup of coffee in hand, looking as if he had seen a ghost- well technically in Gravity Falls that's common, er- looking like he'd seen nothing worse than his nightmares.

"k-kid-" He started, now slowly walking around the table, his face looking slightly guilty and regretful, but a bit of fear was scribbled alongside it. Maybe the kid wasn't actually strong enough to walk that much- maybe he shouldn't have left him to walk- but Mabel said-

"I'm going to bed," Dipper whispered raspily, voice drenched in exhaustion, holding his forehead tightly as dizziness overwhelmed him as he heavily walked up the stairs, his bag now feeling like he was carrying a lion with him. What was happening?

"Wait- you're-" Stan tried to stop him, now looking genuinely worried as he looked at something Dipper yet hadn't noticed. But the brunet simply didn't hear him.

As he got closer and closer to the attic, he felt as if he would faint from exhaustion. He had eaten two days ago last, and his parents hadn't paid any more attention to him than usual, so no food was packed into his bag during the trip. And the water wasn't something he remembered or got freely, they usually told him to work for it, eventually, his hydration dropped drastically.

So walking so far from the bus station all the way back to what people somehow called a house, with two days of no food and barely any water, wasn't the most pleasant thing to experience. A wave of nausea washed over him, making him gasp.

His steps got sloppier and more exposed to a fall as he opened the door to, what was only his bedroom now, and in some way managed to forcefully walk inside and lock the door after himself. He was panting harshly, his throat clogged by lack of water and so, so much sorrow.

He fell to his knees, sliding down the door slowly as he clutched his chest, it was aching. He was breathing heavily as he sunk further to the floor if possible.

He felt his breath hitch as he touched the scar on his bandaged rib, blood stained his fingers. His pupils dilated when he looked down at his blood-soaked shirt, the left side of his tee-shirt was covered in the red substance. How did he not notice this before?

As soon as he acknowledged the pain, he started feeling an increasing sting.

He flinched as pain erupted at the wound, now making tears pile up at his eyes. He held onto the bleeding gash, the bandage was no use now. He looked down to see all the bloodstains on the floor and door, a large part of the white wall next to him was covered in his blood, making him almost gag at seeing it. 'Must have happened when he slid down the door.

He whimpered as the pain got worse, stretching further through his internal organs, it started getting unbearable. How had he gotten into this mess? It hurt so damn much, it was slowly stretching along his body, making his bones shake with the pain. He was pretty sure he must've broken a rib if this was happening.

Dipper didn't know what to do, he couldn't stand, he couldn't even talk, it just hurt to that degree. Dipper wasn't a fool, he knew he was scrawny and weak. His question didn't get an answer either way as he blacked out, darkness flooding his sight and mind as he collapsed where he stood.

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A bolt of pain erupted at Dipper's left cheek. He grunted at the feeling, a red mark started forming on his face., this all caused Dipper to shriek highly.

Mason Pines sat on the grassy field with a snap, opening his eyes to a soft and warm, but still blinding, light.

He looked around. He was in a large field of some sort. The turf was large and covered in yellow-ish grass, it looked like cat grass in a lot of ways. In the distance, he could see rows of mountains, and beyond that was the blue sky with a glowing red sun.

His thoughts were interrupted by a sudden outburst above him.

"Holy Hell! Pinetree?" A soft and slightly echoing voice said through the screaming, it sounded awfully familiar to Dipper. Especially the nickname...

"W-what- The hell are you?! Where am I?!" Dipper shrieked squeaky, his voice slightly leaning away from what you would call 'manly and mature'. The brunette looked at the above him, a floating triangle??


Flying yellow glowing triangle with arms and legs in fancy attire.

How very... Familiar.

"Geez! It's me, is it even possible to forget me?? Bill Cipher ring a bell? And you're in the mindscape, kid." The demon said, not even considering the fact that he was supposedly dead to everyone in Gravity Falls, and yet here he was.

"Bill?! What the actual hell?!! You're supposed to be dead for crying out loud! And why am I even here?!" Dipper accused with furrowed eyebrows, his rage, and confusion undeniably showing in his brown cocoa eyes.

"Yesh, kid! Quiet down I'm not deaf! You're here 'cause you're unconscious and somehow got here, you know, the basics of this place. And I just randomly woke up here to see you all dead-like, I tried to 'wake' you and this is what that got me into. And me being dead or not is my business, so don't get your human nose into it. Honestly- I'm immortal, kid, a memory gun crafted by an evolved monkey is in no way going to kill me." Bill started floating above him, his average triangle form with top hat and bow tie on him.

Dipper shook, shivers crawling up his spine as he looked into the cat eye of his former enemy. His enemy had made no action to show he was going to answer Dipper's question. His mouth opened and close repeatedly.

Bill Cipher? Alive? He should be long gone for years. Bill died a while ago, or supposedly did, which was now proven wrong. Due to Dipper's great uncle, Stanford, Bill had been statufied and rumored dead forever, and Dipper had believed it. Seems that was a lie.

Where had Bill even gone? Since Bill suddenly woke up in this place now, he wasn't in this part of the mindscape before? So where? He can't leave Gravity Falls due to the ward so... Where had he been the past five years?

"What...What happened?" Dipper eventually asked. He was still suspicious and immensely curious, but he knew better than to nose into people's business, especially a demon's. So he went along with the conversation, he could get as many answers as possible.

"No clue! I'm as confused as you are. Believe me, If I knew where I was, I would have left right away. Now, Back to the subject- And you're bleeding," Bill's eye suddenly turned bored, looking down at Dipper's waist, which was covered in blood.

"It's dry, or mostly..." Dipper mumbled whilst touching it, his own eyes widened at the occurrence. Why was he bleeding- Or it was mostly dry, why had he been bleeding?

"Welp, it seems you've gotten quite the hassle of an injury, 'hope you bleed out while you're at it" Bill commented. Yeah, definitely Bill Cipher.

"At least it's dry... So... Bill. Did you make this place?" Mason started up a conversation, trying his best not to sound too awkward, Bill took the hint and joined in on the converse. There wasn't anything they could do other than talk anyway.

"No. I didn't actually, although it seems incredibly familiar to me. I remember every dream I've created, and this place isn't one of 'em," The answer was shot back at Dipper with a sigh. He hummed in response, now sitting on the grass, looking at the gorgeous view. There were huge mountains intervening through the sky, clouds covering the top of most of them.

Soon after a quiet moment between the two beings, Dipper grunted, feeling his vision blur and his limbs weaken in strength.

"You're waking up, Pines." Bill hummed, now barely keeping his gaze on the mountains. His eye darting around.

Dipper noticed Bill's comment and slightly relaxed into the building pressure in his mind, getting himself seep into reality. Not that he wanted to, he dreaded reality, honestly.

"It was nice being out of that hellhole and sitting here with you, Pinetree," Bill's voice echoed, despite being silent, Dipper still clearly heard it.


A whimper and soft groan intervened in the silent room, eyes turned swiftly to look at its source.

"Mason?" An old and tired voice asked, it belonged to Stanley Pines.

"Ugh..." Dipper whined slightly, his old pain coming back for more and utterly destroying his rib cage.

"Just sleep for a bit, not too much though, you have work to do. You'll get over it," Stanley's voice rasped. Stan got up, now leaving the room without hesitation.

Earlier in the evening the day before, a loud thump was heard in the attic. So stan being who he was, loudly went up to scold his nephew for anything he could find, he had thought the boy broke something.

But when he opened the door(*cough* broke it open *cough*) and went in, he hadn't expected to see an unconscious Dipper on the floor, bleeding out and looking like he was at Death's doorstep.

Stanley soon after remembered he had seen Dipper's tee-shirt covered in small stains of blood, had it gotten this bad so soon? He had let go of what he had seen once he saw Dipper's salty mood, but he regretted that decision now.

He had bandaged up Dipper roughly, not really caring enough to clean out the wound or being gentle. So he had basically just put a bandage on Dipper, thrown him in his raggy bed and left. Soon getting back in the morning to do a minor checkup and wake the boy so that he could make the teen start doing his job instead. Stan wasn't a very affectionate person, and Dipper was a man now. Stan knew by heart that at this age any man should be able to take care of themselves- so Dipper should too.

Dipper opened his eyes weakly, looking blankly at the molded ceiling. His mind wasn't really functioning, it was blank and empty.

The young adult sat up wearily, feeling his wound sting harshly, sending waves of sharp pain against him.

"Why am I not in the hospital?" His mind started stirring up thoughts.

He had been, still was, in horrible condition. His wound had almost made him bleed out, didn't it? Shouldn't he need medical treatment?

Dipper looked over to the door.

It was still covered in his blood, along with the surrounding walls and the entire wood floor and old carpet.

Dipper confirmed his thoughts. He had been in a severe condition last night, but, how come he was still here?

In the condition he was in, the hospital was well-needed. He most likely needed a blood transfusion. He felt incredibly weak and like he was about to collapse at any second. His mind was dim and slightly shaky. His vision was slightly foggy and shook, going into blurry spirals repeatedly.

He probably wasn't in the hospital because his so-called family thought their reputation would be tainted, especially Mabel, who absolutely dreaded him. DIpper felt sadness crawl up his throat. But he knew this wasn't the time to cry.

He had been through worse.

He could get through this.

Mason Pines swung his legs weakly over the bed, putting his shaky feet on the dust painted floor. He blinked rapidly, trying to gain better vision, as he slowly and forcefully stood up on his horribly weakened legs.

His body was weak as it was, but this made it worse more than tenfold, he felt like he was gonna collapse.

The young adult swallowed the pain clawing at him and walked to the dirted door, stepping on the dried blood with his worn-out shoes.

The stairs creaked loudly as someone walked down on them, Dipper held onto the wall for support. This hurt. And it hurt a damn lot.

"Sweetie! Breakfast's done! Come eat!" Stan's voice croaked, getting a squeal of excitement in return as Mabel rushed in front of him into the kitchen.

Dipper grudgingly stepped down the last stair piece, walking down the hallway towards the kitchen, praying that he could get at least some breakfast as he was starving. What do you expect though? He hadn't eaten for close to three days, and his small workout marathon the day before and the severe wound at his ribcage was not helping in any way.

"Come sit, Mabel! Oh, you. Sit down, Mason. You'll be washing the dishes today by the way." Stan put down a plate of Stancakes for Mabel, also giving her a cup of orange juice.

He looked at Dipper in slight distaste, before slightly forcefully, putting a plate of two stancakes for Dipper and a cup of water. Dipper's eyes widened. He hadn't expected even the slightest of 'compassion' from Stanley.

Though Stan was just doing this cause he couldn't starve Dipper, who else would do his dirty work and cleanup duty?

Dipper stopped the tears tingling at his eyes, now focusing on eating his meal. His hands- more like his whole body- felt numb and utterly dead, he wasn't sure how this was going to work.

The 18-year-old raised his hand, grabbing the fork laid out for him and cut out a piece of his food, shoving it onto his fork shakily, before weakly and slowly putting it in his mouth so he could chew it.

Despite all the thoughts swirling in his head, about Bill being alive, them talking in the mindscape, how Stan wasn't letting him have a break-even after seeing Dipper's wound, him not being in the hospital because reputation was important, Mabel's disgusted look towards him at the moment, the only thought being acknowledged in his mind right now, was how happy he was that he was getting the first real meal he had gotten in over a decade.


The young male adult sighed, he didn't want to do this, Mabel was supposed to do it, not just dump it on him!

You see, Mabel was supposed to be on cashier duty every second Monday, while Wendy every Tuesday and Dipper every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and, Saturday, also including the Mondays Mabel wasn't the one working. Yes, four/five days a week he had to be the cashier while the others in his family slacked off. And today Mabel had been nice enough to dump her Mondays work on Dipper because she apparently had a date with a crush she had forced herself onto.

So now Mabel had slapped him on the cheek with a snap of insults then ran off to who knows where leaving Dipper on the floor with his books.

"I guess I'm on cashier duty today, too?" He chuckled sadly, not expecting a response.

He stood up with paining legs, his ribs already hurting a lot from the sudden Impact with his friend 'the floor'. Yeah, it seems the floor is more of a friend than his family.

He took a hold of a corner of the countertop, using it as faint support as he walked over to the chair by the cassinger. He picked up one of the books on the floor, his journal. He flipped to a new page, the book was very worn out and old, he needed to be very careful about it because he didn't want to destroy any further than all the newly loosened papers from his fall.

Although, he did buy it from an antic store because it was the cheapest he could get for a book. You know, since his apparent family didn't seem too fixated on the thought of spending even a cent on Dipper.

The journal was basically a dairy and a notebook, everything he knew about abnormalities in the world was written in it, every little detail was written, from the important information in Ford's old books to small and major things he had found out himself the during his life in Oregon and Gravity Falls.

Of course, Oregon wasn't too exciting compared to Gravity Falls, but it still had small abnormalities he had never expected to see.

It was rather funny too. He had kept all this information to himself, all the spells, curses, incarnations, rituals, creatures he had found in scattered places. He hadn't told anyone, let alone Ford. Ford of all people didn't deserve to know, besides, if Ford wouldn't find out about all this information himself, then he was a lost cause.

"I haven't slept since my rib accident and now am having the most fun working instead of healing. How logical." Dipper muttered, rage boiling in his veins.

"Mason!" A voice yelled. Dipper looked around to see the source. oh, it was Stanley.

"Ye-" Dipper got interrupted by a slap on the other cheek, how funny that Mabel and Stanley had both slapped him on both cheeks. And what was this? Did everyone in this household have an obsession with dramatically slapping his cheeks??

"I thought I told you to clean the kitchen and chop wood!? How come there is a broken plate on the floor there, and how come I could see dust everywhere?? Huh?! And why I the name of British pancakes haven't you chopped any wood yet?! I thought you'd at least repay me for the food I served you during your whole miserable life!! But no! You just thought you were too good for housework didn't you?!" Stan towered over Dipper, a dangerous glint in his eyes, looking ready to scream a bit more at Dipper.

Dipper, well, he was overall shocked. First of all, Wendy was supposed to cut wood because she had the skills and Dipper was severely hurt to top that. And Stan hadn't even told him to go cut wood before this! And dust? How was he supposed to get rid of all the dust? Is that even possible?

His mind wandered over to the broken plate that was once again mentioned in Stan's ongoing monologue. Dipper hadn't broken anything? He had washed the dishes, cleaned the crummy hellho- Er- small Household, and was going to start his cashier duty instead of Mabel, where did all this sudden accusing come from?

"I haven't broken anythi-" A kick interrupted his answer, right to the abdomen. Dangerously close to his wound, he had a feeling Stan just might have aimed for his wound for a moment.

"-Don't you dare try to come up excuses for yourself!" Stan screamed, and kicked Dipper painfully against his shoulder, if only that had been his neck, then Dipper would have been dead.

"Now go cut wood and then clean the whole kitchen! And don't you dare be late for any customers!" Stan gave him a kick to the stomach again, the kick as sharp as before, then Dipper's great-uncle stomped off, not taking a second of hesitation to look back or even consider how it would be possible to be a cashier while cleaning the kitchen and chopping would, especially with all the new bruises been inflicted.

Dipper panted desperately for breath, his lungs stubbornly refusing to cooperate. His whole body burned, he wasn't too sure, but there was a chance something might have triggered more bleeding from his former wound on the ribs.

"I can do this-" He heaved for air "- I've been through worse-" His breathing hitched. "- This is fine-" He felt tears prickle at his eye at the immense pain. "-I'-I'm okay-" He felt whimpers scratching at his throat. "-I-I-I can work- This c-can work- I'm totally f-fine-"He felt his stomach go numb with pain lingering all over.

"I've been through worse. I've been th-through worse- I've been through w-worse- I've been through worse-" These words keep being repeated in Dipper's mind, gradually being whimpered verbally from him. He wanted to assure his mind and body that he could make it through the day without another beating and with his work list done.

He stood up and grabbed to the chair next to him, he had fallen over when Stan had started his daily beatings, well, it would turn daily eventually, he had been half-killed by Stan three days in a row, four counting this day.

He tried standing up on his wobbly legs, they felt like jelly, all wobbly and numb, at this point Mason only felt pain.

The brunette heaved for breath, trying to convince his lungs that they had a duty that shouldn't end yet.

Grabbing his journal, he hid it in a corner behind the shelf, he refused to let anyone see it.

Well, he had written everything in code within the journal, When he realized how easy Ford had let his Journal get off, with basic English anyone could understand, he decided it would be better to cipher everything In his journal, in a very complicated code too. So if anyone would find it they would have to spend quite the time deciphering every word in the book. And the pictures he drew didn't give off a single hint.

Creaks were heard as Dipper Pines forcefully carried his weight towards the front door. He opened the half-broken down entrance, going into the courtyard where logs were placed out.

He didn't have time to heal his wound, and not enough energy either at this point, and resting wasn't exactly a known option, so cutting firewood and then cleaning was the only way he could rest afterward.

Whilst walking towards the woodcutting corer, pain erupted in Dipper's right side, making him almost collapse at the sudden situation. Welp, that was most likely a sign for more pain later on.

Within a minute, Dipper had walked the last distance of seven feet (could you blame him for how long it took though)and got to the pile of logs and the large ax.

"Guess I'll have to get this over with as quickly as possible so I can go check up on the shop, don't want to miss out on 'eager customers'"Dipper picked up the ax, forcing himself not to look at its sharp blade, it just brought back so many memories.

And so many urges to slide it across his skin.

The teen huffed, shaking off his thoughts, he should have forgotten about his- his- his fascination- for blades.

"No cutting yourself, Dipper, No cutting yourself." He reminded himself briskly, quickly stopping his mind from getting any further ideas. He was not going to hurt himself any more than he was already hurt.

He put a log on its bottom so it faced up, then he swung the ax over his shoulder and swung it back down at the log, aiming for the middle with his now slightly blurry vision. Luckily he cut the log swiftly into two without any further aggravating his gashes, scars, and wounds, although all his new wounds still hurt at the force of swinging an ax.

About half an hour later, Dipper had made a pile of around 50+ logs, whilst also checking over his shoulder every two minutes to make sure there was no one coming to buy things, so he could rush over to be a cashier again, he had to go to the shop around ten times though, to check off random customers.

"Okay, now comes cleaning the kitchen...of...dust..yeah..."Confusion filled Dipper brain, how in the world would he do that, every little dust speckle wouldn't just disappear and dust always comes back? What is Stanley even thinking?

Dipper spent the next hour, it had reached around half an hour before lunchtime, and Dipper had finished his work.

However, all of Dipper's body was sore, he felt like collapsing because he was extremely giddy. His ribcage felt like it was on fire, and he wouldn't be surprised if it was covered in blood by now, both on the inside and outside. His legs felt like they had been ripped off for a while and his arms were incredibly numb.

He felt his lungs trying to give up breathing at the moment, but he refused to let them, although he wouldn't mind dying at that point in time.

"Finally I'm finished!" He burst out quietly, not daring to actually scream happily as Stan would rush to him and commence another beating.

Dipper put his cleaning supplies into a storage closet and walked into the living room, where he picked up the chair on the floor and sat down on it, now going back into proceeding to finish Mabel's duty.

Lunch went passed, with no Mabel having arrived home from her date yet, most likely trying to keep the date going as long as possible.

Ford was still in his lab, researching whatever he could, unaware of all the information hidden in Dipper's journal, just waiting within the house.

Dipper, well he was not allowed to eat due to his the trouble he had apparently caused, and upon entering the kitchen with Stanley in it, he had almost gotten hit with a glass plate because his great-uncle apparently was still angry at him, luckily the plate missed and hit the wall next to him and shattered there.

The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent with Dipper keeping up a fake smile as he greeted customers and checked out their items and receiving the payment. Although he was surprised there were around 40 customers, rather strange as the mystery shack is literally awful with its ripoffs. Dipper thought it must have been a tourist day that day.

Later on, when Dipper finally finished all the work he was assigned too, including having to take one of Ford's potions as a lab rat, which caused him to collapse and then wake up later with a pounding headache. Ford had been terrified when Dipper had woken up, at one point fear flashed in Ford's eyes, who knew what that potion was supposed to do?

But anyways Dipper had left to his bedroom, ignoring the dramatic entrance of a proud Mabel that started bragging to everyone, including her friends who came over, that she had gotten laid again. Dipper found it disgusting, how could Mabel go around talking about it as if it was an activity meant for nothing but being a competition for fun? Lovemaking should be cherished, but it seems Mabel doesn't see that way. The brunette male had to take time not to snarl at her when he saw her.

During Mabel's and her friends' mini sleepover in the living room, talking about things Dipper wished he would forget, Dipper was in the attic, sitting on the windowsill with his knees up. He held onto a pencil and had his journal laying softly on his knees, as he wrote about his day.

Eventually, after ruminating instead of writing, he ended his second page with a large drawing of one of the things he had seen in his dream when he had collapsed due to Ford's so-called 'innocent potion' and a ciphered sentence that he had heard being echoed within this dream.

Or had it been something else and not a dream?

Chapter Text

A yawn was heard across the large field of soft grass. A youthful teen squinted his eyes open, groaning as he got used to the new light in the area.

"Explain, kid. How does this keep happening?" Another voice disrupted, this time it was an echoing, sharp voice, but it was soft and gentle, despite the source of the voice being everything but those things.

"Erhh, where am I...?" Dipper questioned the other, now slowly rising from the ground to sit up.

The male Pines twin looked at his surroundings, it was very familiar, he had been here before hadn't he? It was a grassy field surrounded by mountains and a very familiar red sun shining upon him.

"Pinetreeee! Why do I keep ending up here with you!? I'm supposed to be imprisoned in another dimension yet I continue appearing in your dreams, and particularly, in this area, this is the 6th time! Explain meatsack!" The voice belonged to a certain dream demon, one Dipper could never forget how no matter much he tried.

What the demonic being said was true though, This was the 6th time the two ended up together in this area, and what was mysterious is that it was impossible for Bill to leave his unknown confinement, and somehow he kept doing so and always ended up here? It was odd, really. Bill Cipher didn't know what was going on- and Dipper just had to be involved in this particular mystery, didn't he?

"I don't know! I'm as confused as you! You're still supposed to be dead-! Imprisonment? So you're supposed to be locked away? How come it's possible for you to leave and arrive at my mindscape then?" Now Dipper was even more confused than before, it shouldn't even be possible for Bill to come here yet something keeps bringing him here? And what was the imprisonment? Bill hadn't told him this before!

"I should not have said that. Well, I'm saying nothing else at least. But yes, I'm supposed to be locked away however something- or someone- is bringing me here! And they're bringing you here too for the love of Satan! Is this my punishment?! Ugh, at least you're better than all the other fleshy sacks I fought." Dipper couldn't help but flutter and brighten up at the last sentence.

"I guess we could just hang out here till I wake up I guess?" He suggested, the triangle looked at him with his one eye for a moment, then gave a grunt of acknowledgment. Dipper was yet to be surprised by his own actions, the two might have been seeing each other in dreams for a while now- Dipper did hate him, still- the two opposites still ended up having to talk or something in the meantime. The last few times they ended up together they just bickered endlessly- both walking off randomly in the landscape.

Bill looked around a bit, looking for something to do. His eye caught onto a bunny skipping across the tall grass a few feet away from them. He felt himself grin, mentally, before floating quietly to the other dream being.

Dipper watched in interest as Bill floated away slowly, seeming to have seen something. He drew his knees up to his chest, hugging them as he proceeded to observe what Bill was doing.

What was he doing?

Dipper felt his brows furrow as he kept watching, suspense began building in his body. Bill had a gleeful expression on his face- er- body? A literal triangle demon is weird to explain.

Seconds passed with Bill deliberately floating down with his palm of fire prepared, Dipper was still watching in confusement, but he had slightly shifted his stance so he was prepared to run, Bill was strange, you never knew what he was up to so Dipper had to be ready.

The next moment Dipper felt his stomach churn. What he witnessed made him bitter to the core. A baby bunny hurried through the grass, speeding away desperately from Bill.

Dipper stood up with speed he never knew he had, and he ran towards Bill, who was giggling maniacally as he was about to burn the bunny that had worn itself out by racing.

"Bill Stop!" He shouted, a few feet away from the Demon and the animal.

"What? Why?!" Bill responded, looking puzzled at why Dipper was against this.

Dipper looked angrily at Bill and stopped in front of the panting Bunny. It was laying sideways and panting harshly, its eyes were filled with fear and Dipper became worried at the sight.

Dipper sat down on his knees, gently lowering his arms and softly petting the bunny. Bill was watching blankly. The young adult hushed the bunny a bit and watched as it, just sightly, relaxed into his hand. He smiled at the small mammal, now scooping up the bunny tenderly, it was so small, it was only a bit larger than his palm! How could Bill not even hesitate to kill it?!

Bill watched as Dipper stood up with the bunny in his arms and gave the demon an angry and disappointed look before walking off to the tree they were sitting at before. Bill was just quizzazled at what had just happened.

Dipper sat down on the grass at the tree, the bunny still cradled in his arms as he petted it soothingly, giving it soft rubs behind its ears. In return, the bunny surprisingly gave Dipper it's trust and cuddled into his shirt, closing its eyes and relaxing into the brunette's touch.

"Well- Eh-" The dream demon still floated in the same spot, not knowing what to do. He fist of all felt offended that he had been treated so casually as if he couldn't kill with a snap of his fingers, but he felt something else too. He felt slightly, bad? Hurt? Bill felt as if he had failed in some way? like after gaining the small trust from the human he had broken it again??

"-Can't believe Bill wanted to kill you- You're adorable!" Dipper whispered, nuzzling the bunny.

Dipper glanced up for a second, but didn't see Bill, where had he gone off to?

"...rry..." Someone muttered next to Dipper, causing him to somewhat jump in surprise.

Bill was floating next to him by the tree, looking down, Dipper couldn't read off of his eye.

"W-what?" Dipper hadn't heard what the other had spoken, and he was fairly curious to know.

"I said I'm sorry- ugh- I won't kill animals around you, Okay?" Bill looked embarrassed and somewhat mad. Dipper couldn't help perk up when he noticed Bill's hue had gone for a pinker tone.

Dipper was overall shocked, he had never in his life expected for Bill to say 'sorry' to him, especially not make a promise to him without something I return, particularly just so Dipper would be happier. This was the strangest thing Bill had ever done! And that's saying something!

When Dipper realized Bill was looking at him expectantly, he spluttered a response.

"O-oh- W-well- uh- Thank you, Bill. I a-appreciate that a lot." Cussing at himself for stuttering, Bill felt himself lighten up, Pinetree had forgiven him, that washed away the strange and unfamiliar feeling.

"Of course, Pinetree," Bill mumbled, sarcasm dripping at the back of his voice.

They sat like that for a moment, or Bill was hovering, but you know. A comfortable silence chimed in the air, Dipper had returned to petting the bunny cradled in his arms and Bill was just observing the moment through the corner of his eye.

For a second, Bill thought he saw some half-healed scars on Dippers wrist, it confused him. Soon after when Dippers sleeve lifted partly Bill saw them again, some were fresh and some very old. What hurt Pinetree this bad? The boy was so sweet and nice, a big pushover too. It would be a very odd way of bullying- Why would anyone hurt him? Aside from Bill himself of course, but he had reasons, Bill was an exception, obviously.


Did Dipper do those to hims-

"...Wanna pet it?" The question interrupted the screeching thoughts of Bill, causing Bill to snap out of his suspicions and look over to Dipper. The human was permitting him to pet the animal? Bill was overall shocked that the human male was trusting him.

"Well- uh- I would- But I'm a triangle, Pinetree," The demonic entity answered, looking at the other blankly with a rather mocking glint in his eyes. He had unwillingly forgotten the scars he had caught.

"Well, can you turn into a human or something? Like, get a body with actual hands and stuff? Please don't turn into some type of terrifying limb-monster, though," He asked, not really thinking through his question. All he wanted was to know he could trust Bill enough to pet a bunny without killing it, so he himself knew that Bill wouldn't kill him, or at least have a decreased chance of randomly doing so.

"Well? I've never done it before, but I suppose I could try?" Bill closed his eye, and floated away from the tree, then began mumbling Latin incarnations. A few instants passed and the mutters from Bill lead to strong blue flames erupting around him. Dipper shielded his and the bunny's eyes in distressed it would go blind due to the strong light.

It took a while, but the fire eventually died down and Dipper dared look at what was now sitting in front of him.

The dream demon was gone, nowhere in sight. Or, the dream demon's triangle form was just gone.

"Bill?" He asked. Something grunted, someone was collapsed on the grass in front of him. The person was a young, much like the age of Dipper, he had pale skin, creamy blond hair, with an eyepatch covering his left eye. He was wearing a fancy white button-up dress shirt, though no vest or jacket that a Tux usually had completed the look. The boy was wearing ebony jeans and dark brown expensive-looking dress shoes.

"Pinetree...?" The familiar voice said, but it wasn't echoing or loud, it was normal, it was the normal voice of a human.

"Bill?! You're human? I didn't think you'd actually do it!" Dipper put the snoozing bunny on the grass by the tree, it was for sure not going to run away while it was asleep, and if it did wake up, hopefully, it trusted Dipper enough to stay put.

"Did I do it..? 'For your information, I just look human." Bill sat up, rubbing the back of his head and groaning in pain at the sudden impact to the ground, he shouldn't have floated. Dipper couldn't help his eyes from lingering a bit on Bill's glowing gold eye.

"I'd suppose so, you look like a human teen, a bit older than me I'd guess. But yes, you did." Dipper gave away a warm chuckle, the first he had in years when Bill stood up with a gasp and wide eyes, but due to not being used to his new body, he fell down onto his knees with a snarl.

"Ok, now you can pet him. If you kill it I will rip your skin off, and trust me, since you're human now, I can easily do it." A smile followed, and Bill shivered, not in fright though, Pinetree had really grown up, hadn't he? It was enough that Dipper had openly threatened to flay him with a smile for Bill to give the boy some credit.

Bill walked, very unbalanced, to Dipper and sat down beside him, taking a moment to get used to all the new sensations and emotions he felt. He could feel his pulsation, his muscles, his heart, his breath, his body movements. All the different emotions at every motion he made- discomfort, confusion, anger, more confusion. It was all so abnormal to him, ironic, isn't it?

"He's really soft. Just move your hand aloft his fur, but do it gently, not strongly as in to tear his fur off. Please." Dipper gave a small snarl and a harsh look, as to assure Bill he would not be happy if Bill messed up.

The blonde inhaled deeply, moving his arms towards Dipper gently, somewhat scared he would mess up already. Dipper was very unsure about this, he wasn't sure he could trust Bill even the smallest bit, but if they were going to keep showing up together in dreams, better learn to adapt to one-an-other.

With a gentle move, Dipper turned to Bill and slowly let down the half-awake Rabbit kit into the soft hands of an internally panicking Bill Tenebris Cipher. The pale-skinned demon took hold of the impossibly fluffy kit, and brought it closer to himself. He looked at his human companion with a frown ad panic laced eyes, which was warmly returned with an encouraging smile.

"Uhhh- Well..." Bill laid against the tree, tensely I'll add. His brain was in chaos, not good, planned, and fun chaos, more like screaming, terrified, in panic, chaos. For being an all-knowing demonic god unafraid of even time, somehow petting a bunny threw him off entirely.

The human-formed demon brought the Rabbit he almost murdered to his chest, burying it in his sweater. He held it with one hand as the rabbit slightly rocked back and forth against him, on the verge of falling back asleep. The bright blond shakily brought his left hand over to the bunny, putting it on it's back and gliding it across.

Stars lit in Bill's golden eye- it was so soft!

He breathed in deeply, trembling slightly, hoping that the one next to him would just stop staring at him and observing his every move. Now he understood what Pinetree always felt like.

He held his breath, trying to stop his worries, fear, and worry was such a strange thing, he had never felt them before- or when he got send back to the prison in the other dimension he had felt distant fear, but somehow this was even more intense? He slid his hand over the soft pelt again, looking at Dipper, looking for approval. Dipper nodded at him, looking intently at the Rabbit's reactions.

"H-hey, Pinetree? Should it be vibrating? Is it supposed to like make that vibrating noise?! Is it going to explode?!" Bill yelled, looking stricken with fear as he felt the pulse of the animal.

Dipper burst into laughter.

"Bill, It's purring. That's what most animals do when their content and feel safe, it's kinda a sign to know that it's happy with your actions." The brunette explained, grinning at the other. Bill just huffed, feeling foolish and embarrassed at his sudden scare.

"Yeah, laugh at me will you..."The demon muttered, lightly flushed.

Bill returned to petting the rabbit, feeling proud at its 'purring'. And Dipper's lack of glaring and worry made him relax, feel approved that Dipper was trusting him not to murder the creature. He continued cuddling the rabbit, softly satisfying it with the petting. Amongst this, he didn't notice the smile creeping to and claiming his lips, and the small blush painting his cheeks at the happy emotions flowing his heart and mind. His mind had returned to its happy chaos, however, it was peaceful chaos. In all truth, Bill couldn't believe he had wanted to kill this adorable animal just a few minutes ago! It was as if taking on a new perspective changed everything about his view on it.

Dipper appreciated that Bill could be trusted to this degree, he was honestly surprised Bill had gone along with all this and actually found fun in the bunny, fun that wasn't torturing and killing it.

The young human teen couldn't help but smile at the sight of Bill at the moment, he seemed so happy, content, and just, in peace with everything. It was like Bill had come to terms with everything and was enjoying this moment more than anything else.

Suddenly, Dipper felt a headache ice over his mind, setting a pair of clouds in front of his sight, provoking everything to be blurry. He clutched his hair, not appreciating the pain a whole much.

"Bill- I think I'm waking up-" His voice was shaky, a bit out of place just as though he was fading away. Which he actually was within the dream.

"Oh. Well, I'll take care of the bunny, make it a small burrow for it to take care of itself... Goodnight, kid- er- Goodmorning too? See ya soon." And with a small look at the smiling Bill that was still cradling the asleep animal, Dipper smiled and felt himself wake up, his vision and mind consumed by darkness.


"Dipper! Wake the fuck up! You're supposed to be the cashier today! You overslept you shit!" Dipper jolted up from his bed when pain wandered his abdomen, spreading throughout his body. And the pain made a nice trip to his tips where it caused horrendous pain

"I'm u-up! I-I'm u-up...!" He felt salty tear water glass over his eyes, making his sight the slightest bit blurry.

"Go do your work now! Your not getting any breakfast because of this!" Stanley ended his wake-up-session and stomped down the stairs and went to 'Very sweetly wake up Mabel'

"B-bandages-" the brown-haired teen reminded himself, his voice raspy and dropping hints pain. His old bandages were already bloodied from last time, he changed them about every two days, he'd steal some bandages or just use dirty cloth. And Stanley's very loving beating just now had seemed to have opened more wounds even further.

How lovely.


Ford was beyond shocked.

He never expected the reaction he had gotten.

"C-Can I go work now S-Stanford...?" Was the stuttered question from the infamous Dipper Pines. The old scientist wide eyes narrowed down as he shakily looked at his nephew.

"Y-yeah- Go work at the register-! You don't get any dinner today and work the night shift to clean the basement!" He rasped, fear sewed into his words as he tried to obtain back his confident posture.

Dipper recoiled, slightly wobbly turning around and walking up the stairs, his footsteps like mere shadows, so quiet he could walk around in heels unnoticed. The boy rushed up the stairs, a soft thud echoed after he shut the door almost noiselessly.

The dark grey-haired man looked back at his former mechanics, his flat brown eyes skating across the screen of his computer, absorbing the information he had gotten again.

Dipper had been such a brilliant kid- Ford had even planned on making the boy his apprentice. Though that all changed when he got odd test results from a scan the first time. But this- this was just...


A noise was heard as the man went into the back closet of the lab, opening it after so many years of neglecting it.

Within the closet was hundreds of small objects. He stared upon them, deeply knowing the meaning of all the stones, jewels, scrolls, etcetera.

All of those antique objects held one thing in common.

They were not fond of demons.

Chapter Text

Dipper was at least surprised when Ford didn't beat the shit out of him. Usually, he and Stan did that whenever they saw him. Odd. Ford had only given him a few potions, making him swallow some odd pills, then scanned him.

Although the man had looked very surprised and almost fearful when reading off of his computer. Dipper wondered what it was his great-uncle had been reading.

"Hey, mind if I could buy this?" A sudden customer asked him, her voice soft, although annoyance was hidden beneath it.

He pressed down a retort, like he constantly did due to anxiety, and strained a weak smile, checking off the item of the customer. He earned 650$, but of course, 40% of that went to Mabel and the remainder to Stan and Ford.

Suddenly, within the silence of no customers, Stan roared in, almost rocking the floor.

"Kid!" The furious howl came from Stan. Dipper stiffened, not liking that this conversation was so aggressive and already directed at him.

He nodded in response, knowing there was no point in replying without either getting discontinued or yelled at for talking. Although he'd probably be barked at for 'not answering properly' anyways.

"Answer me properly when I talk to you!" Called it.

"I-" A kick.

"They've been complaining about you! I'm losing business because of you! You don't talk enough and don't put up enough of an appearance!" Punch, another kick. A throw? That's new.

Dipper almost screamed as he was launched against a wall, but, because of the loss of chance to breath and the air being pulled out of his lungs at the force, he couldn't reveal his pain.

"-They hate your disgusting little birthmark! And you look like you're being tortured!" The elder male complained, trying his best to knock Dipper further for a response as the other heaved without a sound. Dipper winced through all the pain, hating himself still for having the birthmark.

"Argh! You're not even worth hurting! Go to your room! No Dinner- wait, Ford already said that- No breakfast tomorrow! You're not allowed to drink water until its exactly midnight! If you really think to be ungrateful like this and not doing what you're told- then think again because I will not hesitate to starve you!" He slammed the door, walking up the stairs to the second floor for Mabel.

Heaving could be caught behind the counter. One would think the table was cursed, due to how many beatings were initiated behind it.

The young boy, who was the source of the noise, was on the verge of fainting. But in all fairness, it happened so often now, the young brunette wouldn't be surprised or scared if he fainted.

Mason's vision clouded, de-clouded and then got covered in spots of black as the color coated his whole sight.

The male's many wounds had opened up, some, of course, being new. The largest gash of them had stopped resting and was gushing out blood at his ribcage. The kid was so thin, his ribs could be counted, so the gash almost let you see the insides of his body.

The breathing died down, becoming less frantic and quiet, exhausted and almost sounding like it was on the edge of stopping.

The faint movement of struggle soon followed in the path to the edge. it calmed down, the teen stopped struggling to get up, his arms giving out as his eyelids gave up in holding themselves up.

And just like that, Dipper went unconscious.



Bill winced as his head landed on the ground.

The blonde sat up, rubbing the back of his skull. He had stayed in human form to make the bunny a burrow, and when he was abruptly sent back to the prison, he didn't have time to change back. It was actually a 100-times worse when in human form and being in that empty dimension. Who knew humans were so afraid of lonliness?

"This place again?" The familiar field came to view, the beautiful pale-golden grass and the distant mountains, the pale blue sky, and the glowing sun. He was in the Mindscape again, specifically the Dreamscape.

Uprightly, he was beginning to question this, the Mindscape was in grey-scale, how come this place was not in monochrome?

The same thing with the Dreamscape- it was in grey shades- yet this place was coated in various colors.

Maybe it was a memory?

As he gazed at the view, ruminating about how utterly mysterious this was. He was an all-knowing being, yet this place couldn't seem to drag up any knowledge from him, either this was a memory he hadn't ever had access to- which was futile since he shouldn't be here then- or it was a memory he had been apart of.

Someone was blocking him from remembering it.

But if the latter was true, that would mean Pinetree and he had been together in a place like this once, but that was impossible because his memories and Pinetree's memories were recent and they both remembered everything that had happened throughout Pinetree's life span- or at least Bill did. So if it were to happen, he or Dipper would remember it. Neither of them did remember coming to a place akin to this field.

So what in the multiverse was going on?

His thoughts were interrupted by a shriek. His eyes widened, now snapping out of his small trance as he looked behind him. What was that? Pinetree-?

"Well, that hurt..." A soft and familiar whined, pain lacing the sentence.

Bill grinned when he recognized the voice, it was his favorite wheel symbol and human! Pinetree!

"Pinetree!" He said with glee, standing up and running over to where the wincing and moans were highest, looking for the brunet that he had already grown fond of. It was odd to not hate a human, Bill was so used to it. Feeling all the odd happy emotions around the boy made Bill nervous, too.

"Wha-...Bill...?" The demon grinned, trying not to trip or fall over as he walked. He was still not used to have legs to walk on, he was always floating and he didn't actually use his other legs (In his triangle form) to walk, although he'd never admit that.

A fluffy mop of brown hair popped out of the long grass, letting Bill know where the other was. The creamy-yellow haired demonic human traveled through the grass to get to the other, eventually realizing he could float, went aloft and glided through the air over to the other human.

"Heya Pinetr- What's wrong?" Bill looked in curiosity at the other. Pinetree looked different from the last time they shared a dream. But unbeknownst of Bill, it wasn't last night they had talked last, it had been three days ago. You see, Dipper had some very extreme sleeping problems.

The brunet looked at the dream-demon is confusion. Not quite understanding what he meant.

"Well, Your chest seems to have bled newly, most likely before you came here. And if I'm not wrong, you look a hella lot thinner than last night! And what is with those eye-bags, kid?" He patted the other's ruffled hair, sitting next to the other, swatting away the long golden grass straws. He crisscrossed his legs, sitting down and waiting for a reply.

The chest-nut-haired Pines' twin was in a bit of wonder, really non-understanding of the situation. So he looked down to where his most memorable wound was, noticing the incredibly large splash of blood that had painted his white old tee-shirt.

"Not again-!" He wasn't freaking out, he had rather expected it.

"So what happened?" It took a second before Bill snapped his fingers and Dipper felt his body relax, his form getting cleaned up through magic. Even if he was unconscious, he could still feel normal emotions like anger and tenseness- though he couldn't feel any physical pains that were initiated outside of the mindscape.

A few moments passed, Dipper slowly feeling all his tenseness evaporate into nothing. His clothes seemed to have been swiftly cleaned too. He looked at Bill, a small smile on his face.

"Thanks, Bill." The male didn't notice the furious blush coating Bill's cheeks as he flopped onto the grass, closing his eyes.

Bill felt his insides fluttering as if his stomach was filled with those things humans would call 'butterflies' (he had seen one here once) And his voice felt drowned away. What was happening?!

Was this a type of pride humans felt or something? Like when they accomplished something? Why were his cheeks hot? Were they on fire!? It was like his non-existent- or he did have a heart now... Okay then, his heart was pulsing twice as fast now.

The blond looked at the brunet, scanning the human's body like usual. Soon enough, he noticed something off about Pinetree's forehead, it wasn't just skin.

Bill raised an eyebrow, not paying attention when his own hand slipped passed him and pushed away Dipper's soft brown bangs. Bill's eyes widened, what he saw under those bangs was something he had not expected.

It couldn't be-

"Bill- what're you doing?" Dipper's skinny hand flew up and slapped Bill's hand away from his face. His face was coated in worry and slight betrayal. He really, really disliked the thing hidden beneath his bangs and never had he wanted Bill of all to see it. The demon would probably have a laughing fit and tease him every night about it.

"What...What is that, on your forehead?" Bill was looming over Dipper, wide sparkling eye staring at the now-covered birthmark. The butter-blond was in utterly shocked, he had anticipated something to be off about Dipper compared to other humans, at the least, but never had he expected Dipper to have something like this.

"Nothing! It's nothing." Dipper was laying on his side now, his face pale as a ghost from fright.

"Dipper...Is...What...Was that the Big Dipper?" The demonic being softly moved the bangs out of the way, noting the lack of resistance from Dipper. Pinetree had a constellation of his forehead, and he was born with it. Dipper Pines had a fucking Star Mark on him and Bill hadn't even noticed.

"Yeah- so what?... Are you going to hate me now, too? I know, I'm a freak, if you don't like me anymore, or if you ever did, I get it. Tease me all you want, I really can't hate it any more." The brunet looked so lost and hurt for a moment. His eyes had drooped, a blank brown staring down at the warm ground. The teen was so incredibly ashamed of his birthmark, he hated himself for just having it, for seeing it whenever he looked into a mirror.

"Pinetree. That's...that's a Star-" Bill looked at Dipper in amazement, almost admiration, what Dipper had was truly a godly gift, not even Bill had one of those, and he was considered a God among all entities.

However, Dipper must've mistaken his amazement for something else, and deflated, seemingly impossibly more hateful towards himself.

"Bill, where is the bunny?" The Pines' twin changed the subject with the question. He hoped Bill would get the point. The brunet was in truth a bit scared Bill had killed it or damaged it.

The blond took a second to stare at Dipper, and register had just asked him, before he smiled and stood up happily, quickly forgetting the strange moment the two had encountered just now. Bill was aware of what Dipper was trying to do, and Bill knew that if Dipper wasn't ready to face the truth, he would have to wait.

Dipper chuckled when he saw Bill skipping through the grass towards a large rock with a small pink leafed-tree growing around it. The transformed demon crouched down onto his knees, doing something Dipper couldn't see.

A bit later, Bill brightened a bit, not sure how he even saw it, and bent down a little to grab something. He then stood up swiftly, now something in his arms as he turned around, jogging towards Dipper with a happy and relaxed grin as he came back with a fluffy brown bunny with large black eyes in his hands. It seemed to be bigger than last time.

"I made it a small burrow! Now it can hide if something wants to hurt it! I'll protect it forever!" Dipper smiled widely, not even acknowledging that was his first big and genuine smile he had had in literal years. Bill had grown so connected to the bunny since last time Dipper introduced him to the little creature. He seemed so happy to be with it, to have fun with something without killing it. No matter how strange it was for a literal demon lord to be fond of a rabbit- Dipper couldn't help but be proud.

"I'm really relieved you kept it alive until know. I'm honestly a bit surprised too, I had thought you would eventually kill it. I'm happy you proved me wrong. Good job, Cipher, you have proved a small part of your trust to me." Bill seemed to brighten even more if possible, still standing in front of Dipper with the bunny in hand, his large grin filled with happiness. Dipper just chuckled, not sure if he was sarcastic or not- Bill was so different in human form.

Bill couldn't believe it! Dipper trusted him, Dipper trusted him! Pinetree believed in him!

The blonde brightened, both in appearance and personality, flopped down beside his companion. The bunny still sniffing the air and trying to jump out of his grip.

"Here, can I hold it?" Dipper turned to him, straightening his back. Bill nodded, giving one of the symbols of his summoning circle the fragile animal, Dipper softly took hold of it, putting it in his lap.

The hare roamed around, padding around Dipper's lap and finding a comfortable spot. Eventually, it found a spot next to his hand, the one laying over his lap. The bunny decided and started cuddling into his jeans.

Dipper chuckled, in a watery relief that the bunny didn't fear him or Bill. Especially Bill since he had a demonic aura to him and had an extreme power level, so for a fragile creature like that to feel safe, it was almost astonishing!

A comfortable and relaxing silence hung around them, not bothering the two people sitting there with a small animal cuddling them.

"Hey, Bill?"

"Yeah, Sapling?"

"What is this place?"

Bill remembered his theorizing before Pinetree had appeared.

What was this place?

"Ah, I...I don't... Really know..." Bill mumbled, avoiding Dipper's eyes reluctantly. And he meant it, he had no clue where he was or why he and the Pines' member keeps appearing here.

"You said it was the mindscape before. Shouldn't it be grey-scale then?" Dipper looked at the fluffy white clouds scattered in the blue sky in thought.

"It should. That's why this can't be the mindscape. And your mindscape is the Gravity Falls mountain forests, not whatever this place is. And in no way is it my mindscape..." He joined Dipper in sky-gazing.

"Odd. Is it some type of world we keep being transported too?" The blonde sighed.

"No. It would literally be impossible for me to be here then, this isn't a physical space, that's why I'm apparently capable of being here." Dipper thought for a second.

"Then is it like some sort of mental space? But not the mindscape?" Bill hummed quietly shaking his head.

"There is no other mental space you can enter other than the mindscape and the house of memories," Bill said, taking interest in the beautiful sky for once, he never had before. It was a soft blue that stood out from the warm reds and yellows. It was filled with soft white clouds that almost looked huggable.

"Could it be that this is a fraction of one of mine or your memories then? Usually, I get here first but you were here before me today, what does that mean?" Dipper was hoping Bill wasn't annoyed with all his questions.

"That's what I'm assuming. That's probably why it has color too. But then I realized, I can't enter people's memories unless I have permission or I was one of the entities of the specific memory. So I must have been apart of this memory in its making," Bill told his theory.

"Are you saying that it's possible that you and I have been to a place like this in the past? How come neither of us remembers it then? And you can read my thoughts, so why not my memories?" puzzlement grabbed the two.

"I dunno, somethings either blocking our memories or I'm honestly clueless. But that makes me reach another point. If this was the situation, It isn't possible either, because if it was I and you, we would have to travel into another dimension or at least another universe. This place doesn't exist in a dimension or universe close to the Earth, Pinetree, let alone is it on the Earth itself... I couldn't have brought you with me or your body would have taken too much damage and died. Then we also both know if this was just a month ago there is no way either of us would have traveled somewhere together. And to your other question, thoughts aren't protected unless you want them to be, but memories are since they're locked up." Dipper looked confused for a long time, Bill had a point.

"Is there maybe a possibility that maybe- I might've traveled with you in a past life? Since I'm a symbol on your wheel, I should be one of those souls that reincarnate forever. And you always find the symbols when they're reborn. So you could've gotten to know me and we traveled to this place somehow." Bill's eyes went wide, only one being visible though.

"That's...Actually a really plausible explanation, Pinetree...." Bill was overall shocked Pinetree had been able to get a theory that could be right in so many ways. But there were a few details...

"But It'd still been odd if I had chosen you to travel with, no? Throughout my immortality, I've always hated the symbols of my wheel because I knew they were my weakness'. Especially you and Sixxer, you were always the unbearably smart ones no matter what life you were in. So what led me to take you to a place like this then?" Bill was baffled and very curious at the moment.

"I'm not sure. Is there a possibility we were friends a long time ago? We maybe just hung out casually and ended up here. And, how is it possible to travel here if I were human, you said the dimension that this place is, in reality, is really far away. And if I'm correct, your reborn symbols are bonded to this and the surrounding five dimensions only, and can't be born outside of them?" Dipper had researched a lot about demons and specifically Bill. And he had found out a fair quantity.

"It's possible we were companions. Maybe even lovers, who knows, I certainly don't remember all that of millenias+ years ago, Maybe even longer. Since the symbols on my wheel never really mattered to me, I usually don't pay attention to you all, so I don't remember too much. It's likely that's the circumstances with you."

"But if all this is correct then, I couldn't have been human for you to travel with me, could I?" Dipper knew where this was going already. He had read enough to know. However, he did ignore the small chance one of his past lives had been Bill's lover.

"You've got it, Pinetree. A very long time ago, you might possibly have been a demon like me."

A blunt silence caught the air in its grasp.

Dipper was in a faint daze due to the shock, but he did expect it, didn't he? It would explain Dipper's lack of hate for Bill compared to the others, why Bill always seemed to bother him least. Besides, when you analyzed Dipper, he wasn't exactly in perfect shape.

"D-Do you remember any of my past lives as me... Being a demonic being?" The question was whispered. Dipper had softly leaned back down and laid on the ground, closing his eyes shut and trying to calm his panic.

Half lidded golden eyes looked down at the fluffy creature in between the two. Bill genuinely didn't know how to answer it, this was all so odd to him, as ironic as it sounded.

The blonde sighed, shutting his eyes fully, and seeping into his own memories.

Dipper looked curiously with one eye at the demon he once dreaded, in truth still did a bit. The blonde had closed his eyes, furrowed his eyebrows, and was bow sitting completely still. He wondered what the demon was doing.

The brunet watched the blonde drop into his own mind, looking as if it was painful, and curiously watched with his left eye, his right eye closed shut.

Minutes passed, and Bill had yet to move, Dipper starting to get confused. What was he doing that was taking this long?

"Bill? What're you doing- Hey- you alive anymore?" After 20 minutes, or what seemed like it- could be more- this question was asked by the young adult. As much as he denied it, when he didn't get an answer, worry flooded at the back of his mind.

A damn hour later.

Bill was still in his little daze.

"Okay, Bill. Seriously. Wake up!- I-I mean please, wake up- I could wake up any moment!" Dipper had anxiety clawing at him now, whilst shaking Bill's shoulders, the blonde didn't even move at the weak force, let alone wake up.

"Argh-! You damn demon! Stop being in a- a daze- Please!" The brown-eyed boy flopped onto the grassy ground, careful to not squash the small bunny that had been sitting there half asleep the whole time.

"It's ironic that you used 'demon' to insult me, Pinetree." The voice was gleeful, but almost unnoticeably a bit grazed by shock? Wait- what?

Dipper shot up, glaring at Bill (Who know was stretching his arms and yawning).

"What did you do? You were out for more than an hour! A warning next time would be nice- Wait. What do you mean 'ironic'?" Dipper addressed Bill's comment, now fully registering it. Ironic? What did he mean by that?

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, Pinetree. Thought you were smarter than that. Wanna try guessing for a change?" Bill's face quickly shifted from worried to gleeful at random, as if he was hiding something. Dipper, fortunately, took notice of it, although he decided to not announce it out loud.

"W-was that a trick question?" Dipper was confused by now, not comprehending what the dream demon was hinting at. Surely it wasn't about Dipper's race?... Right?

"I don't know, was it?" Okay, now the bright-haired blond was just trying to be annoying.

"Uh. Well- you said my insult was ironic. So I'm assuming you found something out?" The Pines' twin looked at Bill questioningly. At the same time he asked, he kind of didn't want an answer.

"Well, I did find out about a lot of things. One of them is that your past lives had a lot of different forms. Yes, demonic too. One thing I noticed is that whenever you weren't a human, it was a mostly creatures with abilities that lean more towards the mind." A pause. Bill stared at Dipper as if he was anticipating something.


"What do you think?"

"Please don't tell me its a deal."

"If ya wanted to know more you should've been prepared for a deal, Pinetree~"

"Ugh. Fine, what is it you want?" Dipper's mood took a shift towards salty. What had he even expected? This was Bill Cipher, of course, he wouldn't give knowledge that limited to anyone without payment. No matter their recent...aquaintenceship- Bill was still Bill.

"Hmm~What do you have to offer?" The butter-blond was aggravating Dipper on purpose for sure. Bill could have said something he wanted and made everything easier. But Cipher had to make Dipper offer things until he was rendered a fool.

"Mm- I don't know. What could I possibly give you? I have nothing that you could want- oh no, no, no do not give me that look- I am certainly not helping you take over multiverse again." The brunet said angrily, turning away with a huff.

"But come on, Pinetree! I'll even let you rule beside me~ Unlike the others you have potential- yes, I am sweet-talking you- but! It's easy! Just give me a little thing that Fordsy has locked away, and all that juicy information about the past Pinetrees will be all yours." Bill flopped over Dipper's stomach, earning an "oof!".The burnet's gaze met his angrily.

Dipper eventually gave up in struggling to get Bill off and relaxed. He thought about the offer and price.

Dipper would get all the information about himself, exactly what he wanted. He would learn so many new things about himself, if his past lives had varied in races, he might as well have gone from a demon to a merman. Bill offered all of it at such a simple price, an object. Bill went as far even to say he'd make Diper his- his partner in crime? To the majority of everything that existed, that would be the biggest honor someone could receive. That would just give Dipper further advantages, if he was ruling beside Bill, he'd earn hundreds of worlds worth of knowledge.

Dipper's family had never actually considered Dipper's- Mason's well being, so why should he consider theirs. This deal was his to choose, no one else's.

"I'll...I'll think about it, after all, happiness comes before knowledge?" The brunet sounded unsure, looking at his demonic...friend with pleading eyes, he wanted some time.

"Of course, Pinetree."

Chapter Text

"Dipper! Grunkle Ford needs to talk to you!" Mabel's snide voice broke through Dipper's reading. The brunet looked up at his twin sister, looking at her very...Revealing clothing as she snarled at him. Since when had Mabel become this kind of person? Sure it was her choice to wear what she wanted, but she'd gone too far for just getting attention from outsiders.

"Okay," Dipper was too fatigued to argue, not like he did even when he wasn't tired, but this time he was just thoroughly exhausted. He had spent the whole night deliberating Bill's offer. Exactly like how he had spent the last week and the week before that. All those nights (or most of them), he would casually talk to Bill, while passively thinking about the offer once more. Getting a random object wouldn't be so hard, right? And if Bill decided to betray him, he had nothing to live for anyway.

It wasn't too far-fetched saying That Dipper was considering it.

When Dipper's feet had already dragged him to the vending machine, and his fingers had automatically pressed in the correct buttons, he thought about the offer even further. But his opinion was slowly changing for the better (In Bill's opinion).

"Mason," A raspy voice said, seeming shaken up at the end. The brunet looked up at his great-uncle, weary eyes observing the older man's expression. Stanford appeared to be a little reluctant, what was on the man's mind?

"Stanford. What do you need, sir?" Is wasn't until recently that Dipper had been taught to refer to his great-uncle as "sir." The younger twin appeared to have lost all the respect Ford once held for him and was now merely a lab rat to one of his own family.

"Sit down, Mason. I have a new... Gadget, I'd like to see the reaction of someone like you towards it," Ford had disappeared into the lab once again, he appeared to be looking for the said "gadget." The young brunet couldn't help the twinge of fear building up in his stomach, this was Ford. The man might be old. Still, he had spent almost a decade in a demonic dimension; the man was mighty. He knew exactly how to make Dipper feel like the most worthless person among all humankind.

Dipper's thoughts of general depression were interrupted by a grunt from his great-uncle. The forty-year-old man was arriving from his corner in the lab, but this time was carrying a metal box. Dipper noticed it was holding a lot of unique jewels within it.

"So, Mason. Do you see this?" Ford held up a glowing blue crystal, it resembled a sapphire, although it was sharper and looked to be glowing in the dark space of the lab.

"Yes, sir." Dipper looked uncertainly at the gem, the core of the crystal was luring Dipper to it. The stone was so beautiful, but the aura defied its appearance, dangerous and threatening.

"lie down." It was a demand; thus, Dipper knew better than to oppose him. The brunet sauntered over to the metal table in the center of the room, and nimbly lied down onto it.

Ford didn't hesitate to go along with the usual treatment and went right ahead to fasten all Dipper's limbs onto the table. Mason squirmed uncomfortably on the harsh surface, his skin cutting painfully against all the cuffs keeping him down.

The pale grey-haired adult sat the box down onto a counter and reached forward toward a drawer right beneath the desk. He grabbed his typical pair of greenish gloved and put them onto his rough hands with a scowl. They were still stained by blood from the last experiment he commenced, the red splotches were going to be hard to get out.

After having prepared his skin for the contact between them and his nephew, he grabbed the clear blue stone and stared at it.

The crystal was one of the objects stubbornly against all demonic creatures, no matter how weak or strong. If a demon came in contact with the glassy rock, it would result in an immediate reaction of pure pain along with lots and lots of blood. In truth, the aftermath is what made Ford hesitant to use the weapon.

Stanford frowned, what was making him this hesitant? He shouldn't care about smudges on his clothes, what mattered was to find out if his own nephew really was one of those demons.

The twin of Stanley Pines staring broke off and switched onto a frightened Dipper Pines. Suddenly, a malicious smirk painted Ford's lips. Oh, he'd always wanted to use this crystal, he never got a chance with Bill because of his abrupt return. But now, he could. Ford's throat bubbled with excitement at the prospect of his sister's son truly being a demon. Ford could have so much fun.

Dipper's eyes shone with confusion and fear, he was not thrilled to find out what the purpose of the gem was. It might be the prettiest stone Dipper had ever seen, but it had by far the most hateful aura around it; honestly, it made his thoughts flash to Bill. Mason couldn't help but let a pretty blush faintly cloud his checks. What was he thinking?

Ford thudding steps ripped the blush from Dipper's face, now wasn't the time to be happy, it seemed. His mother's brother was creepily looking at him. Soon enough, the man was bringing the stone closer and closer to Dipper's face. Before Dipper could register it, the glimmering gem was right in front of his timid eyes.

The next thing he knew, Ford was using his other hand to push his messy bangs out of the way.

Then came the pain.

The crystal had finally made contact with his forehead, and the pain he felt as a result was by far the most agonizing suffering he had ever felt. Not even Bill's nightmares could beat it, it was like dying through drowning in icy water over and over and over again. Feeling the pain of the ice-cold water makes its way through his water, feeling his lungs give up on him. He could almost imagine it with how accurate the pain was.

The suffering didn't stop for about three minutes. All Dipper could hear was the blood-curling screams that belonged to himself, the blood gushing out of his birthmark. It hurt, it hurt so, so, so much.

Then it was gone.

The aftermath was even worse in Dipper's opinion. All he felt was the sizzling gash on his forehead, the raw aching of every single use he had. His nerves were on fire, seething within his body. His heart was racing; quicker than humanly possibly, Dipper thought it might as well run away from him.

It took a while, maybe 10 painful minutes, but Dipper managed to bring his gaze to Ford. He observed the terrified face of his family member, Ford looked so damn terrified but so incredibly happy at the same time. What was it? What was going on?! Why was Dipper not aloud to know?!

"You really are one of them..." One of who? Who was alike?! What did Ford mean?!

"..." Dipper simply cried out at the pain of just stirring a finger. How was he going to walk after this? He couldn't even move. Dipper barely noticed the blood that seeped down his face from the massive wound on his forehead. His vision was getting awfully obscure, actually, how had he not passed out yet?

Then his wish came true, Dipper Pines passed out like a candle in front of a fan. His head hit the side of the table, prompting a soft thud.


Ford gazed at the unconscious form of his nephew. The boy had been awake for a more extended period after the experiment than Ford had intended; what did that say about the boy's power?

The bloodied body of his sister's son was a breathtaking view. It made Ford happy in many ways, no matter the force and control the boy could have, Ford had that most control in the situation. Ford had actually managed to damage a twentieth of a demon's power, which was a lot considering the extent of Mason's strength.

Ford decided to leave the boy in place and wait till the teen is awake, or until Ford chose to come back to the lab at least. That brought on more ideas; demons don't need sleep, food, or any variety of energy source humans need. Ford could leave Dipper in a cage for several days, without anything else, and the boy would only suffer, but not die.

But Dipper was dangerous. Ford should have seen this coming five years ago, the boy's scanning had given him such strange results. He'd really been so overcast by "love" for his nephew; he couldn't admit to himself that Dipper could've been something else other than human.

Dipper's power range went beyond anything Ford could have planned for. It reminded Stanford of a particular triangle demon. Though it was a possibility. Dipper could also be another type of creature that was only demonic, like how vampires held demonic energy but weren't really demons. He did know that Dipper's birthmark was more than well- a birthmark. It was the gift of a constellation, the gift bestowed onto such a foolish child by an astral god.

However, now Stanford needed to make sure that every single drop of willpower would be sucked out of the boy. Every ounce of power stripped for him, he would make Dipper into a simple, worthless human forever in pain for being such a disgusting creature.


The brunet woke up in the vast golden field with a yawn. His chestnut hair was disheveled, sticking out in numerous directions.

Dipper sat up, grunting at his action. He was unbelievably tired, he hadn't slept in four days due to insomnia and overthinking. Bill's constant offering of deals was really getting to him.

"Ah, shit..." Dipper said, touching his forehead, he brushed his fingers across the large gash across his forehead. It was basically like a cross, telling others that the birthmark was not supposed to be there.

Gradually the teen decided to sit up from his place among the soft yellow grass seeming to soothe him through gentle touches.

The young adult strolled through the vast field with wide eyes, trying to locate the figure of his demonic friend. Although all he could see was golden grass, distant reddish mountains, and the pale blue sky coated in clouds. The blond wouldn't be easy to find, always in a yellow or white sweater, pale skin with golden hair and eye. Either brown or black pants, the demon was positively camouflaged in the field.

It took a while, roughly a quarter of an hour, but Dipper could see a vague shape moving out of sync with the grass. 'Must be Bill. The coffee-brown-haired boy walked towards the other, enjoying the cold breeze balancing out the warm sun rays. When he actually thought about it, this dream-planet was a lot like a dream place for Dipper.

"Hey, Bill-" The words were never finished. Dipper's jaw hung silently when he saw what Bill was up to.

The golden-haired demon was sitting crisscrossed by a small rock in the field. The face of the beast was covered in a broad smile, his cheeks coated in delicate rosy blush that stood out from the olive skin. The blond's eye was glowing gold, filled with visible happiness. Then came the heart-warming part. Bill was surrounded by five bunnies, all in different shades of brown, and appeared to be telling them a story. Each and every bunny was staring at him with wide black eyes, listening carefully to the words Bill was saying. The rabbits were huddled up close to him, laying down in comfy positions. They seemed to sure that the demon wouldn't hurt them; even Dipper was almost convinced. For a second, If Dipper hadn't known Bill, he'd think the blond was sane human.

"-and then I thew half that dimension at them at full force! Oh! They bled so much! I had to use magic just to get out the stains from my bow tie-" Nevermind, Bill was still good old demonic Bill. Nevertheless, the bunnies seemed to be enjoying the talk profusely. Dipper swore he saw some of the rabbits' laugh. Did everything fancy people's pain these days?

Still, Dipper couldn't help but smile whole-heartedly at the scene.

"Bill?" Dipper smiled at Bill, approaching him. Bill stopped his monologue, looking up and toward his wheel symbol.

"Pinetree! You're here- holy Satan- what happened to you?!" Bill exclaimed, causing the bunnies to look over at Dipper, too. Though as soon as they did, they became rigid and all together scurried into Bill's lap in fright of Dipper's appearance.

Bill, however, shooed the bunnies off of his lap, though having to lift up the youngest and smallest by hand. The blond then stood up and scrambled quickly over to Dipper, a frown on his face as he looked at the large gash across Dipper's unique birthmark.

Bill Cipher lifted up Dipper's bangs gently, brushing his fingers across the dried-up gash softly. Who- what... What had dared hurt something so precious of Bill's? Who thought they had the authority to as much as touch Pinetree- his property-?!

"Who did this to you, sapling?" Bill glanced at Dipper with such a worried gaze; it nearly made Dipper suspicious.

"It's...It...It was just an accident- I accidentally tripped and- and my forehead hit something sharp..." No, Dipper couldn't tell someone with the potential of being an enemy one of his weaknesses. He couldn't... No matter Bill's sudden worry for Dipper, Dipper couldn't trust him that much.

Bill's eye landed on Dipper's, searching through Dipper's forest-eyes. The blond kind of looked disappointed as if he knew Dipper was lying and was sad about it.

"Pinetree. Who did it? I won't use it against you, 'kay? We're on the same side now." Dipper wasn't sure what to make of the last comment, Dipper might not be able to see himself on the side of his family. But he had never admittedly contemplated being on the demon's ide, either.

"I..." Could he really tell him? Could Dipper really tell Bill what had actually happened? Did he trust a mind demon enough for that?

"It was just an accident, Bill."

The blond's look was enough to confirm that Bill didn't believe him a single bit,


"Bill- since when did you adore bunnies this much?" Dipper's talk broke Bill out of his cuddling with all the (now) ten bunnies.

"Well, I never thought about them before, but now that I actually considered as much as looking at them without killing them, they're the cutest things ever." Bill smiled and snuggled all the bunnies draped over his laying form. Dipper laughed at the sight, the mighty demon Bill Cipher, was now laying on the ground as a human covered in bunnies.

Dipper's laughing got cut off by a teasing comment from Bill.

"But none of them are as cute as you, Pinetree." Bill looked at Dipper with his signature smirk, gleeful eyes, and a visible blush at his own comment.

Dipper turned so red he looked like he was on fire. Of all things, he'd think Bill would say this was not one of them. The blush coloring Dipper's formerly pale cheeks were enough to set Bill off into laughter. Dipper closed his eyes and covered his face with his hands- mentally screaming. He was not used to compliments, and Bill just called him cute; it might have been for a joke, but it still made Dipper more embarrassed than he'd ever been.

Oh, he was going to get Bill back for that.

Embarrassment? The theme was making the other turn red? Dipper would so do it. Besides, seeing Bill Cipher, being embarrassed, would be the biggest accomplishment of Dipper's.

So, Dipper Pines did the first thing that came to his mind that would actually make Bill flustered.

He kissed Bill's cheek.

It was only a moment, less even, and Dipper sat up again. Bill was no longer laughing and had wide eyes, his mouth agape as Bil stared ta the sky. It took a while for Bill to finally react.

The blond's reaction was priceless. Bill's face went from his usually pale skin to a blossoming red in a few moments, then Bill's pupil took the shape of a heart (which made Dipper laugh even harder.) Cipher's hands lifted up from the bunnies, and he slapped them across the sides of his face, now a full-blown red. Dipped had done it; he had made Bill Cipher flustered enough for his entire posture to change. Dipper laughed harder than he thought he was capable of, this was something he would never forget.

"P-Pinetree- I- I- uh- Pinetree I-" Bill spluttered incorrectly, thoroughly abashed. He knew it was revenge after how many times Bill had jokingly flirted with Dipper, so he'd predicted something alike would eventually happen, but a kiss?! Dipper had more guts than Bill had imagined! Oh, Satan- Bill was making a fool of himself.

"God...I can't believe it worked!I've never seen you blush this much!" Dipper looked at Bill with wonder, his eyes lit up with such amusement and peace, it made Bill calm. Since he had shown up in Dipper's dreams, he'd never actually seen Dipper be this happy. The boy always seemed so down- honestly, he still looked like entirely depressed.

"F-Fine, you got me... Gotta admit, Pinetree, I didn't see that coming. Points to you, kid." Bill sat up, the bunnies spread everywhere, jumping off him and settling on splotches of moss. Bill really liked this human; he was always filled with surprised and seemed to actually enjoy Bill's presence, compared to all the other living things that feared him.

Even with the broken reality, the two found themselves in peace in each other's presence.

Chapter Text

Dipper woke up to a blurry view of the lab wall, blobs of different greys and blues were all Dipper could see the first few seconds after waking up.

He was undoubtedly tired; he was more than just exhausted. The first thing he registered with his half-asleep brain was that he was in his great-uncle's lab, though strapped down onto a table. Strange, didn't Ford usually let him go after experiments?

After a few long, lonely moments, pain joined Dipper's situation. Agony flooded his muscles as if he'd just gone through a damn war. He only then noticed how blood was distinctively flowing down from his forehead, slowly. However, at a steady pace, blood passed his eyes and nose and onto his clothes and the table.

All his limbs were sore, a distant pain dwelling in them. The low-set pain just made Dipper uncomfortable and tense. He would preferably feel an excruciating pain then tensely waiting for the pain that would soon make its appearance.

"Sir...?" Dipper attempted to call out his "master." Who knew why Ford was so insistent on being addressed as a superior, and from Dipper specifically. Humans were odd things to Dipper; of course, he was too, inside that category. Although Mason was so different from everyone else in a lot of people's opinions, in his own opinion, also, he was a bit too different and weird to be like others.

No response. Was no one there? Dipper couldn't hear anything; his ears felt clogged.

The brunet blinked a couple of times. He lifted his head from the edge of the table to turn it. The table/"bed." was right beside a wall or close to it, at least. When Mason passed out, his head must've fallen to the side.

When the teen's head slowly and painfully rolled passed the ceiling, and his eyes met the other side of the room, Dipper hissed. There sat Ford in his standard wooden chair with a cup of what seemed to be coffee. The man was looking at him with distaste, his eyes narrowed, and his mouth set in a permanent scowl. Ford looked at Dipper with observing yet hateful eyes, sipping his coffee now and then.

"Sir...? Can I please go to my room?" Oh, Dipper really, truly hated that man for sure. Still, he hated himself a hundred times more for being so vulnerable and stooping low enough to call his own family, "sir." How? How did this even occur? He still so dearly needed an answer for the hostility he endured daily.

"No, Mason. I have decided to keep you in the lab for now. You will only leave to finish your chores. Otherwise, you are to stay here."

And just like that, Dipper's already broken world wholly shattered.

The only things that had ever kept Dipper from cracking into a million piece vase had been his journal, his books, and the woods. But he couldn't have any of those anymore. All that had ever kept him intact was now gone with just a couple of words. He needed to be in the lab. He had to be in the lab now.

"But- but I can't stay here- Ford please-" It was too late when Dipper realized the mistake he'd so foolishly made. Oh, how Dipper had messed up.

Ford's face darkened unnaturally, his brown eyes almost black. The scowl that had previously been on Ford's lips had let out a growl and was now a snarl. His posture changed utterly, his shoulders tense with anger. He was standing up and stalking toward the table that held a terrified Dipper.

"What did you call me?" The grey-haired man's firm hand wrapped around Dipper's sore throat, squeezing the soft yet scarred skin. The man's nephew cried out at the action, fear evident in his voice. The squeezing was becoming unwaveringly harder, hurting more and more.

"I'm-I'm sorry- p-please-" The mocha eyed teen whimpered uselessly, he could do nothing regarding any of this. He couldn't do a thing about the one hand cutting off his air supply. He felt so weak because of this, so worthless. He couldn't even defend himself from his own family.

"Where is it? The disobedience? Show me the eyes of that creature, show me your true nature, you filthy liar!" Dipper looked desperately at the man, trying anything that would make the man consider stopping. It hurt, Dipper's lungs burned at the lack of oxygen that was usually there. His throat was hurting from the tight grip inflicting pressure on it. He already had knife scars on his throat due to to...some events. Therefore Ford's sudden assault was close to opening up the wounds.

For that matter- What eyes? What was Ford trying to do? What did the ridiculous man mean by "true nature?" Dipper's thoughts soon became un-understandable when the weight on his throat became too much. He was too focused on trying to get off Ford to attempt thinking about the things the man was yelling.

"Stop.." Dipper's eyes were becoming droopy, sliding shut when his body's lack of air started to narrow Dipper's consciousness. The poor boy had nowhere near enough energy to fight off his great uncle's unyielding grip, let alone with his hands tied.

Ford's eyes widened, and he clicked his tongue. His nephew wasn't showing any signs of demonic behavior. Had Ford done this to another demon, they would have broken through the straps of the table and gladly fought back. Dipper- the boy wasn't even changing in appearance. Ford was putting the boy in a deadly scenario, but the brunet's pupils hadn't turned to slits despite it.

The man's rough hands left the skin of the boy's throat, letting his nephew breathe again. The brunet gasped, taking in as much as oxygen he could with each heave he let out. Nevertheless, the bandages around Dipper's throat had loosened, splotches of blood leaking through the white appendage. The gashes were slit open within the cloth, bleeding like there was no tomorrow.

"Nothing. I suppose I'll have to try harder. But trust me, Mason, by the end of this summer, you'll be wishing you were dead, and I'll have every ounce of proof your not what you're pretending to be." The man was determined to stop the demonic being in his home. His whole life, he'd lived to fight off demons and save humanity. Though the first moments in the Nightmare Realm, breathing its toxic air, quickly doubled his ambitions. Never had he been this resolved to get rid of all demonic entities.

By the alarms that went off on his computer with each scan, with each holy item that went in contact with Dipper, Ford was further sure that the boy wasn't human.

But why kill it? He had a demonic being in his grasp, chained down and under his control. All the information he could get! He might even be able to extract the evil power from the boy. Possibly strip the boy of the Astral abilities the gods had given him, no matter how disrespectful it would be towards them. But Ford didn't care; the gods were all nonhuman as well, Astral Gods were demonic, and Ford didn't peaceably make talk insane things.

Dipper looked helplessly at the smirking Ford. His great-uncle seemed to be buried in thought and didn't appear to catch Diper's hopeless gaze. The brown-haired teen could practically feel the harmful intentions, slowly crawling up his skin.

Dipper suffered on the inside, quietly hurting to himself. There was nobody that could understand his pain, no one that could help him get out of his misery. He was doomed by fate to stay miserable till he dies, wasn't he? Until now, he'd never felt the warm feeling of love- of affection-



Bill had given him affection. In Cipher's own messed up way, the blond had shown Dipper he cared. It took about two months, but Bill had demonstrated that he was fond of Dipper. Dipper was far too ceratin that Bill had ulterior motives, but he couldn't help but swim in the fake affection Bill had shown him lately. The blond had cared for Dipper's wounds in the dreams or as much as possible, considering they didn't render in the mindscape (or whatever that place was). How ironic, the only place a human had ever felt comfort was within the presence of a demon.

Dipper's eyes teared up, what if Ford's lab canceled out dreams- or demonic mind stuff? Whatever it was- what if Dipper couldn't talk to Bill anymore...? Even if Bill was to one day back-stab him, the affection he'd Dipper had received almost addicting. The brunet's eyes were foggy and close to leaking. He chuckled lightly. There was no humor in the empty noise he had let out, just indescribable pain. Oh, how it hurt to know everything was now officially sealed for him.

Ford looked out of his box, glancing at his (soon would not be) nephew with confusion. Why was the boy laughing? Had he finally gone insane? The old adult raised his eyebrows when he saw tears on the edge of those empty eyes of his family member. Sometimes Stanford wondered if it could have been different.

He shook his head to himself, sighing in unwanted remorse. Why was he so suddenly feeling guilty? Why was he feeling guilty at all, in this case? Dipper was some species of demon, not his nephew. There was nothing the man should regret doing, the treatment he was giving- it was good! In the end, before Dipper finally gives in, he'll thank Ford, willingly giving his demonic essence away. Ford knew it.

"How long have I been asleep?" Ford decided to dismiss the lack of "sir" in the question; he had projects that were notably more important. Moreover, the boy sounded like he wasn't conscious of what he was asking.

"Three days."

Silence followed.

Stanford looked back down at the liquid in his anti-demonic crate. The fluid was made out of only holy materials, as in the ingredients were sacred, and all had only pure intents. With Dipper, the contact would be deadly and painful unless Dipper had wards on himself (which Dipper hadn't dared to do.)

The grey-brunet frowned, looking up at his nephew, who was in a daze. Sometimes Ford wished he could see what he was thinking- so he could get knowledge. He turned to Dipper, holding the potion in his left hand and gently shaking it to mix it up better.

"Now, Mason. Today, we're going to see what happens if you come in contact with a potion produced out of fairy dust and unicorn hair."


"Mabel- how come Dipper isn't here?" Mabel pines stopped talking, her monologue broken with the shock of the sudden question.

The brunette looked over to one of her best friends, Pacifica Northwest. Ever since Weirdmaggedon, the Northwests have quieted down, and Pacifica took the "throne." The blonde was a nice girl, still snooty and a bit of a bully, but much more pleasant and willing to associate with the town's folk. Mabel, like always, had taken it upon herself to befriend Pacifica directly.

But she knew that Pacifica had a crush on her brother, oh, she knew since the day after Dipper had banished the woodsman's ghost. Because on that faithful morning, The Northwest heir had asked a bit too much about Dipper. So it wasn't a big surprise that Pacifica would eventually ask Mabe where her brother had suddenly gone.

"Oh- Dippin' Dots is a bit sick right now- mom said he'd got a lousy fever! But I'll say Hi to him for you! Now, where was I-" Mabel's cheery voice brought reassurance to Pacifica. Mabel was a fantastic twin, sometimes the blonde wish the two could be sisters, never had Pacifica met such an amazing and kind girl.

Yet, Pacifica couldn't help but be the slightest it suspicious. Dipper still hadn't shown up to meet her even though on and a half months had passed; there were only around three weeks left until his and Mabel's birthday. Pacifica knew that Dipper was planning to stay in Gravity Falls the next few years, though Mabel was going to New York. That's why the blonde hadn't bothered being worried, but that concern was slowly developing into a bunch of rocks in her stomach. The Northwests' daughter might have a crush on him, but despite that, she was still troubled as a mere friend.

"But for two whole months? Can you have a fever that long? Do you mind if I go see him today?" Pacifica's calm yet panicked voice cut Mabel's story once again. She was well-taught in manners and knew not to disrupt talking, but honestly, she became more and more worried every time she got told she couldn't meet Dipper!

The ash-blonde looked a bit confused at Mabel's panic-stricken face. As soon as the blonde had asked, Mabel had become nervous, but when she asked to meet Dipper, she almost looked like she was afraid. What was so bad about Mabel's brother that Pacifica couldn't even meet her friend?

"Well- uh- I guess! Of course, you can! But it's up to old great-uncle Stanley! He's very strict about who visits y' know! I would love to if you met him- but he's very sick, so I'm pretty sure Dippin' sauce wouldn't be able to..." She grinned with shiny white teeth, patting Pacifica's knees a bit roughly. It nearly felt as if it was a warning not to keep asking. Pacifica had learned all about gestures throughout her childhood, so she noted the passive sign quickly. But this was Mabel- she wouldn't.

Nonetheless, the blonde subconsciously questioned the grin; it didn't seem as bright as the others she had received.

"Does that mean I can meet him, or not?" Pacifica chuckled softly with a smile when she saw Mabel comment about how Grenda's new dress "would make boys sway." The brunette spun and swung her arm atop the pale-skinned teen and laughing sadly.

"Y'know what, Pacy? I have something I've decided to share with you- actually, I would like to tell all of you. It feels wrong to hide it..." Her whole demeanor suddenly turned stiff and sorrowful. Was this secret why Mabel had been acting so off lately? Pacifica frowned in worry, was she okay? She looked on the brink of tears when she motioned for all of them to sit down.

Candy and Grenda shared a weird look but sat down on the bench with a worried glance. Pacifica looked at the space next to Mabel and speedily, but gracefully, held her yellow sundress to sit down beside her. Her amber eyes settled on Mabel's tired face; just now, she noticed the way makeup was covering eye-bags. Or perhaps it was makeup creating eyebags?

'Or maybe I'm paranoid.' She thought to herself bitterly.

"So...Um- I want to talk about Dipper. Something wrong with him, a-and I haven't told anyone yet. I want to say to all of you because you're my best friends- and I-I know you think of him as a friend in some way- but I need to tell you this... Dipper- he isn't what he seems." She said with foggy vision, her lips trembling.

"He's awful. He's been having these- these tantrums- he breaks stuff and yells- I can't even begin on how many things he's yelled at mom and dad. At one point, he even hurt me..." Mabel slowly lifted her sleeve to show a small scar along her forearm. It was white and mostly invisible from a distance, but with a close up you could see it. "He- He threw a knife at me, and it cut me here..."

Pacifica looked at the olf wound with horror. She was beyond mortified, the one she liked hurt his own family? On purpose?! The blonde noticed how all the traces of affection for Dipper was slowly vanishing, withering into nothing.

Candy and Grenda looked equally horrified; they had considered Dipper a brother (Candy once a bit different). They had never known Mabel and went through so much pain, and that Dipper had done it.

"Mom and Dad took him to a doctor the last year, and they t-told us Dipper isn't mentally okay..." Mabel shook, tears spilling from her eyes.

"They told us he-he was...They told us that Dipper is close to being insane."


When Mabel had gotten home and sat in her glittering room, she started laughing. Her laugh was empty but filled with amusement and maliciousness.

They had fallen for her facade! The eyebags she had were the reward of a tutorial; she had practiced a jiffy until she could make false eyebags. Now she could talk its sudden disappearance off as "Getting that off my chest helped me sleep."

She knew that they had only taken Dipper to the doctor for yearly checkups until he'd turned ten, and all those times, he'd been perfectly healthy in both ways. Mabel, as well. Her parents had told her he wasn't okay. Still, she had already heard the man say he was "perfectly okay," However, she had played along in her parents' game because- well, it was fun!

And that scar she had shown them was from a biking accident from when she was eleven. She had tried to trip Dipper when he was biking by purposefully hitting into him with her bike. Though, when she had, she accidentally tripped, too. When Mabel had fallen off her bike, Dipper had dropped on top of her. With that, Mabel had been "pushed" to the ground and cut her arm on a sharp stone.

Naturally, she had lied that Dipper had pushed her off and forced her to the ground. With her (actual) tears and blood and the unwounded Dipper, they easily believed her.

Tragically, the wound scarred and had yet to fade completely. It was annoying; it stood out wherever Mabel wore sleeveless clothing. But whatever, she always used makeup to cover it up.

Mason never dared to yell, even when dad would beat him, so that was a laugh. He had never done anything terrible; the boy had always been entirely passive in everything and had never disobeyed anyone.

The brunette grinned into her glittered mirror.


"Pinetree, 'you okay?"

Bill's bothered voice seemed to have stopped Dipper's daydreaming. The coco-haired teen looked at the demon, his eyes a bit wide as he registered the question.

"You've been acting a bit off. And it looks like every time you come here, I see a new set of bandages. Why is that?" Bill's walked towards the boy, stopping his "Rolling around in the grass for fun."

Bill had noticed how Pinetree always came to the dreamscape/mindscape/planet/eh with a new pair of scars every time. Cipher couldn't help get a bit too curious in the end; after all, the two had been talking for almost two months now. The bloodied bandages on Dipper's neck bothered him most, though. Of all places one could be injured, that was the most dangerous. The demon wasn't exactly affectionate for Pinetree, though a bit happier around him than others. However, he still couldn't help but get anxious.

And for every single time Dipper would laugh off his questions with a sad smile, Bill almost popped a vein.

If his property was getting damaged, bIll was going to do something about it. He knew Pinetree disliked becoming declared someone's claim, but with him being on Bil's wheel, he had no choice.

"Oh, uh... Well, y' know, the usual woods adventures, nothing to worry about." Pinetree shrugged and rolled his eyes shakily. Bill slapped away the grass surrounding them and looked at Dipper. For the first time, Bill noticed how really tired Dipper looked.

Eyebags, wrinkles by his eyes. Heavy eyelids, constant shaking, thin and frail body. Tired posture, obviously on the edge of slumber. The boy's clothes looked dirty, unclean, and hung on the boy instead of snuggly fitting in. The hair was always dishevelled, ragged, and in what reminded Bill of a bush that just experienced a fire.

"Pinetree, you're not telling me something..." BIll's pale, manicured hand found it's the way to Dipper's hair. It sat it on top of the messy mop. It was a beautiful ash-brown. It was a chocolate brown with hazel at the tips but also had a pale hazelnut hue to it that created an elegant effect that Bill adored.

Like Dipper had taught him, Bill softly moved his hand, aloft the swab of hair, taking in the unbelievable softness. It was slightly greasy, and Bill could feel some of the wetness- feeling of collected fat. But other than that, Bill's eyes assembled stars at the cloudy mellowness.

Dipper laughed and blushed. His cheeks dusted a pale peach, lighting up the deathly pale skin. With the glow from the sun, the red blush of Dipper, along with happiness radiating off the human, Pinetree was practically glowing.

"What are you doing? I'm not one of your pet bunnies." He snickered, leaning into the hand. Oh, Dipper could gladly accept it if this was some weird Stockholm Syndrome, an insane action for a human and a demon because he was happier than ever. How long had it been since someone last and touched Dipper in such a comforting way? Without a price?

"Oh shut it, Pinetree. You're a bunny to me." Bill smirked, closing his eyes assuredly. The demon was happy with himself with the positive reaction he got from his comment. Dipper closed his eyes and softly laughed, leaning towards Bill to be more comfortable.

Bill smiled in bold confidence; Dipper had leaned in first, so Pinetree had made a move to get comfy. The blonde scooted closer to the other, slinging his forearm around his shoulders and continued to pet his hair. The brunet chuckled, laying his head on the taller's shoulder.

Bill licked his lips at the affectionate gesture, feeling oddly warm as blood rushed up to his pale cheeks. Bill wasn't sure to this day if he like the feeling or not, it as honestly just fascinating to explore, and the feeling humans called "happy" was appealing to him. Cipher snickered to himself, laying his warm cheek on Mason's fluffy hair.

"And you're my bunny,"

Chapter Text

A yawn invaded the desolate silence in the lab room. The brunet-source slowly opened his mocha eyes. The boy had just woken up from one of the recent experiments, a sacred object infused with holy items, it resembled a pair of scissors though Dipper hadn't imagined that Ford would cut into him with them.

The weapon had left a cut mark right under his arm; Mason was about entirely sure it would never go. It was all blue-red and made a large bruise on his forearm, an ugly one at that. The scar still resided in the midst of it, standing out boldly. He wasn't sure how long he'd been passed out it this time, maybe a few hours, perhaps a few days.

"Ugh..." He groaned, shifting in his tight spot. His wrists were still painfully embraced by handcuffs that dug into his flesh. His ankles were hugged snuggly by a pair of shackles each, as well. The confinement all rendered him unable to move; all he could do was squirm.

The prior experiments he'd transpired through, including the potion, had been the most dreadful things Mason had gone through in his life. Sure, getting beaten by people that should love you was heart-breaking, but the pain of those burns hit its way to top place for pain. The injuries were almost mental, he felt like something got ripped away every time one of those things touched him, yet Ford refused to tell him what they did.

'I suppose I'll wait until he comes down here.' He thought to himself with a frown. The brunet puffed out his cheek and flattened onto the table, continuing to stare at the molted ceiling. He was un-deniably sore; it hurt to breathe.

An hour passed like a second to Dipper.

He had been in his thoughts, occupied in his self-pity, along with suspiciousness of Bill. The blond was a bit too nice to Dipper; it just couldn't be real. He had given in to the passion, yes, but that didn't mean he relied on it.

Then an angry-looking Stanford Pines stumbled down the stairs into the silent room.

"Mason!" Dipper's chocolate eyes snapped open, already staring at Ford before he had even reopened his eyes. The grey-haired adult was staring at him with fire in his eyes. Hatred fueling the flaming mess of utter despise.

"Yes, sir?" There was always that slight shake in Dipper's tone; he did fear Ford; his great-uncle had proved himself capable of inflicting more pain than the disordered boy had ever thought.

"They're asking for you; I wish I knew why one would want to. That Northwest girl wants to see you." The spat out the words with the bitterness of a lime. He was very displeased that he had to let his lab rat go this early after demanding not too, but! It was only temporary! Ford knew he had every right to drag back his nephew into the damned room afterward. Actually, perhaps he could keep him here...? after all, the boy was a bit of a danger.

Dipper's eyes lit up with stars and tears; someone wanted to see him? He was going to leave the lab, after so many days? It had been almost two weeks since he'd first gotten told to stay there. Dipper realized he hadn't seen the sun in two weeks now, how pale must he be now? He hadn't talked to anyone or had any positive interactions for so long.

"Will I get to see her, sir?" Ford glared ta him for a few moments, scowling deeply. Then the man grunted and rubbed his temples, slowly admitting to defeat. The outsiders couldn't be kept away without any further suspicions rising, so Ford had no choice but to let them talk for a minute.

"Yes, you will."

The stillness following the short answers started to gather stress. Ford wasn't making the slightest move to unlock Dipper's bonds, as if Dipper was going to speak to Pacifica chained up. No, Stanford had some intelligence, the man knew to make someone talk to him while Dipper got restrained like an animal would be especially skeptical.

"Are you going to untie me, sir?" His voice was small and broken like it had been the whole week. Screaming in pain for hours never did anything good for your tongue, and the fear Dipper was undergoing was ripping apart his voice.



So. Mason was upset to say at least when he'd gotten left subdued while his great-uncle went up to fetch Pacifica. His own family was too insistent he was some- some disease that they wouldn't even let him stand up without chains and talk to a friend.

All Ford had done was drag Dipper into a metal anti-magic (though Dipper wasn't aware of that part) chair and chained up Dipper again. Although this time, the brunet was covered in chains everywhere, he'd even gotten threatened if "anything funny happens."

What did they think Dipper was? A wizard?! All Mason was capable of was suffering and chanting spells from the journals he kept, he barely even knew any spells! The boy was too fearful of trying healing magic on himself. He was honestly so defenseless he wouldn't be able to protect himself against an imp.

Maybe, just maybe, Pacifica would try to convince his family to let him go. She knew the truth; she knew that Dipper was normal! Pacifica just had to convince them, he trusted her! She was his only real friend after the last summer they'd spent here.

"Dipper?" A low voice hindered Dipper out of his teary seething. It was soft and silky, but he sensed unknown anger in it. He knew it was female, and it belonged to a particular Northwest.

"Paz?" Oh, Dipper hadn't ever been very fond of dear Pacifica. When he still held love for Mabel, he used to share her opinion. So in truth, He used to hate the platinum-blonde. He had just somehow ended up befriending her after the whole ghost incident years ago.

A growl of disgust emitted from the stairs. Thuds followed as Pacifica approached Dipper, turning from the staircase wall soon enough to see Dipper's pathetic state.

"Pacifica!" He smiled broadly, his spirits lighting up quickly. He couldn't deny that Pacifica was his only friend and that she was the only one he could trust, despite the irony. He'd been so excited to meet the blonde again, but the duties he had at the shack, Pacifica's role in the town, the experiments, society had all kept the two from meeting again. The brown-haired teen couldn't help but put trust in the small flicker of hope that started to spark in his chest; this might be his pass to the exit.

But then, that tiny light decided to betray Mason Pines. Oh, how it hurt when his no-longer friend spoke those words. Never had Dipper felt such a wave of betrayal and sorrow drown him before. He'd believed again, despite how many times he'd promised himself he would give up his foolish faith in hope. Hope was betrayal, it never actually did anything except make you sadder.

But it was painful, so painful. Dipper didn't feel much emotion these days, but those words sent a fresh basket of emotions to him.

"Don't talk to me like you care, you insane demon."


"W-what...?" he looked at the Northwest successor in confusion. What did she mean, demon? Insane? His eyes welled up with hurt tears, he wasn't a crybaby, but that just hit him when he least expected it, in a vulnerable and happy state.

"I know what y-you did.. You can't fool me anymore, you- you damn traitor!" Her hands formed into fists as she walked closer to her former-friend.

Dipper started up at her tense form with a gaping mouth and evident bewilderment. What was she going on about? He hadn't done anything; he was practically invisible.

"What do you mean? I haven't done anything, P-Paz." He attempted to get to her to get through whatever was clouding her judgment. Had someone told her something? Because he sure as hell was not a demon, he was glad to say he was a full-blooded human.

"Oh, stop lying! I know now, and I'm so sorry I believed your act! I know you hurt her, all of them! You can't mislead me anymore!" Pacifica was close to being face to face with Dipper, though their expressions were very different.

Pacifica's eyes were bloodshot and looked like they were build up out of hatred. Her face was red with burning anger, veins visible in certain places due to her tension. Her hands were so very tightly built into fists her knuckles turned white.

Dipper, on the other hand, looked like he'd seen something so co confusing he couldn't even be shocked enough. His eyes were coated with a wet liquid, however, and his eyes displaying hurt. His hands were tied together behind him so that nothing could move there, but he had the urge to twist his wrist until they broke because of the amount of sadness he felt. Was he losing Pacifica now, too?

"I haven't done anything! What are you saying?!" Dipper raised his voice in sorrow and frustration; he didn't understand what was going on! He hadn't done anything; Mason hadn't even left the house since he had gotten here, certainly not the since he got locked up in the basement, let alone been able to do something for his benefit.

"I know you hurt your family! I know you hurt Mabel! How could you!? She loves you so much; she almost sacrificed everything for you! Is hatred is how you repay her?! You're not even human, are you?!" Pacific Northwest shouted in pure agony, seemingly hurt to a new end. She couldn't believe she ha trusted Dipper, that he had been playing her this whole time in reality.

Dipper looked at her with a blank stare.

"What." His voice was void of emotion; he was in too much shock to react to what he just heard.

"You- You heard me, you piece of t-trash!" There was no denying that even though they were no longer friends, now deemed enemies, Pacifica had a shiver in her voice, fright, regret, and remorse. She didn't know how to feel, a friend and a crush, or a reformed enemy? She didn't know what to choose.

Even the slap she gave to Dipper's left cheek had hesitance in it.

Dipper's world gotten shattered, again. It was like his reality got broken, shattered, then rebuild itself slowly to destroyed again. It was depressing, honestly. Betrayal kept occurring in the poor kid's life, and all the raw emotions coming withe very chaotic destruction never ceased to break off a part of his sanity.

His sister's antics would never discontinue to surprise him. What had she told them this time? That he was the abuser? That he was a troll in disguise- no, she'd done that one already when they were seven. Maybe that he was insane, Pacifica had said that after all.

Tears left the end of Dipper's bloodshot eyes. They streamed down his cheeks silently. But this wasn't new, was sit? He'd gone through enough betrayal not to be surprised that the lies spread had finally made his only friend betray him, too.

Sometimes Dipper wondered if he was the one betraying them.

"Well? What now? Are you going to keep at calling me things, or are you satisfied?" His voice was broken, shriveled, and drowned in painful amusement. It wasn't funny; it wasn't funny at all. Yet somehow, it lacked humor so severely that it made him laugh.

Pacifica stared with wide eyes; the ocean-blue eyes lacked the hatred they had just held. They looked remorseful, regretful now, but still like it had been worth it- what an odd description. The Northwest heir didn't know how to comprehend the situation; Dipper was chained to a chair and crying while laughing like he was in so much damn pain. Mabel had just recently told her that her brother was insane and abusive and had even cried. She didn't know which to believe; this was so confusing.

She looked at those coffee-colored eyes she had previously adored, now they looked flat and were filled with agony. She couldn't handle this; she had never dealt with someone in such a painful state. Dipper was a completely new experience to her, never had she seen anyone so sad with so much suffering at the same time as she believed they were insane.

No, she knew the truth. She trusted Mabel with everything; the wonderful girl was the purest person she had ever seen. She would never lie, never deceive anyone. Besides that, Pacifica hadn't ever- ever thought Dipper was normal. He was odd in a critical way. Dipper was socially awkward, didn't know how to speak with others. Yeah, he was hot and adorable, but he was so incredibly messed up and isolated.

She knew what was right and what was wrong; now, she just had to make a choice. Her happiness or others' happiness? Her benefits or everyone else safety?

"I...I hated you- I constantly disliked you. You were always u-useless to me, so the truth changes nothing." With her choice made, her goodbye been said like a sword to the back. Pacifica left Dipper crying with a gaping mouth to go back to Mabel.

If Dipper indeed was an insane inhuman person, Pacifica was in no way going to be associated with them.


Ford looked at the sobbing boy with slight guilt. Even though it didn't deserve any better than what it got, the way Pacifica had let down the demonic mystery was also a bit shocking to the author.

Nevertheless, Stanford was exceedingly proud of his niece; she was an intelligent one. She was devious and sneaky, knew how to bend others to her will; he was positive it came from Sheerly's husband's side and Stanley's influence. Though he couldn't help but secretly thank them, Mabel grew up to be an amazing woman. She knew exactly how to fix things.

However, he couldn't help question her plan a bit. Since he had found out about the demonic essence in his nephew, he had kept it secret. He hadn't told anyone or mentioned it to anyone, so how Mabel had found out and spread it as a "rumor" was beyond the man. Perhaps it had only been a lie? Even though it was true, maybe she hadn't known and made it up, only for it to be true.

It helped, the "rumor" was now true, which meant that Ford could back it up with actual truth.

Life was going well for Stanford Pines.

He shook his head, but his grin remained. The girl had left, so it was back to more experimenting again. Besides, Ford was in a fantastic mood; he wouldn't mind taking it up a notch and trying a more powerful holy item.

"Mason!" He cheered with the mock of a snake trying to sweet-talk its prey. Oh, he was going to have fun. Dipper was in a horrible and depressed state, which meant that his demonic powers would get more fuel, which would get in more results for Ford. And in truth, Stanford was ecstatic to see what his nephew was like a demon when turned; maybe he could force the transformation? Though the boy was still not aware of his origin.

"It's time to try something new, boy. We are going to test your reaction toward a holy stone. These-" Ford shuffled for something in his box. eventually, he held up an oddly shaped pale brown rock with a hole in it, "-Specifically repellant towards certain things, specifically you."

Dipper looked up from his glaring match with the stone ground. He raised his tear-streaked face and looked at Ford's new project. What a strange thing, he'd never seen anything so bizarre.

"They are known for warding off demonic entities, if they get too close, this amazing stone will give a burn of a lifetime," Ford smirked smugly, walking towards Dipper. He was still smirking while putting on his doctor's mask to avoid specific things splattering over his face.

Dipper looked at the stone in confusion, registering the word choice Ford had used. Demonic enteties-? what was the man implying?

Hopefully, this one wouldn't be as painful as the other things Dipper had gone through. He was far too exhausted to go through another crucifying.

But by judging Stanford's self-satisfied expression, Dipper knew he was wrong to hope.


Dipper cried to sleep that night, both from the discomfort of his new wounds and the betrayal he'd experienced from Pacifica.


In the mysterious dreamscape, a refreshing breeze blew through the shimmering turf. Clouds littered the pinkening sky, the sunset far behind the red-blue mountains in the distance. IN the midst of it all, two creatures sat by a random tree, one playing around in a pink-leaved tree and one gazing t the sky.

The demonic lord out of the two, was getting more and more anxious by the moment; Dipper had yet a new set of injuries. The boy kept claiming to be fine, had been ever since Bill had started questioning his physical state.

"Hey, Pinetree? You okay?" Bill jumped down from the seat in the tree, setting himself down on the golden field beside his companion. Pinetree looked at him, eyes misty as if he wasn't aware of what he had gotten asked yet. It took a few seconds of staring before Dipper's eyes cleared up.

"I..." Dipper looked at the worried blond a few seconds, causing a tranquil silence once again. He wasn't sure what to answer. He had just lost everything that had ever kept himself in only a few weeks; there was nothing he lived for at this point.

"No. Not really." Dipper let out an empty laugh, laying against the tree bark. What did he have to lose? Bill was worried; it might be false and just an attempt to get to Dipper's secrets and personal weaknesses, but Dipper wanted to imagine it as genuine.

Bill's eyes widened, only one being visible. He was honestly surprised, he expected Dipper to shake off the question again, but he had answered honestly for once.

The blond demonstrated not to blush; this wasn't the time to feel proud of his accomplishments.

"How come, Pinetree?" The blond scooted over so he could lay against his wheel symbol again. He flopped onto the warm ground, laying his cheek against the other fluffy hair. It was the best amount of comfort he could provide, and he had no clue how humans were comforted; he only learned from when Dipper did things and discussed it with him.

Dipper froze for a second startled at the sudden display of comfort toward him. He still wasn't used to Bill comforting him, just a few years ago, they tried to kill each other, and now they were sitting on another planet cuddling.

"Well. It would be a lot to tell you. But I think telling you that the reason for my injuries is all my family is enough." Dipper chuckled and leaned into Bill's touch. It took a while of Bill's encouraging touch for him to continue. Cipher wanted him to keep explaining; Dipper wasn't sure how to feel about it.

When enough confidence welled up in Dipper, the boy swallowed a shakily lifted one of his sleeves, exposing his long red cuts.

"Except these...I- I made these." Dipper looked down in shame; he was so weak. He had cut himself after already going through so much pain, and it was an indisputable example of weakminded cowardism.

Bill stopped his movements for just a millisecond, looking wide-eyed at the wounds. He still remembered catching them a few weeks back- around a month and a half- and he'd been wondering what caused it. He supposed he'd been right, Pinetree had inflicted it onto himself.

He shouldn't be, he wished he wouldn't be. He didn't want to be so worried. But Bill's hue turned into a flaring red because of his anger (No, not me). He cared way too much about this meat sack; it almost scared him. Maybe it was because of his form? Because within a few seconds, Bill became utterly infuriated by the fact that his human had endured pain, and the Bill hadn't been able to prevent it.

Every creature in existence knew Bill Cipher was protective, and he did not share. So no one dared hurt what was his, and no matter how much he dreaded it, Dipper Pines was now his, especially after the truth had just been spoken.

The blond calmed down his anger, having learned to remain calm to get what he wanted. But the hatred for the rest of the Pines family settled as scorching as ever.

So Bill did the first thing that came to his endless mid, he turned around to face Dipper and tackled the brunet.

Seconds passed, Dipper realized BIll was hugging him.

They were both laying on the ground, Bill above Dipper with his arms wrapped around the other. The blond's face buried in his neck, a bit unnaturally warm against Dipper's neck.

The brunet smiled widely, almost getting glassy eyes. Dipper had expected Bill to laugh, maybe tease him or shrug off the conversation and keep being casual, like everyone else. But the demon had straight-up hugged him with no hesitance. Never had Dipper experienced such a reaction, no one hugged him, no one had ever embraced, and suddenly Bill does so to comfort him- even after getting told that Dipper wasn't typical.

But Bill wasn't normal, was he?

Dipper tightly wrapped his arms around Bill's back, putting his head into Bill's neck, hugging back, against the pains in his joints. The warmth from the hugging was more than worth it.

Dipper had found someone who understood.