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malec minutiae

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"Are you sure we've got the right location?" Clary asked anxiously.

"Don't you sense the demonic presence?" Alec returned irritably.

Clary rolled her eyes in the dark, "I'm sorry if I don't have night vision!" she said sarcastically.

"Hold up" Izzy said from somewhere behind her and Clary felt Izzy pull at her wrist and the dull vermilion glow emanating from her stele pierced Clary's skin. She winced quietly, still getting used to the sharpness of the sting. Her vision cleared after following Izzy's instructions to blink rapidly. "Woah!" she exclaimed, as Alec, Jace and Izzy came into a bluish monochromatic view before her. Along with the relief of a grimy basement storage unit room that Magnus had portalled them into. Speaking of--

"Where is Magnus?" Jace asked impatiently towards their general direction.

"How would I know!" Alec responded promptly and looked guilty immediately after.

Clary and Izzy shared a knowing glance.

Right then, another blue portal opened right behind them and Magnus appeared with a vague sack-like bag glowing with witchlights.


Alec had already met Magnus (and embarrassingly stuttered!), not once but multiple times. He knew that their paths would keep crossing given the impending war. But he hadn't yet fathomed what it was about Magnus that drew him in so much. He reasoned that it couldn't possibly be all the casual innuendoes or flirting for Alec had faced a lot of that given his legacy. And he had seen his share of eccentric warlocks and downworlders to boot. Right?

Nonetheless, Alec felt his breath still. It was something that was happening with increasing frequency and intensity. Something that he had not associated with the warlock's presence yet.

Magnus floated the witchlights quickly to the three of them and they started making their way towards the door. Witchlight in hand, Magnus approached Alec, presumably to hand it over. "Sorry" he said instead, not sounding even a little bit sorry. "Looks like we'll have to share" he finished, now standing only a forearm's length away from him.

Alec couldn't respond for what felt like an eternity. He only heard his thundering heart as he took in Magnus's features, illuminated by the witchlight. He was waiting for a response, apparently. The tips of his hair were a brilliant blue and matching blue glitter lined his eyes, standing out against his wheatish skin. Alec followed his soft nose down to his small mouth which was quirked appealingly. Alec felt his heart stutter. He then met Magnus's gaze and it seemed like Magnus was staring at his mouth before returning to look him in the eye. Alec opened his mouth to say something but just then Jace called to him. And without taking his eyes off Magnus's level gaze, now laced with something heated. He motioned him to lead the path.

At night, Alec wondered at the depth of Magnus's stare. He thought it was a reflection of something familiar. But for the life of him, he couldn't put his finger on it. He wondered if he knew Magnus. Not in the usual way you know about people, he had read his file, after all. But on a level as profound as Magnus's dark eyes seemed to tell.